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  1. geordiekrispy

    Geordiekrispy's UK Goal Challenge mk3 - Cymru

    Stage 1 - Wales Ok, so I as in my previous attempts I'm going with Cardiff Met Uni as they have the best training facilities and I'm going to need all the help I can get. Unfortunately, I can't use this challenge to complete @BatiGoal's Amateur challenge as to give myself the best bet of securing as good a job in Scotland and England I'm starting as world class, which is a shame as quite honestly, I think it's easy to win the league with the Cardiff Met Uni Squad. As I stated in my opening post, I'm using a Welshman to try and complete this leg of the challenge, my player in question is the Bolton reject (I mean that in the nicest way)... Jamie Thomas At 21 he's young enough that he should improve during the season and he's got a decent shooting and physical attributes already, so hopefully he can keep up with the rigours of being a long striker in my formation. Let's just say that he started off well, winning the Welsh Young player of the year awards in his first season... He definitely knew how to find the net too... The JD Welsh Premier League is one of those strange leagues that splits into 2 towards the end of the season and you only play the teams at your end of the table. When the split happened (with 10 games left to go) Jamie had to score 11 goals in 10 games to beat the record of 47 goals in the league in a season... Was it a tough ask? If he got injured he'd be out of the running until next season... So... How did he do? He absolutely smashed it! Ended up scoring 15 goals in 10 games and finished the season with a grand total of 53 goals in the league So we can safely say that we won the league and got into the Champions League qualification stages: Fixtures So now begins the next step... Getting a job in the Scottish leagues...
  2. So after a another failed challenge in my 1k from the bottom up, I decided to give @BatiGoal's UK Goal Challenge (now my UK Goal Challenge v2.0) another go as I fancied something a little less strenuous... Obviously I mistakenly decided to do it after updating to the Feb database patch... So I had no idea what was going to happen in terms of stamina and conditioning. I thought surely I can get 50ish goals in the league as it works out to just under 1.5 goals per game for all leagues and being able to rest my striker for the cup games means I might be able to keep him in good enough condition... But we'll see... The general idea is break the goal scoring record of the various UK leagues in numerical order, so Wales first, then Scotland, then N.Ireland, then England. My twist on it is that I have to do it using that nationality of player, so no just signing any random wonderkid or known international goal fiend to smash it, they've got to be that nationality! I have a feeling the jump to the Scottish Premier league will be interesting, depending on who gets sacked. But the big challenge will be getting a job at an English Premier League side after going to N.Ireland... I'm not limiting myself to entering the top league if I can't get a job in it, so getting a team promoted from the Scottish and/or English Championship is probably an easier option, plus it gives me more opportunity to get a good team built for my goal challenge in the top league.
  3. Wow, great start to this 1k. Always knew that Mirror had goals in him in the right set up.
  4. I think I wasn't quite on the ball with the minimum fee release clauses on the contacts of the more important players. Also, if I'd picked a player that I was able to get the national job for it would have helped with the goals tally and possibly the reputation with the player in question.
  5. The sticky end of the Pole Ok, I'm going to not put as much info into this post as it's the last one for this save as it had to end... Season 3- Sky Bet League Two The League Fixtures Jan Los Season 4 - Sky Bet League One The League Fixtures Jan Los Season 5 - Championship This was the start of the end unfortunately... After battling the past couple of seasons to keep Jan, he was eventually poached just after the winter transfer window and I didn't see the point in continuing as I could guarantee even with my very good regens from my academy I wasn't going to be able to afford to buy him back even if he wanted to come back. League Fixtures Jan Los I also got offered the England job, declined it and then the gave it back to Southgate... So all in all, not too bad not too good... Challenge Results Season 1 - 51 Season 2 - 69 Season 3 - 40 Season 4 - 59 Season 5 - 35 254/1000 So a quarter of the way there in 4 and a half seasons, if he continued to score at that rate it would take 16 seasons to complete... So really I needed to hit 100 goals after the first few seasons... Annoyingly he was doing well in the Rob Earnshaw challenge, having scored a hat trick in every competition apart from the FA Cup. I think that the lack of the Poland job coming up would have helped, but not a massive amount. Overall my tactics seem to prove that you can play gegen pressing in the lower leagues, and if Ukraine are anything to go by, internationally, but you need better players. But they leave something to be desired in terms of getting those big season numbers for a 1k challenge.
  6. Love the idea of this career. I'm going to have to rack my brains for something interesting to do for my next career now...
  7. Season 2 - The Polish imperative You'll have to excuse the lack of updates as life kind of got in the way, and it's really hard to try and get time to post a season update with a toddler, a baby, a busy job and GoT to catch up on. Right... So... Let's see if I can build on a pretty decent season last season! Transfers Not much to speak of, just replacing the people who left and loaning out the youth graduates. Competitions Vanarama National League Yup, won that at a fairly easy rate: FA Cup Got knocked out in the 2nd round by Scunthorpe FA Trophy Won with a bit of a battle against Leyton Orient Fixtures Ukraine As I mentioned above, the Ukraine FA decided to offer me the job, and I thought why not... My first challenge was the qualifying for the Euro's.. no you know, no pressure... With that out of the way it was just the actual Euro's to play... Now due to the way FMM updates, the group stage was in this season and the playoffs and finals were in the next one, and some how I've managed to lose those screenshots... So... I only lost to Italy, so not too bad, with some really good hammerings of Wales and Croatia in there too! Second Round was vs Switzerland Was a bit twitchy, but got there in the end. Next was Germany in the Quarter Final Not a single problem here! Let's see if we can keep the momentum going? In the Semi's we came up against number 1 ranked France Nope, they were just too good for us. But Besedin did manage to grab the golden boot. The actual challenge: Ok so back to the actual reason for this career, a certain Mr Jan Los... He again did ok, a slight improvement in stats: And a slightly better goals return: But people were starting to notice him and my other players, so it's going to be tough to keep hold of him/them. Challenge Results so far Season 1 - 51 Season 2 - 69 120/1000 This could be a long save unless he starts to hit a lot bigger numbers (which will start causing more issues with keeping him at Telford!). Hat-Trick Tally Vanarama National League North - Yes (a fair few, forgot to screenshot them) Vanarama National League - Yes League 2 League 1 Championship Premier League FA Cup - Yep (does 5 goals in one game count? :P) League Cup FA Trophy - Yes (but forgot to screenshot them) International/World Cup On a personal note I got offered the Newcastle job too...
  8. Great career and fantastic end total.
  9. geordiekrispy

