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  1. Happy with Dier's performance so far. 7.66 avg rating with a goal, not bad at all.
  2. Team B 3 SPAL 0. Koulibaly will bag a hat trick.
  3. Sonneratia

    Effectiveness of Defensive Wingers

    Just a quick update as there's only a third of the season left to go. (TLDR: Consider using DW instead of W) As for how to best use Defensive Wingers, I think using a high defensive line and closing down all over in the tactic works best. A lot of the attacks tend to start on the wing in the opponent's half where the DW or the full bck won the ball back. In the match stats my DWs have a decent number of interceptions/tackles won for an attacking minded player. But is it a replacement for a wing back? No. Sure there is the word "Defensive" in DW, but the DW is still essentially an attacking player. He will be positioned too high up the pitch so he cannot respond well to any quick counter attacks on the wing. The DW probably works best with a WB in my opinion. Two fast players overlapping on the wings can cause a lot of problems for defences especially if they can get a good cross in. They can also win the ball back quickly together even if they lose the ball in the opponent's half. I recommend using BWM or a BBM on the side of the pitch where the DW is used so that the midfielder can get back quickly in case of a counter attack on the wing and win the ball back. I think the DW is quite underrated. If you are using a Winger instead of an inside forward, I definitely suggest that you change the Winger to a Defensive Winger, especially if your tactic involves a high press. Definitely helps to have a striker that is strong in the air. Formations that you may want to use with the DW: 4-1-4-1/4-4-2/4-4-1-1 Results Still unbeaten so far with not many goals conceded . Maybe if you are going doing a challenge where your aim is to concede as few goals as possible but still score some goals, utilising the DW can be very effective Player Stats Mata was injured for a month I think, which is why he didn't play that many games. Their assists numbers and average rating look great. Darmian was used mostly as a sub for Dalot/Shaw and for rotation purposes. Kinda surprised that his average rating is almost 7 considering how many times he was used as a substitute. Pereira was used to rotate for Mata and Lingard since he was both footed. Lukaku was injured for almost two months. So Rashford was used as AF to replace him. Didn't score too many goals because he wasn't strong in the air.
  4. Does anyone use Defensive Wingers? Been trying it out for a while and results look promising so far. Formation Used Striker Results Lukaku is used as TM Rashford is used as AF Left Side of Pitch Results Right Side of Pitch Results You can argue that the right backs aren't as successful the left backs if you base it on average rating and assists alone. Even so, the assists that these 5 players share is decent. Fixtures so far From the Hull match to the Tottenham match I was using a 4231/433 formation (No DW) and as you can see I was conceding a lot of goals. From the Watford match onwards I've stuck to the 4141 formation and defensively I conceded much lesser goals. Team instructions for shape, defense and attack didn't change. Of course more experimenting needs to be done against better sides but I will update this topic with more results once Ive finished a season.
  5. Sonneratia

    FMM19 Bug List

    fmm bug.mov added 0 minutes later I'm unable to move funds from wage to transfer funds
  6. Sorry, I don't have any results to show you because I've only just discovered this monster of a player. (will update this tomorrow when I'm done with my career) He is great for mid-bottom table/ championship clubs as a future player. You can also sign him as a big club and sell him to make some profit later on. 7.5 million? Isn't he expensive? Don't worry. With a release clause of only 2.8 million, he is definitely a must buy!!!
  7. Sonneratia

    FMM19 Bug List

    Not sure if someone has mentioned it previously. It is painfully slow to assign squad numbers. There's a delay of ~3 seconds when you tap on a player and then tap on a shirt number. Same delay occurs when switching between "tabs" e.g. from the tab "1-20" to "41-60"
  8. Sonneratia

    Chat Is BWM useful?

    I notice that my BWM has a rather low average rating per game - usually 6ish. I notice that he does not seem to perform any better defensively than my other players. In terms of tackles he is getting about 3-5/game (worse than the defenders) while he consistently gets about 4-5 interceptions per game (on par with my CM/BBM/AP). Should I switch the BWM for a DLP or Anchor instead? The DLP should boost my attack while the Anchor will use less stamina than the BWM and still helps to make sure my defence is solid.
  9. Sonneratia

    FMM19: Bargain Wonderkids

    I can personally vouch for Gavin Bazunu. Costs only 300k maximum and develops nicely.
  10. Hi everyone, I've recently found this site for FMM. I'm going to do a career at Burnley where I'll hopefully have the mental endurance to keep playing one career for 30 years (I've never done that before since I started playing FMM17😅). Without further ado, let me present to you my objectives for this 30 years at Burnley Career: 1. Improve training facilities and youth facilities to State of the Art and Top. 2. Win all of the available trophies in at least five out of the thirty seasons. (I have a feeling this is going to be difficult). That's all for today. I intent on taking my time doing this challenge (to avoid burning myself out). Hopefully I can complete it by end of February next year!