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  1. Haha yeah.. I know I should be more hopeful, considering how nice these additions are in theory. I guess I'm a bit wary after my disappointment last year, jumping on the hype train only to find out the new features weren't that impactful. Like the buggy U-21's which you had no control over, and was half the time full of players well in their 30's, or setting up 'perfect' mentors for youth players that cause strained relationships whilst also lowering other attributes. Oh well.. if the new feature only discourages us from constantly overhauling our squad, at least it does make the game a bit more challenging 😄 Yeah I really like this part of it too, being able to see how exactly leadership affects other squad players. Looks like we'll be needing extra thought in the captaincy selection process, now that it's more than just about leadership and maturity, but also a mixture of hidden attributes. Looking forward to seeing how all the new features turn out.. hopefully covid doesn't cause more bugs than usual this year!
  2. Hmm.. not sure I'm entirely sold on this year's additions. The only new feature that really stands out to me is the control over set pieces. Usually, I'd love anything to do with improvements to tactics, but the cynic in me has me convinced it's just extra gloss and categorising over what we can already configure. New roles are always amazing but just the two this year doesn't seem very substantial, considering the wealth of roles mobile is still missing. While squad dynamics seems nice, I'm hoping it's an overall positive experience, since it might only serve as extra inconvenience every time you want to sell players. Still feels like the ever-present elephant in the room is how consistently poor the AI is. In transfers, in formations, in tactical decisions. No improvements to it means the same game that's only really fun for the first couple of seasons. I'm not sure if I'll sit this one out or not but bloody oath I can be such a buzz killer sometimes.
  3. I really, really wish this was more readily accepted by the game engine. As a light and casual version of full fat FM, you'd expect encouragement for thinking out of the box and using your creativity rather than getting punished for an unusual formation (as stated in match reports). I love seeing asymmetrical formations being shared on vibe, as it promotes so much tactical discussion. Not only that but I think it's just a great deal lot more fun being allowed to tinker with your squad, spending hours like a mad genius trying to concoct your own perfect formation instead of using the basic ones. Hopefully SI can see they're unnecessarily restricting our creative freedom and fun and finally unshackle us from symmetrical formations in future. That said, fantastic article mate@BatiGoal
  4. Hardly ever. In my opinion, it's probably the least important coach to have. Though whenever I'm feeling adventurous, I'd hire one but generally have to wait at least a year before they begin training the Gk...And that seems like a waste when another coach could have trained numerous squad members in the same duration
  5. My bad, guess you just need an app these days! Didn't realise it was much easier. Thanks @Scratch 😄
  6. If you're not using a tweaked device then yeah, unfortunately you can't roll back if you've already updated. Luckily for me, I used to be a bit of a phone freak back then lol.
  7. Yeah, mine looks identical. I'm probably just nitpicking. Maybe I've gotten too used to the proportions over time or I'm getting too old, I can't keep up with changes. I ended up rolling back as the blown up sizes aren't for me.
  8. So my curiousity eventually got the better of me and I updated for the sake of 'many other fixes and improvements'. Here are some of my thoughts after a few matches: I can understand why the player size has been increased in the highlights to improve visibility but sadly, I think they've overdone it... Players are jumbo sized now but appear disproportionate with the remainder of the graphics so it's rather immersion-breaking. The match ball and pitch remain the same size so it feels like I'm watching some giants play football... goalkeepers now almost take up almost half the length between the goalposts, and watching anything in the box (like corner kicks) is a nightmare because it's just a giant circle on top of another circle - everyone's overlapping each other in the box. On the positive side, it does indeed feel like the game has gotten smoother (could be the placebo effect?). I'm not stuttering as much through some menus or the highlights during a rainy match at a poor pitch. Haven't really noticed much else. Some media lines have been edited, Northern Ireland club logos and Welsh cup logos added. Like others have said, I wish the devs could kindly post us a full changelog of the update. I'm still uncertain whether to commit to this or roll back to the previous version. Really hoping SI can change it to a healthy average between pre- and post-patch player sizes because as it is now, I just can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm watching hockey instead of soccer.
  9. Would like to confirm another bug that has occurred twice now to me (first time it happened I gave it the benefit of the doubt). When a player gets injured during a match and you find out about it first by entering your substitution menu - before the match and commentary prompts you for a substitution - and you replace them, the substitute never actually enters play and you're down to 10 men.
  10. I think I've noticed something similar recently... I brought in some players on loan and while throughout my season, I found their coach report said they were on their off-season (I think their actual club was at the time) so they were doing light training. They were still training and their condition was fine though, so it could have just been an inaccurate coach report?
  11. Not sure if anyone's mentioned this but it's a small one that's starting to bug lol. I have my squad sorted by position in the Tactics page (I think that's the way it's organised by default in the right column). Whenever I visit the Training page and return to Tactics, the squad sorting goes crazy and random. I'd have to manually re-sort it or go into a player's profile and then return for the squad sorting to return to normal. Some other bugs that haven't been fixed after moving to a new club. In Manager Options, the reserves manager and chief scout remain from the previous club. I noticed as well in Manager Profile, squad respect remained the same from the previous club (mine was revered), surely that's a bug too?
  12. Most of the time re-scouting doesn't work and the new scout reports that come back remain the same as when previously scouted (the date the player is scouted remains the same). It's a problem whenever my scouts improve their badges and I need to re-scout someone on my shortlist, or whenever I get promoted to a new division or play in a different league but am still interested in the same players. Also, does VAR even work in this game? I still haven't seen a single goal allowed to stand. I don't need VAR to check whether a foul is conducted inside or outside of the box because you can just see where the players are. And finally, players have already moved into place eg. for a goal kick, before the ref even makes his VAR decision.
  13. Thanks @BatiGoal, those are some really handy tips. I'd like to think exploiting opponent's weaknesses does work since the options to focus on certain areas I assume were added for that reason. Sometimes in the big matches, I like to check which of the opponent's defenders are weaker or are suffering from poor form, and try to target them. Or if any of them are on a yellow card, I'd have my players run with ball towards that defender, which is fun when they get sent off from a second yellow card lol. And another look at the poll results reveals that the vast majority of players have mainly been using control/attacking mentalities. Really makes me wonder if that has anything to do with the game being too easy for most players... Is balanced mentality the new 4-4-2?
  14. Long ball to a fast AF! I never would've thought of that! I always thought playing direct or long ball meant you had to use a TM... Damnit @Scratch I wish you replied sooner... because as of now, I actually no longer have a club after losing 4 games in a row in and falling out of the title race!! 😆 Reason being, I tried to make an all Aussie team in the A-league from the get go but it went so wrong in the second season. Like Unai Emery, I'm going to have to say it wasn't completely my fault - the team couldn't pass the ball for peanuts and always hid like scared little girls in the big matches!! But anyway... 😂 how strange that sometimes not selecting the passing focus to the right flank can end up more on the right flank. Could it be when the players have good decision making, they know better when to down the right? I wonder if creativity also has any part to play in this too... Whenever I see my players have both good pace and aerial (for early crosses) but also have good wingbacks (for the overlap), I'd select neither in hope that it's a 50-50% attempt from both. Same with shoot on sight vs work in the box, or run with ball vs through balls. Is this how everyone else plays too? One thing I just noticed from the poll results is that more people are playing through the centre than the flanks. I'm probably doing it wrong since I never had a good experience with the centre lol. What I'd like to know is how are you folks managing this, especially when the other team has 3 defenders or 1 or 2 DM? And I really didn't expect this many results from a random idea so a big thank you to everyone who's contributed to the poll! Hopefully we can get even more results to see a clearer picture of how everyone prefers to play!