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  1. Not sure if anyone's mentioned this but it's a small one that's starting to bug lol. I have my squad sorted by position in the Tactics page (I think that's the way it's organised by default in the right column). Whenever I visit the Training page and return to Tactics, the squad sorting goes crazy and random. I'd have to manually re-sort it or go into a player's profile and then return for the squad sorting to return to normal. Some other bugs that haven't been fixed after moving to a new club. In Manager Options, the reserves manager and chief scout remain from the previous club. I noticed as well in Manager Profile, squad respect remained the same from the previous club (mine was revered), surely that's a bug too?
  2. Most of the time re-scouting doesn't work and the new scout reports that come back remain the same as when previously scouted (the date the player is scouted remains the same). It's a problem whenever my scouts improve their badges and I need to re-scout someone on my shortlist, or whenever I get promoted to a new division or play in a different league but am still interested in the same players. Also, does VAR even work in this game? I still haven't seen a single goal allowed to stand. I don't need VAR to check whether a foul is conducted inside or outside of the box because you can just see where the players are. And finally, players have already moved into place eg. for a goal kick, before the ref even makes his VAR decision.
  3. Thanks @BatiGoal, those are some really handy tips. I'd like to think exploiting opponent's weaknesses does work since the options to focus on certain areas I assume were added for that reason. Sometimes in the big matches, I like to check which of the opponent's defenders are weaker or are suffering from poor form, and try to target them. Or if any of them are on a yellow card, I'd have my players run with ball towards that defender, which is fun when they get sent off from a second yellow card lol. And another look at the poll results reveals that the vast majority of players have mainly been using control/attacking mentalities. Really makes me wonder if that has anything to do with the game being too easy for most players... Is balanced mentality the new 4-4-2?
  4. Long ball to a fast AF! I never would've thought of that! I always thought playing direct or long ball meant you had to use a TM... Damnit @Scratch I wish you replied sooner... because as of now, I actually no longer have a club after losing 4 games in a row in and falling out of the title race!! ๐Ÿ˜† Reason being, I tried to make an all Aussie team in the A-league from the get go but it went so wrong in the second season. Like Unai Emery, I'm going to have to say it wasn't completely my fault - the team couldn't pass the ball for peanuts and always hid like scared little girls in the big matches!! But anyway... ๐Ÿ˜‚ how strange that sometimes not selecting the passing focus to the right flank can end up more on the right flank. Could it be when the players have good decision making, they know better when to down the right? I wonder if creativity also has any part to play in this too... Whenever I see my players have both good pace and aerial (for early crosses) but also have good wingbacks (for the overlap), I'd select neither in hope that it's a 50-50% attempt from both. Same with shoot on sight vs work in the box, or run with ball vs through balls. Is this how everyone else plays too? One thing I just noticed from the poll results is that more people are playing through the centre than the flanks. I'm probably doing it wrong since I never had a good experience with the centre lol. What I'd like to know is how are you folks managing this, especially when the other team has 3 defenders or 1 or 2 DM? And I really didn't expect this many results from a random idea so a big thank you to everyone who's contributed to the poll! Hopefully we can get even more results to see a clearer picture of how everyone prefers to play!
  5. Wow that must have taken quite a lot of time - from another lower league manager, thank you!! I don't have anything to add unfortunately as I'm pretty behind playing fmm myself this year. But I'll definitely be returning to this list when I need a new challenge.
  6. I probably should have worded the question about passing style differently to see how many people play direct or long this year, rather than favoured passing style. But yeah, it's probably not many though. Playing direct or long can be detrimental to ball possession so it makes sense why most wouldn't play it for the full 90 mins. I wouldn't say it's completely useless as it can be useful to overwhelm poor aerial defenses, or break defenses on the counter. I only ever use long passes when in the last 5 mins and need a miracle to stay in the game but rarely does it ever help me lol.
