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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Foxy in Foxy the Promotion Hunter: Season 2   
    Season 2
    After leaving Morecambe I didn’t waste any time in looking for a new job so that I would have plenty of chance to build the squad. There wasn’t a great deal of jobs around and no League 1 clubs wanted me as manager so I had to take a step down a league or two leagues if you consider Morecambe were heading for League 1. I stayed in the North West although further south as I moved from Lancashire to Cheshire and was appointed manager of Macclesfield who had just been relegated from League 2 down to the Conference.
    Macclesfield Town Fact File

    Formed: 1874 Nickname: The Silkmen First promoted to the Football League: 1996/97 Stadium: Moss Rose - Capacity 5911
    Macclesfield have been a real yo yo club since 1997 when they first got promoted to the Football League and have been relegated a couple of times and then bounced back and getting them to bounce back was my job this season. 
    On paper this seemed a good job to get as they had just been relegated but would still have a few League 2 quality players. In reality I was greeted with a financial mess as the club was spending £8.25k over the wage budget.

    The only way I could bring players in was to sell as many of the current squad especially the high earner as possible which wasn’t always easy now it’s been made harder to sell players in recent updates.
    All the rebuilding would mean nothing if we couldn’t get the club back into the football league though.
    Notable Matches
    Top Performers
    Manager Profile and Trophy Cabinet
    On the 30th of May I was offered my next job and it is much closer to home for me.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Rob in PureDominance   
    I want you to explain the rest please.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Foxy in English football   
    Over the last few weeks we have all seen the plight of two traditional English clubs a they fight financial difficulties. It was too late for Bury and nothing at least in the short term could be done but thankfully Bolton did get a reprieve and were able to continue playing this season although they only had a squad of youth players. They did manage to sign some senior players on deadline day but results have been bad having conceded 5 or more goals in 5 of there 8 games this season so far leaving them bottom of the table.
    Thats why I am delighted that this evening my club Oxford Utd lead by the great Karl Robinson have stood in solidarity with Bolton Wanderers Football Club as we let them take 2 bloody points off us!!!

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    Gunners Rishi reacted to samhardy in English football   
    Wycombe left back Joe Jacobson scored a hat trick at the weekend... made up of a direct free kick and two direct from corners!
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Ian in Ian attempts to hit 1.5k goals with Moise Kean - Season 12   
    Season Nine
    We had a fantastic season last year with Kean producing such a great return for both club and country. A few more returns in a similar ballpark and the only thing stopping us would be issues off the pitch such as him wanting out or even the club selling him without my say so as has happened once already with Douglas Costa on this save.
    Here we go then, let’s see how the main man got on.
    Kean produced another fantastic season for his country in scoring a nice 30 goals. Unfortunately he received too many yellow cards during the World Cup and in turn was suspended for the final although he did win the Golden Boot after scoring a whopping 15 goals during the tournament so we can only be happy with that. The final was one sided as we beat Czech Republic 3-0 with backup striker Gelmini more than making up for Kean’s absence in scoring two of the three goals. At the end of the season we won the International League in a strange way as we beat France 5-1 with Kean scoring all five in a very close game and then hammered Spain in the final to actually only end up winning 3-2.
    Moise Kean
    The main man found the net 101 times this season in 58 games for club which is a touch lower than last season but I’d be splitting hairs moaning about it as it’s still a truly fantastic return. So with his 30 international goals we get another great season total of 131, a total I’m more than happy with. I am trying to get the balance right as I need to plan for the future and blood a few youngsters to hopefully avoid getting caught out with too many ageing players needing replacing all at once.

    Kean Power Play
    I’ve mentioned on the forum a few times about how I hate international management but this save has kind of changed that a touch as I’m quite enjoying it. Usually when I play I tend to avoid signing regens until I really need to as in about 7-10 seasons in but here with managing Italy I felt that would be a poor thing to do so I changed my approach and it’s been a nice change. Anyway, this season I brought in a few non Italians in Englishman Dylan Long and German Keanu Bangsow with Long being a promising midfielder and Bangsow hopefully eventually replacing Pavón on the wing. The main outgoing transfer was 29 year old winger Chiesa who left for a whopping £135m. Just like a few years ago with Costa the board took over the transfer and I had no choice but to sell. I would’ve happily sold him for that money anyway, especially as he was just a backup to Pavón anyway. It does worry me that that could happen with Kean in the future though but as of yet we haven’t even had any approaches which I find strange with the way he’s been performing. 

    Team Performances
    We got back to our dominant ways and won everything and again scored a hefty 141 league goals in an unbeaten league campaign with just one draw.

    Last season we weren’t fantastic in the cup finals and this year we improved on that as we were the better team in all of them with Kean ending the season on a high with a nice first half hat trick against Liverpool in the Champions League final. We also went big in the Club World Championship final with Kean finding the net four times in an 8-0 win. The other finals were fairly comfortably with Moise netting a few goals as you can see below.

    So another great season from Kean for both club and country and a few more like this and he’ll surely reach his total. Towards the end of the season he declared his undying love for me so I took the decision to sign him up for another five years which should keep him with us for the whole of his peak years. 

    Moise Kean
    Season 01: Club: 52 goals in 53 games
    Season 02: Club: 62 goals in 53 games
    Season 03: Club: 82 goals in 59 games
    Season 04: Club: 84 goals in 59 games - Int: 15 goals - Total: 99 goals
    Season 05: Club: 89 goals in 56 games - Int: 27 goals - Total: 116 goals
    Season 06: Club: 87 goals in 57 games - Int: 19 goals - Total: 106 goals
    Season 07: Club: 82 goals in 52 games - Int: 15 goals - Total: 97
    Season 08: Club: 107 goals in 58 games at 1.84 gpg - Int: 40 goals - Total: 147
    Season 09: Club: 101 goals in 58 games at 1.74 gpg - Int: 30 goals - Total: 131
    Club Total: 746 goals
    International Total: 146 goals
    Grand Total: 892 goals
    Thanks for reading and comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Dai_ in Hello there, I'm Dai.   
    Hello all. As the title says, I'm Dai. A Welsh man, living in Northern Ireland and supporting Newcastle United. 😊 I have two daughters, one 5 & one 10. They restrict my time playing FMM but that's life, eh? 😂
    I'm a lover of football manager games, since the days of CM, making the likes of Cherno Samba and Kennedy Bakircioglü the greatest players to ever walk the earth. 😁 I have played every version of FMM but not the main PC versions in recent years as I don't own a PC (don't feel the need to).
    I only joined the vibe community after the recent winter update, at which time, I'm not ashamed to say, I had a severe meltdown at how all of my own tried & tested tactics suddenly 'wet the bed'. I needed help and turned to you wonderful lot to guide me back to success. To which, I must say thank you. I've taken bits & pieces from everywhere to enjoy the game again. Started, but never completed the amazing challenges created on here. (Currently attempting a 1k challenge but will need advice about it at some stage. I'll ask for that in the appropriate areas, of course)
    My only claims to fame are making Newcastle the greatest team to have ever existed, obviously. 😜 Also, taking both Newport County & Wrexham to Champions League glory. Those are the types of challenges that get my juices flowing. 😁
    So, that's me. I'll be interacting with you all at some point, no doubt so thanks for reading and Hello, again. 🤙😊
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Foxy in English football   
    I’m surprised by this move by the Crowley’s as they were doing excellent work at Lincoln and Huddersfield doesn’t seem that big a step up to warrant walking away from all that good work. I hope this isn’t a similar situation to Nathan Jones walking away from Luton last year for Stoke only to find a club on a downward spiral that isn’t easy to turn round.
    It’s always good to see young British managers given a chance considering the amount of clubs that would rather bring a youth coach from Germany and hopefully they can halt the slide and get Huddersfield up the table. I can’t help thinking there may have been a better bet for them if they had been patient though as they couldn’t really lose at Lincoln this season even if they had dropped down the table as the season went on.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to MikeF in Is FMM too easy?   
    It can be tricky but it’s meant to be less of a challenge than the desktop version etc. You should be able to pick this up and play a few matches on the tube or whenever you have 20 mins spare. That’s where this game fits in the bigger picture of FM products. Plus just down to resources and phone processing power there’s only so many features they can include.
    Too easy and you get bored, too hard and people don’t play.
    Challenges are key to keeping it interesting though for sure. 
    It also gets easier when we have the benefit of hindsight. After you’ve played a couple of saves you learn what systems work, who the good wonderkids are and who the bargains are. We play this game for a year remember. It gets easier with time but that’s a lot of time.
    By the time you’re beating all other teams 5-0 you have a squad of world class players. The only compatible thing to that in real life is City/Liverpool who funnily enough have squads full of world class players and smash teams 5-0 week in week out!
    Im not saying it’s realistic but if you could reload the premiership back in 2014 you’d be able to get a team of world class players for a fraction if the cost today.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Ian in Ian attempts to hit 1.5k goals with Moise Kean - Season 12   
    Thank you very much Woody! Strangely enough I couldn’t even share the tactic anyway as it’s not finished. I’m making the odd tweak every so often to try and improve it as I go.
    Thank you Rishi, we’ve started well and hopefully we can keep improving but I’ll need to get the international job I’d think if we are to get near the 1.5k.
    Thank you very much!
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Rob in Best tactic   
    Usually the fresh mint one:

