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  1. I just used this one - https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html
  2. One for the leaderboard @Foxy Joe Gelhardt - Wonderkid signed from Wigan. Looks a great 1k option too. 18 Years, 11 months and 6 days 👍
  3. That was the idea to try and use the new leagues. Shall look for Danish based challenge shortly.
  4. When Matt Derbyshire was at the airport on his way to join Greek giants Olympiakos, his agent’s phone rang, offering him a move to Fulham ­instead. Most English footballers would have headed for Craven Cottage. The vast majority would probably have never been booked on that flight to Athens in the first place. But England Under-21 striker Derbyshire took the plunge ... and has returned to England 18 months later, ­having won the Greek League and Cup double, played in the Champions League, trained under the great Zico and ­netted the winner in one of the fiercest derbies in world football. Derbyshire was on an initial loan agreement at Olympiakos when he became a cult hero with the club’s fanatical fans by coming off the bench to score twice in the 2009 Greek Cup Final against AEK Athens. He even knocked himself out scoring a last-gasp equaliser and had to leave the field with ­concussion ­before Olympiakos won 15-14 in an epic penalty shoot-out after a 4-4 draw. Derbyshire was then dubbed The English Killer – an unlikely nickname for a slender, likeable Lancashire lad. He said: “About three-quarters of the population of Athens are Olympiakos fans, and I’d go to an awful lot of restaurants where people offered to pay for my dinner. “That cup final was absolutely ­unbelievable, and the celebrations went on for weeks. “Then there was the Olympiakos-Panathinaikos derby, which is such a fierce rivalry. When I scored the ­winner away from home against them, we got back to our training ground and it was mobbed with thousands of fans.” While Derbyshire’s Greek odyssey was an overwhelmingly positive move, he admits there were problems – not least the turnover of managers. He said: “The club went through six managers in 18 months when I was there. One of them was Zico, a very nice man, perhaps a bit too nice for his own good ... but he could still bend in a great free-kick in training! Can you take a cut price striker and make him a Greek legend? Rules Load up Greece and any other countries and take over at Olympiakos You must then sign an English striker for £3m/€3.5 or lower to be your English Killer Other transfers are allowed. The challenge will last for two seasons. The points total will be your goals from the your designate striker in all comps (not friendlies), league points and goal difference from each season. Usual rules apply. Leaderboard
  5. Yes, its a great league for goal scoring challenges. You get a big budget with each team and in a few seasons you can have a top team. There is only 30 league games but the Asian Champions League has lots of two legged ties if you go right through to the final. Once you unlock the work permits too that really helps with signing players also. Plus upgrading your facilities and you get a steady stream of very good youth players. I ended up selling up £1bn of players in just 13 seasons.
  6. As this was built around Christmas time I thought I would give it a proper Christmas feel! 😂
  7. Hi all, back with a quick update on the first real career this year. Its the old classic Double Trouble and I decided to go a little left field and pick a south american double but not from the powerhouses of Brazil or Argentina but Venezuela. First up with have wonderkid from this year - Jan Hurtado To join him I teamed him up with another hot prospect from Barca B - Alejandro Marqués Both decent looking 18 year olds so it should give me plenty of time to reach the magic 1,200 goals. I headed to China, my favourite hunting ground for goal challenges and to Guangzhou. Fast Forward 13 seasons.... Hurtado has developed pretty well and turned into a lethal striker. He has amassed 750 goals for me! Outstanding work and still only 31. As for his partner in crime Alejandro Marqués Marqués scored a very respectable 561 goals This give me a grand total of 1,311 goals in total, not bad at all. All club goals. If @Foxy can add me to the leader-board that would be great. Thanks for reading, hope to post a proper career soon but my time is limited at the moment. Might even add a few challenges as its been a while since I added some fresh ones! 👍
  8. Very Interesting, he is obviously well experienced but can he get a tune out of these players? Time will tell I guess. Much better than going back to Moyes, so I am very happy 🙈
  9. I agree, you have to question why they let him go in the first place. I don't believe he publicly humiliated him, this sounds the same when Jordan Sancho got hooked after 36 minutes against Munich. He simply wasn't doing what the managed asked. It doesn't matter whether he is 19 or 29, if you are not pulling your weight for the team then you are not in the team.
  10. If you look at the press conference when he signed, he was about 2 stone lighter!
  11. He looks so unfit and clearly wasn't following the managers instructions. That ain't gonna cut it with Dunc. Must a reason why he wasn't featured much all season.
  12. Here is my 1,000 goals, scored in my 305th game. I think the average is 3.27 per game
  13. Shame about the 3 in the back 4 then! 😉
  14. I dont agree about Wan Bissaka, everytime I have seen him play this season he doesn't look half as good as last season. When he gets into the the final third, he doesn't pick the right option. Compared with TAA he is way behind.