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  1. I think the most draws in a season just seems a bit strange, we're not playing for draws. But highest scoring implies that you're going for goals, but might not have the best defence. So you're unlikely to get least goals conceded. Personally I think it's fine to stay as is.
  2. Well done @Ashez! I think a special mention should go to @Kun Aguero for getting all but 2 numbers without getting a single line!
  3. I say no I can't score 79 goals in 4 games... I've only been able to manage 17 in my last 4 games. Weak I know!
  4. Damn it, I want to join the French party, but I've got no way of getting 79 more miles in 2 weeks
  5. Wow, they're some great players @Albionic! You should be able to get a good score out of them. Now, fingers crossed something becomes available for me soon. I think I've broken Wood though, he's already had 3 months out injured this season so far...
  6. Personally I'd change the Control mentality for Attacking. Take off the Look for Overlap, you're playing Full-Backs so they're more defensive minded than Wing-Backs and will be caught out too often. Change the tempo to Slow or Normal, Fast will leads to more misplaced passes with a lower quality side. Change the Anchorman to a BWM or a DLP, if you change to a DLP, change the AP to a Box-to-Box. I've also found that having one Winger and one IF means you're IF will score a load of goals, but you still need the Winger to put the crosses in.
  7. See I feel like the tactic I've been using in pretty much all my longer term saves is pretty much plug and play. But I use Overload, I've tried dropping down to Attacking and it just seems to be slightly less effective. It doesn't matter at what level I play, I haven't tried right at the bottom of the English leagues, but I used it in Australia and honestly I think it's not much difference in league quality My problem is that now I find whenever I try to adapt it to a different formation, it just doesn't seem as good so I go back to it to ensure I score the goals I need with my lone striker. I cannot for the life of me get a more than 1 striker formation working properly! It just feels too open at the back and I lose the midfield battle.
  8. Damn, I was so close to getting that extra point and being able to scratch off another number! 1 goal this week, that's all it was!
  9. Yeah I've been looking at the all teams in range in game, rather than just in the table in real life. Some clubs have been relegated twice and other new ones have come up from the lower divisions.
  10. I have a feeling I'm going to have to go the Northern route rather than the Southern or central routes, which means a lot of miles are needed...
  11. Nice move! There goes one the clubs on my possible route through France though...