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  1. Halfway through season 10 and here's a little teaser of how it's going... Also, I updated my phone to Android 12 and now the screen resolution has changed... Which is annoying as my gif of all the player attributes will have be a different size for the last 2 screenshots.
  2. So are we saying that the fans are being unfair to Ole yet? I know of a great guy who's currently out of work. Loves Man Utd too! Would be perfect replacement... 😎
  3. We just seemed so bad at passing. We just invited wave after wave of pressure. It was only a matter of time before they scored, their disallowed goal is reckon was border line. I can't remember Fraser doing anything other than getting kicked in the head early game. Having Almiron on meant we had some energy midfield. Joelinton had a couple of nice touches but he's either not good enough or so lacking in confidence that he may as well not be on the pitch. But, we did actually look fairly solid when defending, we just had to do it literally all game so there was obviously going to be mistakes made. We're just lucky they didn't mean more goals. If someone comes I , I reckon we need to change to a flat back 4 with someone else as LB. Ritchie has his moments, but he's painfully slow. We can then have more energy in midfield with Hayden, Almiron, Willock with Longstaff, Shelvey or someone else coming on when they start to get tired.
  4. It's a really weird situation. There's a really good article on the Athletic about what we need. But in summary we need some one who can help keep us up in the short term, someone who can build a good squad and academy and the someone who can start to challenge for trophies. The thing is there is no 1 such person. It all depends on the structure that they set up, I'm not quite sure of the nuances between a director of football and a sporting director. But I think that's what we need. Someone who can work with a head coach and get the right players for the squad now and the future. If we go down the head coach route, the people like Lampard and Gerrard I don't think it'll work. I feel like they want to be managers not head coaches. Slight difference but they want to be in charge of everything not just the coaching and tactics. Probably the same for Howe. Martinez I think could do a decent job, but it's not as if he's a big name, but that might be what we want/need right now. Favre I think is the next manager, when we're re-established and want to make the next step. I think Fonseca might be a good shout, he'll play attractive football which the fans will enjoy but his defensive record is t great at Roma. I've read talk about Overmars from Ajax as DOF, yes he's done a good job but you can't exactly say he built anything, he just improved a failing system, if it was failing at all. I've read about Ragneric but I don't think he'd want to come now. Maybe in the next stage of our development. In the 30 odd years I've actively supported Newcastle, there have been 16/17 managers. Of those I think there have been 3 that I can turned out to be the right person at the right time; Keegan's first appointment Robson's appointment Rafa's appointment I honestly thought that McLaren would have been better than he was. He should have been better. I'm not sure there is a "correct" person for the job right now, but I don't know the managers/head coaches as well as I used to. So TL/DR. I think Martinez or Fonseca. But it'll depend on who we bring in as DOF style person.
  5. Isn't that any challenge that @Rich does? Ooh! Shots fired 😎 joking aside, there not much that challenge would do other than only buy players that are not actually needed for your club and literally aim for 17th place in the Premier League.
  6. Love it! I'll test it out tomorrow... I kind of want to see how bad my York team are 😎
  7. Honestly, I'm tempted to. See if I can win the league. This is my transfer budget for the 10th season, I swear that's doubled from last year...
  8. Thank gods for that! Looks like Fonseca is odds on favourite to be given the job.
  9. End of Season 9 The announcements for the FM22 Mobile have really made me want to get this challenge completed ASAP, it was still a struggle though. I’ve no idea why it seems to take so long to play these games. I don’t have to do transfers and it’s really only just picking the best players (I hardly do any squad rotation as the non-best XI are quite frankly rubbish). I think I just agonise over every mistake and try to tweak tactics a lot, roles and the instructions and then see if it makes a difference, but it really shouldn’t take as long as it does. But I was pretty settled on my 4-2-2-2 for the first half of the season and then at home against “lesser” teams and 4-1-2-2-1 away and when we were not favourites (plus when we had injuries to a striker). The Squad Goalkeepers Defence Midfield Attackers Overall Training Attributes The Best XI Current and Potential Ratings Transfers Academy Players Released Awards Retiree(s) Manager Profile & History Job Offers I didn’t get a single job offer this season. Leagues & Cups League FA Cup Carabao Cup Euro Cup End of Season Review We had a pretty damn good season we were in the European places pretty much the entire season, just unable to break through to the top 4. Which is annoying as looking at the final tables, there was only a couple of games in it! I’ve had a weird situation where I’ve renewed contracts and then it doesn’t seem to change the squad status of the player afterwards. Not sure if that’s causing issues or not in terms of squad morale/relationships/hierarchy… I really want to win the FA Cup this next season, I’m probably going to prioritise it over the league games that are near it. I’d love to win the Euro Cup as well, we were very fortunate with the group stage this season, I can’t see it being that easy next season, but the Sevilla showed us up in that first game and losing on away goals after winning our home leg was bittersweet. Last season to go now and I’ll see how much I can improve on our final league position, probably not much as everyone else is obviously strengthening and replacing people when we aren’t. I think it’s helpful that most of the bigger teams have been relegated at some point so the AI is obviously helping as much as it can do with the horrible team building, weirdly it’s the current “mid to bottom table” teams we struggle against more, the likes of Everton/Southampton/Brighton/Bournemouth.
