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  1. Yung.Gabe

    Pep Guardiola's 2010/2011 Barcelona.

    Looks like a really good tactic. Ill have a go at it eventually but was worth the time reading.
  2. Can't wait for Aaron Mooy to score a brace 😆
  3. The Australian Pirlo > The chubby Scouse God. An Australian legend should not be compared with a mediocre English lad.
  4. Yung.Gabe

    SS Tactic - Smashing Success (EME)

    Looks pretty good.
  5. Best Goal Haul I've seen. I guess he's a 3 season wonder now.
  6. That's quite good as if you were to ever change clubs bringing Pedro to your new club could be easier.
  7. Keep the double up top. I want to see how they both end up.
  8. Nice 2 seasons. Hopefully you can get that brazil job to boost up Pedros stats as I really want to see how he ends up.
  9. Yung.Gabe

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Games like these are what make FMM enjoyable. At half-time I was 3-1 up and I thought I had it in the bag so I pressed play, went to get a bottle of water, came back to a 4-4 scoreline. Made some tactical adjustments and managed to get the game in my favor.
  10. I have four guesses- Arp, Fabio Silva, Pinamonti, or Pellegri
  11. Yung.Gabe

    FMM19 General Discussion

    This game has been enjoyable for me this year. Not really any major bugs but a new feature I would like is to be able to change formation when defending and when attacking. When attacking I would like a 3-4-1-2 but when defending I would prefer my team be in a 4-4-2. This would help in having more men in attack while knowing that my defence in a 4-4-2 would be rock solid.
  12. After watching Arsenal today I decided to test out their formation with my own tweaks. So I started a career with Bournemouth because I didn't want to use a team too big or a team too small so Bournemouth was the perfect choice. I hereby present you the 3-4-2-1. The Defence- I decided to use a libero and two central defenders. The more possession you have the less chances the opponent will have so with the choice of Libero, I wanted to remain with a back three when defending but have more dominance in the midfield when in possession. The Midfield- I decided to use two DLP's, two DW's and two AM's. I opted for Defensive wingers instead of Wingbacks because I wanted to be more offensive than defensive while still being secure defensively. I chose two DLP's because of balance, since I have two Attacking Midfielders I wanted to stay balanced by having two defensive minded midfielders while them still having the ability to push up if needed. Finally I chose two AM's because of possession. With more heads in the midfield I am able to keep possession and also be deadly in front of goal. The Attack- I went with an AF. A fast deadly striker with good movement is necessary and he'll be the one banging in most of the goals. Team Mentality- Attacking: Attack is the best form of defence. Width- Wide: I wanted my wingers to spread the defence and be the widest players on the pitch. Tempo- Slow: A nice slow build-up to keep possession. Creative Freedom- Balanced: I never change this as I don't see a difference when it is on Expressive or Disciplined. Defensive Line- High: As soon I lose as I lose the ball I want the team to be up to recover before crossing my half. Closing Down- All Over: I want my team to press heavily to try and recover the ball. Tackling- Normal: Don't want my team going too soft or too hard. Offside Trap- Yes: With my high line, this helps to catch the forwards offside. Time Wasting- No: Useless. Final Third: Look For Overlap- Having my Defensive Wingers wide they will be always be an option to get up the field. Work into Box- With plenty of players in the midfield, one or two players will always be open. Through Balls- In case the midfield is not functioning this provides an extra way to get up field. Passing Style- Mixed: Having variety is better than having one certain thing. Passing Focus- Mixed: Although the midfield is stacked going out wide is useful as well. Goalkeeper Distribution- Mixed: Variety. Results: I haven't finished the season but here are some notable results: After 15 games in the Prem: Thanks for reading and hopefully this tactic will for you guys as it is for me. Cheers!