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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from mulama in Mulama Attempts the Eusébio Challenge   
    Good work
  2. Favourite
    Gunners Rishi reacted to samhardy in Gundogan's Victory Challenge   
    Instantly upon seeing this the other day I knew it would make an enjoyable challenge for vibe, or maybe even a side challenge to a challenge you're currently playing.
    Many challenges here are long and complicated but it doesn't get much simpler than this one.
    Aim - Sign or use a German midfielder for any club in any league and try to match Gundogan's feats, by having the player play in 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 7-0, 8-0 and 9-0 wins in one season.
    You can take charge of a nation as well if you wish as Gundogan achieved this playing for both Manchester City and Germany. A bonus achievement would be for your player to score in each of the victories as well.
    Take over at any club you want and sign a German midfielder. You can use one already at the club if you wish. You may manage a nation as well. You must complete all 9 games in one season to complete the challenge. It's a simple pass or fail one, no points system. Either database. No cheating, reloading, editing etc. Own tactics only. Evidence will be required. Leaderboard:
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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from Mr Tree in Tree's "Goal A Mile" Challenge - 30 seasons completed!   
    this career has been Planted into my heart. everyone is Green with envy after reading this. i should take a Leaf out of your book with these careers. elgin was an absolute Thorn in the side. also bobson loved to Soil himself at the penalty spot. however, the career still Blossomed. this career was the whole thirty years and that’s Tree times ten. even the usually Prickly samhardy loved this career. you started from humble Roots and took it to the top. finally it’s nice to know that you have Branched out into beach accommodation.
    (Yes I have already used the leaf out of your book pun. but I still think that was pretty punny)
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Mr Tree in Tree's "Goal A Mile" Challenge - 30 seasons completed!   
    SEASON 30
    An epic post to complete the journey 
    This is it baby, end of the road!
    And what an amazing way to end it...
    First things first - confirmation that Elgin were not an option:

    So that meant 5 goals from Bobson could get me to Inverness, or 17 to Ross County. I explained the deal to Bobson and he showed his willingness to get rid of me in the first two games of the season:

    He did his part (finally)...

    So that left me happily playing with my nice Dunfermline squad - but as that was the "default" position, I would merrily have jumped if either job came up, just for the sake of it.
    They didn't, so I didn't.
    So what then?
    We thumped our local rivals in the Betfred:

    ...before promptly getting knocked out in the next round
    We started well in the Champions League:

    (not sure what happened in the 51st minute there as I wasn't fully paying attention - it wouldn't surprise me if he managed to miss two penalties though, the dickhead)

    So through comfortably enough, but another horror of a draw:

    And a great FMM-ing to start things off, with Bobson shining again:

    But we had a pretty tasty squad by now, so once we got going, we were hard to stop:

    Which set up a reunion, gulp!

    Meanwhile the league was going well - after playing everyone once, I'd beaten them all except St Sodding Mirren, who held me to a draw in the 11th game:

    With this as a particular highlight:

    Motherwell handed us our first defeat, but we were still in a commanding position after the second round of games:

    And we never really faltered, cruising home with three games to spare in the end:

    Breaking Celtic's 15-year reign (!!) in the process:

    Of course the lads cleaned up with the prizes:

    (only 3 for me, but 4 for Motherwell?! Sure, ok...)
    We added the Scottish Cup for the domestic double:

    And we still had the Champions League... I was welcomed back to The Thunderdome with wild applause from the fans and a cold shoulder in the boardroom, but after a tense first leg...

    ...we got the job done in Scotland:

    We got another English team in the quarter-final... And...

    An 11-2 giant-killing
    If any Liverpool fans thought that was funny, well, we got another English team in the semis, and...

    Especially after conceding as soon as the game started, that result was jaw-dropping!
    We completed the job of course:

    (didn't even get a giant-killing graphic, sick burn)
    So somehow, we'd reached the final - against Barcelona at the Millennium Stadium. My last ever match of the career. They weren't going to FMM me now, surely....

