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  1. Massive thanks to you boys for organising and putting up with us!
  2. Edit - thought I saved over this but I’d backed it up! Carry on...
  3. Jeez that was close! Well played @smoggy90. That went to the wire! Took me a while to get 3 assists too and I went all season without conceding a penalty let alone saving one. Well played everyone.
  4. I was just showing how it’s not actually too different a formation compared to other teams and they had more than one CB. Going by what the post above and Sky Sports said... Im sure they set up differently however as tactics are never as simple as illustrated.
  5. They used to have exact same positions but in FMM20 it’s just the primary (or one of, if there’s multiple) position that stays the same. That and the feet. That’s all now. Everything else can change. Well, nationality tends to stay the same but it can change too. It’s to make it a bit harder to find regens (which I like).
  6. Something like this at quick glance: Ignore the roles. I just put anything down. And Angelino is on left wing (sky sports had this line up vs your google link and it makes more sense). Angelino is on loan from city so not in this DB yet. Essentially he and Mukiele are playing as wingbacks higher up the pitch. Like wolves do. So it’s probably more of a 5-3-2 without the ball and then wingers and AP push up with the ball to give a 3-2-5. Looks solid. 3-4-3 works well this year I’ve heard and it’s not too dissimilar to that.
  7. They’ve got 3 at the back. The wide players in midfield will be their wingers. It’s like a 3-4-3 but with one less striker and a DM. So 3-5-2 I guess. That will be a flat back 3 in possession. Most teams today actually play 2-3-5 or 3-2-5 with the ball. We tend to look at formations out of possession eg 4-4-2, 4-3-3 etc but with the ball big teams attack with 5 attackers, 1 in each vertical to give width. A few formations on here start off like that. They look really attacking but so long as you keep possession you’re ok. The tactic I’m using for my triple threat challenge is a 2-3-5 so 2 CB, 3 MF, 2 Attacking wingers, 3 Strikers. I’ll look at this tactic out of interest...
  8. Looks familiar... Think I’ve got him third time round. Looks like Rossi Not sure if his potential is that high as don’t have editor but feet fit him as does position, age and nationality.
  9. I didn’t get all the targets either. Didn’t concede a penalty all season, let alone save one.
  10. I’ll only know if this was tough or not when I see others’ scores. Once I got my head around the points I found it ok. They said, I may have massively screwed it up and come bottom so who knows!
  11. I can honestly say I have absolutely no idea how I’ve done! This was a fun one though.
  12. Didn’t think about team spoiler before posting that. Oops!
  13. Right. Getting stuck into this now. Team ready and first game went close to beginning the unlocks...