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  1. No worries. It's a bit of a shame but if you ever decide to go the Android route, just give me a msg and I'll be happy to help!
  2. Yes fortunately 😄 sorry it hasn't been updated in a while, maybe if fmm22 comes out with more worthwhile features, I might be more inclined to work on it some more
  3. Smarter AI that plays players in their preferred player roles instead of forcing them into fixed templates. Seeing poachers constantly play in a target man role or playmakers play as bwm really grinds my gears. It's so frustrating the number of times they play players out of position or how they can defend in a must win game. Besides that, I'd take any improvements to tactics really.
  4. I'm not on IOS so hopefully someone else can help but on android, an edit like this usually involves extracting obb files, then hoping that the banner is a single long image you can simply replace rather than a code that shares the same background colour as other ui fields. In which case, replacing the one file causes all other backgrounds to be the same. I have a feeling that being on IOS might be the biggest hurdle in itself, since its not known as the most edit-friendly ecosystem.
  5. Not so sure in fmm 21 but in fmm 20, for whatever reason, B teams don't use the same quality training facilities as your A team and I doubt that has changed. On top of this, your player might not improve in the second tier if he's reached the point where he requires playing at a higher level to improve (generally the case with wonder kids). For those reasons, I prefer to simply keep them in the A team or loan them out. Just make sure the loaned club has decent training facilities/coaches and gives your player enough game time.
  6. Usually playing a more defensive shape would reduce fatigue but in this case I'm guessing it's because the tempo and high pressing remain the same, and your team now has to cover more space to regain possession since you're affording the opposition more space. Like playing attacking forces the opposition into making mistakes higher up the pitch so you're regaining possession faster. Sadly but understandably, player condition had been nerfed over the years (forgot which) to prevent us from playing high press high tempo tactics all season long. I'd either get more squad depth, reduce either tempo or press (maybe play balanced but press on own half - with a second defensive player besides the BWM), or perhaps keep the team on attacking but play with a higher defensive line to aid the press. Last but not least, hire as many fitness coaches as possible so that your team no longer knows what fatigue is 😆
  7. No worries, I sometimes can't believe it myself actually 😄 I never used to play international careers (especially not underdog nations) so defensive tactics were completely out of my comfort zone, but now after doing so, I can say that defensive tactics are 100% viable and you can indeed be the Jose Mourinho of international football! I don't play as much these days but I just remembered some methods I used to use after looking over some old, nostalgic screenshots.. I'm no tactician but I think the biggest puzzle in international management is in determining what the best formations and tactics are for the players you have - although that's also the case for a club level, there's now a smaller pool of quality players to select from. The method I use to select the best players of the nation was based on either individual scout reports (from club scouts) or by calling up the most expensive players and using the Suggested XI from Team Report. Both methods can be influenced by player form but I find the stars in Suggested XI more reliable in comparing player quality on an international level (start of new seasons is the best indicator of current ability as they haven't factored in player form yet). I would treat international friendlies not only as a means of player training and gaining international experience (usually try to get players to at least 26 caps so they show up with 'international experience' in reports), but also to test new formations and tactics, in order to have a contingency plan for every situation. Another annoying reason why club management is necessary is that set pieces are invaluable to underdog nations. The only real way to see which players are best for free kicks, corners and penalties is through scouting. The best way to capitalise on this is by training designated corner takers in crossing, free kick takers in shooting etc. Some other benefits in club management are bringing in older talent for mentoring your nation's youth, or the ability to discipline your players to improve their hidden mental attributes. Since I usually manage a club in the same country, the players eventually all plateau in development and require playing at a higher level to further improve. Before this happens, I try to retrain them to all possible positions to natural (best time is whenever they need to mature before further developing), before finally selling them to a larger club. On season start, try scouting your country's 16 year olds with the highest market values (though even $1k players at unheard of clubs can have world class potential), to mould them early into players who can fit into your formations. Sometimes taking in fringe players can be just as important. Use them as impact players and train them only in select stats eg. pace/heading/shooting/crossing to make use of late game instructions like early crosses, shooting on sight or through ball. The good news is that they don't need stamina as they'll be your super-subs. With keepers, I prefer ones with high natural agility, good reflexes (and okay handling) as they seem to perform the best for penalty shootouts, although age and maturity of course helps. Some other tips I have are a bit more general. On a tactical level, I find it useful to check next game reports to see what formation the opposition manager favours, check their predicted XI to see where the key players and main goal threats are and to plan accordingly, whether to play narrow/wide, have 1 or 2 defensive midfielders, have an extra CB, short/direct passing, or focus down the middle/wings eg. if they play a 4-1-2-2-1, you don't have to play too defensively with defensive midfielders. If the opposition plays attacking football, you have the opportunity to counter; if they play control, defensive or contain tactics might be best. Balanced if you believe you can win the midfield. Most of ultra defensive tactics are on the far left side of the sliders. Things like contain, narrow (maybe wide if you have 5 at the back and they play on the wings), slow, disciplined, deep, sit back, and time wasting I found work very well together. Other things I found useful were defensive full-backs to negate wingers/inside forwards, CBs with good positioning to block shots and aerial for set pieces, good tackling BWM's to stifle the midfield (preferably two in contain and sit back tactics to prevent opponents from shooting from distance), maybe one DLP with passing and creativity to spark counters (must also be good defensively), and pace at the other end of the field. When behind, I find bringing on big leaders can inspire the team to a comeback or fast players late in the match when opposition defenders are leggy. If it looks like the game is going to penalties, and I still have an unused sub, I usually take out a defender/midfielder and bring on a good penalty specialist. When ahead, due to lack of quality in squad depth, I'd take off key players to rest them for future games. Good stamina management I find can be quite advantageous in the final tournament rounds (opposition teams are generally exhausted). I'd switch to cautious tackling or take off important aggressive players to prevent them from accruing yellow cards. Also I like to sub on players with poor morale (or even play them in the starting XI in group stages/weaker teams) to improve their morale in case I need to count on them for later games (due to possible injuries). Plus it's a nice way for them to earn the trophy at the very end. Finally, very sorry for the great wall of text but hopefully some of these will help you as they did me!
