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  1. Chat Crazy amount of goals!

    Oh dear Bati
  2. Poll Will you be buying FMH18 on release?

    The answer is yes XD
  3. Olá, I'm Archie Graveluth

    Oh man Grav! The old guard are all rearing their ugly heads again XD
  4. Off Topic European Football

    I personally think Croatia vs Greece will be the most one sided game tbh. Italy should beat Sweden comfortably as well. Both the Ireland games are going to be the closest imo.
  5. Off Topic European Football

    It's play off time in the European Qualifiers for the World Cup! Here are the fixtures: Anyone have any thoughts/predictions? I Think: Northern Ireland > Switzerland Croatia > Greece Denmark > Ireland Sweden < Italy
  6. Reasonable season mate. KIU International goals help sooooo much when you can get the job.
  7. Off Topic English football

    Well tbf, their stats are quite similar given Fellaini played 3/4 the minutes.
  8. Off Topic English football

    Moyes gets too much shit. He's half the reason Everton are considered a 2nd tire side (just outside the top 6).
  9. Off Topic English football

    I mean Bilic literally looked super fucking done lol. Like he hadn't slept for a few months straight. Was about time they shipped him off. Team has good players they just need someone to organize the atrocious defense a bit
  10. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    Wow literally crawled over the line. Well done I guess...?
  11. Okay Wow I've never seen that Bayern thing and that's actually really fucked up. What a boring league.
  12. My word his attributes are INSANE. Decent season in all mate but surely he'll improve with age. Was that Ajer guy a regen? He looks very good. Also winning the cup with your left back in goal during the final is pretty jokes. Just imaging the opposition team coming out to that sight XD Must have thought you were taking the piss.
  13. G'day - I'm Scratch...

    Maybe she is just less well known in Australia
  14. G'day - I'm Scratch...

    Surprised by that actually. She's definitely extremely famous now.
  15. G'day - I'm Scratch...

    I have a fear of large crowds so I tend to stay away as much as possible. That being said I've been to one concert which was Halsey last year in Toronto and it was AMAZING. There are some other artists I would go see in a heartbeat as well if they are ever in my neck of the woods.