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  1. Jesus that’s impressive!
  2. It should work fine, we posted it in the new update, id suggest starting with a bigger team to get used to how the tactic works before trying it on a smaller side
  3. I just don’t get why if they don’t have the licence why send them to every international final in the game, takes a bit away from it
  4. It's Neville to Cambell Cambell to Rio Rio to Scholesy Scholesy Gerrard Gerrard to Beckham Beckham to Heskey Heskey to Owen To Nodd 5-1!
  5. Usually I try to rely on signed players, I keep 22 players and save team selections to 1st and 2nd, the 2nd play all the cups including europe till the quarters and this keeps everyone developing, il bring through grey players when I have injuries, usually if you loan them out for 2 seasons some can become beasts, but I do think the best players you get are on the yearly recruitment if you save right before youth recruitment at the start you can keep re-rolling until you get a few 5 stars
  6. I’ve noticed a pattern that say if I’m 2-0 or 3-0 up and they score in the 50th-70th minute they’re gonna bring it back, so as soon as that first goal goes it it’s time to shut up shop. I move one the of the forwards to CB and put another as a Cm than set the tactic to defensive this usually saw me through. Frankfurt was an absolute mess like literally had hardly any transfer budget, massively over there wage budget and every player was over 30. I shipped the entire team out in pre-season brought in 3 gold/natural youth scouts and sent them out, managed to bring in 18 young players at 1-5m each and than signed some free agents, probably my hardest and most fun season on the game
  7. I’m not gonna lie, I love this tactic 27/28 was spent winning the European Championship with England
  8. @archia87would you mind posting a few screenshots of your team and the players stats added 0 minutes later @1759 because it is an unusual formation, if you keep using it for 5/6 games that should disappear
  9. @archia87 what CBs are you using? I find this happens if they don’t have the required pace
  10. Honestly there’s just mad stats
  11. @Titjes @AndersJ I found the tactic in my old 2018 save, it was doing ridiculous things in that as well, I’m currently using it for my Aston Villa save and they’re about to be promoted with some unprecedented amount of points 😭😭
  12. @AndersJ mate you made probably the most fun tactic on this game! It’s fucking insane!
  13. Hi guys, this is a recycled tactic from last year, It was created by @Titjes and inspired by @AndersJand it’s possibly the best tactic I’ve ever used! This tactic works best with big teams but it does work with smaller teams as well, I’ve tested with West Ham, Milan and Nottingham Forrest. As you can see with Real it averaged around 150 goals a season and regularly went unbeaten AF - Movement, pace and shooting TM - Aerial, Movement and Shooting AP - Passing, Creativity and shooting W - Dribbling, crossing and pace ( for smaller teams I’d recommend going for converted wing backs for the defence side) CM - 1. Passing and Tackling 2. Passing and creativity CD possibly the most important position must have a minimum of 15 pace apart from that standard CB qualities G - look for sweeper keepers - Jack Butland does wonders for me
  14. Crashhart

    Tactics Help

    @drexeldesigns just looking again at the post, you’ve changed the attack to balanced instead of attacking, my West Ham save I didn’t have problems with the bigger teams, might be worth changing it back and having a look?
  15. Crashhart

    Tactics Help

    Just got back online to see this, thanks for using the tactic! @drexeldesigns I’m glad the tactics working well for you, I’m gonna try and have a tinker with my West Ham save to see if I can find a way to beat the big boys, might try it with the wing backs pushed back and a deep defensive line, thanks for tagging me and I look forward to your next instalment!