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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Ian in Is FMM too easy?   
    Yes the game is easy when played in a normal way without restrictions but from my limited experience of playing last year and this on EME I don’t see a way to make it more difficult without it becoming pure frustration for the user.
    The altered player conditioning post winter update sums it up and even since then I’ve noticed that the chance conversion rate for strikers seems to have been hit a touch which I can only assume is a bid to lower the goals from strikers. I’ve been doing goalscoring challenges for last few months and so often you get games where your striker gets loads of chances but just can’t put them away. If you look through my recent careers you’ll often see games where I’ve had like say 18 shots but only 4 on target and won 4-0. Poor that is and from the outside you’d say my tactics are at fault but the results are fine and everything else I’ve tried has been similar with plenty of those types of results. 
    If it is an attempt to lower striker goals then it looks like the aerial training glitch cannot be fixed as that would go a long way to lowering the striker goals and yes I’ve used the glitch myself before anyone pulls me up on it.
  12. Favourite
    Gunners Rishi reacted to samhardy in Is FMM too easy?   
    I maintain that anyone who “can’t find systems that work” simply isn’t trying hard enough or isn’t putting any effort in. Almost anything works on this game as you can see by some of the ridiculous tactics that work, 1 at the back systems for example. Look through the tactics index at some of the more wacky formations that excel when they really should have no right to. Personally this year I don’t think I’ve made a tactic that’s failed.
    Completely disagree. The game allows you to pick up players on frees, loans and from L2 at the start who are vastly better than the division they are playing in. I’d say it gets easier as the seasons go along as the AI get weaker and weaker as the game progresses. When viewing one of those bottom division to top careers on here I’m more surprised when someone fails to get promotion than I am when they go straight through the divisions consecutively.
    As I said in my initial reply here the difficulty of the game doesn’t bother me, it arguably makes it more enjoyable with the challenges created every year. I just find it difficult to understand how anyone can find it difficult to the extent of saying they can’t get any tactics/systems to work.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Ashez in Is FMM too easy?   
    That's the key line and why FMM CAN be easy, we have countless threads from new members/players who find the game brutal, we're essentially alive as a site as 90% of people find us while looking for tactics/help/guides and so on. FMM is a casual game for casual players, unfortunately that does make certain things suck for hard-core fans and those that learn the game but we're a very tiny niche. 
    That's why myself and many others have took it upon ourselves to incorporate our own challenges to increase the difficulty (a casual difficult also means we can go wild with challenge ideas without the game limiting us), I also personally think there is a very fine line between difficulty and cheapness in a game like FMM and history shows when SI attempt to increase the difficulty FMM becomes a frustrating mess. 
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Mr Tree in FM Mobile 2020: Potential New Features   
    to be honest i do that in my head anyway........
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Foxy in FM Mobile 2020: Potential New Features   
    At this time of year the excitement is starting to build at the prospect of the next edition of FMM and we are now only a few months away from FMM20. Every year we see a handful of new features added to the game and we all have ideas what we would like to see those features be. I have gathered four other prominent members of Vibe and got them to give some ideas of features or improvements they would like to see in FMM20.
    I would like to thank @Rob, @smoggy90, @Mr Tree, and @Ian for taking the time to write their sections and it would be great if you can show them some appreciation in the comments and pop them a  their way too if they comment.

    @smoggy90: Set Pieces
    Set pieces in the game are a bug bear of mine and for many other players I imagine, particularly when doing a goal scoring/assist challenge.  I would love to see some form of set piece designer/creator and it would add a whole new level to tactics.  A lot of tactics you see are very similar and there is little flexibility for me, so adding the ability to be creative with your set pieces would be a massive improvement.  Currently you get to choose four takers and be specific which side you take them from with corners and free kicks.  So you may prefer a left footer one side swinging it towards the goal or on the other side swinging it away and vice versa.  I will note some further options for each of these categories below.
     Free Kicks
    We’ve all been there - you win a free kick just inside the opposition half or out by the by-line and your main striker steps up to take it – yes he is the 1st choice taker but that is for free kicks just outside the area where you want him to bang them in.  Not for crossing it into the box for someone else!  To me I would love to see a few options incorporated such as selecting different takers for direct or non-direct free kicks.  I personally set my main striker on both left side and right side free kicks so this doesn’t really do much for me, I would much prefer to be able to have more influence on who takes them in what specific areas of the pitch and for what purpose.  You don’t want your big brute of a target man trying to cross it in for your playmaker or wingers.  Also who will go forward for attacking free kicks, can we have the ability to send your centre backs forward, or hold them back – can we set our striker up to attack the ball in the box, perhaps have your AP lurking outside the box for a breakdown.  There are so many options but even just some simplistic ones to get us started and hopefully develop over the next few releases would be good for me.
    Corners are a great way to score multiple goals and also gain a lot of assists for the taker – whether this is a slight flaw in the engine or the fact it is fairly easy to train up a strikers aerial ability I’m not sure.  If you have a striker with good aerial he will attack the near post and score you plenty.  In my current DT challenge I have my left sided striker taking corners and my right sided (or central) striker who has 20 for aerial attacks the near post.  Even a 41 year old Phil Foden is still notching assists for me in a Real Madrid save, many of which come from corners.  It would be nice to have some sort of control over this and to be able to set certain players to attack the near post, stay central, attack far post, lurk outside the area etc.  It’s very similar to the free kick options in this respect as in there are so many options and so much flexibility available that it would be nice to see a step towards some sort of set piece creator.  Imagine how pleasing it would be setting up a set piece routine and to see it play out and come to fruition on the pitch.
     I don’t think there is much to say about penalty takers so I’m happy with that and I don’t really see any benefit of choosing a throw in taker unless you adopt a Tony Pulis style of bombarding the penalty area at every opportunity with a Ryan Shotton long throw, but that brings me out in cold sweats just thinking about it!
     Hope this provokes some thought and discussion and would love to hear other people’s opinions on it.

