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  1. Great article, and fantastic discussion. I could agree with everything that have been said in the article and the comments (YAY for the half-naked dots!). A lot of things could be improved, but the thing that annoys me the most is the FREAKIN' ORANGE BALL!!! That thing seriously needs to be dropped.
  2. I, too, have been hit by FMM burnout. Seems to be spreading around, this. The only thing keeping me going is the prospect of gaining a junior. Now am in 9th season with 2 players announced retirement at the end of season, so won't be long now. Looking at this thread rekindle a long lost fire within. Am going to play, exactly after I hit "Submit reply".
  3. This is a very interesting experiment, as I have also wondered how a star studded club with a world class manager could not compete with me every season (I'm a thrifty manager who always look for bargains in the form of expiring contracts and rough diamonds in their teen years even though I have € 312 m in the coffers). I really do appreciate the initiative and the efforts. However, I would have to agree with others here who are saying the experiment is inconclusive. The duration of the experiment is too short, and the discrepancy between the objects are too wide. I would suggest expand the experiment by swapping the managers of 3-4 top clubs and 3-4 bottom clubs in the same division, and do it for 2-3 seasons. I think it will give a more conclusive data. Why not do it myself, you say? Well it's because I'm also thrifty IRL, and I couldn't see myself buying the IGE, which is quintessential for conducting this experiment 😁
  4. Ooooooooooooooohhh.... Drama....!!! Really feels like a season-ending cliffhanger, mate...
  5. Brutal, mate. Good luck with your challenge. I bought Silva also, but he's not developing that well. Seems I need to tweak my tactics more...