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  1. danovic78

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    Sorry @Woody but my 178 goals from Lewandowski and Most Passes hasn't been updated....😉 Time for some verbal warnings.
  2. Yes, either one is fine or both if you fancy doing a double trouble too 😉
  3. So I have been very on here for a long time and this is the reason why. After finishing my Elk of the East Challenge I decided to carry on as I had a good prospect who was scoring for fun and I though he could get me onto the 1,000 goal leaderboard. Hope you can fit him on @Foxy 😉 That target came and went so I aimed for 1,500 goals then 1,750 and then the magical 2,000.... He wasn't finished there, I managed to get a whopping 2,275 goals from him! Insane 😲 😲😲😲 He was Lewandowski's regen with the imaginative surname of Lewandowski. His stats were amazing 24 Seasons 2,275 Goals / 2.13 goals per game 12 Seasons with over 100 goals. His best 178 goals! This is how he looked at the very end, 43 years old and barely able to shuffled around the pitch. What a fitting send off too, my final game in charge and he pops up in the 90th minute to score his last ever goal. I also managed to finish the 30 seasons too. One sacking!🤔 From Spain when I hadn't even played a game but got sacked for a poor world cup...
  4. danovic78

    Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    Early days..👍
  5. danovic78

    The Assist Challenge

    @Foxy - Here is my guy for the leaderboard. Thought I would be top but @Joewins score is amazing. Not sure whose regen he is but I was gutted I couldnt get a few more years out of him. Not bad for a wing back. Steven Dunne - 752
  6. danovic78

    English football

    Its no Peach/Salmon beauty...
  7. danovic78

    English football

    Yeah, Reading is a nightmare. I'm sure they will have adequate safety railings. Plenty of EFC lifebuoy rings around! 🚣‍♂️👍
  8. danovic78

    English football

    Yeah, I understand your point. Goodison is one of the last great old stadiums but I guess you have to move with the times and we need to compete with the other big boys on corporate, sponsorship, bigger capacity. We just cant do that staying at Goodison. I think they mean there isnt going to be a big gap between the fans and pitch like some of the other new stadiums.
  9. danovic78

    Danovic Presents: Elk of the East

    I will post the finishing total and stats but have not got the time to post a full career. Shall do a quick round up when he retires.
  10. danovic78

    Danovic Presents: Elk of the East

    I know insane scoring! His best was 178 in one season...😲😲😲😲
  11. danovic78

    English football

    Good job I can park my yacht when the new home of football opens!
  12. danovic78

    Danovic Presents: Elk of the East

    Thanks mate. I have actually kept this career going as I wanted to do a 1k with the Lewandowski regen but he has proved to be the best striker I have ever used! He is just shy of 2k goals now and I am praying he doesn't retire before we can achieve that. 👏
  13. danovic78

    Danovic Presents: Elk of the East

    Forgot I had not finished with this one... Season 7 A much better season for my man as hits 31 goals 👍 A nice unbeaten league campaign as we romped to another title. Season 8 Now in his mid thirties its becoming tough for the old man to hit the back of the net. He manages 21 this season. Another domestic clean sweep but failure against Real in the final of the CWW. Season 9 So we give the old man some help up top so I switched to a 4-1-2-1-2 formation. Needles to say the new Lewi was on fire! 🔥 The Elk managed a respectable 23 goals. Season 10 - Final Season Into the final season for the 38 year old Elk and he finishes with 16 goals. We finish with another unbeaten season but cannot manage a clean sweep. So we finish with a grand total of 365 league goals for Elk. Not too bad but I was looking for 400 plus really. He doesn't look too great when he hangs his boots up! Thanks for reading
  14. Nice to get over the 100 goals a season mark. Keep that up and you should be fine 👍
  15. Great going @Scratch I have checked him out a few times, being an Everton fan but he has never got close to those stats. His stamina was always an issue in my saves.