    @Rob: Team Instructions 
    Set piece instructions
    Perhaps my biggest bugbear with player instructions and Vibe challenges is set-piece takers. The first element I’d change is free-kicks.
    Now I know Vibe is a microcosm of FMM users, so SI probably don’t care, but does anyone else get infuriated when the striker you want to get a 1kc is taking free-kicks from just inside the touchline? In fact, take challenges out of the equation and it seems nonsensical that you cannot determine who takes freekicks where. My suggestion is to have four freekick roles:
        ⁃    Freekick (crossing) right;
        ⁃    Freekick (crossing) left;
        ⁃    Freekick (shooting) right;
        ⁃    Freekick (shooting) left
    Then you can put your best crossers in the crossing positions and best shooters in the shooting positions and aim for the goals and assists you want.
    On to my second setpiece change: corner instructions. Most goals from corners are front post headers from your main striker. 
    However, wouldn’t it be good to set individual player instructions? You could have your best heading central defender (Maguire, for example) hit that front post.
     Whenever I’ve done a Strikerless challenge my main attacking midfielder NEVER scores from corners as the game isn’t clever enough to deduce that he is my focal point. Individual player instructions on corners would help this.
    Controversial one this, as I know some people hate arrows, but I want them added to FMM as soon as possible.
    Football, primarily, is about angles and space. The addition of arrows would really enhance that. I know player positions are meant to cater for a lot of this, but I would rather layer instructions myself.
    Say you have a ball-playing defender, being able to state where he steps out to would be great as the natural assumption is that he would step out centrally, but you may want him to always step out diagonally right to provide the ball to a second line right wingback. On the other side you could have just a first line left-wingback and no other left-sided players, so you could push their arrow to cover the whole length of the side.
    I want arrows to drag defenders around. I want players to run in to space. At the moment you have to play inside forwards to mimick a wingback overlapping down the whole flank, which often causes space issues if they cut in to a striker’s area. What about if you could have ‘inside midfielders’ where a right midfielder tucks in, ala how Beckham used to often play at Manchester United to allow Neville to overlap?
     I just want arrows back!

    @Mr Tree: The Enhanced Match Engine
    Before I launch into a few problems and suggestions, I have to say that I think it's brilliant - I've played thousands of matches and still genuinely "enjoy" following them. There are some great little touches too, like players going to retrieve the ball, or the game restarting despite a full-back taking his sweet time to get back into position (so suddenly he has to dash back).
     But maybe there could be a few little tweaks - the whole system hasn't had much of a refresh since it was introduced. 
     However by "tweaks", I would like to emphasise that I'm looking for real improvement, rather than gimmickry like the poorly-handled addition of VAR this season. I get that it's a nice touch, but what is the point - the silliness of the score updating and the players moving into position before the decision is announced on commentary make it all a bit nonsensical.
     One change I'd like to see is in making substitutions. I actually didn't even know that pressing the team name stopped the game until I did it by accident! I always used to just press the "tactics" button at the bottom, although it's always been a bit "sticky" - sometimes it ignores you, sometimes it takes ages to stop. And maybe it could be more realistic anyway - the tactics screen could be one of the tabs and the match could continue (slowly) in the background, so changes are made in "real time" (as it were). Multiple changes would take longer. And changes at half-time could be more effective than drastic mid-match changes which can be hard to communicate to your boys, or maybe that could be more noticeable in lower leagues.
     I find some of the goals to be ridiculous - we all know the frustration of conceding. I'd love to see (in real life) some sort of facility for mapping real goals onto the FMM-style pitch - it would make for interesting viewing! But a lot of goals would look so different to how FMM plays. I'm not advocating making the game less interesting by any means, I don't mean to get bogged down in realism in that way - but I do think the goals could be a bit more reflective of how goals are scored in real life.
     I'd love to see melees added - as a keen watcher of 40+ Championship games every season, there's barely a game goes by without 10-12 players coming together at some point to share a frank exchange of opinions.
     And I'd like to see more Easter Eggs, more fun little "one-offs" that pop up occasionally. Punch-ups, bizarre own goals, awful misses - there must be a wide range of things that can be added, not to excess, but just to make us smile after hours and hours of playing. It's meant to be fun after all!
     My final suggestion might just be a personal issue, but can we please change the orange ball?! The whole reason for using it (in real life) is to make it more visible, but against the FMM pitch, for me it has the opposite effect. Use a white, yellow, or BRIGHT orange ball, SI, please!

    @Ian: Changes to Training
    The whole training system was revamped for this years game with the intention of giving us the user more control over the development of individual players. The previous system allowed us to modify a few different training schedules and then go through the players and pick which schedule you wanted them to train in such as wingers and strikers in the attacking one, defenders in defending and wing backs and midfielders in general as an example. The system worked pretty well I thought and if there was anything I would’ve wanted added to it then it would just be for there to be a couple more customisable training schedules so you could further target some players who you might want to train slightly differently. I’m sure there are plenty reading this who actually preferred that system but it’s probably all hearsay now as we’ve got the new training system and it’d be highly unlikely that the developers would ever contemplate reverting back to the previous one so I will focus on the current system and look at a few things I’d personally like to see added or modified for FMM20.
    As I mentioned earlier, the new system allows us to manage the training of all of our players individually so we can select a player to train the role he’s currently playing in and the focus will be on the attributes needed for that role. For example, you've got a deep lying playmaker and you select that role in his training section and he’s now training the main attributes required for the role in passing, creativity, movement and decisions. All sounds great but the problem for me is that it becomes a bit monotonous to have to go through every player and select their role and training intensity separately especially as there are plenty of times when you’ve got a few players who you’d like to train in the same way. I often have all or most of my centre midfielders training in the plain central midfielder role as it covers such a wide range of attributes so I’d be all for an advanced button or something at the top left of the training screen which would then bring up a check box next to every player so you could select a few and then make changes to all of those players at once. As another example, you might be playing a system using a few roles requiring a high level of fitness such as box to box midfielders and wing backs and might decide you want to put them all on light intensity training during heavy fixture periods to keep them fresh so being able to select all of those players and set it up in one go will be a great timesaver. 
    Another thing that might be good is for there to be a few schedules that we could totally customise where we could select about say five or six attributes and have that schedule available as an option for the players to train. As an example, there'd be plenty of times when I’d want all of my strikers training what I would call the bread and butter striker attributes in shooting, movement, aerial, pace and strength so a schedule with only those attributes in would be one I’d create given the chance. It’s a change some might be against as you could see it being abused depending on how it were to be implemented but it would add a bit of customisation for the user and would bear similarities to the previous system if you think about it.
    Most of you will probably know by now that it’s rather easy on FMM19 to train a player to a high level for the aerial attribute. You only need to select a role that includes aerial as one of the trained attributes and then also select aerial as the players focus attribute and as long as the player still has potential for growth be prepared to see it rise and it could be fast and extreme as in going from 5-20 in a month or so. It’s all a bit ridiculous really and seems to have been known about since the very day the game was released. Many including myself have exploited this on many occasions this year but it’s difficult not to when nothing seems to have been done to try and fix it. Maybe something could be done and of course we don’t know what constraints the developers are working under but in an ideal world you’d probably say that aerial should be an attribute that has potential for improvement but maybe limited to an increase of say 5 to 8 or something like that.
    Also, I have never been able to get any of my players to increase their technique attribute and I have a feeling it’s impossible so if that is the case then maybe disabling it or any other unimprovable attributes in the focus attribute section might be a good idea so people are not just wasting their time.
    Another idea might be to be able to train players to improve their weaker foot and also maybe an option to try and improve their ability at corners, free kicks or penalties. Those options could easily be added into the focus attribute section which could easily be renamed to just focus.
    If someone could persuade me that role traits have any significant effect on the game then obviously having an option to train our players specific traits would be good but I’m not convinced they do a great deal in game so it’s not on my wish list.
    Player tutoring is also something that’s on the full game and could maybe be added to FMM20 where we could select an older player to tutor a youngster and some of the older guys personality and hidden attributes like professionalism and ambition might rub off on the younger player. The feature never gripped me when I played the full game so it’s not something I’m in favour of but plenty of others will be I’m sure.
    My main wish is for FMM20 to be as bug free as possible and I would almost certainly accept a few features being dropped from the game if it were to guarantee a more stable game which is why I haven’t gone overboard here as I believe the training system is decent as is and only needs a few little tweaks to streamline it a touch.
    What changes to training would you like to see?

