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Gunners Rishi

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  1. Gunners Rishi

    Double Destruction!

    Lol it failed bb 😛I'm just kidding let's see it
  2. Hi Vibe hope you're having a mad day today and now let me show you the greatest tactics I've ever made. The two tactics work in tandem with each other, Tactic 1 is for teams that you can probably think are inferior whilst Tactic 2 is for better and talented teams and against which we have to defend with. Here are the results from using this tactic in 2 full seasons (weekend FMM makes my saves the slowest thing in the world) Tactic One Tactic Two So yeah that's the tactics @bbthanks for making me bothered to do it, test it if you want but as I've found in my first two (unbeaten) months with Portsmouth I've used Tactic Two increasingly more as I've came up against upper league teams in the Carabao Cup, I'm still not out 😝so yeah peace!
  3. Gunners Rishi

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Same, get ready for some heat!
  4. Gunners Rishi

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Yh mate, jk we cool and u mad ting managing
  5. Gunners Rishi

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Yh good work mate. But my trophy cabinet with Brentford after season 2 boasts the Championship and prem and a league cups whilst making the squad one of the best in the world. Oh yeah, after winning the prem I also became England manager, something I’ve never done before on the ‘easier’ older games and won all of my 5 matches vs Germany twice Austria Croatia and Slovakia.
  6. Gunners Rishi

    Strangest Sacking Ever

    Being a little prick won’t help ur relationship but again, if u didn’t win at least 7 of those matches, the board won’t be happy, remember u said u just won the CONCACAF Champions League (football addict behind the keyboard here) and assuming ur season prediction was to win big or summat they’ll expect u to fulfil that.
  7. Gunners Rishi

    Strangest Sacking Ever

    But if u were on a 5 plus match winless streak then the game might sack u cos if the form regardless of ur trophies cos I’m assuming that was in a new season and ur reputation isn’t superstar
  8. Gunners Rishi

    Strangest Sacking Ever

    Didn’t know sporting Kansas was run by Watford cos that was harsh
  9. Gunners Rishi

    Help​ tactic​ (343)

    @Damilare made this from FMM 17 but everything’s the same in FMM 2019 in terms of features. Whether it will work is another question tho cos the squad has changed a lot and the games got harder but here it is:
  10. Gunners Rishi

    The Augusta National Golf Club challenge

    For Gods yes For humans no added 0 minutes later Wise... added 0 minutes later Man obviously doesn’t want to lose it
  11. Gunners Rishi

    The Augusta National Golf Club challenge

    Still impossible for mortals!
  12. Gunners Rishi

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Don't want to boast And be a prick but in my first prem season with Brentford I actually won the league! Should I make. A career and tactics out of it? Pls PM me
  13. I know this is 2019 and everything but after looking at this thanks to @Foxy (But fuddled fox tho wtf?) and this is officially Vibe’s greatest ever save
  14. Gunners Rishi

    PriZes epic Isak save

  15. Gunners Rishi

    Vibe PriZes epic Isak save

    Hi quick question, can you guys tell me what I search up to find the legendary 2001 goal isak save by PriZe