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Everything posted by leedsunited87

  1. Yeah definitely we played some great football this season. Just hope we don't do a Sheffield united next season
  2. Another great win for us! Boom
  3. I thought the same with my team, but look at us, all it takes is a few quality signings and your in with a shout of stopping up, will it be difficult, course it will, especially with crowds back next year. Good luck to you in the playoffs
  4. Sorry Mr Tree my monies just on Bournemouth to scrap it through, who knows though good luck, its anybody for the taking
  5. 4 times PL winners! Bonus
  6. Get a load of that!!! You know what though, I would feel we had cheated if that makes sense, absolutely obsurd if that happens! Bonkers
  7. Yes definitely especially after everything that's happened, both sides went for it. Great football
  8. Good point for us, we hit the bar before hand as well, thats us for another season. Well played Liverpool, and fair play to your manager! Class, heard Liverpool fans were burning shirts before the game?
  9. Just a joke all this haha. Let them F*** OFF, we don't need them anyway, PL and UEFA should give them a huge points deduction and out and out fines up to millions, that will teach them a lesson. Yet another point that these clubs have no idea how to RUN a football club, absolutely disgusting, kick them out I say for good if it doesn't go through or relegate them all to the lowest part of the football league pyramid
  10. Just another load of rubbish mate, a total disgrace
  11. 2:1!!!!! Get in!!! 10 men pmsl! WAFLL
  12. C'mon Leeds! Will be a massive point this, 10 men and 9 men behind the ball! WAFLL!!! WACCOE!
  13. Yeah I understand must be irritating people keep requesting etc I'm all for trying to do things myself, same the SI don't have the licence for Germany, would be mint, I used to play FM on my laptop. I remember just having to delete the odd file to get the German national team
  14. Nice one, I'm very interested in doing this myself. I have just loaded Germany up, no other nation, I want to make myself Germany manager but have no idea what I'm doing haha, to many digits etc
  15. Some quality free transfers for this league, managed to get a few millions for players and pumped it into the wage structure. The loan signings are out of this world for this League! Sunderland till I die!
  16. WOW what a club! Look at that! Great facilities, decent squad, great stadium. I'm all set up! I have set my formation up like Bielsa style. So let's see how we do! C'mon Sunderland!!!
  17. Well after watching the 2 Netflix movies on Sunderland, I have decided to run this along my Newcastle save. What a club, great stadium, great fans, again a club with awful chairmans. A club that has won the FA Cup twice, and against my team in 1973! They have won the old 1st division a incredible 6 times! The best manager I think played for the mighty Red and whites of sunderland! He played only 61 times and scored a incredible 54 goals! Yes that's right, Brian Clough! For a club of this size they have played the last 3 season unfortunately in league one. There stadium is a stadium to be proud of and I can't wait to get my teeth into this! I will be doing my best to get you guys back to where you belong and then take it from there. Sunderland Till I Die!
  18. So played alot better since the last update, sold a few more players off and brought some loans in January. A few players injured so its been a tough season. Doing well in the FA Cup which is good. Wilson is the best English striker atm and top of the goal charts. Great player for me. Hopefully will be able to keep them up and prepare for next season
  19. Well after 10 games were not where we should be, some shocking results but a good result against Liverpool. Had to change the formation again to a 4222 which seems to have worked for the last 3 games. Hopefully we can do ok till the January transfer market opens
  20. Cheers guys, looking forward to this adventure with the mighty toons. All ready had to change my formation as was leaking goals left, right and centre. Gone for back 4, 2cms, 2i fs, 1a mc and 1 striker.
  21. Well going to start a career with yes you guesses it, Newcastle United. I have seen alot over the years so I understand just what Newcastle fans are going through. I will look at the squad and see what I can do. I'll do updates etc Wish me luck Gone for my own tactic, 1 DMC to help the back 4, 2 CM's and 2 IFs with my CF So made a tidy profit from selling some of the dead wood. Will look at loan signings as pumped the money into wages
  22. Such a shame, massive club like Newcastle should not be near the bottom. Its a absolute disgrace and I feel for you as fans. My all time fav player is Alan Shearer, so I understand what your going through! Happened to us, but lasted years lads. You need a basic overall of the squad, a lot of dead wood in there, need players that want to play for the badge, not there pay packet
  23. Ah they haven't updated the B teams players stats still the same or go down 😕