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Gunners Rishi

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  1. Gunners Rishi

    FMM FirePower Challenge

    Maybe I will... Nah I am just delusional
  2. OMFG! Nucleus, you are amazing at this game! Mate, no one really likes a tactic beggar, we have got loads of mad tactics here on Vibe and we r helpful guys. PM me the team u r playing with and I will try to help you.
  3. Gunners Rishi

    Pls help me

    What team are u managing? I will try my best to then find a good tactic for you (it might not be 4231 tho)
  4. Gunners Rishi

    Contract offer problem

    Might be a bug m8
  5. Gunners Rishi

    El Desafío Real de Galacticos en Inglés

    Hopefully I can join him though!
  6. Gunners Rishi

    Help Linking Devices

    Hi guys, I have been trying to link saves on one device to another but I am not sure how to. Please could someone help me? They're both ios and same apple ID but different iCloud (I can change that if needed though. Thanks!
  7. Gunners Rishi

    FMM19: Every Playable National Team

    Thanks @Foxyfor the list!
  8. Gunners Rishi

    Gyliano van Velzen (mid-tier bargain)

    Mad Player Mate! If only he was faster and had better shooting he would be an absolute king!
  9. Gunners Rishi

    [EME] Battering Ram Strat by GLVTRN

    Really nice tactic mate!
  10. Nice one @Scratch! But i couldn't bear getting a promising youngster on a free with him filled with excitement for gametime! Then selling him back to Chelsea for him to be loaned for the rest of his career...
  11. Thanks Mate! I like to sign a whole team of wonder kids and have them ready when a current team is aging and one of the guys had OKAY stats but 20 technique but after understanding what technique was he just scored the winner against Chelsea in the League and in the match before the lad scored the winner vs Juve in the UCL semi final! Amazing!
  12. Gunners Rishi

    Adding some Claws to the Wolves

    Amazing work with the Europa League mate! As an Arsenal fan I know all too well how hard it is to win a European Competition... 😥
  13. Gunners Rishi

    Lucas Paquetá

    Looks Amazing! Whenever I started a save that I was aiming to be winning a lot of trophies I always raided South America for wonder kids and this guy looks to be the jewel in the crown.
  14. Gunners Rishi

    The Year Of The Inside Forward

    I loved the Cf role last year. Managing Arsenal on FMM 18 I used two Ifs in Rodrygo/Reynoso on the left and Mkhitaryan on the right with Ozil as Cam and Auba and Laca as CF and when I win two trebles in two seasons and Auba and Laca both get 40+ goal seasons I must have been doing something right!