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  1. Season 5 Quick update as have been away for a few days so this season took longer to finish. Not much change. Managed to scrap a Euro spot. Tried to buy a few youngsters to develop when I should have got some established players so was quite inconsistent but did bag the MOTY award again. Points haven’t changed much and no other jobs around again. This is going to take me some time... Although did manage to pull this signing off... He’s 31 and I’m paying him a stupid amount but the team needs make a big jump in stature this year so all my eggs are firmly in Salah’s basket. Note: this was after I took Manager screenshot so players sold/bought doesn’t reflect this.
  2. Season 4 Been busy this week so taken a little longer to get through this season. Good season in the end. Looked like I was going to get a Europa League spot but a run of 6 losses in a row at the business end of the season put an end to that. Was 6 points off in the end. Had a good cup run and got to the semi of the Carabou Cup where City demolished me with 10-3 aggregate score (2-2 home leg. Away leg - ouch). Cheeky MOTY award though! Forgot to take a screengrab of the league before new season progressed but here’s the history page. Manager stats as usual. Strangely no huge shift in stats this season but and no one really got sacked last season so jobs weren’t there but sticking with these guys and pushing for Europe this season.
  3. This should be called the ‘skin of my teeth’ challenge. In a season that had it all, and despite a very patchy final third of the season... They’ve only gone and bl00dy done it! Premiership here we come. And a MOTY award to go with it. This is not going to be easy. Unless I can find a job somewhere higher up the table but no one worthwhile is willing to take a chance on me yet. Most of my creative players were on loan but I’ve got a couple of decent goal scorers so I’ll carry on my tactic of concede lots/score more! This season I scored by far the most but also conceded more than any other team in the top 12. I’ll need to rethink my Overload tactic maybe! Although I did nearly make a miraculous comeback against City in the FA cup from 4-0 down to 4-3 and coming close to getting a replay. Alas it wasn’t to be. My regional reputation precedes me! Although not enough for any decent clubs to give me a job. Looks like I’m here for the long haul... Stats aren’t great as no player is safe when pushing for the top but my board like my budget management at least ha.
  4. Yeah, applying for prem jobs is just annoying my board. Might look at a bigger champ club but reckon I can drag these guys up to the prem in two seasons so maybe I’ll hang around. I think Stockholm Syndrome is setting in too - I kinda like these guys now. But that’s not the challenge!
  5. After a complete rehaul of the squad my boys did me proud. There was a patch of bad form about a third of the way through the season but they hung in there and grabbed 2nd place. Goal diff again! A couple of high profile signings in Connor Wickham (who had a £900k release clause with me but was worth over £2m and scoring a goal a game so I wasn’t praying no one came in for him!). Scored 38 from 38 after missing a month or two with injuries. And Marcos Paulo as a bit of youth. Here’s hoping he’s world class in this save (but for just over £2m he probably has lower potential). I totally ripped the team apart and built it stronger. Also changed formation this season to focus on Wickham as lone striker and have an AM. my profile: No suitable jobs came up so it looks like I’m staying here for the foreseeable unless I can bag a prem job. Unlikely with my reputation currently. Championship, here we come.
  6. Well that was a tough half season! Accrington, as it turns out, are awful. It was a struggle to score goals let alone scrape enough points to avoid the drop. But... We did it on goal difference! Luckily Wycombe had a shocking goal difference and I lucked out. Big overhaul needed this summer if were to climb the table but I’ll be looking for a new job as soon as I can. On the bright side - I’m obscure! First season over and I’m up to League One football with reputation slowly growing. Very Slowly.
  7. Six months in and league football is calling. After a solid few months at Aldershot and taking them to the top of the table, Accrington Stanley (who are they?) have taken a chance on a relatively new manager and offered me the role. I take the plunge from the top of VNL to the very bottom of League One. Risky move but if I can avoid relegation then this will take me closer to the top. From this: To this: Manager profile right before the move : The adventure continues...
  8. Little update as only a few months in (busy weekend). 6 points clear at the top of the table (it’s only November though) but I’m not here for the long haul. Purely using the club as a stepping stone and the board know it. I’ve decided to only apply for jobs two leagues or move above (unless they’re a newly relegated side) as one division jump won’t help long term so I’m afraid it’s a no from me, Newport Co. League Two but struggling a big job to turn them around. Manager stats are pretty poor. I’m disloyal and have ripped apart the team selling the entire reserve team and some fan favs in order to get some ‘big’ names in (Hello Sam Hughes from Leicester for free). Diverting transfer fees to wage bill and hoping to pick up some more free transfers to help us climb. Until I get a better offer... For now, I’m biding time and awaiting the call of the higher leagues...
  9. Well here we go. Was looking for a new challenge and this looks fun. Also don’t have that achievement yet (jumped ship from Dulwich Hamet when world class but didn’t make 5 years at that lvl there). Kicked off a new save. Unknown and no badge as requested A couple of jobs were available from the off but no one interested in the likes of me. Applies for everything and turns out rejection is tough. After a a few weeks of pondering my career choice Aldershot decided to take a chance on my raw aptitude. Quite fitting too as they’re only 15 miles from where I’m from No money in the kitty and spending over the wage bill already... let’s wee what I can do here.
  10. Just as I was getting bored of a save I stumble across this beauty. Took Dulwich Hamlet to the top but didn’t get this achievement so must have stopped playing that save before the 5 years at World Class (when I got number 1 Manager I moved to win other leagues I had running but this sounds more interesting). Will start from scratch following the rules. Here we go...
  11. MikeF

    Pellegri 1K

    Yeah, still using that. They still get a lot of assists from crosses but also cut inside to shoot and get a few goals too.
  12. I’ll kick it off with this guy. Perfect name for a goalkeeper. Would have thought his handling would be better though 😜
  13. MikeF

    Transfer Won’t Complete

    Good to know. Thanks.
  14. MikeF

    Pellegri 1K

    Started a new game with Spurs to try this tactics out. Solid as you like. Didn’t sign any players in the first window and by Jan I’ve only lost 1 game - the first of the season as they got used to the new system. The 0-0 against West Ham was due to injuries all over the place and aside from that I’ve scored in every match. Changed wingers to IF as suits my team better (and I’m not doing a striker challenge) and goals have been plentiful.
  15. MikeF

    Transfer Won’t Complete

    Yeah, first time I had it it went on through transfer windows and never stopped. Had to get a new job as it was killing me haha