    Those thrashings in the knockout stages had helped to boost this number to a crazy level:

    Really, it was a beautiful season and a nice way to end. Just had that really nice mix of a squad where I was honestly happy to use any of them, so just had the morale view on all season and selected the happiest guys who had a full circle of fitness. Worked out pretty well!
    Waugh and Henderson were the two young reserve strikers mentioned previously who seemed like decent prospects - they certainly did their jobs, with Bobson pretty much slipping to 4th in the pecking order by the end:

    (Hilson was the main man but probably missed 6-8 weeks overall with a couple of knocks)
    Of course Bobson's contribution overall can't be forgotten - he was my designated striker to finish my journey. I guess the elevated level of competition helped his stats to improve slightly, too:

    So the final tally:

    The squad that I leave behind - who knows how far they could have gone...

    The final manager profile:

    And my trophy cabinet:

    And my "All-time Best XI", apparently!!! This is totally bugged / not working, this is utter drivel:

    Good to have the Roon in there, i guess, but otherwise... MacDonald played maybe 2 years before I replaced him with a better younger prospect... I sold Krones quickly, he barely played for me! Sellers was a bit-part player. And it's OTT Torquay-dominated. Silly - a nice idea but very poorly executed
    So that's that - we've reached the end of this epic:

    And hopefully I had a positive impact on all the clubs I was at I tried to highlight my time, but the tool on the phone is a bit imprecise (and me a bit lazy!)

    Many thanks for reading and for your support!
    I'll be back later in the week with some screenshots from "the state of world football" - I was going to take requests but unfortunately, I've already written over the game with my new project!
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Scotland v Japan   
    HVWC 2019 Final
    Welcome to the final of this years Vibe World Cup. It’s all set up to be a mouth watering final as the Scottish team of @samhardy and @1759 take on the Japanese team lead by @Ashez and myself. The Scots are the runaway favourites having top scored in 2 of the 4 challenges so far to get to this stage but the Japanese are up for the fight as well so it’s all up for grabs.
    The final is a straight shoot out and the team with the highest score will be crowned champions.
     The Sell Them Slowly UWC Nation Locke
    The premise of this challenge goes way back to the first ever international football match between Scotland and England on November 30th 1872 although the story really begins between the Auld Enemies but in 1967.
    As we all know England won the World Cup in 1966 and nearly a year later they played Scotland at Wembley in the Home Nations Championship. The Scots ran out 3-2 winners thanks to goals from Denis Law, Bobby Lennox and Jim McCalliog in a result that lead Scotland fans to dub themselves world champions. Fast forward to the early 2000’s and the story of Scotland’s win and there fans assertion that it made them world champions caught the attention of journalist Paul Brown.
    He decided to trace back to the very first international match and track every unofficial world champion since then. The premise is simply if you beat the current champions you become the champions. That first match back in 1872 was a 0-0 draw so the UWC title remained vacant until the 8th March 1873 when England beat Scotland 4-2 and became the first UWC.
    The currant UWC champions are Germany who won the crown on the 24th March this year beating Netherlands and there last defence came in June when they beat Estonia 8-0.
    More info on the UWC can be found here: https://www.ufwc.co.uk/
    The Challenge
    This weeks challenge is in 2 parts so I am going to break it down and try and explain it as simply as possible.
    Club Choice
    You first need to choose a club and you can be any club in any league you wish within Europe so long as they play in a league which follows the conventional August-May/June (CL final is on 1st June) schedule. One important rule is that you and your team mate must manage in different countries though.
    Squad Building
    This is the list of the 10 nations that have held the UWC title the most.

