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  1. Career Dembele does the 1k Challenge…

    Yeah, was good to get over the 1,300 mark. 1,500 is never gonna happen.. We shall just have to wait and see.
  2. Career Dembele does the 1k Challenge…

    The Final Update? An unbelievable season for Dembele ends with him hitting the Champs league winner at the age of 39!! He also manages to still hit 30 plus goals in the season Onto the European Championships, Dembele gets on target in the second round win against Slovakia Then in the final, he cruelly has a goal disallowed as we overcome England with the trophy. He passes the big 40 too! Retirement again? Is this finally the end? TOTAL Celtic Goals – 1,271 France Goals – 35 TOTAL – 1,306
  3. Decent start, I've never really played in the AUS league but good figures so far.
  4. Solid going with the Rash. Nice 80 season, ticking along nicely.
  5. Looks pretty solid, is this on the EME Match engine? Have you tried him as a Poacher, he might not have the pace but it might give you more goals. You could always drop APM to a BWM and push the WNG's up a spot and one could be APM to make a 4-1-2-2-1. Also Short passing could be an option.
  6. Nice unbeaten season there, pushing up in the 60's/70's in the next few season to boost that total up.
  7. Solid start but gutting with that injury as his stats dropped right back down after building them up.
  8. What formation and player roles?
  9. How is your team set up at the moment?
  10. Career Dembele does the 1k Challenge…

    He has done well but age in taking its toll, barely moves during matches!! Just the one more season to go, he just wouldn't reconsider for a third time. I know, incredible really.
  11. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    I just flat out hate the EME!
  12. Career Dembele does the 1k Challenge…

    So we have Dembele still going strong at 39. He is even doing so well, attracting the attention of rival clubs…! He tries to again to retire but we get him to stay on for another season. We roll on… As the new season starts, he can still perform on the big stage. Bagging a hat-trick against Lithuania for France. He has made it to 50 INT goals now. TOTAL Celtic Goals – 1,238 France Goals – 32 TOTAL – 1,270
  13. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    I know, I just cant get on with the thing but you guys seems to make it work so its all good. Shall update my Dembele 1k as that's all finished now.
  14. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Sorry @Ashezand @samhardy Due to lack of enthusiasm for the engine and lack of time over the weekend I wont be able to submit an entry. I am sure no one was betting on me anyway!
  15. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    I just find the experience grating...but if those players enjoy that style of game then that's all good but I will always stick with OME until SI get rid of it then I will go back to playing CM 93/94 on the Amiga!