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  1. I still am amazed that the dutch leagues still have to qualify for a european competition even if they win the league.
  2. I'm not sure salary caps could work, or they'd be at a level where they're almost pointless... Other leagues have salary caps, Australia for example and it really doesn't help, but the a-league is a mess anyway.
  3. Well... that was a fun 24-48 hours! So ESL's DOA. Certain clubs have realised that maybe they need "common people" to actually give them money so they can make money. Jose's out. We'll see how bad the dressing room was when they play next, but I expect a bit of a bounce. and oh yeah the Newcastle takeover arbitration is still on going, but surely everything that has been said about the top 6 not wanting it and forcing the Premier League's hand is surely now being looked at in a different light?
  4. You could do it as a choice, so the player finishing their route chooses which one to remove.
  5. Yep, I can see FIFA and EUFA backing down, and it all going ahead. With teams either in the ESL or the CL. I agree that there will be a club that is vastly out-resourced by the others *cough* Spurs *cough* and so they'll have to be resigned to being bottom of the pile constantly. And what players wants to go do that? They'd probably be seen as going for the money, like players who went to China or USA were a few years ago. I can't imagine the any of the domestic leagues kicking the clubs out either, or taking points off them. So it'll come down to those that currently have the most cash and clout will remain in power, but totally devalue the Champions League/Europa League.
  6. You'd think there'd be some thrill in the push for survival, but it kind of takes any sense of achievement away when you know you're going to be in the same situation next season, and the season after that and on and on. I actually think it's Man City and Chelsea who are wavering, the others are owned (or part owned) by americans so they don't see an issue with not being able to be relegated as in the US sport leagues, it's not a thing. Spurs just want to ride on the backs of bigger clubs I reckon as they know they're not going to win the league or champions league any time soon. The thing about people wanting to watch Barca vs Man Utd or Juve vs Man City is that they only come about once every year or so, if it becomes every other week, then it becomes boring. If this goes through I see players pushing for transfers so they can compete in the Euros or World Cup, which means you'd either get youngsters, older players or mercenaries playing in the "Super League". But I can't see Fifa an Eufa actually following through with that.
  7. So... how most Newcastle fans have felt for the last 2ish seasons? Literally the joy of football sucked out of the club by inept management and constant skirting with survival as all that's all that matters. Thrown in the roller coaster of takeover rumours every transfer window.
  8. I'm just waiting on Bruce managing to secure survival due to the "big 6" being docked points and being touted by his mates in the media as doing a good job...
  9. Wow, I feel like I'm the only one who's at least another season away from my destination club... edit: I re-read the rules...
  10. Yep, in England you can only sign players who are right at the end of their contracts. European clubs don't have that issue. It's something to do with the Bosman ruling and the legal ramifications of player's rights to play or something.
  11. If the Jose story is true. I wonder if any players will refuse to train/play. Can you imagine if Kane or Messi or Ronaldo all say nope. This will be dead in the water.
  12. If there's no "big" 6 to object to the takeover it's time for cans!
  13. Today is mental! If this all happens, do we want Jose at Newcastle to finish Bobby's dream?
  14. The think with the Premier league when it was set up, was that you could get promoted/relegated from it. With this ESL you can't, currently anyway. If the players are banned from playing in any other competition (domestic, European or worldwide) then no player will want to play in it. If it goes through I can see a load of players leaving their clubs. Forcing a transfer out. Did Jose get sacked because he complained or just because he wasn't doing well enough?
  15. I honestly can't decide if I can see this going ahead or not. There's essentially pure outrage from all corners apart from the clubs involved, including their own supporters associations (I feel that some of them will get on board once the games start). If FIFA and EUFA continue on the line they're indicating, those players could be banned from playing domestic, european or worldwide football. So essentially, the clubs are kicked out of the leagues and players can't play in the Euros or World Cups for their national teams. That could push the clubs to do it out of spite, but it'd be interesting to see if there's a mass exodus of players to teams not in the ESL. Or It doesn't go ahead and the clubs have a massive PR nightmare to clean up, from all sides. It's not a coincidence that various league TV rights are up for renewal/renegotiation, with the "big 6" wanting a bigger slice of the Premier League money, because "they're worth it". I think PSG would jump at the chance once the Qatar world cup is out of the way.
