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  1. Of course, don´t know what I was thinking Would be really fun though to win the league and take players from Bayern Munich
  2. Seems to work in Premier League as well, After I resigned as Inter Miami manager I got the Chelsea job, a struggling chelsea. But after a few signings I´m top of the league (Only 10 games in) The only thing I changed is that I change the HB and LB to Full back instead of Wing back,.
  3. Hi, I tried this tactic in MLS...and it worked GREAT! 1st season I took LA Galaxy to the MLS Final. 2nd Season I took over Inter Miami which then was a new club in MLS with only for contracted players. Won the MLS title first season, Fiete Arp who was on loan scored 45 goals. 3rd season I took Inter Miami to the Nort american Champions league title Then played in the world club championsship where it ended in the quarters against Liverpool. Will try it in another league as well.
  4. Hi guys! I´m thinking of doing a career with an International job and see how many goals i can get from 1 player. But I need your help! What tactic can you recommend? All I need is a tactic where my main guy scores a lot of goals!
  5. "What Ibra can do with a football, I can do with an orange" Don´t know if his career can be compared to Ibras
  6. Bendtner is my absolute favourite player so that would be fun! Big Ben it is!
  7. Okay, so Season 1 is done! It went good, actually expected more goals, but CR7 scored a lot and I won everything as expected. Below is the season in pictures. So how many goals did Cristiano Ronaldo score? 3,4 goals/game Thought it would be more! I will do one more season where I also play in Europe! BUT, who should I replace Ronaldo with? WHO do YOU want to see up front?
  8. Hi everyone! I know, no one like using editor. And you know what! Neither do I! BUT, after finishing my 30 year save with Man Utd I´ve got no motivation to start a new save. So I wanted to do a test with the editor. How many goals will I score and how many will my best player score in one season. So I decided to buy the editor and put the best player at the moment into FC United in Vanarama North division. I took 22 players, two in each position. I created two staring line ups playing every other game. Except for my lonely striker, Mr Cristiano Ronaldo! Below is my two starting elevens and also the tactic I used. How do you think the season ended? (Goal difference, goals by Ronaldo? First eleven: Second eleven: Tactics:
  9. This sounds fun! I will give it a go now! Hopefully I can beat Chazza111
  10. Someone probably already wrote this. But I´ve noticed that the players on my shortlist disappear after a while. I scouted a lot of players during season, but in the summer when it was time to bid all players in my shortlist was gone. And no, it wasn´t players that retired.
  11. Thanks for your info! Will try to get rid of them to lower the wage.
  12. Yes, I´ve tried that as well. And lowering the price a lot. Maybe not enough then
  13. Hi, They do earn a lot. But I´ve tried to lower the price from lets say 150 mil to 75 but still no offers.