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  1. CompleteComan

    My attempt at a 1kc

    Quick little mini-update as I'm about a month in. Injuries, man 😭 Poor form for the first 5-6 games, I need to change up the tactics a bit
  2. I figured for my first challenge here on Vibe, I'd go with a fan favorite challenge. Who will I be using? For this save, I'll be using Joshua Zirkzee. He is currently a 17 year old Dutch striker for plays for the club FC Bayern Munich, currently playing in their youth team. Why I chose him: I chose Zirkzee because I've never seen anyone attempt one with him on here before. In this years edition of FMM he's been immense for me in my Leverkusen save, so I figured he'd be the right man for the job my first time around. Career: For this challenge I'll be controlling Bayern Munich. He already plays there in real life, so bringing him in won't be a problem. I will be trying to keep up their dominance domestically while also trying to overhaul an ageing squad, with the likes of Muller, Ribery, and Robben all likely seeing their ways out of the club. I'll keep everyone updated as each season progresses. Wish me luck!
  3. CompleteComan

    I need a new challenge.

    Thanks for the answers. I'll try some of those out in the future.
  4. At the beginning of FMM every year, I always start in the Bundesliga. Last year it was Bayern, this year it was Leverkusen. I want something new. I know RTG's are always fun, but I generally start those around January so all of the odd transfers are out of the way. Anyone have any specific teams, any specific challenges I should try? Thanks.
  5. CompleteComan

    Do you just buy young players

    I generally tend to keep the majority of my older players, you don't want to play really young kids TOO much until they start to develop or else you'll overwhelm them.