  16. Nice wrote up @George Traistă Wow! That's some serious scores on the board. Yay, I do like being tight at the back... @Rich finally another bonus I should be able to make proper use of! I'd be surprised if @JamesVilla doesn't finish first. So I'm going to have to get some serious miles in...
  17. Quick update at the mid-point of the my Championship season, this is how the table is looking at the start of Jan: The teams in the the top 4 seem to be my bogey teams (which makes sense as they're Premiership teams really). I couldn't afford to get the strikers I wanted as I didn't have the wage or transfer budget available to me, but I managed to snag this guy who's stats appeared very low, but with some potential to improve. But... he's hit the wall as you can see. I'll do another update once the season is complete, hopefully with promotion being achieved!
  18. Yeah it was definitely a step up, but not a massive one, I think Scottish L2 might be equivalent, but probably more teams in the mix for promotion. Wales seems a bit like the Scottish Premiership, a couple of teams battling it out each year. Thanks, I was pretty confident in going up, just feared it would be via the playoffs, not as champions!
  19. I've actually been using inverted wingbacks and a CM on man marking all times. And I "think" it's limiting the goals that have been scored against me, I think the playmakers have generally been restricted.
  20. A quick update at the end of the second season (first in Scotland). The team was quite frankly a mess, over the wage budget, with a load of loan players on 100% wages who hadn't played. Plus massive gaps in the squad, like 1 left back in the entire club, but 6 goalies including 3 on loan! After a bit of wheeling dealing on the free transfer market and getting rid of some loans I managed to win the league on the final day, with some very strange results along the way. Winning 8-0 one week, then getting beat 3-1 the week after. Anyway, here's the final league table: Now to see what transfer budget I have next season in the Championship! And to see if I can get a good Scottish striker in to start scoring and getting used to the team/tactics before, fingers crossed, getting another straight promotion to the Premiership.
  21. I know your pain. Trying to get my team to concede was hard. I had to go to a less defensive tactic, which didn't help as I was scoring more so they didn't have the ball to score against me!
  22. It also needs to be said that they are your scout/coach assessments of the player... So if you get better staff, they may change along with the form of the player changing their star rating. And I feel like if you've got player who is much better than the rest of your team, the stars are lower as they're measured against them rather than on their own rights.
  23. So after riding a relative high from last season, we managed to get some more slightly better fresh faces in to the squad, with a quite hefty transfer kitty of nearly 300k! I knew that playing in all the European qualifying rounds would be tough on the squad as it was so small, so I maybe went a bit overboard, but the team report was still saying that I was missing depth in all positions... Roscrow started off really well, having a really good pre-season/euro qualifying, getting into double figures before we even started the season for real. Then this happened in mid-Sept: After that, he took ages to get back to full fitness due to the sheer amount of games that we were playing; league, Europe (spoilers!), the Nathanial MG Cup and the SPFL Trust Trophy, which meant we were playing 2 games a week pretty much every week. Luckily my replacement Welsh strikers were fairly capable in filling in, don't let their attributes fool you; Here's our escapades in our European adventure: We won the Nathaniel MG Cup again: So the keen eyed among you may have noticed that a lot of these screenshots were taken in February rather than at the end of the season, this is due to the Scottish Premiership teams all deciding to have a changing of the guard in terms of their managers, and so this lead to the Championship teams also following suit, and it trickling down to League 1. Which meant a lot of applying for roles, with a lot of messages from the board and my Loyalty attribute taking a massive hit... But it got me a 4 and a half hour drive up the M6 So finally, we can see how Roscrow was doing; With TNS sitting pretty at the top of the league: And here's my manager profile and history too: So fingers crossed we can secure automatic promotion, then build the squad to push for promotion to the Premiership and have a good Scottish striker banging in the goals to get this stage underway properly!