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  1. Can you add another 5 for me mate, completed my bottom to top save with Billericay 😁
  2. Great start man 😁 Excited to see your choice of Scottish player. I find Scottish players are overpowered in FMM19, a lot of good young talent.
  3. Number 8 😄 Loving the choice of clubs, keeps it interesting. You’ve levelled my score, can see you exceeding this and getting the 10! Good luck mate.
  4. 😂 cheers mate, appreciate you reading despite not liking my choice of club!
  5. Thanks mate. Yeah I wanted to go for clubs I wouldn’t usually manage. QPR are my new favourite English club on the game now. Might start a long term career with them in future. They’re mid table but have the finances to really excel once you get promoted. Cheers mate. I think as long as you get your tactics spot on, right coaches in place and sign the right players - you can’t fail. I probably take longer prepping my squad for a season, than I do actually playing it. My favourite part of FMM is building squads. This challenge defo played to my strengths. Thanks man, appreciate it. It was your initial post that inspired me to do this. Yeah it’s the first proper challenge I’ve done on Vibe 😄 Will continue to follow your attempt, I’ll maybe add some numbers to the 8 with the other saves I have planned 😉
  6. Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it 😄 I’ll definitely be posting my future saves on Vibe.
  7. Tell me about it 😂 Thanks mate, appreciate it. I’m going to get a few seasons into my next save, before my first post, to keep the updates constant, so stay tuned 😉
  8. FINAL PROMOTION #8 Not the way I’d like to end this challenge, as miss out on top spot to West Brom, by just one point! It’s still a promotion none the less, number 8 doesn’t give me top spot on the leaderboard, but by continuing the save, I wouldn’t be enjoying the content I was posting. I love FMM19 and will be moving on to a new career. TRANSFERS TOP SCORER I’d always wanted to manage this lad and he didn’t disappoint. QPR signed him for 27 million 6 seasons ago. I helped him to his best scoring season. His record for USA is exceptional, 52 in 77. CAREER SUMMARY I hope you enjoyed reading this thread. To conclude :- - 8 promotions - 68.25 win % - League titles in 4x countries
  9. PROMOTION #7 I said we had unfinished business in this league, we smashed it to bits with an unbeaten season. I was delighted with the 32 point gap we had above 2nd place. Denny Johnstone was our top scorer with 23 goals in 38 appearances. You’ll see I followed my normal process of signing a striker, with a proven goal scoring record in the league. 69.02% win percentage is pretty good. I want this to exceed 70% by the time I finish the save. I am beginning to lose interest in this save. I think it’s because it’s the longest I’ve ever played a save for, and majority of players in the game now are regens. I am going to do one final season, hopefully to achieve promotion number 8! Its time for a reunion... I successfully helped QPR into the Premier League in my first spell at the club. They’ve just came back down and what better way to end the save, than with the favourite club I managed.
  10. MANAGER PROFILE. I am really enjoying this save, I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone. I plan on continuing this save for as long as I am having fun. I do wish I had included extra leagues, as I only have the option of Bundesliga 2, Domino’s Ligue 2, Ladbrokes Championship and Sky Bet Championship. I may include some challenges within the challenge as we go on, so stay tuned!
  11. PROMOTION #6 Not as comfortable a win as with FC Augsburg, but our squad wasn’t as good so I did expect it to be tough. Great to win Bundesliga 2 back to back. We topped our Europa League group, but went out in the 1st knockout round. This wasn’t part of the challenge, so I didn’t play my strongest team in Europe. Umar Sadiq was someone I was weary of signing, as he was a flop for my club Rangers in real life. He turned out to be an excellent target man, scoring a goal a game. He did experience injuries throughout the season, if he remained fit I’m sure he’d have scored 30+ goals. This offer from FC Bayern was nice, but as you’d expect they haven’t been relegated to Bundesliga 2 (if only 😂) Instead we go back to my home country, to take over at Inverness. This is our third stint in the Ladbrokes Championship, I have unfinished business as I didn’t lift the title last time I was here, with Hearts.
  12. That’s it mate. Promotion is the goal, anything in Europe is a bonus. They were a consistently mid table club, so yeah it’s a strange one. I’ll be resting some key players in Europe, yeah I’ve never paid much attention to the cups either. Won them by accident with Hearts 😂
  13. UNEXPECTED EUROPEAN APPEARANCE. Picture the scene... Transfer Window closes, pretty happy with my business, then a message pops up to tell me my Europa League draw. How is this possible for a Bundesliga 2 club!? Union Berlin won the German Cup last season, and because they beat Bayern Munich in the final, they automatically qualified for the Europa League group stages. This was a massive surprise, as I never expected to appear in Europe during this challenge 😅 TRANSFERS
  14. Well done again mate, there’s no stopping you 😎
  15. PROMOTION #5 An UNBEATEN league campaign 😍 I really enjoyed my time at FC Augsburg, easily my favourite club to manage, on this save so far. I do have to admit I kinda cheated though... I did have Jonjo Shelvey pulling the strings in midfield... the equivalent to having an extra player on the park. TRANSFERS FAVOURITE SIGNING. Babacar Gueye was signed because he had a track record, of scoring goals in Bundesliga 2. He managed an impressive 27 goals and 19 assists in 35 appearances. Playing as a Target Man, he finished the season with an 8.00 AVG rating. We won’t be travelling far, as we move to Union Berlin. My second Bundesliga 2 club. Can we repeat our success? It’s too soon to tell. Berlin finished 8th last season, I’ll be looking to push on and win the title, following the blueprint which has already brought me success, in this league.