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  1. Amazing stuff mate, enjoyed following this
  2. Amazing career mate - really enjoyed reading this
  3. Epic news on the new contract - I can see you hitting the 2k mate!
  4. EvzeyWales

    Ronaldo who...........

    Season 4 Had lost interest a little in this save but managed to give it one last hurrah, and as such bypasses the end of season 4. To summarize our squad is absolutely epic and its frustrating me that He can't seem to find any momentum. He finished the season with 48 goals in 53 games, so lets see how we are progressing towards our goal- Season 1 - 56 Season 2 - 36 Season 3 - 67 Season 4 - 48 Total = 207/1000 A very slow start, but fingers crossed with a new tactic (spoiler I have abandoned him as a TM and now using him as an AF) he will up the goal rate. It seems to be working so far, and with the Italy job I would like to see him reach at least 80 for this season.
  5. EvzeyWales

    Ronaldo who...........

    This career has been on hold, partly due to the failure of the last season (Pellegri still won best player in Europe and top goalscorer) but I felt to have a chance of reaching the 1000 goals he needed to be hitting at least a goal a game. However I stumbled across a tactic on my Aston Villa Career that had Rushian Hepburn-Murphy hit 60 goals in a season in a vastly inferior team, so I decided to give the big Italian one final crack using this tactic. So far its been going very well and this also happened, so going to re-start this career.
  6. EvzeyWales

    Rondo 2019 Domination

    Very entertaining tactic. Won the community shield on penalties after an end to end 6-6 draw 😅
  7. Grealish was a beast for me on my Villa save in an advanced play maker role - averaged between 20-30 assists a season
  8. EvzeyWales

    Paris Saint Pellegri 1k (Season 4)

    This is what I found, plus the odd two weeks here, then 10 days there - ruined all momentum
  9. EvzeyWales

    The Eusébio Challenge

    Haha was thinking I know just the player for this.......then remembered you had already smashed it
  10. EvzeyWales

    The Eusébio Challenge

    @Nucleus surely you have already smashed this with Fabio Silva?
  11. EvzeyWales

    Paris Saint Pellegri 1k (Season 4)

    Pellegri's injuries decimated my attempt at a 1k with him.
  12. EvzeyWales

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    I have found this. Doing a career with Aston Villa only using academy players and my youth policy was 1
  13. EvzeyWales

    Josha Vagnoman

    Him & Itter are must haves for Wing Backs
  14. EvzeyWales

    Erling Haland

    Was planning do have a crack at the Gunnar Nordahl challenge with him but following me updating the game he now has arranged transfer in place (damn you red bull)
  15. Cheers mate - I am really enjoying this save. Season 4 is going well so far - though in typical Villa style I shall await the free-fall that usually happens in March