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  1. Nice going, solid seasons from the three. I have nearly finished my effort at this one with three players also. Shall post soon. I bought Palacios a lot last season but he has always been too pricey in my saves for this season. Almada is my go to ARG wonderkid.
  2. The player positions in the above screenshot indicates a different formation to the opening post screenshot?
  3. The Carlos Bianchi Top Scorer Challenge Bianchi is an idealist; a man who sees football in the simplest terms. For a man who has won a record four Copa Libertadores titles, it’s all about quality and numbers. The best players win things. Bring them together – in mind and in focus – and glory is inevitable. That’s the Bianchi school of thought, and it made him a legend. Bianchi himself was a teenage prodigy, rising through the Vélez youth ranks to make his debut for the club in 1967. His first season, in which he would be crowned top-scorer, would remarkably represent the high-point of his career in Argentina. Winning the Torneo Nacional was just reward for a fantastic Vélez side, considered by many to by one of the greatest in the club’s history. In 165 games for Vélez Bianchi scored 121 goals, earning a move to Stade de Reims in 1973. By now – and little could Bianchi have known – his Argentina career was already over. At just 24, and with seven goals in 14 games, Bianchi had already played his last game for La Albiceleste. The disappointment at such a meagre return would drive Bianchi to success in his managerial career and create a bitter relationship between Argentina’s most successful manager and the national team for years to come. Helping the French side to a fifth-place finish in Ligue 1 in 1976, Bianchi continued to prove himself as one of the best goalscorers of his era. Plundering 107 goals in 127 games in the top-flight, he was a masterclass in touch, striking of the ball and intelligent movement. His own career drove him to the natural assumption later on in life that quality is what matters. It’s ironic, then, that despite Bianchi’s undoubted talent and world-class statistics, he won very little as a player. Bianchi’s zenith came during a spectacular two-year stint with Paris Saint-Germain between 1977 and 1979. Notching 71 goals in two years, including winning the Ligue 1 top-scorer award with 37 strikes in 1977/78, Bianchi cemented himself as one of the club’s greatest players. Indeed, until a certain Zlatan Ibrahimović waltzed into Paris with the determination of a charging rhino, many still considered Bianchi to be the club’s greatest foreign striker. He stands tall with the likes of Ibrahimović and Safet Sušić as one of the finest imports in PSG history. The Challenge Rules Load up France and any other leagues and take charge or any Ligue 1 club. Sign any (or use at club) any Argentinian striker. The challenge will last for 7 seasons. You must secure the top league scorer award at least 5 times in the 7 seasons, this must also be achieved with three different french clubs. Usual other rules apply Leaderboard
  4. Yeah, he is plodding along. I think I just need to accept he is a decent striker but not world class. Who knows! I think I pull the trigger too early on some tactics. Need to let them settle down and bring in the right players. Squeezing it out of him! 😆
  5. Season 4 Starting XI Another change of shape here, trying to get the wing backs to create down the flanks we switch to a 5-3-2 formation. Mejbri is now the main AP as the Ox was ok but got a decent offer for him and felt it was the right move. Diaz was bought in at the back to add some ball playing. Season Stats Just the double to show this season as we lost to the old enemy in the Scottish Cup final. Awards So my formation plans backfired here as Driussi takes all the player awards! 😠 Mejbri had a great season and picks up the young player award. Manager Stats Nearly £500m in sales in just 4 seasons. Larsson Jr No change again here from Larsson. A bit up and down stats wise all season. He had a few injuries this season which restricted his games so goals was down to 46 this season but still more than one a game. So he is over the 200 mark now and 100 league goals. We should hit his old mans goals next season as his total was 242 goals.
  6. Nicely done here. Solid scoring from a top quality player. I have just started this one, my player is not so great and the second season his stats took a really hit.
  7. Nice couple of seasons...the old classic two man back line! 🤣 Zaha was pretty good for me when I used him in my bosses challenge. Solid striker. You can always rely on big money for Dias. I am using Benfica for my late bloomer challenge currently, tough to start as they have so many players you need to shift before you can make the squad your own. Takes a few transfers windows.
  8. Yeah, I have definitely turned into Ranieri, the tinker man with this years game. I know I should let my tactics settle for a bit! It changes again next season... 🤣 Thanks, I was happy with that return to be honest 👍
  9. Season 3 Starting XI So a big change here as we go for a 4-3-3 to help support Larrson, I know we might lose some goals but I felt this formation creates more chances so hopefully it will make him more consistent. The back four was nearly fully replaced, Dalot on a free was a great deal. The Ox was also bought in very cheap. With Driussi and Klimala up front to support the main man. Team Stats So we make it a treble treble here with league and both domestic cups. Better run the Champions League with a narrow quarter final defeat. Manager Stats Decent profit here in just three years. Annual Awards So incredibly Klimala nabbed the FW Player of the Year award despite being the lowest scorer of my three front men and lowest Avr rating. Mejbri is turning into an elite AP in the centre of the pitch for me and overtook the Ox as the end of the season for the starting place. Larsson Jr So again no improvement at all in his stats, still decent enough though. The change of formation didn't really affect him too much as only dropped a few goals to 59 for the season. So cracking along nicely here and should break the 200 goals next season (barring injury) I just need to pick up that other Player of the Year Award. Thanks for reading.
  10. Nice use of different players, on for a good score. Might have a crack at this one next.
  11. Decent from Jr so far! Yeah, I find this every year though not just with Celtic but my goalkeeper will have shocker in one or two games and thats me out! I agree, more than enough for Celtic. He is not a very consistent scorer either, having pockets of sensational form then nothing from him. Almada's stats just shoot right up. First time I have signed him, what a player! Forrest does well as an INF again, perfect for this league but I did find due to his age he doesn't kick on to that next level. I thought its good to show how the team develops. You do get a good few seasons from him at the start but then you can find better options I found.
  12. Season 2 Sorry for the delay here, struggling for time to post this one. Starting XI So a few changes here as Forster went back to Southampton so Clark was brought in from St Johnstone. Ristovski took over at RB with Jullien replacing the Ajer who went to Red Bull for £50m+. Toure from Nantes is a decent BWM, my front three remained the same. Team Stats An easy league campaign plus the two cups for back to back trebles. Struggled in Europe, as always! Annual Awards So this time Larsson grabs the players award I need plus top scorer and players' player. Almada again taking the young player award. Larsson Jr Not really change in his stats, he has definitely leveled out. Can't seem to improve him at the moment. An improvement in goals though as he blast 62 goals this season, 35 in the league. Lovely. After two seasons, 111 goals is a decent return indeed. Will be looking to push on in the next few season and boost that total with some better performances in Europe.
  13. Cheers guys, decent start, will look to kick on in the next few seasons!