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  1. How did Dele play? Ps my assist took charge of that as was friendly
  2. Depends what he’s worth to you and if you can replace him. He just sold in my save for £94m.
  3. Here’s a useful Do and Don’t... Do make sure you click the correct button When saving your game now they’ve switched Yes and No around! Otherwise you click no you don’t want to save and then shut the game down losing progress 😂 FMM19: FMM20:
  4. How old is he? Sometimes development will plateau for a bit if they improve fast when young and then when a little older it kicks in again with experience. Maybe he just needs a few more years under his belt.
  5. Seems to be good for mental stats too. Leadership for example. Hard to improve previously.
  6. You can set your reserve team tactic but only indirectly. Ass Man’s have a favourite tactic and that will dictate your reserve team’s (if they’re in charge of it) so picking the right Ass Man to match your preferred tactic is key.
  7. Try a fine for unprofessional behaviour maybe?
  8. Android? Looks like iOS will have to wait...
  9. So it is! All the add-ons are the same it seems...
  10. I think that adds to the realism. There are some youngsters than may turn out world class or may throw it all away. The variable PA with each load just gives a different version of their future. If everyone was the same every save it’d be a tad easy to pick wonderkids every time - it’s easy enough as it is after some good scouting and lists are made. Eg Marcos Paulo will load with 4, 4.5 or 5 stars. That’s quite a spread but makes sense as he’s 17 and playing in Brazil. He may become a beast. He may not. No one knows until he’s a little older. Also, Poe’s Law...
  11. Slightly less interesting new features but stopped this: Firstly no sign of editor (not a bad thing unless you plan on cheating ) but what’s ‘tutor staff member’? The rest are the same aside from stadium boosts. Not that I’ve ever bought these (aside from challenges) as you can unlock them previously. Only 3 challenges? Austerity, Capitalism and Kids - although those were the only 3 you paid for before so presume the others are still in the game. Also, there probably is an editor looking at it as the bundle is £15 and all those above added together only equals £11 so they’ll be a £5/6 editor most likely. Again, just unlock it though. Not that I’m staring at the App Store page or anything...
  12. True. This adds a nice added element of ‘realism’ to the game. Harder to scout those young Brazilian wonderkids when you have to scout them a few tiles first to get more accurate stats.