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  1. @MrCostinel Thank you for the kind words. Really happy the tactic worked wonders for you. A lot of people ignore the player attributes when trying the tactic and later complain that it's not working or leaking too many goals. I have seen that people who thoroughly follow the instructions have no problems at all. Once again, thank you for trying the tactic and giving your feedback. Enjoy!
  2. I did mention Pace for all defensive positions because we are playing a high line with this tactic. If the Defenders have the recommended stats, you won't concede much. Thanks for trying out the tactic.
  3. Hello, I haven't played in a while so I can't really say if anythings wrong. Will take a look at it though. Thanks for informing.
  4. Complete forward works depending on the player you have on the role. But it's still not as effective as the original version. 2nd Poacher would not work because you need a Target man to hold up the ball, recieve headers and bring others into play. If you have 2 poachers both of them would make similar runs and it makes one of them useless most of the time. The tactic is designed to bring out the most in every attacking role. DLP is actually very important, you need someone to stay behind and pickup loose balls / opposition clearances and basically be a midfield presence when the others are attacking. He also provides cover for the CBs when everyone else goes forward. BBM would charge towards the box along with AP and then you have no one in midfield when the opposition start a counter attack.
  5. Hello, Thanks for trying both of the tactics. I'll try to answer all your queries. 1. Actually you can't get a target man like that readymade. I always build one, I mean train a youngster to be the type of Target man I want. If you look for a template, I suggest Harry Kane/Lukaku or Haaland/Zirkzee if you want younger. 2. Playing IF with opposite foot is important for every tactic, because that's how IF is supposed to work. Example, a right footed player can very easily run on the right flank and cross the ball. But if he was supposed to cut inside and shoot from that right side, he'll have problem finding a suitable angle to shoot with his right foot. BUT, if he's left footed, he can't cut inside from right flank and have all angles open for a left foot shot (imagine this, it'll be easier to understand). 3. That's actually a bug with the game from what I've noticed. Any tactic with DLP keeps getting low ratings for that role. I've tried to run the tactic with other roles, but it doesn't work very effectively. So I decided to stick with DLP eventhough poor guy can only get 7 rating few times. Btw, a rating of 6.9 above is a good rating. So don't worry about that. Keep trying new players and see if anyone actually does great in that role. Thanks again for trying the tactics.
  6. People have been complaining about conceding too many goals, but that's either because they don't make subs when players are tired, or their defense does not have enough pace and stamina. I always check 70th minute to see the stamina of my players, and since the tactic plays a high line, if you're defenders are tired, they can't run back fast enough. So be sure to make subs accordingly.
  7. There's no download link, make the tactic using the pictures I uploaded. It's very easy.
  8. Thanks, I always try to provide all necessary information for the tactic, along with suiting attributes so that people can really get the tactic to work.
  9. Yeah it is plug n play, which is basically I really wanted to share this. added 0 minutes later Thanks mate
  10. True about that, the tactic plays a high line and the defense is also part of the attack, so they need high pace to track back against counter attacks. Also having good teamwork helps, I always make sure not to buy any player with less than 12 teamwork.
  11. It works in lower divisions as well, I tried with Weymouth and it was a massive success. Just make sure your GK and Defense have the recommended attributes and keep an eye on the fitness levels. Tired defenders would lead to more goals conceded. Decisions play a major part too.
  12. Working great so far! Target back to back promotions to PL?
  13. EME ofcourse. added 0 minutes later OME is Ordinary Match Engine, EME is enhanced match engine. EME is for high-end smartphones