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  1. I'd say wait until I finish. I'm up to March so I can try and finish the season tonight it tomorrow morning (my time). Yep looks like I'm last man standing @Albionic All the more trophy points for me as unless @Rich just gives me the miles I'll need, I'm here for another full season I reckon.
  2. Do the people who've finished remove the season bonuses this season or going from next season?
  3. So are we playing that when you get to your final club that's it? Or are we playing that you can still get points on the board for 3 seasons, in terms of trophies? Just need to know if I'm playing on my lonesome for the next season or two
  4. Glad to see that someone is learning from my mistakes Personally I think it's the everyone's a goalscorer that killed me, that and the playing 5 up front!
  5. Well has that blown out one of my predictions? We'll have to wait and see!
  6. I think if fans had been in the stadium since the start of the season, he would have gone in Jan. He'd lost the dressing room and the results were shocking. The problem is I doubt anyone wants the job, not with Ashley in charge at the minute. Everyone's seen how he treated Rafa, it's probably the biggest poison chalice in English football (if not European there is). Also the "threat" of a takeover that could happen at any point means the job would not be safe enough for it to be thought of as anything other than caretaker. The media portray the fans as wanting Europe and silverware all the time, yes it'd be nice. But most, if not all Newcastle fans just want a team that was enjoyable to watch. Rafa proved that you didn't have to win things to have the entire fan base behind you (pretty much, there were still some people saying he was to defensive, but they're the deluded ones that go on TalkSport and say we should be pushing for titles and Europe every year). I reckon most Newcastle fans realise nothing is going to change until the takeover/court case/tribunal/dice are thrown/toys are thrown/big 6 decide/the wind changes/the groundhog comes out and says it's summer/the glitch in the matrix is fixed/Ashley's favourite pub gets rid of it's fireplace/Bacon is taxed higher as it's a European import/god knows what else, is over and the dust settles there's going to be no change. But we still need it to be made heard that we're not happy about it!
  7. I think you're right. The only thing that will remove Bruce from the position at Newcastle is a take over. I doubt Ashley is going to stump up the cash to sack him, and I doubt he'll walk away. But if the fans are back in the stadiums next year he's going to get to get shredded (like the cabbage in a kebab) by the home fans.
  8. So, just to get it clear. I've got to make a prediction for all players left, including myself? As it's a bonus, we're doing it here rather than a private message right?
  9. Good "building" season. I think the next few you'll start to see a big increase in goals and therefore assists.
  10. That's really close to the tactic I've been using recently. I've been using a poacher rather than AF as I wanted to keep my striker more central, but I've also been using a B2B and CM with a AP in the AMC position. The AP has been nabbing a bunch of goals, but my strikers have been scoring a hatful too, Shaw in my UK goal challenge is a prime example. I've also tweaked it to have a TM and a P up front, with a single CM and AP (in AMC), and the TM is getting an almost equal amount of goals and a bunch of assists too. Hvilsom and Aelterman in my TTR save have been using this tweaked version. I've also been inspired by the article about man marking and had my CM and IWBs on man marking, it seems to stop a lot of crosses, but that's where most of my goals against me come from, the IWBs being passed around and the opposition wingers either coming in and shooting or crossing for a striker.
  11. Good luck, I'm sure your tactics will need a little tweak, but you'll still smash the 1k target.
  12. It's not a patch on Woodgate's Real Madrid one though