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  1. I don't know if this has been asked already, but I dind't find anything about it, so I'll ask it anyway. I've been having trouble selling players for quite some time now, and I mean quite some time. I can't even recall when, but I have the impression that in the first versions I was able to sell players for a lot of money, for instance, I had PSG and Bayern saves where I could sell guys like Cavani and Lewa for around 120M, and values near the market values of the player. But then came a version, I don't really know when and I stopped being able to sell players for more than 50M euros. If I offer them for 50 I get some offers (usually from the same clubs, which most of the time end up not using the player) but I can't sell them for more than that, even if the player is valued at 100M. That really annoys me as it makes me lose potential profit I could make when I turn wonderkids into world-class players and wish to sell them. Is this something that also happens with you guys or is it just me?
  2. I always go for intensive whenever the player is 'very rarely injured' and medium to every other player. I think I only had to change that to light on one occasion, with Federico Mattielo.