     You must build a squad of 20 outfield players using all 10 nations but there’s a twist. You must use the Nation Locke which pairs players together by nation and position on the pitch.
    You will decide on a formation and then you will pair up the outfield positions in a logical way so for example CB+CB, CM+CM or ST+ST. Each pair then need to be players of the same nation from the top 10 above so that you have 20 players in 10 pairs. 
    This screenshot using just a basic 442 may explain it better and as you see the RB+RCB are Brazilians, LCB+LB are French, RM+RCM are English, LCM+LM are German and the strikers are Argentine. 
    The player pairs must make sense so they are in positions that link to there pair. This means you can’t link a CB to a ST or a RB to a LB if you have CBs in between. You can link say RWB to a LWB if you had no DMs in between. If in doubt send me the screenshot of your formation for confirmation.
    The pairs must be made before the season starts.
    You may use players already at the club to make the pairs so long as you only use the nations on the list and all other first team players must be sold for whatever price you can get. Your GK may be any nationality you wish except for a nation on the top 10 list.
    Once the season starts you may only play a player if he is with his pair so for example if your English CB is suspended then his partner may not play either and you will need to play the other pair. You may use players from your reserve team either real or greyed out as back ups and your subs bench for every game must be made up of reserve or greyed out players.
    These 20 players are the only transfers in you are allowed and must all be in place by the first league game of the season.
    Once The Season Begins
    This is a full season challenge and all competitive games count towards your score.
    At the end of each month you will need to sell/demote your pair with the highest combined AvR (simply add up each pairs AvR and the highest pair have to go) so by May you will have sold 9 pairs and if your season goes as far as June all pairs will have been sold/demoted. These players may not play again and it is only your pairs that need to be added and not any reserve or greyed out players you use. You may have the no transfer window unlockable to assist in selling these players.
    You will be awarded 3 pts for a win and 1pt for a draw in all competitive matches. In the event of a tie the team with the best GD will win.
    Clarifications and Rules
    You may be any club you wish in a European league that runs from August to May/June. You and your team mate may not manage clubs in the same nation. You must make 10 pairs of players using all the nationality’s on the above list. You may use players already at the club or buy players in but no loans. These outfield 20 players make up your first team squad and along with 2 GK if needed are the only transfers in allowed and must all be bought by the first league game. The pairs positions must be logical so playing next to or just in front if each other on the pitch with no other players between them. All other first team players must be sold or demoted and may not be used at any point in the challenge. You may have 2 GK in the squad and they must come from nations not on the top 10 list. These can either already be at the club or bought in. You may use players from your reserve team (except demoted first teamers) or greyed out players as back ups but you may not demote first team players to then use as back ups. The reserve players don’t need to paired with a player from the same nation and cannot be used to create a pair with a first teamer. The subs bench must be made up of these back up players. A first team player may only play if he is on the pitch with his pair. On the last day of each month one pair must be sold/demoted. This is done by adding each pairs combined AvR and the pair with the highest goes. Both players in the pair must go and they can never be used again during the save, reserve or greyed out players aren’t to be counted. If you have a game on the last day of the month you may play the pair then do the calculations after that match but before the 1st of the next month. If two pairs have the same combined AvR you may choose which goes. No transfer window may be used to sell the pairs as the season goes on but no more players may be purchased. No cheating or editing of any kind. Only SI databases but either Nov or Feb is fine. No unlockables Gold badge and superstar rep is fine. You may be asked for you save file and failure to produce it will lead to you being disqualified. Screenshots
    The tactics screen showing players laid out in formation to show there pairs. Transfers in and out at end of the season. Manager profile and history. Final league table. Either Cup finals or the game you are knocked out of each cup. Squad by list of appearances. Deadline: Tuesday 25th June @6pm UK Time
  6. Favourite
    Gunners Rishi reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Scotland v Japan   
    Group Stage Week 3 Results
    This is the final week of the group stage and at the end of this update we will be saying goodbye to two teams as the other two progress to next weeks final. Remember Scotland qualified last week after winning the first two challenges so it was between England, Japan and Brazil for the final place. Brazil need to win this weeks challenge and hope that England and Japan finish 3rd and 4th plus they need to overturn a hefty overall points deficit as well. Much more likely is that it is a straight shootout between England and Japan and which ever team finishes higher this week will be in the final.
    The Challenge
    In honour of Messi being the only player to score at World Cup finals in his teens, 20s and 30s you had to buy Argentine strikers in each age bracket and get as many goals as possible at three teams in three different 2nd tier leagues.
    There is a lot of information in this weeks challenge and I am going to try and make it all as concise as possible.
    With Scotland already qualified they decided to rest the “big guns” this week and Sam never submitted any scores. 
      20s 30s
    The finalists can now have a couple of days off to recharge there batteries as I plan to post the final challenge on Wednesday evening.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  7. Favourite
    Gunners Rishi reacted to samhardy in World best tactic   
    So not only are you a con artist when it comes to tactics you pirate the game as well.
    Ban o'clock.
  8. Favourite
    Gunners Rishi reacted to SSolas in Chelsea FC - Frank Lampard back at the bridge preview   
    Good Evening All,
    After a successful year at Stamford Bridge, it appears that Sarri is on his way back to Italy to manage Juventus. This being said, talk is rife about Frank Lampard making a return. Lampard is a legend at Chelsea FC and led me to think about what his season back may look like...
    I started a new career with Game Editor turned on. I then started unemployed and amended to Frank Lampard to the new manager of Chelsea FC. I then went on holiday for months to capture a screenshot of the AI's prediction of his spell in charge.