    @Foxy: New Leagues
    In the last two editions of FMM we have seen four new playable leagues added to the roster with two added in each edition of the game. These leagues always bring a new set of challenges and players to the game and can really help make the new editions feel more fresh and exciting. It’s certainly no guarantee that we will see any new leagues in this years game but let’s hope we do.
    Everyone will have there own ideas of what leagues that would like added to the game especially if you live in or support a club that you cannot manage at the moment. I think it’s safe to say that SI generally have financial reasons behind the leagues they look to add to the game as demonstrated by both Korea and China being added in the last two years as they are huge mobile gaming markets and FMM is a popular game in those nations. The hope is that they also look to give a good spread of nations across the world that we can manage in and with that in mind I have three nations I would be happy to see added to the new game.
    This may seem a slightly random choice but I think it would add more depth to the MLS and the North American Champions League. At the moment we can only manage the MLS clubs in North America which means when you go into continental competition with those clubs the other teams in the competition can feel a little incomplete which in turn makes it feel less of an accomplishment if you win it. You then have the fact that Mexico has some big clubs and it is a well supported league with some good players just waiting to be discovered which is a huge part of the fun of FMM I think. 
    Just think of the hidden gems that must be just waiting to be discovered.
    Brazil and Argentina
    Brazil was in FMH/FMM up and till a few years ago and it seems there is some licensing issues meaning we have to make do with just initials for the club names meaning Brazil may not be a viable league to be added. Then in Argentina they have a odd system of relegation based on average points over a couple of seasons that may be hard to replicate. That said South America is a huge empty space in the FMM map that needs to be filled in a little bit.
    I have put Brazil and Argentina together as they are the top leagues in South America and personally I would like to see them both added for the same reasons as Mexico, simply they will add more depth to continental competitions if they are both added. Both nations are hotbeds of football and the breeding grounds for some of the best footballers in the world so it would be great fun to be able to manage in these two nations.
    I think any of these three leagues would add more depth to the game but honourable mentions should also go to leagues in Europe including the nations in Central Europe such as Austria, Switzerland and Czechia, Greece or the Scandinavian countries that would also be good to see added.
    Which leagues would you like to see in FMM20?
    It will be great to get your thoughts on these ideas but also what features or improvements would you like to see on FMM20?
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from LTFC in Opinion: What Is The Point of FMM?   
    Honestly, for me it’s different. Cos I only play on the weekends I want as much detail as possible because I need a few weeks to complete a season anyway, I can’t be arsed for pace. I want detail! But FM is too expensive and needs a laptop and I don’t have a high end device for FMT which is really annoying for me, but yh that’s my thoughts, u lot probably think different so yeah...
    btw great article mate!
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Ian in Kaiserslautern Team Guide   
    Full Name: 1. Fußball-Club Kaiserslautern e. V.
    Founded: 2nd June 1900
    Nickname: Die roten Teufel (The Red Devils)
    League: 3. Fußball-Liga
    Stadium: Fritz-Walter-Stadion
    Capacity: 49,780

    Brief History 
    Kaiserslautern currently find themselves languishing in the third tier of German football but that wasn’t always the case for Die roten Teufel (The Red Devils) as they were once one of the big boys of German football. They boast a decent trophy cabinet consisting of four German League Championships, two DFB-Pokals and one DFB-Supercup and are currently tenth in the list of the most successful clubs in Bundesliga history. The first West German national team to ever win the World Cup in 1954 contained no less than five Kaiserslautern players in the squad including the national team captain Fritz Walter who the club renamed their stadium after in 1985. The club won their regional division numerous times and the German Championship twice in a dominant period during the 1950’s and early 1960’s up until the formation of the new German Bundesliga in 1963 in which they were a founding member. 
    Unfortunately all the club had to shout about for a good few years after the formation of the Bundesliga were a few decent cup runs both domestically and in Europe until 1990 when they finally won their first DFB-Pokal cup beating Werder Bremen 3-2 in a pulsating final. They followed that up by winning their first Bundesliga title the following year in which they fought off great rivals Bayern Munich in winning the title by just three points. The club’s next trophy wouldn't come until 1996 when they won their second DFB-Pokal cup but unfortunately the celebrations were fairly muted as the club were relegated from the Bundesliga for the first time in their history just a week before the final.
    They didn’t let that keep them down (literally) as they bounced straight back up winning the Bundesliga 2 title the following season with a massive ten point lead over second placed Wolfsburg. How often does a team gain promotion from a second tier league one year and go straight on to win the top league division title the following season? Not often but that is exactly what Die roten Teufel achieved under the management of veteran coach Otto Rehhagel as they held off bitter rivals Bayern Munich to win the 1997-98 Bundesliga Championship. 
    They struggled to keep up the pace with Bayern Munich over the next few years but did have a good run in the 2001 UEFA cup making it all the way to the semi final before falling to beaten finalists Alavés. The city and their stadium were selected to host a few games during the 2006 World Cup held in Germany and a decision was made to increase the capacity of their stadium from 38,500 to 49,780 which had the knock on effect of raising the annual rent the club would pay the city who own the stadium to £3.2m. It was an amount that was just manageable provided the club remained a Bundesliga team but unfortunately they suffered the dreaded relegation in 2006 which meant the club had a large stadium they didn’t need and an enormous annual rent to pay that they just couldn’t afford. They’ve struggled ever since and now find themselves in the third tier of German football for the first time in their history. 
    On FMM19 
    We now move over to the game where I’ll take you through the club from board expectations all the way to potential new signings and hopefully convince you to maybe have a go at managing Die roten Teufel. The club currently find themselves stuck in the third tier of German football and require your help to bring them back to the top. 
    Board Expectations, Facilities and Transfer Budget

    The board expect you to mount a serious challenge for the league title this season so that tells us that the club will hopefully have a fairly decent squad. The training and youth facilities are among the best in the division so I personally wouldn’t bother asking the board to upgrade those as it’s unlikely they will at this stage plus if the subsequent requests turned out to be accepted then the transfer budget would be lowered to pay for it which doesn’t seem like a great idea at this stage. In fact I’d probably say the facilities are good enough to carry the club all the way through to the Bundesliga and once there I’d be looking at requesting improvements.
    The stadium certainly doesn’t require expanding as the capacity is 49,850 in game but the average attendance is only 23,000 so you can safely put all of your focus on being as successful as possible on the pitch which should help in getting bums on seats.
    The transfer budget seems decent at £1.85m but that is rather deceiving as the club are currently operating well above their wage budget so once you toggle the transfer side back the actual budget is nearer £700k - £1m which means you’ll probably have to do a bit of wheeling and dealing in the transfer market if you are to successfully improve the squad. 
    Please bear in mind that I have used the February database for this save with my gold coaching badge and normal reputation so your budget may well differ depending on your set up.

    Alexander Burgera: Assistant Manager - Defensive Coach with a Silver Badge and Normal Aptitude. Gerald Ehrmann: Coach - Goalkeeping Coach with a Gold Badge and Natural Aptitude. Bastian Becker: Coach - Fitness Coach with Silver Badge and Normal Aptitude. Manfred Paula: Scout - Youth Scout with a Gold Badge and Normal Aptitude. Olaf Marshal: Scout - First Team Scout with a Bronze Badge and Normal Aptitude. Frank Sänger: Physio - Prevention Physio with a Silver Badge and Normal Aptitude. Eric Schön: Physio - Rehabilitation Physio with Silver Badge and Normal Aptitude. The club have decent staff for the league they are currently playing in and whilst it might be possible to upgrade on a few of them I would hold off for now as sacking any would cause you to have to pay them compensation which would in turn lower your transfer budget. I would however fill in the blanks as the club have room for one more physio, scout and coach.
    The club currently have both a rehabilitation physio and a prevention one so you are faced with a decision to make. Which one do you go with for the third slot? Well it’s a good question and many people on the forum have differing views on what is best. Basically the two types of physios do what you’d expect; the prevention ones work with the players to hopefully prevent them suffering injuries and the rehabilitation ones work with the players when they do indeed suffer injuries to hopefully quicken their recovery. So in theory going with two prevention physios should prevent injuries which will lessen the need for rehabilitation but on the other hand no matter how hard you try you will always suffer some injuries so it’s six and two threes for me so just pick one and be done with it.
    In terms of coaches the club have got a defensive one, a goalkeeping one and a fitness one plus whatever specialisation you've given yourself. I went with attacking for myself which seems to be a good choice looking at what the club currently have. I’d be tempted to go with another fitness coach here to hopefully help the boys further develop their physical attributes in pace, stamina and strength as in the lower leagues sometimes the quality can be poor and fitness can often be the difference maker.
    I don’t use scouts as I just use the player search function to scout my own talent but as the club currently have a first team scout and a youth scout I’d be tempted to go with a bargain hunter here as with money being a bit tight in the early years he could well assist you in finding some cheap gems.
    When it comes to recruiting staff we are ideally looking for gold for the coaching badge as best and either natural or normal aptitude with poor being best avoided as in that case they will be unlikely to be able to quickly pass their coaching exams if required.
    Key Players
    Lukas Spalvis - Target Man

