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  1. danovic78

    The Mad McGeady Moscow Challenge

    I will say he cant play in any of the attacking positions (FL, FC. FR)
  2. The Mad McGeady Moscow Challenge In August 2010, McGeady joined Russian side Spartak Moscow signing a four-and-half-year contract.The fee of £9.5 million made McGeady the most expensive export from Scottish football.He made his league debut in September, a 2–1 win against Saturn.He scored his first goal for Spartak in a 2–2 draw at home to Amkar later the same month. In the last game of the season, McGeady was sent off for a late challenge on Marcin Kowalczyk in the derby against Dynamo Moscow. He was included in the Russian Football Union's list of 33 top players, published in December 2010, placing McGeady as second best right winger. McGeady reflects on a poor start to one season at Moscow... "We had quite a bad start to the season, lost the first four games, we were bottom of the league. The manager comes in and he goes 'Right lads, we've got a meeting today, the heads of the ultras are coming'. The Spartak fans were passionate, really, really good fans, but they'd proper ultras as well. They'd fly everywhere as well, fly to Siberia, five hours on a flight for an away game, and they'd fill the away section. Unbelievable fans. But I was kind of like 'What's all this about? Why are the heads of the ultras coming into the training ground?' He invited them all in. They obviously wanted to speak to us, and he went 'Yeah, in yous come lads.' 6 or 7 guys come in, one, the main guy who was talking, the leader, he was just like an ordinary guy, but the rest of them were all skinheads, tattoos everywhere. So he just starts speaking in quite a nice manner, he was angry, but he's saying things like 'We have to get better, we support you through everything, but we need more from you', but while he's talking there's this guy next to him just swearing in Russian, and pointing at people. All the Brazilians. So this guy kept shouting and swearing, then at the end of it they were kind of like 'Look lads, we just want you to do well, we support you through everything. Good luck next game, we'll be there, come over and clap us.' And then they walked out, and as they're walking out they've all got guns in the back of their jeans... How are they allowed in the training ground with guns? It was mental." Can you improve on McGeady's record on Moscow? He finished with 13 goals and 28 assists in 93 games. Rules Load up Russia plus any other countries and take over at Spartak Moscow You must sign an Irish Midfielder to be your new McGeady Other transfers are allowed. The challenge will last for just 93 games (when you player plays his 93rd game the challenge is over) The points total will be your combined goals and assists from the your "McGeady in all comps (not friendlies) Usual rules apply. Leaderboard
  3. All added on now. Great work! 👍
  4. 500 bonus points if your defender scores an own goal and gets sent off on his league debut! 🤣 Poor old Woody!
  5. All updated, top of the shop! 👍
  6. danovic78

    The 1,000 Goal Challenge - FMM18

    All done, Sir! 👍
  7. The Oleg Veretennikov Challenge Did you know the top goalscorer in the history of Russian Premier League was primarily an attacking midfielder? Of course you did and you all knew his name was Oleg Veretennikov! Most of Veretennikov's successes have come with SC Rotor Volgograd, for whom he played in 1992–1999. During that time he scored 143 goals, which makes him the best goalscorer in the Russian Premier League history (the next best goalscorer, Dmitry Loskov, has 109 goals as of 1 January 2007). He has also become the season's top goalscorer three times (in 1995, 1997, and 1998), which is also an unbeaten record. Veretennikov also holds a record for the most goals scored in one season (25 in 1995). He is also one of only two players (along with Victor Panchenko) to score five goals in a league match (on 4 April 1998 against Shinnik). Can you better these goal scoring feats without playing as a striker? Challenge Rules Load up Russia and any other countries you like and take charge of any side. It can be in the First Division or Premier League but goals for this challenge will only count in the Premier League only. The challenge will last 9 seasons. You must sign or use at your chosen club an Russian Attacking Midfielder to become your new "Veretennikov" The player cannot be green in any attacking position and cannot play in a tactic in a forward role. Beat and set a new Russian Premier League record of 143+ goals. Set a new Premier League season record of 25+ goals. Only Premier League goals count for this challenge. Own formations only. No unlockables, edited databases, or use of any of the editors. Evidence is required, I'd suggest posting a career thread for us to follow. No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!! BONUS - Can you match the record or beat 5 goals in one league match? Leaderboard
  8. danovic78

    The 1,000 Goal Challenge - FMM18

    Hey, I didnt update it!
  9. danovic78

    Titjes: A 5 in 1 career

    Great effort, leaderboards all updated now.
  10. danovic78

    Should SI call time on OME?

    I have indeed @samhardy Firstly, I would just like to apologise for my lack of presence here on the site. A change of personal circumstance and some health issues led me to a break for a few months. I shall update all the challenge leaderboards shortly as my inbox is overflowing. With regard to this discussion, I love the OME mainly I think because it reminds me of when I first picked up the game in the mid 90's on my Amiga and the simple gameplay just hooked me in for hours, days, weeks. I carried on with Football Manager on the PC but ditched it after wasting hours and only just getting past pre-season. This game bought me back in the franchise a few years and I was hooked again. The EME is just something I cannot get on with, its too slow (in my opinion) and not because I am running a Nokia phone or Blackberry tablet because I am stubborn bugger and love the rapid game play. I admit to being a plug and play player, I simply do not have time for tactics building, various testing games but if SI did ditch the OME then I would probably give it a go but I doubt it would grab my attention enough. I know I am in a minority that still plays the OME but it just suits my style of gameplay and reminds me of my glory days signing Chris Bart-Williams (who? the kids say) and ruling the world!
  11. danovic78

    The Transfer Thread

    This is true but Chelsea has no class, the fans are the worst. There is ways of going about things in the modern game. The changing room has run that club for years.
  12. Great dedication on this challenge! Leaderboard is updated now 🏆