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  1. Doing well with guiesley as well
  2. Looks good what's the attack settings on formation?
  3. leedsunited87

    Older players

    Absolutely guys, again strength could go either way. When you have a Drogba or lakaku I can't see them never winning a header challenge or a goal opportunity. Hopefully it's looked into
  4. leedsunited87

    Chat Older players

    What I would like to see in FM 20 is older players attributes not go down as much. IE Alan Shearer was a great player so his finishing even at a high age was brilliant. You wouldn't see him ever faulter yet his shooting would go down on FM. Same with Messi, even when he's 40 his dribbling skills will be still very up at the top, with his finishing and technique. Doesn't matter how old you are, if you have the skill and finishing why should the attributes go down for these certain skills, when clearly IRL there still mint
  5. leedsunited87

    Tactics Swansea Tactic

    Been really happy with this new tactic, working really well. Scoring goals and defence is decent.
  6. leedsunited87

    Tactics Oldham

    Done my own tactic in 24/25 season and is doing rather well.
  7. leedsunited87

    Chat European Union

    Anyone else has this? Interesting
  8. leedsunited87

    FMM19 Bug List

    Training reverts back to normal every week
  9. leedsunited87


  10. leedsunited87

    Chat Training

    Really doing my head in this. I'm doing my own training for my players and every week it reverts back to its normal self. Really irrationing me. Is there anyway to keep them on the same training level? Many thanks
  11. leedsunited87

    Championes in 3rd Season Liverpool ST tactic

    Will give this a go with my Sunderland save
  12. leedsunited87

    The button

    oh right brilliant! Many thanks mate
  13. leedsunited87

    Chat The button

    What's the little button between tactics and the setting button? Many thanks as I don't have a clue what it is for