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  1. VinnieV

    Winter Update

    Just 17 games in to Season 2 and most of my squad is unfit, this is really frustrating.
  2. VinnieV

    Winter Update

    Both of my RWB's were out injured and after returning they now wont go back to 100% fitness and are just stuck between 90 and 94% all the time. My 3rd choice goalkeeper and my BWM also now seem to be having the same issue.
  3. VinnieV

    I-Scout - Lovro Majer

    I had to pay 22m for him because Dinamo didnt really want to sell him.
  4. Heres some of my UCL results:-
  5. Name: Lovro Majer Age: 20 Club: Dinamo Zagreb Position: M/AMC Pref Role: Advanced Playmaker
  6. VinnieV

    Help needed!

    I think you have to add a line for it in to the config.xml file as well.
  7. VinnieV

    Help needed!

    There is a full searchable database here https://sortitoutsi.net/search/database
  8. VinnieV

    The Rogério Ceni Challenge

    How do you get your goalkeeper to score goals and how do you keep track of how many he has scored.
  9. VinnieV

    Transfer bug

    Try holidaying for a day or 2, that usually fixies this type of issue.
  10. VinnieV

    Some advice please.

    Send him out on loan for a season, I find that players develop more while out on loan than they do if you keep them at your club.
  11. VinnieV

    OME tactics help

    Try this one, it works well for me.