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  1. The question is can he play alongside Raul... Good job they both speak Spanish!
  2. Best of luck. Ajax seems a perfect choice for a strikerless challenge. How he does will depend on who else you bring in, I'm guessing he'll get at least 30 but probably no more than 60 goals. But he'll get about the same number of assists.
  3. They're only second because they were booted out of the FA Cup early I should have a game in hand, and they must only be above me by two points, and only a point behind @Rich who also has a game in hand on them. Oooh! It's going to be a cracking end of the season.
  4. I feel that the lower league players can't play as BPDs, they just lack the abilities, if you change them to CDs you may have more success in keeping things tight at the back, also I find WBs get overlapped by opposing wingers too much in the lower leagues, changing them to FBs should help as well. But obviously this will take away some of your attacking umph as it were.
  5. That majestic pony tail! My all time favourite Newcastle player is probably Rob Lee, he could pull the strings so well from midfield. And his partnership with Speed was immense. Not sure you'd class him as unsung though. Loved Aaron Hughes too, guy was an ever present in defence for years.
  6. They've already said they aren't going to try and compete straight away. It's a long term project, like staying sane whilst it's rumbling on and we have to put up with Bruceball and no signings
  7. Typical Man City trying to buy the league!
  8. Yay! Back to winning ways and increasing the gap above 3rd place @broodje kip again 😎
  9. Definitely. Last month was harder, but I'd be able to get one of them straight away, usually the retired player.
  10. Fantastic result for the World. Was a really fun challenge overall, great set of challenges and a great write up of the whole thing @FuddledFox. I also think I should get extra points for not only getting Joelinton to score more than 1 goal, but also getting Andy Carroll to score back to back hat-tricks!
  11. I'm still above him. I feel like my defenders just didn't get on the bus to Manchester...
  12. I should get mine smashed out in the next 4-5 hours. Got to put the kids to bed and then just play the last 2 or 3 games, I can't remember how many I've got left.
  13. It's one of the challenges I'm scared to actually do as I feel I'll fail miserably.
  14. YAY!!!! @Rich lost! And @broodje kip didn't play in the league.