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  1. Yes I did and I ended up keeping it. I started by experimenting and that’s the one that has worked for me.
  2. Here is my tactic it has been working really great for me. I hope you’ll enjoy it, keep me updated because if you like it i’ll do a structured post about it.
  3. I would like to give my opinion having a lot of you being as many said « older » people who are looking for a better and newer version of CM. Personnally, I’ve never actually known CM and what i am looking for when playing is a really realistic play. I already played before the update with 2 teams switching between a first team squad including big names like Neymar or Pogba and a younger team with players like Havertz or Vinicius. Afterwards, these youngsters would get « promoted » to that first team and new young prospects would join the club. And I found it too easy throughout the seasons as I would constantly win everything. This last update made my game so much more enjoyable as I felt that switching the squads did have an effect on the overall gameplay. Some may answer my comment saying play the Pc version or either FMT but i don’t have such a device to be able to run either of these games and my only option is FMM. That brings me to this comment: This for me is the perfect option hoping that the developers would be open to such an idea because this could fit both of the demands of the community.
  4. lol2309

    Liverpool Player Suggestions

    i would recommand Kai Havertz as a universal striker/midfielder. He can go in any midfield or attacking position except striker. He is young and has a lot of potential. You could also try and go for Vinicius.
  5. I played with Madrid and was signing lot of young players, their abilities went down and their potential too.
  6. Hello, I have a problem, everytime I put a player nobody buys it or like i get half price offers. And then, when i try to offer them to clubs, it says that I received a couple enquiries but never any concrete offer. Is this a known bug? Is there any way to fix that?
  7. Hello, So I saw Foxy, Woody and Rob idea and i found it amazing. I am here looking for 2 other honest enough players not to cheat in anyway either restarting a game or the use of the IGE and serious enough to be present during the whole duration of the challenge. I’ll be waiting for anyone interested.
  8. That’s because he has no more potential. This message appears whenever a player reaches his potential and can’t therefore improve significantly.
  9. lol2309

    help me plz (about national team)

    The games doesn’t take into consideration the players created as to tell you which national team can be managed it does it at the start of your save. You need to restart a save with the corresponding leagues to be able to manage South Korea. Hope it helps!
  10. lol2309

    Ter Stegen to Spurs?

    Personnaly what I did while managing Real Madrid is that I sold both Navas and Courtois and bought Donnarumma alongside Lunin and this worked perfectly well for me so no need to spend a crazy amount of money on a goalkeeper.
  11. How a wonderful you 3 had! Would anyone on here be interested in doing the same thing?
  12. How do I get invited to any of the cups?