    As seen below, Frank bought 4x new players to Chelsea spending pover £150million. One of the key signings was Boateng who despite his age is a quality player and good addition. On the flip side, Cahill was sold off to Everton.

    The results for Frank Lampard in his first season were highly inconsistent. He started brightly and had excellent spells including being top of the premier league after 7 matches. Sadly, the inconsistency & poor end of the season cost them dearly finishing a meager 7th in the league.

    Club Stats
    So, Chelsea finished 7th in the Premier League. To emphasis Chelsea's form, they won 5 games in a row including 11 without defeat. However, they also went 7 matches without a win!

    It has been a fun experiment to install Frank as manager of Chelsea FC and see what may happen. I guess like at Derby, Frank appears to show a lot of promise at Chelsea with good spells during the season and exciting transfers. This being said, the results indicate a lack of experience at a bigger club, the season finish was poor and sadly he ended the season with his job security being 'insecure'.

  9. Favourite
    Gunners Rishi reacted to 1759 in Ian’s Young Gems   
    Welcome to my first ever article. I’ve put in a lot of hours playing this years game and have completed multiple challenges which has seen me manage in a good few countries and manage a wide variety of players.
    I thought I’d share a few of the younger players I’ve used that have exceeded my expectations and turned into decent players. Whilst these boys are not wonderkids or superstars they have all done a good job for me and a few I wouldn’t hesitate to place in a top team right from the off.
    Obviously this would appear to be solely about the players in question but I have a slightly different motive as with the game now being old in its yearly cycle sometimes we the user can lose motivation to play and I’m trying to get you thinking and hopefully give you a few ideas for potential saves you could do.
    I thought I’d present the players in a team line up and then go through each player individually so here goes.
    Please note that to get all these players to appear in your game you will need to select the top two leagues in England, Germany, Portugal and South Korea and depending on which club you choose to manage you may encounter work permit issues on a few of them.
    Ian’s Young Gems

    Aaron Ramsdale - Goalkeeper
    Team - Bournemouth
    Cost - £3-6m

    This lad is the least tested of my boys as I’ve only actually used him in one short save which was actually a challenge where I had to try and get him to score goals. Although I had the option of using him outfield I mixed it up and he was impressive when I had him in goal and he actually scored five goals in half a season with Portsmouth in League One. Three of those five goals were from free kicks so he may make a good choice of goalie for the Rogério Ceni challenge. You can see he’s got decent attribute numbers in Aerial, Handling, Kicking and Reflexes but his Throwing at only 3 is poor so might be a good idea to focus your training there if you take a punt on him.
    In the real world he’s currently employed by Bournemouth but hasn’t played a competitive game for them as he’s had a couple of loan spells away from the club. Firstly he went to Chesterfield in January 2018 where he scored a horrible own goal on his debut but he followed that up with a clean sheet in his next game which shows he can bounce back after calamity.
    Fast forward to January 2019 where he was loaned out to Wimbledon for the remainder of the season and performed really well for them in winning the clubs Young Player of the Year award. It’ll be interesting how he develops over the next few years and whether he can go on to being a decent Premiership level keeper.
    Lewis Travis - Right Full Back
    Team - Blackburn Rovers
    Cost -  £3-6m

    Lewis actually played for Liverpool in his younger days but left the club in 2014 and joined Blackburn Rovers where he’s so far made 31 first team appearances. He’s a versatile player who can play in midfield or at full back. I signed him on my Queen’s Park career where I took the club from amateur status all the way to Champions League winners and he was an important first team player in that side.
    Here he is in 2025.

    So we can see he’s a decent player and it looks as if he’s still improving. He has a lot of attribute numbers in the 13-14 range which could quite easily rise to 15 green level with better facilities and then he’d be rather good.
    Josh Earl - Left Full Back
    Team - Preston North End
    Cost - £3-6m

    He currently plays for Preston North End having spent his entire youth career at the club where he actually played in defence, midfield and as a striker.
    On FMM 19 his starting attributes aren’t anything special but you can see he has some promise with his Pace already at 14. I used him at Queen’s Park and on my first save of FMM 2019 whilst managing Sunderland and he turned into a great left wing back with all green for the key attributes needed for the role in Crossing, Dribbling, Positioning, Pace and Stamina.
    Scott McKenna - Central Defender
    Team - Aberdeen
    Cost - £3-13m

