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  1. Sazzy


    yoυ're welcoмe.
  2. Sazzy


    I’d say change your cam from AP to SS, as that seems to be the best role in the game atm.
  3. True Also, when starting a game it give you the option to use fake players/staff so that could be a possibility 🤷‍♂️
  4. Either the ige was used or it’s an unofficial version of the game hence the names
  5. incase anyone asks, yes I have adjusted the wage budget multiple times, and have more than enough! really annoying.
  6. Sometimes when I try and sign a player, during contract talks, I get a line where the wage is, and I can't increase or decrease or even offer a wage. Really making me mad. Any ideas? I have enough money, I am napoli and second season in, currently have 171mil trying to sign Martial for only 37mil as he was transfer listed... now i cat offer a wage omg. Ive now signed martial on loan with an future fee of 42mil just to find a way around the wage thing. any help?
  7. What does one have to do in order to unlock sugar daddy?
  8. So how do i do it for iOS?
  9. Need help to delete saves, is there a way to? because when i start a new career, it automatically delete a save, that i didn't want deleted -.- so is there a way i can delete specific ones?
  10. Sazzy

    The City Thrasher Is Back

    Looking good m8, will test it rn any pic of the fixtures list?
  11. Sazzy

    (EME) Barcelona tactic

    Seems like u r just trying to advertise your YouTube channel.... Same as your liverpool tac, you are using a different team than what your title says smh
  12. Sazzy

    4-2-3-1 Dominant Lyon

    All that's great, what about the 'Tactic' tho?