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  1. Sorry I missed this. Is itnor working for you? What are the main problems? Not scoring enough? Or conceding too much?
  2. I didn't use defensive corner instructions. Attack instructions are shown in the ss added 0 minutes later Glad to hear that. Try to get more players to fit the tactic and you'll eventually be 1st and unbeatable. Thanks for trying the tac.
  3. Its not based on any tactical style, clean slate. Is your team creating many chances? If not, change defensive line higher (only if defenders have 15+ pace)
  4. I've been developing the tactic since the start of the save. It just got perfect at this point.
  5. The popular "Awesome Foursome" tactic returns with a few tweaks, and it's just as good as the previous version. If you haven't seen the previous version here it is. Before going to the tactic let me show you my results from 2 seasons using this tactic. As you can see, we've won all competitions that took place, and only lost one match in 2 seasons. Also some amazing results here below. Got a lot more of these, but I didn't take many screenshots. Lets go see the tactic now. And corner instructions. I always give advice on how to choose player's to suit the tactic. This part is very important, as the tactic may not work if you don't have suitable players. I will mention key attributes other than the default attributes for that role. Means your player needs good attributes for the role + the attributes I mention. SK - Get a normal GK with good agility and pace. BPD - Aerial, Pace, Teamwork and Strength. WB - Tackling and Teamwork (right foot for RB, left foot for LB) BBM - Creativity, Shooting and Teamwork. RP - Dribbling and Stamina (Shooting is very important for this role) IF - Creativity and Teamwork (left foot for RW, right foot for LW) TM - Pace (Decisions is very important) P - Aerial is the key attribute. PACE and TEAMWORK is very important for the defenders. AERIAL, MOVEMENT and PACE is very important for the Strikers. Use your WB to take corners, and always put your Target Man at the near post. Hope you have a successful career with this tactic. Enjoy.
  6. The tactic engine is messed up real bad.
  7. But it's an attack instruction, it should work even if the team in playing any mentality or any type of positions. added 0 minutes later Oh, didn't know that.
  8. Hello, I've been playing since 2018 but this year I've noticed that my assumptions about the attacking instructions are all wrong. Example, I almost always play with 'through balls' instruction because I love those defence breaking through balls to a poacher (this is what I always do when I played FM PC). But I am yet to see a quality through ball towards the poacher in any of my saves. And then when I tried 'Run at defence', it seemed to generate more through balls then the actual 'through ball' instruction itself. Plus, I thought AP is supposed to be the assist guy. But each and every AP I've tried keeps shooting instead of passing, even with the 'work ball into box' option on. And they miss 80% of the time. 5 shots, 0 on target, gets a 5 rating. Also, I thought 'look for overlap' means the fullback/wingback overlapping on the flank. But turns out that happens only on rare occasions. One more thing, I set the GK to pass short but the guy has only 2 passes complete in 15 attempts most of the time. If someone has time, please explain to me what all these instructions mean. If you can share a link, will also be much appreciated. Thank you
  9. Great concept. May I know which position is the primary source for goals in this tactic?
  10. @MrCostinel Thank you for the kind words. Really happy the tactic worked wonders for you. A lot of people ignore the player attributes when trying the tactic and later complain that it's not working or leaking too many goals. I have seen that people who thoroughly follow the instructions have no problems at all. Once again, thank you for trying the tactic and giving your feedback. Enjoy!
  11. I did mention Pace for all defensive positions because we are playing a high line with this tactic. If the Defenders have the recommended stats, you won't concede much. Thanks for trying out the tactic.
  12. Hello, I haven't played in a while so I can't really say if anythings wrong. Will take a look at it though. Thanks for informing.