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  1. Any idea when the Feb update is coming around?
  2. Any idea when the next update will be? Game remains unenjoyable for me w/ the position retraining bug in place.
  3. Understood, thanks for explaining. I also found a bug where if VAR confirms a goal stands, the opposing players (the team that just allowed a goal) stay at the positions they were defending prior to the goal even when the match restarts. Also, the replay says “Manchester United’s defenders” when it should be West Ham’s. I’ve got the pkm if you need it.
  4. Sure, a complex game and not a game-breaker but its ridiculous just how many I’m finding alone. Hire me SI, I’ll do the QA for you.
  5. Found two players both wearing no. 5 Seriously, how many bugs does this game have?
  6. I don’t mean to be rude, but that has absolutely nothing to do with my point. I’m not saying I can’t find ways to sell Dalot at 10mil. I’m saying if I offer him to clubs at 20, 25, even 30, and he says he wants to leave, he should be accepting offers from the likes of Roma and Lazio. If Dalot has lowest possible morale, turns in a transfer request and says on his player profile that he’s “desperate to leave” then him rejecting offers from big clubs is inexplicable. That is my point. It’s not like Roma or Lazio are too poor to match Dalot’s 35K/w contract at United. Same goes for the likes of Fred, Jones, Rojo, Matic. Of course I can find buyers for them at 5-10mil. But I should be able to find buyers for them when I offer 15-25mil, especially when they show every characteristic of a player wanting to leave, including blue question marks on their profile. Otherwise it’s just illogical, no? If the game conveys to me these players are desperate to be sold, they need to be accepting offers from other clubs. If this is not really the case, perhaps the dialogue should be changed to “looking to leave” or something less dramatic. They also shouldn’t turn in transfer requests. Maybe my English was poor, I apologize.
  7. Yes mate, I’ve tried everything.
  8. If by most recent you mean the update on 12.20, then yes.
  9. This mismatch is what I’m talking about. If they’re “desperate to leave” they need to leave when I accept 2+ offers, not reject 36 offers until the transfer window shuts. If players are still at the mental state of juggling wages and opting to stay (when they have 3+ years on their contracts) they shouldn’t be “desperate”, have trash morale and turn in transfer requests. An example:
  10. I am on the latest update, but I am getting no offers for these three players except for the usual suspects Southampton, West Ham & the occasional Sevilla. No idea how they are continuously rejected by Fred Rojo & Jones. At least you agree they are at a club far above their ability.. GGMU 😭
  11. This gets very annoying for me as well. I have a hatred of rojo, jones & fred. All three say they want to leave but reject like 30 offers from so’ton & west ham every single save, pisses me off. Transfer listing them has no effect whatsoever. At least the mismatch between player dialogue & actual offer results is definitely a bug. Too difficult to get rid of fringe shite since last year’s edition. Was much easier on 2018. At this point I’m wishing in-game Phil Jones has a nasty injury forcing him to retire.
  12. This doesn’t work for me. All players with more than one completely mastered position revert to their original positions. Also, this:
  13. About 99% done with this game. After the latest patch retraining positions hasn’t been working for me at all. Any player with more than one position completely mastered seems to be bugged. Posted about it in the SI forums here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/508923-cant-retrain-position/ The amount of bugs I’ve been finding since November have slowly been eating away the fun entirely. Feel more like a guinea pig than a player.