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  1. Looking good mate, keep it up
  2. Season 16 Good season but not quite as good as last year. I fiddled around with my team too much trying to bring some new players in when they weren't needed. Still a solid season. Lost a couple of games in the league and lost the league final on pens to those pesky gooners but still a good trophy haul. Team chipping in with assists nicely Lads are looking good. I think they've peaked now but I said that last year and Ferreira is just amazing now. Wasted at FL maybe. Anyway, nice to break the 500 goal mark. Under 1000 to go...
  3. MikeF

    Kanchelskis also goes Dutch! (Season 5)

    Yeah Boadu was great for me. I had him in a pair up front for my Double Trouble challenge and got 75 out of him one season. He’d clear 100 on his own no doubt. I might try and squeeze in a 1k with him after my triple threat.
  4. This should be a challenge in itself. Kind of like the Neil Warnock challenge but having to resign at the end of each season, promoted or not. How many promotions at end of career or however long you can handle without being driven insane... The only stat that counts at the end of each season is Promoted: Yes/No.
  5. Season 15 Now that's more like it. The boys smashed it this season. Ferreira is looking immense and continuing to improve. The other two look decent. I've gone for a FL/FC/FR set up this season as opposed to FC/FC/FC and they settled in well. 142 goals. Undefeated all season (apart from one CL group game losing 2-0 to Real but thumped them in the final as revenge). Team stats: Scores: That was nice to get 140+ and took a big chunk off the remaining goals tally. Let's hope we can do it again.
  6. Good luck mate. Sounds like a good challenge to finish fmm19 on.
  7. MikeF

    Help Choose Players

    I pick the best players based on formation and roles. That and who I just take a shine to. I dont often listen to coaches or their star system as that changes depending on form etc. I prefer to decide for myself. If going to an unknown club I’ll look at the team report to get an idea but then look for players with strong attributes that suit my style of play and roles. Retraining can be useful too sometimes. I like my BPD so will look to retrain a CM or DM with good stats and usually better on the ball.
  8. Season 14 Pretty damn good season here. Only lost 1 game in the league (right at the end of the season - typical) and unfortunately lost out in the CL final but scored lots and have settled on final formation now. Players progressing well: Competitions: Team stats: Broke 100 goals which is nice, need to up this to 120+ but this should be doable once they can get a few more games under their belts each season. They were tired a lot as i was overplaying them.
  9. MikeF

    Wing Back Movement Attribute

    Movement here is movement off the ball (and maybe something else combined from full version?) so the key stat for a wing back is their positioning when the team lose possession as opposed to making runs looking for the ball. The two tend not to go hand in hand as if you make a lot of runs off the ball you’ll typically be out of position a lot. Playmakers and attackers will have high movement as they make runs but their positioning is usually low.
  10. MikeF

    FMM19 Bug List

    It does that but he will train in the new position so just leave it. Sounds like a big though.
  11. Season 13 A solid start for the boys in our first full season at City with just under 100 goals scored, averaging a combined 2.0 goals per game. I need more depth in the squad as they were being over played massively (and a few results suffered because of it) but all in all i'm happy with this to kick things off. Sounds like Ferreira might have peaked listening to my coaches but he looks good enough. I'm currently training him and 'Slim' Shadi as IF as I want to play them FL and FR but currently have three in the middle so maybe i'll rethink that as they're doing well. The holy trio: Won the league, FA Cup and Europa so brought some decent silverware in. Also smashed Liverpool 10-1 along the way. Team performed well, i'm still tweaking my formation but think i'm almost there: Latest scores:
  12. Season 12 Only a half season here as I moved to City in January. Here's how the new boys got on... Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Some good growth there but they're still young. Naylor scored a lot of goals. Ferreria is on pens and free kicks so picked up a few. El Egazey didn't do a whole lot to be honest! But he's young and growing still. I'm hoping he'll settle into his role up front, I think he's more of a winger/inside forward and playing at FR will take some time to settle. I managed to get into a Europa spot. When i took over they had 30 points from 21 games. (9w, 3d, 9l). I got 39 points from the next 17 games dropping only 12 points (12w, 3d, 2l) which i'm happy with. Especially considering the state of the squad. Also won the FA Cup. Some rebuilding is needed to get the team fit for my tactic so lets see what the board give me to play with this summer. A slow start but I've only just kicked off:
  13. MikeF

    FMM19 Bug List

    Won’t let me sign a player. I bid. Bid gets accepted. Contract offer accepted. Then deal gets cancelled for no reason. Over and over.