  7. Can confirm it's exactly as explained above. That @Scratch guy is a real wizard and a half - if you're unsure of anything, ask Scratch and he knows about it! And he's right, you do need to have FM on pc for access to the Resource Archiver. I use the 2019 version and that works just as well. Alternatively, you can also place your graphic files into android/data/com.sega.soccer/data/installed/ to overwrite the obb file. I also edit my graphics and it's a little inconvenient this year but at least it's still possible. Honestly, the day the developers prevent graphical tweaks is the day I'll stop playing, since the colour scheme and tiny font just hurt my eyes! Have no idea how people can handle it, they're probably all wizards!!
  8. Oh that's nice tip: dribbling for working the box. It makes sense since they could use the extra control on the ball especially in the final third. I'll have to try that (when my team learns how to dribble) ๐Ÿคฃ Yep.. so far the poll shows that I'm in the minority... I guess most people prefer to work into the box? What is this madness lol. I'm also surprised to find that Early Crosses aren't popular. I guess it's hard to find a poacher that has good pace AND aerial? Or perhaps it's really meant for playing on the counter, which is rarely used to begin with? In any case a very interesting find. Regarding roles, those would be some of my classic favourites too. I haven't tried Sweeper enough yet but would like to one day... I haven't had the best Target Man this year so he's been inconsistent for me too.. But last year, I had a monster of a Target Man who was terrorising defenses and scoring for fun so I still have hope! On a side note though, it's really nice to see that all tactical roles have found people finding success with them. I guess it's time for me to start experimenting more!
  9. Great article Bati. I love this option in full fat FM, since you can set it once and forget about it. This year's game was very underwhelming in the tactics department and if anything, I'd also love to see more variety in corners - can we not have the Target Man always scoring from the near post!
  10. Thanks! I actually left those out because they seem so default by nature and regularly used, I thought I'd save the trouble for everyone having to select them ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. So it just occurred to me that out of all the final third instructions, the one tactical instruction I rarely ever use is 'Work into Box'. I always prefer my players to 'Shoot on Sight' or neither at all. And that made me really curious as to what everyone's favourite tactical instructions and roles are! Of course, with tactical instructions often being built around the team, some of the questions aren't about your favourite instructions but which are the ones you have used the most this year. Personally, I'm doing okay with defensive and controlling with Western United in the A-league, but have to resort to mixed and direct crosses to my Target Man since my team's passing is horrible ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ I'm loving Box to Box midfielders and Ball winning midfielders this year though!
  12. Yes, this always happens to me after a few seasons in of managing a club because I tend to flood my reserve team and first team with nothing but youth prospects! What usually happens is initially, I'd try conducting my transfers to be as efficient and smart like Liverpool's, but in the end I'd always end up turning it into a Chelsea farm ๐Ÿ˜…
  13. Or just like full FM, you could invite over some big clubs when you're in the lower leagues, suffer a massive beating to your morale but rack in some good money! Ah my favourite cheat lol.
  14. Oh no... I had a bad feeling you'd say that! That really sucks. Yeah, hopefully the number of games they play counts because now there's not much use in buying young players anymore. Except maybe to manually direct their training or hoard them when they're cheap but that's about it. It's like they're just sitting in the reserves/loan playing fmm instead of actual football ๐Ÿ˜… Rather than placing a hard cap on development, I really wish they'd slow it down instead, increasing the gains over time as they age. Pretty much the opposite of how the game slows down a player's match experience when they approach their maximum potential. Something like this: 15-16 years old: 1%/match 17-18: 1-2% 19-20: 2-3% and so forth. It's the same issue I have with the 'needs to play at a higher level' hard cap. I don't really like how no matter how many matches a player plays in a smaller league, he'll never be able to reach his maximum potential. Surely, they could just slow down their progress instead! Anyways, I'm ranting in the wrong thread so I'll stop now ๐Ÿ˜† And hey, thanks Scratch! ๐Ÿ˜„
  15. I've always wondered with youth players needing to mature, their attribute gain is capped but does that apply to their CA too? It'd be nice if they still gain CA even when capped at 100%. Otherwise it seems a bit pointless giving them any match time at all?