    Lukas is a good player and is easily the clubs highest valued player at £2.4m and I’d expect him to do a decent job at this level. He’s got good aerial, movement, strength and shooting so I expect he’ll be able to score plenty of goals in the right set up. I’d personally be in heaven if his pace and stamina were a touch better as they are 11 and 12 respectively which is a bit of a downer as in these lower leagues I find pace in particular can really cause damage as a lot of the defenders at this level tend to be fairly slow.
    Mads Albæk - Advanced Playmaker

    Mads is a good player who is currently playing at the peak of his powers at 28 years old. He’s an advanced playmaker who likes to operate in the centre of midfield and has a decent set of attributes to play that role in this league. His passing, decisions and creativity are all at a good level which should mean he can see and execute the right pass in the right situation. I like all of the players playing in centre midfield to be decent all round players and this lad has 12 for positioning and 10 for tackling so he shouldn’t be a liability and his high leadership will be a great asset to the team.
    Kevin Kraus - Central Defender

    I quite like the look of this player and I’m sure he’ll be a good player for the team over the next couple of years at least. He has good numbers for the main attributes needed for any defender in aerial, tackling, decisions, positioning and strength. His passing being at 11 is good also and his dribbling at 9 isn’t bad for a centre back at this level. I would’ve liked a higher number for pace but again at 10 it’s acceptable and I don’t think he’ll let you down. 
    Other Players
    Jan-Ole Sievers
    He’s probably the best goalkeeper currently at the club but he’s not fantastic. He’s got poor distribution and lacks a commanding presence but does have decent reflexes. He’s 23 years old so pretty young but I’d say he will definitely need to be replaced at some point in the future.
    Wolfgang Hesl
    This guy is 32 years old and has better distribution than Sievers but isn’t great in other areas. I’m not convinced selling him would be a good idea as I just can’t see you getting much of a fee so I’d personally keep him as a back up for the first season anyway.
    Lennart Grill
    This lad is a nice prospect for the future at just 19 years old and certainly one I’d hold onto and maybe try and give him some game time. He’s still a bit rough in places with his poor aerial being a concern but he’s got plenty of potential and I’m absolutely sure he’ll develop into a much better keeper than the other two at the club currently are.
    Central Defenders
    Lukas Gottwalt
    A decent young defender at 20 years old who looks promising for the future. He’s got great aerial and strength with decent numbers in positioning, tackling and decisions so I think he’ll be able to do a good job in this league.
    Özgür Özdemir
    He’s not a bad Turkish defender with fairly good defensive attributes but his strength is sitting at only 9 and it kind of puts me off. I’d keep him as he might do ok and should make a good back up option. 
    André Hainault
    A veteran Canadian defender at 32 years old who’s fairly average but should make a decent back up player.
    Central Midfielders
    Gino Fechner
    A young 20 year old ball winning midfielder who has great potential for the future and is good enough to be a first team player already. He has great aerial, decent physical attributes and good passing, decisions, tackling and positioning so he’s a good all round midfielder. As an added bonus he can also play as a centre back which might come in useful at some point.
    Jan Löhmannsröben
    He’s a decent player currently playing at his peak at 27 years old. His preferred role is as a ball winning midfielder and has great stamina, strength, aggression and positioning. His passing, decisions and teamwork are also good so a great player who should definitely be kept at this stage.
    Carlo Sickinger
    A young midfielder at just 20 years old with good promise. He’s got decent physical and mental attributes with great passing and I can see him developing into a good player so worth keeping a hold of and giving him some game time in the first couple of seasons. 
    Theodor Bergmann
    Another fine looking youngster who can play in centre midfield or on the right wing. Looks like he has the potential to reach the level of Mads Albæk in the future so a great player to have in the squad.
    Nils Schätzle
    He’s really young at only 18 years old but his attributes are not particularly good even for his age and I just can’t see him developing into anything other than an average player. He might surprise us though so a loan to another team in our league might be a good option if possible. 
    Wide Players
    Dominik Schad
    A young right wing back who looks like he’ll be good enough to feature heavily straight from the off. He’s got good physical attributes and although his crossing and dribbling aren’t fantastic you can see them developing well. The only real worry is his fairly poor positioning so it might be a good idea to set his training focus to that to hopefully improve it.
    Florian Dick
    A veteran right full back who at 33 years old is closing in on the end of his career. His pace is poor but apart from that he’s decent and should be a good option as back up this year before his deal runs out at the end of the season.
    Janek Sternberg
    This lad is a good looking left wing back with incredible stamina and definitely the best wing back at the club. Again like Schad he has poor positioning so hopefully that won’t hinder the team.
    Flavius Botiseriu
    A young raw left wing back who looks like he might turn into a good player. His technical attributes aren’t the best but at just 19 years old there’s plenty of time for those to develop and his good positioning and pace should mean he’s capable of doing a job as rotation option straight away.
    Tuure Mäntynen
    Another young left wing back and this one is decent looking with good pace, positioning and tackling but the coaches don’t feel he’s got much potential. He’s not valued very highly so I’d keep him for now as a back up option. 
    Hendrick Zuck
    The best winger at the club with decent pace, crossing, movement and really high aggression so he won’t be pulling out of any challenges. 
    Christoph Hemlein
    Another decent winger who’s attributes aren’t too dissimilar to Zucks but his pace is slightly lower and a shame really as I really like pace in these wide areas so maybe this is an area to try and improve in the transfer market. 
    Florian Pick
    He’s an average winger that at only 22 years old may improve so one to keep hold of for now. If you don’t think he’s going to get much game time then I’d consider loaning him out if possible. 
    Dylan Esmel
    This lad is only 20 years old and is tipped to break into the first team so definitely one to keep. He can play on either flank and whilst his attributes aren’t the best at this stage he’d definitely make a great option off the bench to give him some game time to further aid his development.
    Centre Forwards
    Julius Biada
    He’s a player who is playing at his peak at 25 years old and is valued fairly highly at over £600k. His physical attributes and aerial are fairly poor so for me he’d be one I’d look to cash in on as the money would come in useful. 
    Timmy Thiele
    A good forward who’s fairly strong, quick with good movement, shooting and decent aerial so that’s the bread and butter striker attributes sorted. Definitely one to keep as a squad player. 
    Elias Huth
    A young striker who looks promising and can also play on either flank so a good player to keep around. 
    Valdrin Mustafa
    Another youngster and the coaches believe he is the best young striker at the club so it might be an idea to try and find him some game time. He could be loaned out even if it’s to a club in our division which might be a good idea for the first season.
    Christian Kürlwetter
    He’s a young target man who doesn’t look too great but could improve so I’d be tempted to loan him out and keep an eye on his development.
    Squad Summary
    The club have some good players and I’d say their best starting eleven will be more than a match for any side in the division. There’s also plenty of decent looking youngsters but it’s difficult to rely on them so I’d be looking to strengthen the squad with some more experienced players and I’ll recommend a few good transfer options later. 
    I’ll put forward a couple of tactics now that should get the best out of the players currently at the club.