    I wasn’t sure whether to include this lad as I’m sure a few of you will have used him but I felt I had to because he’s an absolute steal as he usually only costs a few million at the beginning of the game.
    He has great attributes to play centre back with 14+ in all the main attributes needed for the role in Aerial, Tackling, Decisions, Positioning and Strength. He also has green level for pace which is great if you are planning on playing a high defensive line and with his Passing, Dribbling and Technique all being decent he can play the Ball Playing Defender role pretty well right from the off.
    In real life he’s currently playing for Aberdeen where he’s made 70 first team appearances and scored 5 goals. Celtic came calling in August 2018 with a bid of £3.5m which was rejected and later in the same month Aston Villa had a larger bid rejected so it looks like Aberdeen are going to have trouble keeping hold of him in the next few years.
    Luka Racic - Central Defender
    Team - Brentford
    Cost - £1-3m

    A young Danish defender who came through the Copenhagen Academy and played for the club at youth level until he signed for Brentford in 2018 where he’s made 2 appearances so far.
    He doesn’t look fantastic on FMM 19 but I think he’s one of those players that plays better than you’d expect when looking at his attributes. His Strength attribute at just 9 stands out as a weakness so that’s an area to maybe focus your training on if you do decide to try him.
    Here he is in 2025.

    You can see he’s improved a great deal and even though he still doesn’t look fantastic his season average rating of 7.29 in a Champions League winning side shows he usually performs well on the pitch.
    Matheus Jesus - Deep Lying Playmaker
    Team - Estoril
    Cost - £5-10m

    I really like this player and he always shows up in my searches. I used him in my Sunderland save where he became a top player. At 21 you can see the potential as he’s already got good numbers in most of the key attributes to be a decent midfielder. Good numbers in all the Physical attributes, Passing, Decisions, Creativity, Movement, Positioning and Tackling. Even his Technique and Teamwork are high which is great as it’s difficult to get those to rise on this years game. The only annoying thing for me is his Leadership at only 5 as I generally like the players at the base of midfield to have a good number there but it’s an attribute that should rise as he gets older.
    He’s currently contracted to Estoril of Portugal but hasn’t played a game for them as he’s been loaned out a few times over the last couple of years. In May 2019 he joined Corinthians on loan until December with a buy out clause added into the deal so I’ll be watching with interest as to what happens with him over the next few years.
    Lewis Ferguson - Box to Box Midfielder
    Team - Aberdeen
    Cost - £1-4m

    Lewis Ferguson currently plys his trade at Aberdeen and has played in 33 competitive games and scored 6 goals. He actually began his youth career at Rangers before transferring to Hamilton Academical in 2013 and eventually graduating from their academy in 2018. After impressing in his first few games in the first team Aberdeen showed interest and with him being out of contract in the summer of 2018 they offered him a deal and snapped him up.
    His first goal for Aberdeen was a fantastic overhead kick against Burnley in the second leg of a Europa League tie which they unfortunately went on to lose. In May 2019 he was nominated for PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year award which was eventually won by Ryan Kent but it shows he’s certainly one for the future.
    On FMM 19 he looks like a decent prospect with some good starting attribute numbers in Stamina, Aggression, Passing, Decisions, Movement, Technique and Teamwork and you can easily see him developing into a fantastic player.
    I used him in one of my earlier saves where I took Fleetwood Town to the top and he was an important squad player in that side.
    Bruno Costa - Advanced Playmaker
    Team - Porto B
    Cost - £2-6m

    This lad was the main playmaker in my successful Queen’s Park side a few years into the game but looking at his starting attributes at 21 years old and you just wouldn’t be able to predict what kind of player he would go on to become.
    Here he is in 2025.

    He’s now a nice player with some good attribute numbers in Pace, Passing, Decisions, Crossing, Movement and Technique and he’d make a great first team player in a weaker league or squad player at a big club in a stronger league. I played him mostly as an Advanced Playmaker in the CM strata which is why his average rating is nothing special as that role can be funny in my opinion but trust me he did his job. He can play on either wing and may be even better in those positions.
    In real life he plays for Porto B but you’d expect him to break into the A team over the next few years.
    Che Adams - Right Inside Forward
    Team - Birmingham City
    Cost: £8-15m

    This lad currently plays for Birmingham City having started his senior career in non league football at Oadby Town. He’s a pacey player and can play anywhere in the final third. For City he’s scored 34 goals in 116 games at Championship level.
    On FMM 19 he’s usually available for a reasonable fee and I wouldn’t hesitate in bringing him straight to a decent English Premier League club to ease into the first team over a few seasons.
    Here he is in 2025.

