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  1. Thirsk

    FMM19 General Discussion

    The fitness nerf to me seems fair, since most of my players completely regain their stamina when playing games on a weekly schedule. It's only the midweek games that require squad rotation, which makes sense realistically speaking. Edit: Only issue though is that the AI gets affected by it too, so their condition is woeful at best during matches! Hopefully the AI condition bug gets fixed in future for a level playing experience..
  2. Thirsk

    FMM19 Bug List

    Not sure if this is a bug but since the update, some of my players never hit 100% condition, even when I set training to low. They just seem to only reach a certain number eg. 96% instead
  3. Thirsk

    FMM19 Bug List

    During a transfer window. But I figured it's only for players that have a buyout clause in their loan term. So I guess perhaps that's not a bug, after all? Is it not possible to make offers to players who are on loan with a buyout clause in their contract?
  4. Thirsk

    FMM19 Bug List

    Not sure if anyone's mentioned this but every time I loan out players, their training intensity reverts to 'normal' and they start training a random focus attribute. Also I notice instances where I cannot make any offers to players who are currently on a loan to another club because the 'make offer' button is missing on-screen. They don't appear to be undergoing any future transfers, and the only way to make an offer is to wait until their loan ends and they return to their club.
  5. Thirsk

    FMM19 Bug List

    This is on 10.0.5 but shouldn't Porto qualify for the Champions League group stage on goal difference rather than Ajax?
  6. In my opinion, the 2D engine is what attracts me to fmm instead of Fmt/fm. I find the 3D animations so frustratingly clunky and repetitive. There's hardly any variations and each player moves like the tin man from The Wizard of Oz. With a 2D engine, SI's fmm department can continue focusing on the main bread and butter of the game: the game play and features. They've also worked so hard recently on the EME, and it would seem like quite a waste of time if they had to scrap it for 3D. And if hundreds of staff from the main FM game can't get it right, how is a staff of 6 going to cope?
  7. Android only allows pre-registering, so I can't say I've pre-ordered. Have to say, pre-ordering seems a bit unnecessary to me, unless doing so allows you to play it ahead of the release date.
  8. It's ok, my heart only broke into like a million pieces 💔
  9. Kits look cool and all but I seriously hope they're going to be listed as an 'extra' instead of being one of the main features. I don't want to be too critical but I mean it seems like implementing it is a bit of a waste of development time, without offering any real gameplay value. BUT then again, IMAGINE if the picture of those kits are actually there to tease us of the possibly of merchandise sales or even sponsor deals as a additional sources of income!! OK I got a bit carried away, I shall now take my leave 🤣
  10. Thirsk

    Free Agent Legends Database

    Think I had the same issue ages ago and downloading on a computer before transferring it over fixed it
  11. Nucleus ol' mighty seer, can you please tell me my future 😄 Also, I really hope they do implement stuff like trait training and player mentoring!! They're like must-haves!!
  12. Thirsk

    Home Grown players

    They really do need this. I played a K-league club and it soon became a club of 100% foreigners.
  13. YES!! Finally a revamp to training! I've been hoping for this for yearsssss
  14. Thirsk

    Free Agent Legends Database

    Not bad for a 110 year old! Sorry I couldn't help it
  15. I'll be buying it immediately only if there's new features worth buying it for! If it's just a re-skin and some minor changes then I'll wait another year!