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  1. @Ian Unbeaten v Unbeaten, someone’s 0s gotta go
  2. @smoggy90 Great game fella, loved this challenge, fucked it a little bit with GD, went well to defensive
  3. I was quite confident and now I’m not, this game is literally playing mind games with me
  4. Mate I’d just forfeit them two, your gonna win anyway
  5. I may of finished the challenge and submitted last night 😕
  6. Now this is a challenge I can get on board with! @BatiGoal Let’s go champ!
  7. I've already got a bad feeling about this challenge, i can feel a slog coming on...
  8. I’m still working out how this all works 😂😂😂, BTW a massive thank you to you and @Foxy for the amount of effort put into this, what with the graphics and the write ups. I’m sure I talk for everyone when I say this is a great competition
  9. I knew those 7 draws would come back to bite me in the arse
  10. @MikeF Great matchup mate and well played on the win! @Mr Tree a man after my own heart, fuck Trundle!
  11. Oh mate if thats not bad for you than f**k... I re-mortgaged and put it on me at 20/1 at the start