    Some rather nice attribute numbers there with great Physicals, Dribbling, Movement and Shooting. I used him as an Inside Forward on the right and he was the main man in my Champions League winning Queen’s Park team.
    Here he is scoring a brace in the Champions League final against Milan.

    Tim Handwerker - Left Winger
    Team - FC Köln
    Cost - £5-10m

    Tim is just one of the many decent wide players available from the German leagues. I bought him in my Double Trouble challenge attempt whilst managing Ajax and he was great for me. He can play in any position on the left flank and could probably be retrained to play any position on the right without much trouble. He doesn’t look amazing at the start of the game by any stretch of the imagination but with attribute number 14 for both Pace and Crossing there’s plenty of promise there.
    In the real word he’s currently playing for FC Koln but hasn’t properly broken into the first team yet and has just had a loan spell in Holland at FC Groningen.
    Jun Se-Jin - Poacher
    Team - Suwon
    Cost - £1-2m

    I just couldn’t create this team without including this boy. He was one half of my successful Double Trouble duo that combined to score 1200 goals at Ajax in the Dutch league. Not content with that he also went on to score over 1000 club goals himself in a fantastic career that’s still ongoing.
    I was looking for a player I hadn’t heard of or seen anybody else use for the challenge when my searches put this lad up. The main selling point for me was his Pace at 15 and decent numbers in Shooting and Movement for a youngster.
    Here he is in 2028.

    He’s now got big numbers in Pace, Strength, Shooting, Movement and Aerial which basically means he’s a beast. He’d scored 575 club career goals at this stage and wasn’t showing any signs of letting up as you can see below with him knocking in seven goals in one game in 2031.

    Well that’s the team and I hope you enjoyed reading through my choices. As I said at the beginning my motive for creating this wasn’t solely about showcasing the players it was more about hopefully getting you thinking. Maybe this will give you an idea of a save you might want to try and get you to play the game slightly differently which can often reinvigorate the game.
    Anyway, if any of you have used any of the boys I’d love to hear how they performed for you or maybe you’d like to share some of the gems you’ve found so feel free to do so in the comments section below.
    Thanks for reading and thanks you to @Foxy for creating the tidy header graphic.
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    Gunners Rishi reacted to Foxy in FM on Google Stadia: What does it mean for FMM?   
    FM on Google Stadia
    What does it mean for FMM?
    Last weekend it was announced that “full fat” FM20 would be a launch title for Google Stadia in November.
    If you are unfamiliar with what Google Stadia is then obviously Google is your friend but here is a brief description. GS will allow you to stream games in a similar way that Netflix allows you to stream movies and tv shows. This means that you will be able to play any game on the platform from a multitude of devices including TV, tablets, phone (only Google’s own Pixel devices to start with but no doubt that will change over time) or PC/Laptop. A big advantage of this is that if you have a low end device such as an old laptop you will be able to still play the latest games so long as your internet is up to it as all the heavy work is done on Google’s servers. At the moment it remains to be seen how well this will work and it will depend on the quality of your internet speeds but the talk is that about 10mps will allow you to stream at the lower end of quality with 35mps+ being top end. I guess this will depend on the game and of course FM is much less graphic heavy and fast paced than say a FPS. 
    Of course none of this comes free and if your only goal is to only play FM then it would be an expensive way over time to do it compared to simply buying the game and a laptop. 
    What it does mean though is that FM is going to start encroaching into FMM territory simply because as long as you have a suitable internet connection you could technically play full fat FM anywhere but also it gives access to the game to people who perhaps don’t want to buy a laptop or pc simply to play 1 game as they can now play on there tv.
    So the question is where does that leave FMM?
    This is a tricky question to answer because as we know many of us play FMM as a preference because we enjoy the quick game play that allows us to rattle through seasons. That isn’t the case for everyone though and many will play the game due to a lack of a device quick enough to do FM justice but if they are will to buy the kit required for GS and pay the monthly subscription they can from the autumn play FM on an old laptop or there TV and if GS performs as advertised should be able to play FM to the equivalent performance of a high end gaming PC. It also opens up FM to people who may play in free time during the day such as lunch breaks at work because all that’s needed is an internet connection. 
    The worry is that this causes a drop off in sales for FMM which in turn makes SI question either the amount of investment they put into FMM or the product as a whole. As discussed in the past FMM walks a fine line between a “pick up and play” experience and having enough realism to keep people engaged in the game and SI have always said that they want FMM to be as accessible as possible. This leads me to believe that FMM will be around a good while yet but will it get more and more marginalised over the years if FM starts to eat into its sales. We already have FMT available on tablets and that inevitably puts a ceiling on developments with FMM because there needs to be a distinction between the 2 “mobile” products. Of course none of this is a major concern to SI as a company as in an ideal world we would all own all 3 of there FM products and I expect they would be happy enough if sales of FMM dropped if sales of the flagship product grew but I would like to feel that there is still a desire from the company to see FMM as a successful product in its own right.
    My own hope is that SI won’t forget about FMM as they pursue these new avenues for the full fat game and that they will use the extra exposure they will get by being on GS and the new Xbox PC game pass to boost all the products in there range. It’s clear that SI have big plans at the moment and I sincerely hope that FMM remains part of that for many more years.
    How does the news of FM being in Google Stadia effect you? Will you be buying into this new gaming system and if so will a big reason be to play FM and if so will you continue to play FMM? Comment below with your feelings on this subject and the future of FMM as a whole.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
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    Good luck, really excited for this...
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    Nice to see this career again! The cup run was something special
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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from Nucleus in English football   
    @samhardy still hasn’t said anything, probably raging quietly.
    👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 exactly what I was thinking as I saw that match. 
    Erm, sure Woody 
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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from Rob in Rob tries the Bad Boys Brazil Challenge - Complete   
    Nice career and top class score
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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from 1759 in Ian - DT Done - Jun Se-Jin 1K - Season 17   
    This is a cracking career!
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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from samhardy in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Scotland v Japan   
    Btw finally learned how to use photoshop so made this please tell me if it’s good, if it’s bad sorry!