    A decent tactic that I’ve used a few times on this years game so should do a decent job here. I’d usually opt for a deep lying playmaker instead of the ball winning midfielder at centre midfield but Fechner is best as a ball winner so I went with that. You could try him as a playmaker as he could well do the job okay but I think the tactic will be fine as is. Löhmannsröben’s preferred role is as a ball winner also but I don’t think the tactic will work with two of those and he has decent all round attributes with terrific stamina so I think he’ll be able to play well as a box to box midfielder just fine. The wide attackers at the club are all wingers rather than inside forwards and with Spalvis being a good target man we will try to utilise the wide areas and get some crosses in for him to feed off. I’d also prefer one of the central defenders to be a ball playing defender to further help the team get the ball out of defence but none of our boys are suitable although Kraus has decent passing and dribbling so you could try him in that role but I’m not sure it’s necessary to be honest.

    An alternative tactic that utilises a second striker as the club have a fair few. Not far away from the original set up and one that I’ve used before. We will be weak down our right side but as long as the central midfielders are good all round players  we should be able to mitigate against the dangers.
    Here are some instructions to try with both of the set ups.

    I went with attacking as the team mentality but against tough opposition I’d be tempted to knock that back to balenced or maybe even counter. I went with a narrow width to hopefully help us keep better possession and the tempo is set to normal but I’ve used fast a few times against poor opposition to good effect so an option to try if things aren’t going well. The defence is left neutral in a bid to help the team maintain their fitness as we are using some high energy roles such as our box to box midfielder, ball winning midfielder and the two wing backs. The system might work better with all over closing down and hard tackling but be warned that your players will struggle for fitness if used all of the time particularly during heavy fixture periods. I went with work ball into box in the final third instructions to limit the wasteful shots from midfield and if we had a striker with great pace and movement I’d probably go through ball also but Spalvis isn’t blessed with great pace so left it neutral so the players can decide themselves what is best depending on the situation. I like short for passing and goalkeeper distribution but if you notice the team having trouble getting the ball forward then switching to mixed might help. Another thing to look out for is if you see your wing backs losing the ball out wide during games then moving the passing focus to centre should help and is something I often do if facing tough opposition. 
    Captain: Mads Albæk - An experienced pro with great leadership.  Penalties: Lukas Spalvis and Mads Albæk both have “He is an effective penalty taker” in their coaching reports so they are the best choices here. Free Kicks: Florian Dick has “He is an effective free-kick taker” in his coaching report so he’d be first choice but he probably won’t play every game so I’d go with Spalvis as second choice for his great shooting attribute. Corner Kicks: There’s nobody who the coaches reccomend for this so I’d go for a player with a high attribute for crossing with Zuck, Albæk, Hemlein, Sternberg and Pick being good choices. If you try one and think they aren’t producing a good corner then just pick another. Transfers
    In terms of outgoings I’d personally look to offload Julius Biada as I can’t see him getting much game time and any money received from his potential transfer would come in handy. As I mentioned in the players section there are a few good youngsters and it’ll be difficult to give them all game time so I’d look to loan a few of them out if possible and then reevaluate them at the end of the season. Players such as Pick, Mustafa and Kürlwetter definitely fall into that category. 
    I’ll go through a few potential signings that should improve the squad. I’ve put their potential cost in brackets next to their name. Most of these are free transfers but don’t let that put you off as I’m sure they would all turn out to be decent signings. A couple of them are older players but when it comes to the lower leagues I tend to put my focus on the current season and try to get a squad together that will get the job done and if we gain promotion I would then look at the squad for the next season and build again. I’ve also only loaded the German leagues on this save so you may well have a lot more transfer options if you load a few other leagues.
    Marko Petkovic (Free) - A good right wing back who may well become the best at the club if signed.  Mathis Bolly (Free) - A left winger with great pace which is something the wingers currently at the club lack so should make a good addition to the squad.  Jerome Kiesewetter (Free) - This guy is a great pacey right winger and better than anything currently at the club.  Arouca (Free) - Fabulous midfielder who whilst fairly old at 33 should offer the team a lot for the first season or so. Phillip Wollscheid (Free) - Brilliant centre back for this level of football.  Maxym Malyshev: (Loan from Shakhtar) - Decent deep lying playmaker available on loan and should add strength to the midfield. Osayamen Osawe (£800-900k) - A really good striker and whilst the club have a lot of young strikers at the club I feel this guy is worth going for as his pace will give you another option up top. He also has good movement and shooting so well worth the fee. You could switch the role on the single striker formation to a poacher or advanced forward when he plays and add through ball to the final third instructions to utilise his qualities as we have Mads Albæk in midfield who can hopefully supply some killer passes. Kofi Schulz (Free) - A tidy left wing back who would be a good signing on a free. The club have three left wing backs alrealdy at the club but two are young so if you sign this guy I’d probably recommend loaning out one of the youngsters in either Botiseriu or Mäntynen. Razak Brimah (Free) - He’s a good keeper available on a free and should be first choice if signed. Douglas (Free) - A veteran midfielder who would be a good addition to the squad for the opening season.  Well that’s the end of this Kaiserslautern team guide and hopefully you’ve enjoyed it. They are a great club that currently find themselves in a bit of a pickle so should make an enjoyable save as you aim to bring them back to the top.
    Thank you for reading and all comments are appreciated.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Ian in Vibe Community A-Z Challenge: Season 9 Players Reveal   
    Season One - Results
    Hello Vibe,
    Welcome to the season one review of this vibe a-z community challenge. As I revealed a couple of days ago the chosen team for this challenge was Tottenham Hotspur and my chosen A and B players for season one were winger Lautaro Acosta and centre forward Andrea Belotti so let’s see how they and the team got on.
    As I spent nearly the whole transfer budget on my two challengers we were left in a position where we had to wheel and deal to improve the rest of the squad. One of the great things about managing a top top team like Spurs is that they have such a lot of great players already at the club so you don’t necessarily have to make loads of transfers anyway. I did want to bring in a few younger players for the future and tried to shift a few of the players I didn’t fancy whilst also keeping in mind that this is a community challenge and other players might have their heart set on using a few current players so balance was required.
    So these are the incoming transfers apart from my two challengers with the majority arriving in pre season and just one or two in January. 
    Tanguy Ndombele (Central Midfielder) - A top young midfielder who was my main priority as he’s class. Rolando Mandragora (Central Midfielder) - Another great midfielder who I’ve used many a time. He actually arrived in January as we couldn’t quite raise the funds pre season. Claud Adjapong (Wing Back) - A tidy right footed wing back who can play on either side. Weston McKennie (Central Midfield) - Another young midfielder and one I’ve used on a few saves. He’s a great all round player who usually develops great physical attributes.  Issa Diop (Central Defender) - Bought in January after the sale of Sanchez to bolster our numbers in defence. I didn’t want to sell Sanchez but Barca came in with a big bid and I thought I could use some of the fee to improve the squad. Alphonso Davies (Left Winger) - He’s a young prospect who looks like he’s going to turn into a great player.  Alex Telles (Left Wing Back) - Fantastic wing back who won’t let you down. Cristian Pavón (Winger) - Just had to sign this lad as he usually turns into a beast of a player.  Scott McKenna (Central Defender) - After the sale of Sanchez I decided to go with the highly reliable Scott McKenna who is always great value for money.  Yuri Ribeiro (Left Wing Back) - He was signed as a back up left wing back as we’d ended up short there. He seems steady.  I shipped a few players out but I’d like to think I kept most of the great younger player at the club. Sanchez was a tricky one as he’s young and class but the offer was too good to turn down especially as you can often find cheap reliable centre backs.
    Full list of all transfers below.
    League Cup
    We had no real trouble in early rounds in this competition until we were taken to penalties by Fulham in the quarter final. We came through that but the semi final draw was worrying as we were drawn against the Mighty Reds of Liverpool. I wasn’t confident and that proved correct as they sent us packing at Anfield in a 2-0 first leg defeat with big Divock getting a goal. It was harsh really as we were more than worthy of a goal but it kind of felt as if that was it for us in this competition. The second leg was a similar game but this time it was us that got the two goals as Belotti netted a brace which forced penalties and lady luck shone on us as we won the shootout to give us a trip to Wembley to face Chelsea in the final. 
    It was never going to be an easy game against Chelsea and that proved to be the case as we couldn’t get going in the first half. Ruben Loftus-Cheek scored a goal for them fairly early which seemed to wake us up and we dominated from there on in but couldn’t get that all important equaliser so we will have to wait for our first trophy I’m afraid. 