  8. Yeah, I think it could be the game getting a little easier the further into the save, since AI doesn't really know how to train regens so they rarely reached their peak potential. That said, it still was a nice challenge that really gets your heart racing in the knockout stages 😄
  9. Hell yeah! International saves are a real joy to play, especially when you overcome all odds to win big trophies, although the wait between international tournaments is a real killer 😫 I've been fairly successful in my attempt in win all major international tournaments with underdog countries (managed to win three consecutive world cups with Australia, Ireland and South Korea before getting bored with USA) so I thought I'd chime in and say it's definitely possible. Like DanEnglish recommends, managing a club team to both train your nation's youth and key players and influence their morale in between games gives a major boost. You don't need to own all the nation's players at your club, but of course, the more the better. Tactics and formations largely depend on how much time you have to nurture your players on a club level. For instance, I lost the first two World Cups with Australia but by the time the third came around, I had the quality of my youth players entering their peak to dominate against the best countries so I played an offensive 3-4-1-2 or 3-4-3 mostly by that stage. After succeeding with Australia, I left for Ireland and had two years to prepare for the World Cup so I played more defensively and mostly on the counter. 4-1-2-2-1 counter was my primary formation against fairly difficult opposition, 4-2-3-1 with pushed up wingbacks against weaker or equal opposition, 5-2-2-1 with 2 defensive midfielders were when I needed to park a double bus against nations I had close to no chance winning against 😆 You probably don't need as many formations but I find that being tactically flexible really helps. With respect to player selections, some tips I have are to select players who generally 'thrive in big matches' or have high leadership stats. Having two dependable players in every position is always key for squad depth, while having utility players who can play in multiple positions can be incredibly useful (retraining at club level) e.g. having only 3 wingbacks rather than 4 since the 3rd wingback is a backup that can play on both wings. Pace was probably my most preferred trait for inside forwards and poachers when playing on the counter, and typically I would have a backup target man and winger if things go bad (although some countries aren't blessed enough with aerial like when I managed South Korea - that said, you can still win without them!). Oh and yes, get yourself a decent keeper! Can confirm, Bazunu saved me countless times!
  10. Haha yeah.. I know I should be more hopeful, considering how nice these additions are in theory. I guess I'm a bit wary after my disappointment last year, jumping on the hype train only to find out the new features weren't that impactful. Like the buggy U-21's which you had no control over, and was half the time full of players well in their 30's, or setting up 'perfect' mentors for youth players that cause strained relationships whilst also lowering other attributes. Oh well.. if the new feature only discourages us from constantly overhauling our squad, at least it does make the game a bit more challenging 😄 Yeah I really like this part of it too, being able to see how exactly leadership affects other squad players. Looks like we'll be needing extra thought in the captaincy selection process, now that it's more than just about leadership and maturity, but also a mixture of hidden attributes. Looking forward to seeing how all the new features turn out.. hopefully covid doesn't cause more bugs than usual this year!
  11. Hmm.. not sure I'm entirely sold on this year's additions. The only new feature that really stands out to me is the control over set pieces. Usually, I'd love anything to do with improvements to tactics, but the cynic in me has me convinced it's just extra gloss and categorising over what we can already configure. New roles are always amazing but just the two this year doesn't seem very substantial, considering the wealth of roles mobile is still missing. While squad dynamics seems nice, I'm hoping it's an overall positive experience, since it might only serve as extra inconvenience every time you want to sell players. Still feels like the ever-present elephant in the room is how consistently poor the AI is. In transfers, in formations, in tactical decisions. No improvements to it means the same game that's only really fun for the first couple of seasons. I'm not sure if I'll sit this one out or not but bloody oath I can be such a buzz killer sometimes.
  12. I really, really wish this was more readily accepted by the game engine. As a light and casual version of full fat FM, you'd expect encouragement for thinking out of the box and using your creativity rather than getting punished for an unusual formation (as stated in match reports). I love seeing asymmetrical formations being shared on vibe, as it promotes so much tactical discussion. Not only that but I think it's just a great deal lot more fun being allowed to tinker with your squad, spending hours like a mad genius trying to concoct your own perfect formation instead of using the basic ones. Hopefully SI can see they're unnecessarily restricting our creative freedom and fun and finally unshackle us from symmetrical formations in future. That said, fantastic article mate@BatiGoal
  13. Hardly ever. In my opinion, it's probably the least important coach to have. Though whenever I'm feeling adventurous, I'd hire one but generally have to wait at least a year before they begin training the Gk...And that seems like a waste when another coach could have trained numerous squad members in the same duration