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    Gunners Rishi got a reaction from samhardy in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Scotland v Japan   
    Btw finally learned how to use photoshop so made this please tell me if it’s good, if it’s bad sorry!

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    Group Stage Challenge 1 - Results Reveal
    Here I am to revel the results of the opening group stage challenge. Although it's only the first challenge of three in the group stage it's still a great opportunity to get some points down and top score here would really put your Country in the driving seat.
    For this weeks challenge half of us had to manage Leicester City and sign an English goalkeeper to be our new Peter Shilton and the other half would manage Nantes and sign a French goalkeeper to be our Fabien Barthez replacement. We were looking for clean sheets and league points.
    I won't go into much detail about the players signed but feel free to discuss it later in the comments if you wish.
    Anyway lets see how we all got on.
    First up is Ashez from Team Japan.
    Team Japan - Member 1: @Ashez
    Club: Leicester City
    Ashez wasted no time as he submitted his score only a few hours after the challenge was posted. He went for Alex McCarthy as his choice of keeper and decided not to bring any defender in. His Leicester side performed really well and even though Jamie Vardy suffered  a bad injury and missed a good few games he guided his side to second place with a rather nice 45 points.

    He also managed 7 clean sheets giving him an extra 14 points.

    Member Total: 59 points
    A great start for Japan and we'll see how Foxy does later on. Next up is myself and we'll see if I can get a decent score put down for Scotland.
    Team Scotland - Member 2: 1759
    Club Nantes
    I was literally just sitting down to start my attempt the Ashez submitted his but I didn't take too long either and submitted late on Monday evening. I went for Benoit Costil as my keeper and brought a couple of full backs in, one for each side. I had a decent run and managed to win all of my home games without conceding but my away form was mixed. I ended up on 41 points which was enough to top the league as PSG didn't perform so great on my attempt.

    I kept a total of 14 clean sheets giving me an extra 28 points which I was really happy with.

    Member Total: 69 points
    A respectable score which gives Scotland hope of getting good points here. Next up is Kanegan.
    Team Brazil - Member 1: @Kanegan
    Club: Leicester City
    Kanegan was also quick to submit with his coming in early Tuesday morning. He went with Jack Butland as his keeper and like Ashez chose not to sign any defenders. He led his side to a decent fourth place and gained 38 league points.

