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  1. Yes I prefer green stat for defender's pace. 15+ will do. added 0 minutes later Or you can just train them as a central defender, and focus attribute training on Pace, that should get all the key positions covered.
  2. I use normal GK, haven't tried SK. added 0 minutes later Not sure. CB works good enough for me. You could go with one BPD ans one SW if you wish. Make sure BPD is on the BBM side.
  3. I have noticed the wage budget increases significantly in the next season, if you upgrade the stadium. So it does help financially I suppose.
  4. Thanks for trying mate. Buy players as I recommended and you'll be fine whole save.
  5. I have tried with BWM instead of DLP too. It works, but not as good as DLP. Depends on the players available though. Hope everything's going well for your team.
  6. Sorry to say this buddy, but I really don't think you can make it with Watford in the PL. I mean people chose easy leagues to do 1k, I played 1k in Germany with Bayern and even there it's not easy. Don't wanna demotivate you though, if you pull this off, it's gonna be a miracle. A world record I'd say. Good luck 🤞
  7. I don't really know how to explain it. It's pretty similar, but mostly I've noticed that poachers are always trying lurk around the last defender looking for through balls and/or rebounce from goalie, always looking for scoring opportunities. AF however brings others into play as well as taking chances for himself. Personally I prefer poacher because this tactic generates a lot of through balls and rebounce.
  8. No, the only two roles that work for this tactic is AF and P. But maybe a different type of player could do well as CF/TM, I haven't tried. But DLF is a no. DLF would interfere with AP, BBM and IF.
  9. Also for the stats, if its a top team I would recommend 15+ of the mentioned stats. But you can always train them on the attributes they are lacking for the tactic. For mid and low teams I guess 13+ would be good.
  10. Yes it's like that, because most players are right footed, I choose to put IF on the left. The footedness is very important. Now since we have IF on the left, it leaves a lot of space on the left wing, so we exploit the space using a WB. But on the right we have a traditional winger for crossing purpose, that's why we don't need a WB there and opt for an FB for additional defensive cover. If you have left footed players, you can invert the tactic, so you put the left footed winger on the left and change left back to FB, if you do this, your IF should be on the right and he should be left footed too (increases shooting chance cutting inside). And add the supporting WB for the right. You should also invert the midfield if you do that, because BBM and IF on the same side would mean both of them occupying the same area during the attack. The IF needs more space so put the BBM on the winger side. Hope you understood those above, don't hesitate to ask me if you want more info.
  11. 7 extra goals scores unfortunately, I forgot to check manager history.
  12. Correct but as mentioned by @oliverjames18 you can create a way to rate the tactics by giving stars, and can create an algorithm to auto generate and sort the tactics screen by highest rating i.e star level. Hope this helps.
  13. Did you make sure you have players who match the given attributes for specific positions? It's not a magic tactic, you need players to fit the tactic for it work.
  14. Thank you very much for trying. I am glad it's working out well for you. Here's my save with Bayern using the same tactic.