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  1. Absolutely amazing mate!!! This is class id pay money for this, brilliant thankyou for all your hard work on this mate!
  2. Amazing last season! What a title win and by 6 points 2 trophies as well, well done to the host, loved this WE ARE LEEDS!
  3. Ahhhhh c'mon leeds city!!! Smash these final few games
  4. Cor so tight up there, for anyones taking this
  5. Hmmm not overly excited 😕 not bothered about the S.Africa one, shame they didn't do Iceland or Norway 😕
  6. Still unbeatable:p on a great run here
  7. Ohhhh what a close season! Nail bighting
  8. Bring shearer back as assistant or coach!!!! Would be ace that, his training abilities would massively help Newcastle.
  9. Football is football, no matter who is chairman, fans will always be there a through thick and thin, alot of English clubs have been run into the ground, mainly with them not knowing anything about football. The same thing happened with Salford and Wrexham. These things happen, as a true Yorkshireman, I know what football is all about, you have your ups and downs along the way, money is money, and unfortunately in this game now, you need money, no matter where it comes from
  10. Beat both sandwich and kun army 😛
  11. Fm mobile will stay the same mate, thats fake news that above, they make to much money to shelf the mobile version
  12. 😄 you have had your time lad
  13. I remember few years back, we took nearly 5k fans to st James Park, ok we got battered but after the game we met up with a few toons and had a right laugh, football clubs aside, we are both the same, both love our clubs, I've been a season ticket holder nearly 26 years now, I've seen pretty much everything, and the best fans I've every met, we all know with Newcastle their isn't much going on up there (no offence Newcastle fans) the only thing great for them is the club, so for them it means everything
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