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  1. thats pretty sad I think thats a feature they should include Thanks Tony! I think fmm is like fifa, should only buy it once every couple years to experience the big changes😂 Cheers Ashez the thing is on my save the new season has already began😂 thanks for the tip tho rseven
  2. Hi, is there any possible way to check players international history just like the club history? (eg.number of games played,number of goals scored, number of assists,number of yellow cards, average rating) Thanks for the help
  3. nevertheless, it was a successful season too. Good job on that!
  4. Beckham2

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Lol idk beckham went to RM and PSG before so hes not just a man utd player+he plays good football both the tottenham and the liverpool match was played poorly... we even had to resort to a penalty to score
  5. Ahhh its nice to see he scored in just one match! That 6-0 against aston villa was done by liverpool a couple of seasons ago I think😂 half of the goals coming from centre back WOW 3 matches might have been too much so I'll go with 2 this time
  6. Happy birthday to Nuke junior! Hope he can become a legend in FMM just like his father
  7. Beckham2

    Dundee United; Awakening sleeping giants?

    Good luck and have fun. Will be waiting to see how your career goes😉
  8. ahhhh cant wait for the next update! Better not drop that lead in the premier league! I guess it will take 3 games for Nikola Kalinic to score😉
  9. wow thats already setting a high standard for others @Foxy! I feel like you may be the one to win this round😉
  10. urgh! it was so close tho :( nevertheless you managed to win the FA cup and 2nd place in the prem with a team that was about to get relegated. Good job on that!
  11. Beckham2

    FMM19 General Discussion

    anw singaporean that supports liverpool too? thats nice..
  12. Beckham2

    FMM19 General Discussion

    wow... that must have took you a lot a lot of courage and honesty to do that...Been reading that save and it was really good so was kinda sad to see it not miss the 1.5k mark too. If it was me I think I would have just reloaded the game. Hats off to you
  13. Cant wait for the results! normally I put the younger players (17-23yo) on intensive
  14. how kind of you😂 But to turn around a 4 point deficit is only possible in this save I think😉
  15. Beckham2

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Its pretty realistic. The 2022 world cup IRL is actually gonna be held in dec😂