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  1. Hi @Rob finally made a leaderboard! Will update the 1k career when I get a chance also.
  2. Keen to get my name on a leaderboard so I though about what could potentially be a quick challenge. So I’ve gone for......Pride of South America at PSG. Firstly let’s see who’s been bought and who’s been shipped out - I can’t lie having to sell some world class players for a pittance absolutely destroyed me ☹️ Out In Wish me luck guys, going to try and fly through this challenge, and I will keep you all updated 😊
  3. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri in Madrid - Season 7

    Cheers mate - going to try and complete the next season before Christmas
  4. EvzeyWales

    Really struggling to find 1k tactic

    Bailey & Coman for my wingers 😍
  5. EvzeyWales

    Show us your Regens

    Wowie - and not even got a cap that's insane
  6. EvzeyWales

    Who's that Regen?

    Villa (I think its him) came back as English in my save, though with a Spanish name, at Telford of all teams! He is also an absolute beast - if this wasn't a 1K career he would probably be even better as he has had very limited game time
  7. EvzeyWales

    Advanced Playmaker 1kc

    Mikel Oyarzabal & Kai Haverts have done well for me in an AM role instead of AP - have you tried through balls as instructions
  8. Three players spring to mind right away for me here - if I ever manage to finish my 1K going to give this a blast
  9. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri in Madrid - Season 7

    Cheers buddy - fingers crossed his injury troubles are behind him
  10. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri in Madrid - Season 7

    @ashrafrazin seems to be working so far mate though he started the last season like this.
  11. EvzeyWales

    High attributes low potential player?

    I've found this in my Aston Villa save. some regens that have come through the academy have amazing stats but aren't rated highly - never sure whether to use them or not
  12. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri in Madrid - Season 7

    Cheers mate will give that a try as both my wingers (Bailey and Coman) have 20's in pace dribbling and crossing
  13. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri in Madrid - Season 7

    Cheers mate, yeah I think he has pretty much peaked now. Settled on using him as a poacher rather than a Target Man. I am also going to tweak my tactic slightly for the next season - plan to try out switching my wingers to advanced play-makers and look for overlap rather than early crosses
  14. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri in Madrid - Season 7

    Season 6 Keeping this post brief as inundated at work and Christmas is fast approaching. I have managed to complete the season, with the usual trophy hall and as this was a European Championship I had high expectations. I also managed to unlock the below this season which was nice, not that we needed Sugar Daddy or No Work Permits (this may help with selling certain players) So how did the main man do, lets take a look:- Added the second screenshot as the Euro's somehow went into the start of the next season, however as Italy crashed out in the Semi Final - I was relieved of my duties, which is going to hurt me going forward. Probably my own fault as I rushed at finalizing the squad and maybe didn't pick the best players for my tactic. Overall, despite the high numbers, I feel this was a bit of a missed opportunity as Pellegri was on 60 goals by January, averaging over 2 a game. However we finally passed the 100 mark (including international goals) I will be pushing for 100 Madrid goals this coming season. Total = 306 + 104 = 410/1000