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  1. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    Not with the team I have at Real - I do have 4 world class BBM and 4 wrld class wingers and wing backs - the tactic, since the update has killed fitness so this will likely be a problem for lower league sides where its hard to assemble big squad of quality players
  2. Going great mate, well done.
  3. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    2 in the final meant end of season stats of 108 goals in 54 games - best goal per game ration I have achieved yet
  4. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    Cheers mate, he's had another 100 goal season (106 in total) with the Champions League final to come but only managed to play 53 games - this update has killed fitness and required far more rotation.
  5. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    Almost finished through to the end of the season and as long as I am rotating the squad not really having any issues. Pellegri definitely benefits from missing say one game in for and I often bring him off around the 60 minute mark. But his goal ratio is better than ever (likely because my side is so much better than everyone else in the league)
  6. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    I'm at work so not able to play much but just played the two games on the new update and the tactic seems to be holding up. However Pellegri, pretty much the only guy to play the majority of both games, has taken a fitness hit. If I manage him carefully he could be on for a huge GPG ratio if his form continues.
  7. EvzeyWales

    A new challenge (Name needed)

    Love this idea
  8. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    The fact that this is a 1K career means that these beats aren't getting the attention they deserve
  9. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    There he is - just back from a small injury which cause the small decline in the creativity and decisions
  10. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    Bizarre do you have him as an AM or AP? will take a look now and post his atributes
  11. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    I haven't and may give try this again as I am planning to crack on with the 1k - though I do have a big squad - again another reason why it probably won't work with a lower league side
  12. EvzeyWales

    Pellegri 1K

    It Yes with certain players, Pogba was waaay to selfish - I find players with a high teamwork stat were less selfish - Havertz, Lemar and Oyarzabal all have had 30+ assists seasons when in this role
  13. Wow this looks to be both an interesting and effective tactic
  14. EvzeyWales

    English football

    Wow that is a shame, a debt that some premiership players earn a day
  15. EvzeyWales

    Tactics Pellegri 1K

    Morning All I am by no means as tactically sound as many of the masters on this site however I thought that I would share a tactic that has worked well for me on my 1K attempt (that I will re-visit as I am yet to complete it) This is the current tactic I am using which, combined with Pellegri now being in his pomp, has resulted in a sharp increase in his goals. I haven't tested this with a lower league side, and my guess would be it would fail miserably - If anybody wishes to give it a try I would be interested in seeing the results. Sadly with two children and a baby my time is limited. Important players for me are the AM and both wingers. I have the roles set up as follows - Goal Keeper - G Full Backs - WB Center Backs - BPDs Central Midfield - BBMs Attacking Mid - AM Wingers - W Striker - CF Here are Pellegri's results and his current profile As you all know success is pretty easy with Madrid, so I won't bother sharing the competitions won etc. but hopefully it may help a few guys push forward with their first 1k Also as I am quite deep into this save if you want to see the development of any promising youngsters let me know.