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Everything posted by Gunners Rishi

  1. Gunners Rishi

    The Transfer Thread

    ☹️ added 0 minutes later 😂
  2. Gunners Rishi

    Kaiserslautern Team Guide

    Brilliant guide mate
  3. Really good but couldn’t help being happy when Arsenal beat you
  4. 😉 added 0 minutes later IKR. I’ve always seen iOS as superior but it does lack in areas
  5. Sadly not so I suppose that rules me out then Ian...
  6. Me quietly crying as I have nothing to respond to this blasphemy as everything bad spurs did last season, we did it even worse
  7. Yes but first but could someone please tell me how to extract and give save files? edit: looking forward to y and z... hopefully I have some weird sounding regens available by then
  8. True... added 0 minutes later I’m in
  9. Great idea but a) don’t know how to transfer save files and b) if I ever manage spurs I don’t think I would want to live on this earth anymore
  10. Gunners Rishi

    English football

    Yh I said to my mates the other day how ironic it is that newcastle have class kits players (sometimes) class fans (apart from some) class stadium but they have Steve Bruce as their manager...
  11. Bit late to this but what a start!!!
  12. Gunners Rishi

    The Transfer Thread

    I think he’s great. Joelinton scored all of his hoffenheim goals last season as he was seen as more of a prospect before 18/19. He offers a lot to the team answer he’s a a great finisher. Pace and power is a great combo and with almiron feeding the balls through. Newcastle need two pacey wingers and they could play well in a 4-2-3-1 playing possession football at the back and then rapid quick direct football up top. That said, Steve Bruce doesnt have a clue so yeah.... btw Newcastle’s new away kit is is lovely
  13. Gunners Rishi

    Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    Mkhi Mouse is in the building...
  14. Gunners Rishi

    English football

    Yh it’s really nice without the sponsor
  15. Gunners Rishi

    Last Man Standing

    Ye fair enough
  16. Gunners Rishi

    Gateshead in Europe: First K/O Round Draw

    Wow your write ups are a thing of beauty
  17. Gunners Rishi

    Last Man Standing

    But how do you only pick one team once? There’s 38 rounds of fixtures and only 20 teams in the Premier League? Also for the teams in the relegations spots picking them is suicide but it seems as if you will have to?
  18. Gunners Rishi

    Last Man Standing

    Ye I’d do it as well looks really fun!
  19. Increíble effort mate
  20. Gunners Rishi

    Basque nationality in fmmvibe profile

    @samhardy and @Foxy are mods but I think you’ll have to wait for the actual owner of this site @Stam or the other admin @Putzy to do anything about it. Sadly Stam is mainly on fm scout and only comes around mainly for the wonder kid lists and Putzy is normally here when the game comes out in November with those mega packs.
  21. Gunners Rishi

    Hello I’m Hamood

  22. Really going to look forward to how they grow Ian, in triple threats it always looks like you’ve signed some duds but then as they grow into the best... Anyway good luck with the challenge!
  23. Gunners Rishi

    Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    Same here mate
  24. Lovely career throughout looking forward to the finale