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  1. EvzeyWales

    SS Tactic - Smashing Success (EME)

    Anybody tried this on a recent update?
  2. EvzeyWales

    Evzey goes for the Grand Slam

    Season 2 Following the disappointment of missing out on the Champions League it was back to business as usual domestically, with us being top of the League, and we had been dominate in our Champions League group. However I was keeping an eye out on vacancy’s that could give me the opportunity to progress this challenge. And as it happens, just before the January window, a rather appealing opportunity arose: I couldn’t turn this down, Inter have lots of money and lots of equity (players worth a few ££££) It was a bit of a wretch to leave as I have built a young, hungry German powerhouse who I can’t help think are going to haunt me over the next few years. Let’s see how I left them - In rather rude health, if I do say so myself There was minimal movement in transfers, with Demirbay being sold, along with a few B team players - and Arne Maier coming in, with a few German freebies and young players joining him (Tillman was sold as part of his loan agreement and bought back immediately) So before we pack up and concentrate on Inter lets see who stood up over the first half of the season for Bayern: A few of these guys are going to be superstars and it does pain me that I won’t be at the helm helping them develop. Anyway over to Milan, where I had s HUGE rebuilding job to do. Lots and lots of movement in January, at the end of which I was very happy with my side - Young, Hungry and this time all Italian 🇮🇹 These were the in and out before my arrival Now let’s see the January “Wheeling and Dealing” Quite a bit of movement, which I was hoping wouldn’t cause to much of a problem for the remainder of the season. We had already crashed out of the Italian Cup and were waaaaaay behind in Serie A - and wouldn’t you know it this happened in the Champions League 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Other than these two games, and a loss away to Juventus we did pretty well, though it wasn’t enough to finish top, but i’m more than happy with second. Here is how our players performed: Onwards to season 3 where I will be targeting the Italian Cup - and with a bi of form could possibly look to beat Juventus to the Title (easier said than done as they have a very impressive looking team) Thanks for following guys 😃
  3. EvzeyWales

    Grand Slam - With a Domestic Twist

    Here's my attempt
  4. So this morning I posted a challenge, and what kind of man would I be if I didn’t attempt this myself. So we start our potentially long journey in Germany, for what should be the easiest leg. Bayern have a good core of German players and a huge budget. So first let’s take a look at the ins and outs - As you can see there were big changes made, and overall so was more than happy with the squad. Providing they all settle into my system domestically we should have no trouble. Do let’s see how we got on in Germany: German Super Cup = ✅ German Cup = ✅ Bundesliga = ✅ So as predicted, with far and away the best squad, we cleaned up in Germany. Not overall happy with 4 losses, but for a team with so many new players I was reasonably happy. We strolled to the final of the Champions League, evening beating a good PSG side 7-0 in the Semi-Final. However we didn’t turn up in the final and a couple of Bayern sold boys out us to the sword. A missed opportunity as we won’t now be able to tick off the club World Cup and European Super Cup next season. Champions League = ❌ Anyway moving on let’s take a look at the stats for the season: Young Simon Asta really surprised me in the wing back role. Kimmich picked up a spinal injury in pre-season so he shared the RB position with Vagnoman and really impressed. With most of my tactics benefitting the Striker it was no surprise that Arp and Werner stood out. I was disappointed with my two most expenses signings Sane & Havertz and expect better next season. Werner & Arp both did very well bagging almost a goal a game each. The remainder of goals were shared out nicely. Assists were very spread out, another thing I notice often with the tactics used in this save. I am yet to nail down a tactic where one player dominates this - perhaps I will make a few tweaks next season. At this point I am inclined to stick with Bayern, as I have a good young squad, and should be able to get the Champions League in the bag. However if a tempting job comes up elsewhere I may just move on. Anyway thanks for following guys 😊
  5. EvzeyWales

    Grand Slam - With a Domestic Twist

    You can sign and players if that teams nationality. Yes also being welsh I can’t help with “Grand Slam” reference 😂 Just starting a career on this so will post a thread at the end of the season 😀
  6. Challenge Rules : Load up- England, Spain, Italy & Germany (generally regarded as the top 4 leagues) The Challenge: You must win the top league, and all associated cups, in each and every one of the 4 countries. You must also win the Championship League, European Super Cup, and the Club World Cup. The Twist - At the start of your save, and when you move on to the next country, You must sell/loan/demote all non nationals of that country (English side will be 100% English players) and so on for each country. As usual no unlockables, cheating, modified database etc. Good Luck ⚽️
  7. EvzeyWales

    Pick a starting challenge for me

    Welcome mate, I’d would concur with the main men who have posted above. The important thing is to pick s challenge that particularly interests you, that way your more likely to stick at it. Do you have a team that you support? I always find these are my most enjoyable saves. As a Villa fan nothing on this version had pleased me more than these guys coming through my youth team Also consider the amount of time needed to complete a challenge. The newly posted race to 50 is an interesting one if your looking short term - or the 1k, double trouble, triple threat etc are great 10+ season challenges
  8. EvzeyWales

    The 1000 Goal Challenge

    Hi guys can I be added please 😊 Bit of a mush mash as I did a few season where I didn’t write up but here is the career
  9. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri in Madrid - 1K Completed!

    So we were on 963 A further 126 leaves us on 1089 and even though the big man is only 31 I think I’m going to end the career here. Here is an overview of what I won (rather happy with 70 trophies) and an overview of what Pellegri has achieved - we probably could have pushed on for 1500+ as he has just had one of his best seasons but I’m conscious my write up as been poor. Just happy to be on the 1k board as this is my first 😊
  10. I'm impressed you managed to see this through for 30 seasons - the longest save I have managed is my current 1k attempt and I cant lie it gets a little too easy after 5,6 seasons - hats off for sticking this through
  11. Amazing effort this, firstly for sticking with it - I've found my Pellegri save has been less than inspiring and secondly 2000= goals is huge - I cant see this being beaten
  12. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri in Madrid - 1K Completed!

    I've been terrible at keeping up with this Career, however over the bank holiday I played on and the big man is now within touching distance of the magic 1K. We have 926 club goals, 14 in my previous spell as Italy Manager, and a further 10 so far this season, added to 13 in the previous season (screenshot below) I make that £963 - as of 26 Feb 2031 - I will try and rush through to the magic 1K by the end of this week
  13. EvzeyWales

    The 1000 Goal Challenge

    Currently pushing on with my Pellegri career he's on 840 club goals - will have to check my international goals but should get my name on the board soon yay!
  14. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    Another option I have found that works well is to change the width to narrow and set instructions as - Look for Overlap, Work into Box & Through Balls
  15. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    Great Stuff - glad it is working for you mate added 0 minutes later Glad your enjoying mate - doing really well with Blackburn