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Looking forward to this first week, it's definitely going to be interesting...
  10. Thanks, I'm happy with hitting 50 goals after he was injured for 10 days, twice and he seems to have built up his stamina a bit more this season. Fingers crossed for an even better season!
  11. I'm not finished Season 2 yet, but I've got a problem... it's a nice problem though.... I've been offered the Ukraine national job, out of the blue, not applied for or anything... Given that it's January and the next game is in March, I'm really not sure if I should take it, I've been keeping an eye out for the Poland job but that seems pretty safe at the minute. Do I take the job to get my rating up and have a better chance of getting the Poland job if it comes up? Or decline it and concentrate on the league?
  12. Season 1 - The Pole of Poles Ok, so you've all seen the challenge I have ahead of me... 1k's seem hard enough, never mind doing it from the bottom of the English leagues up! I'll have to contend with 42 league games this season, plus cup runs. So I'm hoping for at least a goal or two a game to get a decent start on the board. Let's see how it goes... Transfers Obviously there is a lot of transfers in the first season and this attempt is no different. I pretty much sold the entire squad and brought in all new faces, who tended to be foreign... Hey it's not my fault if the best available isn't British! Transfers Out Transfers In Literally the only expenditure was my striker and a defender, I hoped to turn the loan into a permanent deal, but they wanted millions so that didn't happen. Competitions League If I said it was a comfortable win, I think I'd be under selling it... FA Cup We got all the way to the 4th round, not too shabby, taking out Bournemouth and losing to Watford. FA Trophy Our second piece of silverware this season! With Jan getting a brace in the final. Games The main man So how did our man Jan Los do this season? Well he got injured for a few weeks and was really struggling for fitness for a while, so he only managed 50 games... But at a goal a game I can't complain too much... But there was a surprise, when Jan was injured his understudy/AMC partner stepped up and quite frankly smashed it out of the park! If I can keep hold of both players, this may end up being a Double Trouble attempt at the least. Team stats Awards Well I managed to snag manager of the month pretty much every month, apart from the last one and first one due to me not having to play in the playoffs and then manager of the year too. And Los was top scorer with Steczyk right behind him. My manager profile at then end looks more rainbow than green though... Challenge Results so far Season 1 51/1000 I think I will also try for the Rob Earnshaw hat-trick challenge when I get up to League 2... Hat-Trick Tally Vanarama National League North - Yes (a fair few, forgot to screenshot them) Vanarama National League League 2 League 1 Championship Premier League FA Cup - Yep (does 5 goals in one game count? :P) League Cup FA Trophy - Yes (but forgot to screenshot them) International/World Cup
  13. Madness! a 1k LLM? Ok Vibe, I am obviously mad as for my first ever 1k challenge I have decided to try not with a safe bet like PSG or Real Madrid or any other big names... But with lowly AFC Telford, yes that pinnacle of footballing greatness that is currently in the Vanarama National League North. The my thinking for this is that surely the large number of games at the lower end of the English football pyramid means that with the right player(s) they should be able to score a decent amount early on, when they tend to be in the lower numbers and then as we progress up the leagues, they should improve, along with the team around them and hopefully I can nab a ITN job for the relevant nation to help out on the way too! But why AFC Telford? Well, honestly for 2 reasons, their initial training and youth facilities are shown as excellent... I have no idea why... But I'm hoping it'll save me some money/board requests in the short term. So which player of players, which legend in the making did I choose for this crazy challenge? Well none other than.... The Polish superstar in the making... (I hope)... Jan Los Obvioulsy his shooting leaves a bit to be desired, but his Decisions and Leadership, along with his Technique should prove useful in the lower leagues. I'll do the usual stuff here (manager profile etc and get the 1st season posted too). Wish me luck!
  14. geordiekrispy

    Scratch Tries: A China 1KC [On a break]

    Completely understandable man. Take a break, come back play a couple of short challenges, not a big long one, enforce only playing for an hour or something? I only play on the commute to work and maybe while the wife is getting ready for bed.
  15. Very nice draw for the heed. Good luck in the upcoming season.