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  1. Thanks, I always try to provide all necessary information for the tactic, along with suiting attributes so that people can really get the tactic to work.
  2. Yeah it is plug n play, which is basically I really wanted to share this. added 0 minutes later Thanks mate
  3. True about that, the tactic plays a high line and the defense is also part of the attack, so they need high pace to track back against counter attacks. Also having good teamwork helps, I always make sure not to buy any player with less than 12 teamwork.
  4. It works in lower divisions as well, I tried with Weymouth and it was a massive success. Just make sure your GK and Defense have the recommended attributes and keep an eye on the fitness levels. Tired defenders would lead to more goals conceded. Decisions play a major part too.
  5. Working great so far! Target back to back promotions to PL?
  6. EME ofcourse. added 0 minutes later OME is Ordinary Match Engine, EME is enhanced match engine. EME is for high-end smartphones
  7. I train him Complete Forward with focus on technique. That way you can use him as TM or P where necessary. added 0 minutes later Thanks for trying, do post screenshots from lower league save please.
  8. Depends on the league you play, if you are in top league, I recommend 16+ because Aerial is the most key attribute in this tactic.
  9. It's just the crap game engine. I have had that issue with a lot of tactics, where the opponent would acore 2 goals in 2 shots, but my team can score 1 goal in 35 shots. This can happen in real world too, but not as often as it happens on fmm
  10. Maybe substitute tired players. Keep a check on WB, CMs and IF stamina levels. Or get better defenders.
  11. You are conceding too many. Try getting better defenders and a good SK
  12. Thanks for trying mate. Glad it's working well for you. Try upgrading your attackers and you can get upto 100+ goals per season.
  13. Solid plan, but better get a natural AMC instead.
  14. 'One way or another guy' thanks you for the credits. Some screenshots are missing. Great work on the tactic though.
  15. That's great. Target back to back promotions to PL perhaps?
  16. No problem. Let me just make a cheeky bid of 450m for Real Madrid. I'd like to complete negotiations before next January. Thanks.
  17. Get gold bagde youth scout and a bargain hunter. Send youth scout to South America and bargain hunter to Central Europe. That's what I always do, gets me the best gems out there.
  18. You got me wrong. I'm not being 'arsey'. I just tried to explain it in a bit detail so that no one else will be confused about that in the future. Maybe it sounded rude, but I didn't mean to.