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  1. Thanks to all. Have been trying a few tactics, with some success. But a follow up question - do you tend to keep the same tactic for 20 years or does it change radically? I find one works for 6 months or so then drops off a cliff with no warning. Feels like the AI learns how to play against it. Anyone else find that?
  2. Here’s a typical example... Players are all decent, 20 shots, 12 corners, but just one clear cut chance? I’ve tried moving the SOS to WIB or nothing and it gets even worse.. 5 shots, no goals. Tactic working well in general as you can see from Martinelli record but it’s unlikely to get me to 1k as he declines. Frustrating you can dominate so much and not score. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. I routinely have over 20 shots but half the time nobody scores. CF has shooting of 17 and Aerial 18. Rest of the team are from the wonderkids file, so it’s not about being bad players. I have Shoot on Sight and Through Balls but have messed about with all the instructions and there’s not much difference. Still no goals despite all the chances. Tactic is a 2-2-3-2-1 that has found plenty of success in the past seasons but now it’s just dropped off a cliff. Any advice what to do? Chasing 1k with Martinelli but won’t get there at this rate.
  4. Very proud to have completed the 1k with Arp. Annoyingly the game cut the stats from his first few seasons and he retired so quickly before I could persuade him to stay, so the only screenshot I have is when he passed 1k. He scored 46 in his final season as a 36 year old and won player of the year. Final total was 1072 goals from 1068 games. A lot of time and effort went into this! Didn’t think I’d make it, but then I changed Training when he was 24 and suddenly he started scoring lots.