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  1. TheShaady

    Need help for training / recruiting

    Thanks for the advise ! Nice, have a good day !
  2. Hi, I want to know what is better between recruiting a 2.5 stars player (and potential of 3 stars) with 14/15+ in skill needed who is 24/25yo or recruit a young player (16/17yo) with 1 star and a potential of 4.5 stars with 7/8 in each skill needed and train him. If the second is worth, how can I train him ? Put him in the First Team and make him play or Second Team ? Sorry I'm french, hope you will understand ! EDIT : how can I find a young player for the role I want him to do (exemple : central defence). Because recruiter are random no ? Thanks
  3. Hi, Sorry for my english Im french ! I want to know why some stats are hightlited (see screen - Dribbling, shoot’, decisions’ etc). Thanks ! And can we search player’ by these highlited stat when we want to recruit ? EDIT : can we change theses hightlighted stat ? For exemple I want Neymar’ have Tackle hightlited (For exemple), can I ? Thanks !
  4. Nice ! Ill test it. Thanks for taking your time ! if anyone else has suggestions’ dont hesitate
  5. Hi, Firstly sorry for my english, I’m French.. I want to have Atletico Madrid tactics with explaination if possible. - 4-4-2 - counter ? - disciplined ? Creative ? - no possession - not to much goal, but very less goals conceed (win like 1-0, 2-0, 3-1) etc Can you post screenshot of each part of The tactics ? Dont’ hesitate to explain ! I joined screenshot’ of what I think. Whats ur mind about it ? Thanks a lot ! And sorry for my english!