    FA Cup
    The early rounds were routine until we again faced Liverpool at Anfield in the sixth round and again I wasn’t overly confident if I’m honest. I should’ve had more faith as we were by far the better side with Belotti scoring both goals in a 2-1 win with Acosta assisting both of them. 
    Semi Final
    We were drawn against North London rivals Arsenal in the semi final and I fancied it as we are much the better side these days. Unfortunately we just couldn’t get going and a Harry Kane stoppage time goal wasn’t enough as they went on the score the winner during extra time.

    We can finally celebrate something as we won the league and were rather dominant too in only losing two games and drawing seven. We’d have liked more goals but that can often be tricky in first seasons. We came through the early season well in only losing one game against Manchester United at Old Trafford and once we hit the mid way point of the season I was confident we could win it. A home defeat to Fulham at the end of January was the only time I was overly concerned but we put that behind us and ran home comfortable winners.

    Champions League
    It’s safe to say we didn’t start off the group stage very well as we lost the opening two games. One of them was away to Hoffenheim which as bad as it was can be accepted with it being away but the Juventus home defeat that followed had me wondering if we’d even be able to make third and the Europa place. We managed to fight back as I got my rotation right and won four on the spin to take second place. The final game against Juventus had no meaning as both of our positions were gaurenteed so I played reserves and kids thinking we’d take a hammering. Didn’t plan out like that and my 1kc hero Troy Parrott scored the only goal in a famous win.
    Semi Final
    We had no real problems in the knockout rounds and ended up meeting our group stage foes Juventus in the semi. We played well enough in the away leg but just couldn’t get that often important away goal which was a shame as I felt it was in us. They only scored one goal though so we still had a good chance going into the second leg. I wasn’t happy with the fact we had two league games sandwiches between the two legs but we didn’t let that get to us as we dominated them in the return game and two penalties from Belotti were enough to send us to the final where we’d face Atletico Madrid. 
    I was happy to face these in the final and I don’t mean any disrespect there as they are a great side but one I’d fancy us to beat. We were the better side throughout and how fitting it was that Acosta and Belotti scored the two goals in a 2-1 victory to win us the big one.

    Lautaro Acosta
    Acosta had a decent season with 30 assists in 44 games which I’m happy with as my target was only mid twenties. He did suffer a month long layoff too in which he missed most of December.

    Andrea Belotti
    Belotti scored 49 goals in 52 games and I’m fine with that too as it is the first season where it can often be tricky to get a lot of goals. 

    Player attributes and notable matches
    You can see Belotti has improved a little bit during the season which I wasn’t expecting. I suppose he was only 24 when we signed him so he must’ve had a bit of development left in him.
    Well that’s the first season and I’m more than happy enough with it as we managed to win the league and champions league which is great for our development. I’ve actually left the club with no budget and slightly over on wages but Toby Alderweireld is leaving shortly after the season switch over as he had a £25m release clause which Dortmund exploited so there should be a decent enough budget available for season two.
    I’ll pass the save over to @Foxy now who will then distribute it to @Krenzar who’s taking over for season two I believe. The save slot will be slot 4.
    A-Z Challenge
    Season 1- Ian
    A: Lautaro Acosta (Assists) 30
    B: Andrea Belotti (Goals) 49 - Total: 79
    Thanks for reading and all comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Ian in Vibe Community A-Z Challenge: Season 9 Players Reveal   
    Welcome to the Vibe Community Save A-Z Challenge
    This is the career thread for the community save challenge which can be found here. The challenge and all other rules can be found there. Please note that there are still some places available and if you wish to participate then please sign up in that thread so we can keep this one purely for posting our season updates and subsequent discussions.
    The Challenge
    The challenge is an A-Z challenge and each season the member who’s turn it is will have to sign a goal scorer and assister who’s surnames (can be first name on tricky letters) begin with the letters for that season. So season 1 is the A and B season then season 2 C and D and so on....
    When you have the save you may manage the club how you see fit and buy and sell whichever players you wish and your season score is striker goals + midfielder assists from the two players you sign.
    Order of Play
    How to access the save files
    Android: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019-mobile/192_android/210_how-to/how-do-i-access-my-save-files-r776/
    iOS: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019-mobile/193_ios/206_how-to/how-do-i-access-my-save-files-r755/
    Ok so let’s make a start shall we?
    Season One
    As I’m taking charge of the opening season I get to choose which club we are going to manage.
    So who have I gone with?
    Tottenham Hotspur

    We decided we wanted to manage a top English club with Liverpool, the two Manchester clubs and Spurs being the ideal candidates. I had the ultimate decision with playing the first season and originally I was going to be selfish and go with Liverpool but once I realised I was about three decades too late to be able to use the two John’s in Aldridge and Barnes as my player choices I scrapped it and went with Spurs.
    Players Choices
    A: Lautaro Acosta (Assists)

    I signed him for just £3.5m and whilst he’s not fantastic I was intrigued by him as I can’t say I’ve ever came across him on the game. This could turn out to be a horrible decision but I kind of had to go cheap here as my next choice cost a fortune.
    B: Andrea Belotti (Goals)

    It took £66m to sign him from Torino which might sound really high but when you factor in the low cost of my assister it balances out not too bad. He’s an established player so I’m hoping he does well as I can’t be sure with having never used him before.
    So that’s my player choices and now I’ll have to make a few decisions in terms of the squad as a few will have to go to make way for new signings as the budget is almost totally used with my duo.
    Anyway, wish me luck and I should be back in a couple of days with my end of season update.
    Thanks for reading and any comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Rob in Rob’s Geubbels 2k - Season 20 - The End   
    Along with Haaland and Silva, Willem Geubbels is one of the best young strikers in the game. He is also the player I have chosen for my attempt at a 1.5k in this year’s version of the game. I’ve hit 1kc last year with a striker and 1kc with a midfielder twice this year, but never managed 1.5kc.

    I’ve been working on a methodology for this for a while...trialling a few tactics, teams, player countries, and transfer strategies over a few months as I wanted to make the transition from Strikerless careers to striker careers.
    I’ve chosen Geubbels and PSG for the obvious reasons that Geubbels is young and excellent and PSG are wealthy and in an easier league, but also because in most of my saves the France job becomes available after a few games so I will be in a good position to get it. I’ve never gotten 1.5kc before so I wanted to give myself the best chance.
    I also want to apologise to Kyle for posting a career similar to his, but I’ve had this in the works for a while and a few guys on here have known about it for a while. I’ve actually just finished Season 9.
    Thanks for reading. Season 1 to follow shortly.
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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from samhardy in The Transfer Thread   
    I think he’s great. Joelinton scored  all of  his hoffenheim goals last season as he was seen as more of a prospect before 18/19. He offers a lot to the team answer he’s a a great finisher. Pace and power is a great combo and with almiron feeding the balls through. Newcastle need two pacey wingers and they could play well in a 4-2-3-1 playing possession football at the back and then rapid quick direct football up top. That said, Steve Bruce doesnt have a clue so yeah....
    btw Newcastle’s new away kit is is lovely
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Foxy in FMM Mythbusters   
    Any game that has been around as long as Football Manager Mobile will begin to develop common myths around what we can expect in a save. In this article I want to put 5 FMM myths to you the community and it is your job to decide whether they are FMM myth or fact.
    We all have ideas about what works or to expect when we are playing FMM. Over the years these ideas will become a habit whether it be the type of backroom team we build or our expectations in the first season as we build our squad and look to get a tactic to work. The question is are these actually myths that we have created in our heads and that has spread around the community over the years or are actually fact.
    So take a look at these 5 potential myths and then have your say in the poll at the end of the article and in the comments below.
    Strikers With High Teamwork Score Less Goals
    We all love a goal scorer, they are the players that make both real football exciting but especially FMM as they bang in the goals that lead your team to glory. One of the most popular challenges here on Vibe is the 1000 goal challenge where you look to emulate the career of Pelé and get a player to score 1000 career goals.
    Over the years many have attempted and completed this challenge but it isn’t always as simple as it is made to look. When people look for advice on the challenge one piece of wisdom that is offered is to not use a striker with Teamwork that is too high as it is felt that will make the striker less selfish and more likely to pass instead of shoot himself. 
    When you think about it then it makes sense, higher teamwork = the player working more for the team than for himself leading to him setting up more goals and less likely to look for glory himself. I’m not so sure as many of the attributes we see in the game are a combination of the players attributes in full fat FM’s database. Teamwork is one of those attributes as it is a combination of at least two attributes, work rate and teamwork. I would say that the harder a player works the more likely he is to get into goalscoring positions and that is something I have found as I have completed two 1kc’s with high teamwork players. That is simply my experience though and perhaps Arp and Mitrovic would have completed the 1k quicker and score more in total if they had lower teamwork.
    So myth or fact?
    Player Traits Make a Difference to How a Player Performs
    If you go onto a players profile and scroll to the third page you get to there positions page which also contains that players traits and whether they suit a certain role or not.

