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  1. Most goals it is, 442s, 4231 and 433s are banned!
  2. Are you suggesting a Total Football challenge? if so I’m in baby!
  3. Let’s get that 2-1-4-1-2 going, let’s break this bloody game 😭😭😭 added 0 minutes later Care to post the tactic 😏😏
  4. Hi guys! I’ve been testing some unusual formations this year to see if can finally find that tactic I love, I’ve always preferred unusual formations, to much success in previous iterations, this year however they just don’t seem to work, i can understand why they would patch this as they’re looking for realism but for me it’s sad times, guess there won’t be any more only 1/2 defender tactics which score 190 goals and conceded 100. 😩😩
  5. I’d say there doesn’t seem to be any standard goal scoring positions in your team, TM are usually accompanied by another striker, Full backs don’t help either, maybe try setting your wingers to Inside forwards and your full backs to wing backs and and see if that helps
  6. Big fan of that challenge thread by the way, really well written and well played
  7. I think it’s gonna be a big team tactic, however I’ve just set a challenge for weaker top league teams so I’m gonna see if I can tweak it to work, maybe put the DLF as a AP and set it to counter, may be feasible, the mad thing is how good Dalot and Shaw are at CB
  8. No idea, he was in good form, no injuries, intensive training, it just does it from time to time, they usually go back up within a few games
  9. I’m hoping this gets fixed to be honest, I’ve had an entire season of 1-2 nill wins while averaging 15 shots on target and 3-5 clear cut chances, fingers crossed 😭😭
  10. The 4 Seasons Hi guys, this is my first challenge so go easy. This challenge involves trying to earn the most points ideally with newly promoted teams. So the way to earn points is that your league finishes are totalled up at the end of the four seasons, the lowest score wins, a perfect score would be 4 Rules 1. No Editor 2. No sugar daddy (I know we can’t prove it, but try to be fair) 3. La Liga, Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga only, you cannot have more than 1 season in any league, I’ve chosen these leagues because they are all very similar in competitiveness 4. Newly promoted teams will all count as finishing 20th as there is no way of figuring out the position and they will be at a disadvantage to other teams in the league 5. Cup competitions do not count for anything 6. This is a 4 season challenge so you must move on at the end of each season Bonus Challenge League wins will have a second leaderboard for the person who can win more than once (hopefully at least once) Proof I will need screenshots of where the team you pick finished in the league the prior season and a screenshot of your manager history to make sure you was with them an entire season. Adding transfers would be a nice touch (more to show off your transfer acumen more than anything) Leaderboard I will update this post with the leaderboard on every submission If anyone can suggest improvements to this challenge please do as i an a noob
  11. Took me 340 games with United, that last 100 goals took painfully long. Score is 757 Proof of not using an editor 2.95 Goals a game
  12. That’s the ticket my man, can you post your results?