    He managed 8 clean sheets to give him 16 more points.

    Member Total: 54 points
    Another decent score and things seem to be shaping up for a tight final result.
    Next up we have both team members scores of England.
    Team England - Member 2: @Woody
    Club: Nantes
    Woody submitted surprisingly early and I have to say I nearly spilt my coffee when I saw it. He bought Romain Salin to be his keeper and bolstered his defence with a couple of defenders. He had a great half season going unbeaten and gaining 45 league points but PSG were good on his save so he had to make do with second place.

    A rather impressive 14 clean sheets gives Woody another 28 points.

    Member Total: 73
    Team England - Member 1: @Rob
    Club: Leicester City
    Rob isn't a great fan of going for clean sheets as it goes against his philosophy so we'll see how he gets on here. He went for Jack Butland as he is keeper and brought a couple of defenders in. He also like Ashez suffered a bad injury to Jamie Vardy which was frustrating. His Leicester side gained 36 points and ended up in 5th place.

    He kept a nice 10 clean sheets which added another 20 points to his total.

    Member Total: 56 points
    Team England Total: 129 points
    England have set a target of 129 points and now we'll see how Sam got on for team Scotland.
    Team Scotland - Member 1: @samhardy
    Club: Leicester City
    Sam went for Jack Butland as his keeper and unfortunately he suffered a bad injury fairly early in the challenge so he had to use his back up keeper George Wickens. HIs Leicester side had a great run ending up in second place on 43 points.

    Sam also kept 11 clean sheets which added 22 points to his total.

    Member Total: 65 points
    Team Scotland Total: 134 points.
    So with that Scotland go into the lead ahead of England.
    Next up is Foxy to complete the score for Japan and he needs a total of at least 76 for Japan to take the top score away from Scotland or anything above 70 will push them above England and into second.
    Team Japan - Member 2: @Foxy
    Club: Nantes
    Foxy was also early to submit and went with Brice Samba as his choice of keeper. He also brought in a couple of nice looking defenders to improve his team. He Nantes team like Woody's went unbeaten and gained 47 points but had to make do with second as PSG were also good in his save.

    He kept 12 clean sheets also to gain 24 more points.

    Member Total: 71 points
    Team Japan Total: 130 points
    So with that Japan jump ahead of England by 1 point and into second place behind Scotland.
    No we only have one more score to reveal and its none other than DutchTony.
    Tony needs a massive 81 points to take top spot for Brazil or 75 points to level things up with England and force a tie break.
    Team Brazil - Member 2: @DutchTony
    Club: Nantes
    Tony like myself went for Benoit Costil as his goalie and bought a couple of centre backs. He guided Nantes to third place in the league with a nice 44 points.

    He managed 8 clean sheets to add another 16 points to his total.

    Member total: 60 points
    Team Brazil Total: 114 points
    So that confirms this weeks results with Scotland taking 5 points, Japan 3 points, England 2 points and Brazil 1 point.
    Here is the confirmed table after group stage challenge 1

    So Scotland take an early lead but there’s still a long way to go here and its looking like its going to be close at the end of Week 3.
    Golden Mobile
    Sam keeps top position in the golden mobile award with Foxy breathing down his neck in second place and Woody close by in third.

    All thats left is to look at Team Member 1 and 2's total scores to see difference between the teams or players used.
    This week it was quite clear from early on that Leicester was the slightly harder challenge and the results below show that.
    Team Member 1 - Leicester City: 234 points
    Team Member 2 - Nantes: 264 points.
    Thank you to all participants and the next challenge will be posted on Sunday.
    Thanks for reading
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    Did you win the Universal Cup with this Universal tactic?
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    Sorry dude. Ive missed alot of this with everything going on.
    S1 went better than i thought as you managed less teams than i thought you would(not a bad thing) as you didnt spend anything really so well done.
    Winning promotion though was exceptional and a shame it didnt last.
    Hope you get a decent Scottish side next as that would be interesting as its a poor league really and you could be there for awhile. 
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    Brilliant work and Bangoura can just act as a support if Jun se Jin is just doing what he’s been doing
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    Heard of all these guys but travers looks like the pick of the bunch to me if his performance v Spurs was anything to go by
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    Jesus fodens  still got it
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    Korean guys on fire but Bangoura isn’t exactly world class