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  1. danovic78

    The John Charles Challenge

    No, sorry I didn't really have time to post this. I was a bit unsure how he would get on but he did well.
  2. danovic78

    The John Charles Challenge

    Hi @Nucleus Can you add me to the leaderboard? Nikolay Todorov - 519 goals First Season Eleventh Season
  3. Good going so so far. I am trying to use local players for my John Charles Challenge with Celtic. Jason Kerr from St. Johnstone and John Souttar from Hearts are solid defenders if you need to boost the back line 👍
  4. Season 10 - Leicester - Final Season So here we are, 10 seasons in and the last chance to gain promotion. So heading down from Scotland there wasn't a huge amount of clubs for my final season but I fancied another crack in the Championship and will another ex-premier league club trying to get back to the big time I took over at ex-champions Leicester. There was no huge budget either so I would need to do some wheeler dealing for sure. Transfers In No real big names here as we did the best with limited funds, of course we need to boost the frontline as we like to play all out attack. Transfers Out Shipping the deadwood and older players on, trying hard to raise some cash! Sky Bet Championship What a close season! It went down to the very last game and we need to win to ensure promotion and just sneaked over the line. The tightest season yet. Not sure I would have made it through the play-offs but we did it. 10 promotions in a row. Player Stats So we struggled big time with goals this season but we did enough, strange old season in general. The old boy Maddison was still there and pulling the strings. Manager Stats So my final manager stats. 10 Clubs, 8 Titles and 10 Promotions. Delighted to hit my target here. The Warnock Leaderboard Thanks for reading, shall be back soon with another career! @Foxy - Can you add me 10 Promotions to the total, please.
  5. Season 9 - Spartans Apologies for the delay here in updating. Just two seasons left in my planned 10 season challenge and we head further up north for what surely will be my toughest test. Into Ladbrokes League 2 we head and semi-professional Spartans! The only requirement is to revitalise the club...no pressure then! Transfers In Huge outlay here...£3k and the rest are freebies. Ladbrokes League 2 Woah, that was a slog! The top three all managed to lose the same amount of games but luckily I didn't draw too many so we claimed another title in a tough old season. The update happened during this season and my tactic seem to lose its effectiveness so I had to play around a bit but promotion was the key. Player Stats My front three did the business again. Smith was the outstanding performer and for free it was sweet deal. Manager Stats So just one more season left and we have 9 promotions in the bag. One final club to reach the full 10. The Warnock Leaderboard
  6. Thanks. Yes, this is the perfect challenge for all trying out all different clubs. Two more to go! 🤞
  7. Season 8 - Blackpool So with a another one in the bag, old Neil didn't fancy the Spanish food too much and longed for something smothered in gravy and and next job offer provided the chance to get back to some good old English cooking! So into League One and the Las Vegas of the north...Blackpool! Transfers In We had a little money to play with to boost the squad. Of course I needed more strikers and I needed someone who could defiantly score goals at this level so I pick up Toney from one of my rivals. Also a couple of handy regens from abroad that proved vital. Transfers Out Deadwood and youth players to help with the wage bill. Sky Bet League One Number 8 safely in the bag as we romp home to the title. It was a three horse race but we held our nerve to claim the title. Player Stats Johnsen was an inspired signing for just 55k, was worth over £2m at the end of the season. Toney also delivered on the big spend on him. The ex-Man Utd youth player Ro-Shaun Williams was solid at the back. Manager Stats Back to title winning ways and still on course for 10 in a row. Where will Warnock end up next? The Warnock Leaderboard
  8. Thanks Ash, it was something I thought about and decided to take the plunge. This squad would be smashed in the top league but were good enough for the second league. My guess is they would go straight back down!
  9. Yeah, its the first I have ever managed them. It massively relys on the youth players of decent enough quality.
  10. Season 7 - Athletic Bilbao So after taking Grimsby it was enough in the UK and Warnock fancied another crack abroad and this offer was too good to turn down. Bilbao were languishing in the second division after being relegated a few seasons earlier so good we work our magic to return them to La Liga. Tough challenge this one due to the player restrictions. Transfers In Not much we could do here as I could only sign Basque players and all the better players didn't want to drop down a league. Transfers Out I lost my two main strikers during the season due to the fact I missed their relegation clause in their contract! 🙈 La Liga 2 What a season! Back to title winning ways as we storm the league. A massive 20 points clear and Bilbao back in the big time. Player Stats I had to rely on my youth players here and they performance well with Lopez still from season one helping the team back up. Manager Stats So that's 7 promotions in a row now, happy to claim another title too. Almost claimed my first cup too as we caused a few upsets to reach the Spanish Cup Final but Athletico were too strong in the final. The Warnock Leaderboard
  11. Nice score there and will take some beating. Fancy giving this one a go shortly, might try it with some lower league players and clubs. Plenty of goals down in those leagues!
  12. Another great season there. I've never heard of Meza, where did you sign him from?
  13. Nice to finish off with 8 out 8 for this one. I really like this challenge, great to test out different leagues and clubs. Almost completed mine and will post my finishing seasons too. 👍
  14. What a great unbeaten season, I have never come close! How odd they won the cup? I never really paid any attention to the cups in my career so far, always played the reserves.
  15. Thanks, going nicely so far. Few more to go to hit the 10 then I think I will move onto something different.