  10. What a season! Totally messed up the league in the last few months, but won the champions league and lost the fa cup final. I'm happy with that! Well done @Titjes for running this
  11. As it's Danny Murphy it'll be "Keep faith in Bruce, he's a local lad and is really nice. It's not his fault the tactics are rubbish and the players have no cohesion. It's all the fans's fault."
  12. I also have to bring attention to the guy in the, let's call it tweed jacket that acts like a jack-in-the-box with his arms. Love this clip. https://twitter.com/StevenNUFC/status/1449847703798693888?t=019uZwGBqcLMUwCSS7BHlQ&s=19
  13. Yeah, the little clips I've seen of players like Ritchie listening to Jones rather than Bruce just screams a lack of confidence in the manager. In the old parlance I'd say he's almost "lost the dressing room" but he hasn't quite as they know a change is coming, bit like Winter... Everything he's done shows that he's not a "fan of this club" other than he was born here and so supported them when he was young, but after getting rejected by everyone, he went elsewhere just like so many other promising young players from the area. You know that he would jump at the chance of getting the Man Utd job. Not that they ever would offer it to him, they'd look at his track record and just laugh. He's never managed a "top" club, Newcastle is the highest point of his career and that's quite frankly depressing. I do feel that that they've told Bruce that he's just caretaker now rather than head coach. If he had any sense, he'd just sit back or even in the stands and look like he's doing a "tactical" thing and let Jones do the shouting (which he is anyway) rather than shout different things to the same person. Fingers crossed they get a DOF or new manager in asap as it's just reducing the number of games that are left to get points from.
  14. This is so true, it's still Bruce's team until January and whoever is in charge can buy new players, I'm guessing the dross will still be here as who would want to buy them! Can't Jamal Lewis play left back? Why isn't he? Never understood the sheer amount of players we're playing out of position week in, week out. I read somewhere that he was wanting to prove himself to the new owners, had changed his diet etc. Maybe that new diet didn't agree with him and he really needed to get back to the changing rooms... When he walks off the pitch, he supposedly looked up at the directors box and people say there was a look on his face of "Well I've f***ed that up then didn't I!" Honestly, I think any manager with our squad could do better, the players are good enough to ensure we don't go down this season. They just don't know how to play together as a team. They don't know the jobs they're supposed to be doing. Which comes down to coaching. We need a complete overhaul of the backroom staff, if that includes Jones then so be it. He did well last season and that led to his "call up to the England camp" but we don't know how much influence he actually had there, unless I've missed that. But if he has to be in charge for a week or 3 then so be it. It can't be any worse can it? Literally, just letting the players run their own training would probably be better than Bruce's training sessions!
  15. Yeah the highlights I saw looked like we made you look amazing... It's going to be a struggle to get that squad of players playing good enough to save us from relegation. Wonder if the O&D test has to be done again for teams getting promoted from the Championship?
  16. Wow! We are done in terms of the title race! Fingers crossed we can beat Barca in the Champions League semi's. Then I'm guessing it's between Leeds City and Real Madrid for the final.
  17. I hate the fact that the Newcastle v Spurs game kicks off at 23:30 for me, I cannot justify staying up that late when I've got to be up like 6 hours later to go to work... And I reckon we're going to lose, it'll be a great atmosphere at the start. Just wonder if the crowd will turn at any point if we're getting hammered...
  18. No idea why Klopp has swapped Militao and TAA in terms of the position they're playing. Works much better the other way!
  19. Nah it's the same number (12 screens) unless I miscounted.
  20. It appears so and 5 playable nations! Plus hot pink seems to be this year's colour...
  21. https://c.tenor.com/me9TEcXhQuIAAAAM/someone-else-the-simpsons.gif
  22. I think we'll need someone more proven than Lampard or Gerrard to help steady the ship. Rodgers would have been good, but he's not going to leave Leicester. Someone who's got experience in the Premier League would be good, along with someone who is happy to start the rebuild but doesn't expect to be challenging for major trophies in a couple of years. Actually, the more I think about it... Lampard seems like a fairly decent fit... He's not going to stay for ages, as we'll get someone better in 3-4 years. He knows the league. But he's not particularly good... That's where someone like Howe would be better.
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