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  1. Its pretty decent this year, we can manage in the Danish 3rd division, I know last year we couldn't so that's a massive bonus for me
  2. Yeah very true, Leeds for me aren't ready, yes we play decent football and I love us back up there, but the quality we have are now showing us that we're not quite ready for the level
  3. If that was the case they would be playing Premier league football? Last few seasons they have done well and then tale off last few games, maybe this year they will be promoted, who knows
  4. Not always the best tho as proven in our last match lol
  5. Brentford very lucky, Newcastle should really be beating them, long season ahead for both us and the toons
  6. Massive club Newcastle, been to st James plenty of times with leeds and apart from Portsmouth,.your fans are fab! Total respect tbf. One of my all time favourite players is Alan Shearer, just a top bloke, loyalty to the core.
  7. When I was on fmformation we had a couple of meet ups, London and then Birmingham. I was thinking when all this covid finishes why don't we have a meet up? We had a game of football for a few hours and then hit the town. Just putting it out there if you haven't thought of the idea? Would be good to all meet up etc
  8. Gotta say should of been more, absolutely battered them, I feel for toon fans, massive club with passionate fans, its a disgrace
  9. Queens Park mate, I would say the AI is still pretty poor, again could be the Scottish leagues, playing a simple 442 that I used on FM 20
  10. Wow took my phone like 10 minutes to actually load up to the front screen lol not seen the special features yet on a 14 hour shift
  11. You know if you had the Welsh league open, do the wrexhams etc still play in the Welsh Cup?
  12. Haha Wrexham play in England mate so he will learn English 🤣
  13. Ah right I didn't see that mate, yeah I will have a look now, I don't mind its pretty cool if its been added
  14. Never seen this before, one of my players has 2 nationalitys 1st and another nationality, yet he has been called up by a totally different national team? Strange one