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  1. Finland 1v2 Russia Turkey 2v1 Wales Italy 3v0 Switzerland Ukraine 2v0 North Macedonia Denmark 1v3 Belgium Holland 2v0 Austria Sweden 2v0 Slovakia Croatia 2v1 Czech Republic England 2v0 Scotland Hungary 0v3 France Portugal 2v1 Germany Spain 3v1 Poland
  2. Sort out Spanish/german reserves as there stats stay same or get worse Also have a unlimited career instead of 30 seasons, have to right to buy that option. My phone could go on forever so its a pain to stop at 30
  3. Turkey 0v2 Italy (1) Wales 2v1 Switzerland (1) Denmark 1v1 Finland (1) Belgium 3v1 Russia (2) England 0v2 Croatia (2) Austria 4v1 North Macedonia (3) Holand 2v1 Ukraine (4) Scotland 1v1 Czech Republic (4) Poland 2v0 Slovakia (4) Spain 3v1 Sweden (4) Hungary 0v2 Portugal France 1v1 Germany
  4. Nice one ill have a go at this, always fun
  5. Well fair play to Brentford! Well deserved! I reckon with the style of football you play, good manager, you should stay up. Norwich, Burnley and brighton/Crystal Palace for me to go down next year
  6. I've put a 60gb SD card in my phone of I put my logos, players etc. Will it still work on my FM? My FM has took so much space up its slowed down my phone. If this works, could you let me know by a step by step? Many thanks
  7. Yeah definitely we played some great football this season. Just hope we don't do a Sheffield united next season
  8. Another great win for us! Boom
  9. I thought the same with my team, but look at us, all it takes is a few quality signings and your in with a shout of stopping up, will it be difficult, course it will, especially with crowds back next year. Good luck to you in the playoffs
  10. Sorry Mr Tree my monies just on Bournemouth to scrap it through, who knows though good luck, its anybody for the taking
  11. 4 times PL winners! Bonus
  12. Get a load of that!!! You know what though, I would feel we had cheated if that makes sense, absolutely obsurd if that happens! Bonkers