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  1. Well both, I haven't a clue about either tbh. I haven't been active on the forums for over a year.
  2. Okay that sounds great, if I could I would help you haha.
  3. So what would this entail, once completed. What could we do ?
  4. I have found a few things 1. I managed to offer a contract to a player, that has a contract for another 4 years?. He did join me, but after 4 years????? 2. Greece managed to beat Brazil, Uruguay and Holland in the World Cup. 3. San Marino, beat Poland. Of course the transfer thing it really annoying, definitely a big mess up. As a small club, it's impossible even with money to buy a player that's worth signing.
  5. I created a MY Club team, but I can't play in that league. So I guess I will have to wait, though the chances of it being added are slim. Though being added to UEFA, they have a better chance than they did last year.
  6. Is there any possible way I can manage any of the Gibraltar Teams, they have 4 teams in the league. I would really love to manage them. Or could I manage Gibraltar National team. I have managed to manage teams, that are other in the English leagues. I just added players, money etc. They got promoted and I managed to manage them. Though because I can only load 1 league, I can't load the Gibraltar leagues either nor can anyone else.
  7. Is there any way of managing a national team, that isn't normally playable. I want to Manage Gibraltar National team.
  8. Nice, I might have to try this team. Though you could of tried The Wolverine, has more of a ring to it.
  9. Hey DEC, I am a bit rusty as I haven't done any changes for a few years. Help as to why these aren't working ?. "PLAYER" "Aaron" "Ramsey" "Arsenal" "Jamie" "Taylor" "Jamie" "1995" "180" "200" "Lincoln FC (GIB)" "PLAYER" "Iker" "Casillas" "Real Madrid C.F." "Bradley" "Dryer" "Bradley" "1995" "160" "200" "Lincoln FC (GIB)" "PLAYER" "Jamie" "Robba" "Linense" "" "" "" "1995" "170" "200" "Lincoln FC (GIB)" "PLAYER" "Karim" "Dechraoui" "Linense" "" "" "" "1995" "174" "200" "Lincoln FC (GIB)" "PLAYER" "Jack" "Sergeant" "Linense" "" "" "" "1995" "168" "200" "Lincoln FC (GIB)" "MANAGER" "Arsene" "Wenger" "Arsenal" "" "" "1970" "190" "200" "Lincoln FC (GIB)"
  10. This sucks, because I can't managed some as my phone won't allow large database. The phone isn't even an old or crap phone. It's a HTC.
  11. I have been here for over 2 years, but not active for all of it . Congrats all for keeping the forum running.
  12. Looks like you're not doing as well as you should, you'll find this year it's harder. Good luck though