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  1. Morning Mark, i didn’t know that there was a manage engine or what it does but on both my phone and tablet my manage engine version is enhanced. i hope that answers your question?
  2. Screenshot of my tactic with my Team of Kings - Concord Rangers. Forgot to say this is my team in 2032/33 season. hope this tactic helps.
  3. Hi all, I’m new to ffmvibe and this is my first post so unsure if formations have been discussed at length in the past. ive been playing around with formations and stumbled across a formation that works really well. Gk, 3 centre backs 2 box to box midfielders 2 inside forward 1 shadow striker 2 poaching forwards I play on my phone with Corcord Rangers, after 12 years I’ve got them from partiners in Vanarama North (worst team I could find on ffm) to win premier league & champs league 3 years running, 95,000 av attendance using this formation. Over 38 league game season my average goals for is just over 3 and average goals against is just under 1. On my tablet I play PSG with similar results av of just over 4 and against 0.5. ive just been offered the England job and started using this formation, I will update you to my progress Let me know if you have any questions? Cheers