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  1. Thanks Ash, the irony of trying to score goals and end up with a defensively sound tactic! 🙈
  2. Thanks, yeah I felt I could have done better. Maybe I will have think and go back to the drawing board....
  3. No worries, shall see if I can add the screenshots later.
  4. Just realised my score would be ineligible as I made transfers into my team.
  5. Great going and a big total. Have updated the leaderbaord now
  6. Its not just me then! Cool, I shall post some other screenshots to show the full stats needed.
  7. Cheers mate, good luck chasing down that total. Might have a bash with the EME, as its only one season and I can endure it for that long! I guess I am top of the OME leaderboard!
  8. Thanks. It was ok but as I said I found that I was creating chances ok, double figures most games but failed to net enough. Just 1's and 2's really but this is the same I have found with normal formations on the OME. It takes a few seasons before the goals start to flow. I shall post the details for the Parking the Bus Challenge as I can use my scores to post a Porto score! Thanks. Yeah I am finding the OME a bit of challenge this year, especially after the latest update as my tactic has fallen down so I am going back to basics for my next challenge and see how we get on. Its a brand new challenge yet to be launched.
  9. Thanks, pretty average really but 2nd for now! I just don't know if I am ready for that kind of commitment yet...
  10. SEASON REVIEW So it was a strange season in general. We performed ok but just ok and sadly my score is nowhere near the total@JohnyBravo achieved. My tactic actually turned out to be really good defensively but struggled to score enough. So the season was good for a trophies point of view. We won the league but struggled to that with way too many draws, 10 in total and I think everyone was a 1-1 draw where we always took the lead, couldn't finish them off and conceded in the second half. Missed changes has always been a bit of an issue for my playing the OME, its just ridiculously high. Then compared to numbers on the EME, makes me wonder what if I am missing a trick? Just 68 goals was never enough to put a decent score on the board but we only conceded 11 over the season so it was a very solid tactic but failed in the thing it was mean to do, score goals! We did ok in Champs League and just went out to the odd goal over two legs with Juve in the Quarter final. Won the Taca de Portugal with a penalty shoot out against Sporting but failed in the league cup with a draw in the group stage, which is always fatal. The Players So it was a distinctly average goal return, our three did not even hit the total @JohnyBravomanaged with Hazard alone!! The guys just didn't perform as I would have hoped. We struggled as a team to score enough goals but did enough at other end to nick plenty of wins. There was lots of niggling 2/3 week injuries too to restrict the playing time and interrupt the flow. Points Goals - 62 points Assits - 29 points League Goal Difference - 57 points League Points - 79 points TOTAL - 227 points Wow! Nowhere near good enough but its a score on the board. Solid tactic but very unspectacular in terms of goals.
  11. Career The Strikers' Striker with BG

    Soild going on this one. Interested to see who pops up next?
  12. Yeah, thought this would be a good challenge to test him out. Thanks. Always nice to try different players and not the usual stand out performers. Cheers, hope it doesn't fail spectacularly! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Cheers, lets hope it does the trick. Well the plan is to use my trusty BBM Hector Herrera, who never lets me down! Cheers, shall update soon as have nearly finished.
  13. So I thought I would take this little beauty on and see if we can put a half decent make on the leaderboard. You most of you know I am strictly OME only player and what I have noticed on this years game that it really takes a good 1-2 seasons before things settle down and the team starts performing consistently so this one season challenge might be tough. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/41404-the-one-season-strikerless-challenge Looking for the right club I had a formation in mind that I wanted to use but I needed to make sure I had the base of those players roles covered but also a league where my new tactic might work best so I decided to head off to Portugal and Porto. My thinking was they have a large squad with lots of strikers to get rid off in order to build my squad around my tactic. Tactic So here is my tactic, nothing really fancy here. A mixture of the role to give balance to the side going forward. With simple team instructions (full details available) The Players After a lot of scouting the players from all over the world and looking for those I feel could fit into the system but also the change role if required I settled on this three guys. Aleksander Katai This experienced Serbian can hopefully slot into the Inside Forward position but could also have the stats for the Shadow Striker role too. Gustavo Scarpa A lot of people have used him this year and you can see why. Great starting stats and very cheap to buy. With decent creativity he could be used in any of the three attacking roles. Xadas This Portuguese wonderkid always seems to turn into a good player but I have never managed to snap him up early. Again decent starting stats but will he be able to kick on well enough in just one season?