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  1. A lot of the instructions you have contradict each other and I’d change one of the AP for an RPM. High line but sit back; doesn’t really make sense.
  2. I tried lol. Big mistake as it deleted saves and unlockables that transferred over from my iPhone 8 but regardless it didn’t work
  3. For some reason my game slows down heavily and then becomes slow and laggy after it happens. IMG_0098.MOV I’ve got a new iPhone XR purchased 3-4 weeks ago from apple. On my iPhone 8 this never happened. I’ve contacted sega about it but I figured maybe it has happened to other people so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Ah there’s a cheat on signing expensive players on a free or for £500. I don’t know how to do it cause it’s just happened randomly for me but in one of my saves I signed Bruno for £500 when he had 4 years on his contract left.
  5. Ooo I snapped up Nico Serrano in one of my saves. He’s a true gem, interested in how he progresses for you
  6. Direct corner goal. First time since fmm 17. FullSizeRender.mov
  7. Shooting isn’t the thing, get someone with high teamwork as he would tend to look for a pass more often rather than taking a shot himself
  8. Did you get the game illegally?
  9. Don’t worry, mind if you share your tactics?
  10. Yea I don’t mind as it’s a goal for me but would definitely be fuming if it were to happen against me especially in a crucial game.
  11. Sorry for not clarifying, I’m Atalanta which is the blue but as for Roma they got someone sent off
  12. No mate there’s 11, one of my center backs for some reason stayed forward with my strikers but shifts back when the ball is played.
  13. Idk if this has happened to anyone but before the update it never happened to me and it happened after. FullSizeRender.mov