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  1. Excellent news on Enfield Town getting into League One! Another 25 years and I'll see some league football in Enfield haha! Great world round up, a nice addition to the career info and nice to see some of your old clubs like Wigan carrying on your work.
  2. Cracking read and a mega career! Great finish considering Elgin weren't playing ball haha!
  3. Big fan of this career idea. I'm weirdly seduced by the thought of having to reinforce your managerial trophy cabinet shelving every couple of years - assuming all goes well of course! Very 70's/80's when a lot of the top European teams were close to 100% 'home' players. Look forward to reading your success
  4. New baby arrived at the end of Feb so what I thought would be ultimate time to play FMM has been filled with nappy changing 😆
  5. Finally caught up on this one - a touch late to the party!! Fantastic effort, some absolute gems in there!
  6. I've got two I'd like to add in here from my Sunderland game. @Foxy sorry to ask, but which screenshots do you need to confirm? Want to make sure you get the right stuff. Will start a career thread for my next one!
  7. Fantastic work! Makes me want to try a Scottish career now what with you and the fella doing the Albion Rovers one!
  8. Wow fantastic season! Hopefully the lure of the champions league will let you keep the wolves at bay for your best players. Good luck in season 7!
  9. Really enjoyed following this one @Foxy, sad to see it end!
  10. Some promising results and clearly up against it even keeping your new signings at the club! Keep it up, looking forward to the European adventure in a couple of seasons.
  11. Really good going so far. Good luck in the SPL. Hopefully a kind draw for a decent cup run too
  12. Just picked this thread up. Fantastic cup run in season 1, well played! Partizan are there for the taking!!
  13. What a greedy player. 5 Assists! 😉 If he keeps that up, you could be done in 3 seasons!
  14. Great work! A de Jong own goal away from getting an attempt at a clean sweep in Season 5 must be frustrating! One Vigidal getting that many assists with minimal greens is interesting - something I should pay attention to a bit more when selecting players. Enjoyed reading and following this one. Sir Bobby challenge sounds interesting!