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  1. Richard100121

    Chat Players needed

    I am Tottenham, third season, 80 million to spend. I stupidly clicked accept for a bid for pulisic and he accepted a contract from Barcelona. He is now going to Barcelona in the summer. I am just starting my third season with Tottenham and have 80 million to spend. I need a right attacking midfielder to replace pullisic, can anyone recommend a player? Also who is a good box to box midfielder I have Verratti and Savic. I like savic in this position but do not feel Verratti is a good box to box midfielder who could I get to replace him?
  2. I keep changing teams as I keep losing and therefore get sacked. I am using an old tactics from fm 2018 and I lose all the time even when I am a big team against a minor team
  3. Richard100121

    Best ball winner and deep lying playmaker

    PSG. First season. 40 million each
  4. I want two players, one must be a ball winning midfielder and the other one must be a deep lying playmaker. Who would you recommend?
  5. Basically I have just started a new game with PSG. Should I sell my older players and concentrate on the youth?
  6. Richard100121

    Chat Fm 2019 touch

    Is fm 2019 touch different from fm 2019 mobile?
  7. Richard100121

    Chat Manager rank

    Is there anyway to view the manager rank table to see who is ahead of you? I am Barcelona and keep winning everything but my ranking does not improve.
  8. Richard100121

    Chat Everyone hates Kean

    Half of my team has a strained relationship with Kean. How do I resolve this? Sell Kean?
  9. Richard100121


  10. Richard100121

    Chat Diawara

    Is this player any good? I am playing him in the centre of midfield as a dlp and he only gets 5 or 6
  11. Richard100121

    Chat Gabriel Jesus

    Is he best played as a complete forward or inside forward?
  12. Richard100121

    Real Madrid tactic

    Thanks team instructions? Do you have to change them for every team you face?
  13. Richard100121

    Help Real Madrid tactic

    I am in my first season at Real Madrid and I am drawing and losing most games. Can anyone suggest a good tactics and team instructions to use?