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  1. leedsunited87

    English football

    Yeah absolutely, we have many fickle fans flocking back to us now after years of doom n gloom. No matter where we are I will always back my team 100 percent. Tome wasn't built in a day. I hope liverpool win the title this year they have not been in the limelight for a few years so hopefully the good times are back for them
  2. leedsunited87

    English football

    I know plenty of them, we had our time in late 90's, early 00's. I've been down to the like of Luton town, when we was 5:1 down but we still chanted. I've seen champions league football to starting the league 1 campaign with -15 points. You win some you lose some, but that's football, look at Pompei, 2008 fa cup winners to playing league 1 football, same with Sunderland and now Bolton. Such a shame that these owners and many of them don't have a clue about English football
  3. leedsunited87

    English football

    Bielsa has been linked with Roma so hopefully those just pass away, he has been playing extremely attractive flowing football since the o'Leary days. I've watched them 17 times this season due to work commitments but I'm Leeds through and through
  4. leedsunited87

    English football

    Maybe going off subject here but would be ace if Leeds were back in the big time. 16 years since we last played PL football and we continue to bring great crowds in and awesome have awesome away form. For many many years we have had a excellent youth system IE Jack Clarke who city are after.
  5. leedsunited87


    I used to be a admin on FMFormation many moons ago. Used to post all the time and keep the chat rooms steady, was a great site and we had meet ups etc. This site has massive potential and any help I can offer to keep improving this site:)
  6. leedsunited87

    30 seasons

    And my AML is decent but can never get to the heights that you get to!
  7. leedsunited87

    30 seasons

    Hes me regen, I don't play a striker so I guess hes ok for a AMC
  8. leedsunited87

    30 seasons

    That's some awesome goal scoring there! Think my striker manages 30 a season if in lucky Haha 😎
  9. leedsunited87


    Haha will do! Interesting that guessing so, pretty mint though
  10. leedsunited87

    30 seasons

    Yes I've noticed that, on mine every season it does it from the very start of there career. I don't mind that to a certain degree
  11. leedsunited87

    Chat Facilities

    As I will be on here quite alot theres another thing that's interesting. I know from past Leeds was in league one but we still had the best Facilities for youth and training, I'm pretty sure IRL that Newcastle would never have Facilities like this, are your games like this?
  12. leedsunited87

    30 seasons

    I do 60 hours a week at work so not to bad for 30 seasons
  13. leedsunited87

    30 seasons

    Yeah I guess so mate, with every season it updates itself like player history etc, I reckon it could carry on being ok, it would be a great option for some people with a good phone etc. I don't have many apps on here so it runs ok, I used to have the old s7 or 8 and it was dreadful for loading
  14. leedsunited87

    30 seasons

    Shame as I've got the S9 and it runs like a dream
  15. leedsunited87

    Chat 30 seasons

    In my final season and I would love to continue it. I think there should be something in place that give you a option of carrying on. I wouldn't mind paying 1.99 or something or you win a certain amount of trophies to unlock unlimited seasons