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  1. I'm in Perth WA, so not sure what's going on with your store...
  2. The next second he clicks on the "leaders" section which is under his face. It's essentially the same but with "Team Leaders", "Influential Players" and "Others"
  3. The main game had core, and then secondary and other as the other groups. From Lollujo's review video:
  4. If they need to learn a language to play better in that league, fingers crossed we can send them on a course. Same as sending coaches on a training course.
  5. Is it a drop due to changing of training facilities? I didn't play last year so I'm not sure how bad it could be, these screenshots only show a drop of 1 point in 3 categories; Passing, Tackling, Decision. But he went up in Positioning.
  6. I'd be up for helping but I generally don't have the attention/knowledge to give an accurate "report"
  7. Lollujo gets a review out before it's out on Android
  8. At least they're responding and it's just taking it's time getting through the Google machine.
  9. I think the question will be who will be the first to post a completed 1k challenge...
  10. Has anyone tweeted Football Manager? If there's something gone wrong on Android's side then surely they'd need to be told...
  11. Congrats! I tried this in fmm19, probably going to give it a go again this year
  12. Anyone compared this version to the "official" version on fmm21? It'd be interesting to see what the difference is.
  13. Grr... It's not available to me in the Aussie play store yet