    If a trait is written in green that it should benefit the role you have selected and if it’s in red then it conflicts with the role, white text is neutral. The question is do these traits actually make the player do or not do what they say and will they effect how well a player performs a certain role?
    Personally I pay no attention to these traits and I have never signed a player based on them or vice versa. I solely look at a players attributes and decide whether they suit the role that I want them to play in my tactic but perhaps that is wrong and maybe I should be looking deeper into these traits and it may make a difference in how well my signings fit into my team. I’m not 100% sure that the player traits make any difference to what a player actually does on the pitch in the game but you may feel differently and put a lot of faith in them.
    So myth or fact?
    AI learns your tactics
    This is a very common one, someone’s tactic will be working well for half a season or maybe in season one but then the results will start to decline. The common wisdom is that this is the AI learning your tactic and then combatting it with there own but is this correct. This is probably giving the AI more credit than it deserves and it is a myth that even SI staff themselves have debunked.
    Although it is based on the PC game this article on FMScout is worth a read but I will take an important section from it. 
    This is what SI employee Neil Brock had to say on the subject of of whether the AI can learn an individual tactic.
    The AI does not work out tactics. What can sometimes change tactically is that AI teams depending on your own club's league table position and form, will look at you differently.
    For instance, if you're say a team like say Bournemouth in the Premier League, a large number of teams, certainly in the top 8 will look at them and consider their own team to be stronger. Because of this they're likely to play attacking formations. Mid-table sides likewise will realise they're stronger on paper and again will attack, but may take a slightly more cautious approach when they're the away team. Lower ranked Premier teams will likely play a balanced formation home and away.
    Then let's say by January in your first season, Bournemouth are 5th in the table and have won impressive victories. The AI managers will look at this and realise you shouldn't be underestimated. Teams will be more likely to play a defensive counter based style when coming to play at Bournemouth and be more balanced overall.
    Mid and certainly lower sides in the table will play defensively. This means a tactic you had working fine for the entire system is suddenly playing against totally different tactics than in the first half of the season. Many human managers assume that if their tactic is working there's never a need to change it, but fail to take into account the fact the AI will adapt as the season goes on. Tactics however, as said above are not individually worked out.
    So the big thing to take from this is that you need to either make small tweaks to the tactic but more importantly I think for FMM is that you need to keep improving the squad each transfer window if you can as the better your team and especially the depth of your squad the more likely your tactic is to remain effective.
    So myth or fact.
    The Squad Take Time To Gel and Learn a New Tactic
    We have all been there, we come up with a new tactic and then make wholesale changes to the squad to suit it only to then start the season slowly. The question is though is that a case of the tactic or squad build not working out or is it a built in feature to the game that means it takes time for players to gel and understand a new tactic?
    There are clues in the game that say this may be a fact as we see messages in the match reports saying the team was unfamiliar with the tactic or in a players profile like this one.

    Then on the other hand we see these messages but the team start on fire including the players who are adjusting to life at a new club or new tactic. So how much do these messages effect a teams results compared to the tactic perhaps not being perfect or the squad not suiting the tactic as much as you thought it would?
    So myth or fact.
    Certain Tactics Work for Big Teams and Others are Better in LLM
    Logic suggests that certain tactics are going to work better with big teams with top players whilst if your players aren’t as good you will need to adjust your tactics and I don’t think that is a myth at all just common sense. The question is whether it’s a myth that you can’t use the same tactics in the lower leagues that you can with a big team. 
    A good tactic can make average players better but in turn good players can make a tactic work. That means if you can build a squad that suits a tactic then in theory that tactic will work at any level of football. As an example you may want to try and play short passing football in League 2 so you need to make sure that you have players that can pass well but of course in League 2 players the number for there passing attribute isn’t going to be as high. In League 2 though a passing attribute of 12 would see a player do very well in that department of the game so if you can build a good squad of players what is there to say you can’t play play passing football in the lower leagues. 
    What is your experience though can you get a tactic that works a dream with a top team to work down in the lower leagues?
    There we have it, that is the five potential myths that I want you as a community to either say is a fact or a myth in the poll below. I would love to hear your opinions and experiences on these so let me know in the comments below your reasons for answering as you did.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from Hamood in Hello I’m Hamood   
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Kanegan in Stateside Duo - DT- Sargent 1.5KC (Final update - Completed)   
    The recent success of the USWNT in the Women's World Cup has put the spotlight firmly on them. The most successful team in the history of Women's football, they have won the pinnacle event four times, including two back to back.
    The same can't be said about the men's team though, who have qualified for World Cup just 10 times and their best record is 3rd place in the inaugural world cup in Uruguay in 1930 where they had a better goal differential and they actually didn't play any third place match.
    So, now is the time to turn the spotlight as i capture two young Americans and put them on the road to glory.
    Now, which club do i choose??
    Well, since this is a tribute thread (atleast, in my head), why not give a tribute to the other great footballing nation, Portugal who just became the inaugural Nations League Champions.
    And, since @1759 is using Benfica, and i just used Porto in my last challenge, it's only justified that i use the lesser of the Big Three,

    My Chosen Duo:

    So, i will try to do the following:
    1. Score 1200 goals
    2. Score 600 assists
    3. Win every trophy on the face of Europe multiple times and the World Club Championship 
    4. Get the USA job and make them world champions and try for the 200 Intl. Goal Challenge
    5. Write a career full of insanity
    The first season will be up by this weekend. Cheers guys and thanks for following.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Ian in Ian - The Terrifying Trio - TT - Tekin 1kc - S23 (Completed)   
    Hello Vibe and welcome to my next little adventure where I’m going for The Triple Threat Challenge originally created by @J-savage so credit to him for that.
    The challenge is simple to understand but not necessarily easy to execute. You need to use three strikers all played in forward positions at all times and try and get them to score a combined 1500 career goals under your management.
    When I attempted the double trouble challenge I went for a couple of players I hadn’t heard of or seen anybody else use and I’ll be doing the same here but obviously picking three lads this time.
    What club have I chosen to manage to undertake this challenge?

    As I’m using unknown players I felt I needed a fairly weak league to give me a chance of success even if the boys turn out a bit poor. I’ve managed Porto before on other challenges and I felt the league was right for this but went with Benfica this time due to their top facilities which should help my boys reach their full potential whatever that may be.
    Now I better introduce the players.
    The Terrifying Trio
    Jan Thielmann

    Jan the man was actually released by FC Köln so their loss is our gain as we sign him up on a free transfer.
    Fabio Lorenzini

    Fabio was bought for 550k from Olympique de Marseille Reserves and hopefully he can prove his worth.
    Emincan Tekin

    Tekin was brought in from the Hertha Berlin second team for 210k and hopefully he’ll do the business for us.
    These players look a bit ropey in places but hopefully they can develop into decent players and give me a fighting chance of hitting the target.
    Anyway that’s the introduction out of the way and I’ll back back in a day or so with an update so we can see how they get on in their first season.
    Thanks for reading.