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Gunners Rishi

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  1. Gunners Rishi

    1k Challenge on the go

    really good going
  2. Gunners Rishi

    Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    One point. i keep on taking the lead for a bit and then getting my dreams destroyed
  3. Gunners Rishi

    English football

    I think Steve Bruce is a God 😂
  4. Gunners Rishi

    The Transfer Thread

    ☹️ added 0 minutes later 😂
  5. Gunners Rishi

    Kaiserslautern Team Guide

    Brilliant guide mate
  6. Really good but couldn’t help being happy when Arsenal beat you
  7. 😉 added 0 minutes later IKR. I’ve always seen iOS as superior but it does lack in areas
  8. Sadly not so I suppose that rules me out then Ian...
  9. Me quietly crying as I have nothing to respond to this blasphemy as everything bad spurs did last season, we did it even worse
  10. Yes but first but could someone please tell me how to extract and give save files? edit: looking forward to y and z... hopefully I have some weird sounding regens available by then
  11. True... added 0 minutes later I’m in
  12. Great idea but a) don’t know how to transfer save files and b) if I ever manage spurs I don’t think I would want to live on this earth anymore
  13. Gunners Rishi

    English football

    Yh I said to my mates the other day how ironic it is that newcastle have class kits players (sometimes) class fans (apart from some) class stadium but they have Steve Bruce as their manager...
  14. Bit late to this but what a start!!!