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  1. Android only allows pre-registering, so I can't say I've pre-ordered. Have to say, pre-ordering seems a bit unnecessary to me, unless doing so allows you to play it ahead of the release date.
  2. It's ok, my heart only broke into like a million pieces 💔
  3. Kits look cool and all but I seriously hope they're going to be listed as an 'extra' instead of being one of the main features. I don't want to be too critical but I mean it seems like implementing it is a bit of a waste of development time, without offering any real gameplay value. BUT then again, IMAGINE if the picture of those kits are actually there to tease us of the possibly of merchandise sales or even sponsor deals as a additional sources of income!! OK I got a bit carried away, I shall now take my leave 🤣
  4. Thirsk

    Free Agent Legends Database

    Think I had the same issue ages ago and downloading on a computer before transferring it over fixed it
  5. Nucleus ol' mighty seer, can you please tell me my future 😄 Also, I really hope they do implement stuff like trait training and player mentoring!! They're like must-haves!!
  6. Thirsk

    Home Grown players

    They really do need this. I played a K-league club and it soon became a club of 100% foreigners.
  7. YES!! Finally a revamp to training! I've been hoping for this for yearsssss
  8. Thirsk

    Free Agent Legends Database

    Not bad for a 110 year old! Sorry I couldn't help it
  9. I'll be buying it immediately only if there's new features worth buying it for! If it's just a re-skin and some minor changes then I'll wait another year!
  10. Thanks guys, these are all excellent tips! I suppose any possible burn out would only be shown from the personality screen, otherwise it'd be impossible to tell. I'm in agreement that development is only dependent on the number of matches played as the game engine only displays those stats to begin with. All in all, I'll keep trying to play these youths whenever I can afford to, otherwise I'll loan them off!
  11. I've always been wondering whether this is really a thing or not. Giving youth players too much time on field and having them 'burn out.' It's something quite true to real life football but does it apply in the game? Is more necessarily better? And does anyone know if their development depends on matches played or minutes played? Would always subbing them in at the 89th minute be enough? Reading about youth development in football news has really got me thinking if I'm actually training them right myself!
  12. Thirsk

    Free Agent Legends Database

    Holy smokes that was fast! Thank you for making my dreams come true!!
  13. Thirsk

    Legends pack for FMM17

    Oh geez that IS a lot of effort! You truly are a legend!! Regarding the latest update, it's great to see Zidane as a player in the game now. Although I did notice a typo in Thierry Henry's name. I can't wait until the legendary strikers are in!
  14. Thirsk

    Free Agent Legends Database

    Ohhh what a dilemma.. I really want to play but what if there's more updates..what to do what to do But regardless, keep up the good work!!
  15. Thirsk

    Legends pack for FMM17

    Haha thank you! I was up at 2 just trying it out and being half asleep copied it to the phone but forgot to actually paste it over the game files! That was probably a sign but perseverance and sheer determination triumphed in the end Now I'm just thinking of the possibilities.. Maradona, Del Piero, Shevchenko, Beckham, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Brazilian Ronaldo, Batistuta, Crespo, Oliver Kahn, Michael Owen, Bergkamp, Johan Cruyff, Thierry Henry, Clarence Seedorf, Cantona, Scholes, Van Nistelrooy, Alan Shearer.. Omg I have to stop before I end up in a seizure haha. But what will happen when the legends are still around as managers? Is it still possible to fit them in as players? I feel they're too much of a legend like Zinedine Zidane to exclude them! And finally, are these stats based off a database or do you have to painstakingly conjure up each one? I'd be willing to help but I admit the only things I've dabbled in are the menu and background graphics and commentary!