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  1. He can still make offers before the window opens. The option for that doesn’t exist for this player as he’s on loan with a buyout so the club loaning him has first dibs.
  2. Season 8 Another great season from the boys. Scarlett decided to pull ahead in the scoring charts with 66 from 49 games, but we still cleared 100 goals (103 in total) despite a couple of injuries along the way (but nothing major). This was a bit of a transitional season as some of the older players start to deteriorate and I start to introduce some younger ones to get them ready to step up so there were a few inconsistent performances as the new squad gel. Bayern slapped us out the CL again - they’re fast becoming my bogey team with a couple players I sold them coming back to haunt me too. I had a couple of teams set up this season to introduce some youngsters including Pavon’s replacement (Branger-Engone) and I dipped into the transfer kitty to get Pedri as he was unhappy at Barca. He didn’t come cheap at all but I had the cash and he’s young so will fit that role for years to come as the older guard, or unhappy players, move on. Not sure why Tomiyasu is showing up as sold again as he went last season. Then it was just shifting some players who didn’t fit my system or weren’t happy being fringe players. Goals: Musiala: 310 Scarlett: 340 Total: 650
  3. Season 7 Cracking season from the boys here breaking the 100 goal barrier. Their development stopped for a while but it's just started up again as they get a little older so there's more to come from Muaiala. Scarlett had a growth spurt mid season but seems to have stopped now. Both looking good anyway. Not quite the league performance of last season but still pretty good all round! Just lost out in the CL final, well i was hammered 5-2 by Bayern but close enough... Pavon with his best season yet racking up an insane 45 assists. Esnaider is my new left winger and latest graduate of the wonderkid army i'm growing in my reserves. Definitely someone's regen but it seems harder this year to figure out who? Do they mix it up more this version of the game? Managed to pick up de Ligt for free which was a bonus but i do have 350m in the kitty now so money is no object now really. A couple of my other defenders took offence with not being played too much so they went. Shame, as i loved Tomiyasu and he was class but i just got better players in the end. I've got a few trouble makers in my squad bringing others down now so i'm planning a big overhaul this summer. Time to shift the bad influences and dip into that transfer kitty! Goals: Musiala: 273 Scarlett: 274 Total: 547 Both still putting in an equal effort in the goals! And almost hitting the halfway point if we're going for 1200. Let's see how the next few seasons go. They're only 23/24 so plenty left in them.
  4. If you still haven’t found someone to go up against me I’m happy to drop out of this one. Have a stupidly busy week. If it’s going to mess things up I’ll stay in though of course.
  5. Musiala was still scoring so i said I’d give it to the new year to see if Scarlett picks up. Didn’t realise he had done quite so bad until I looked at him tbh
  6. Season 6 Me being me, despite last year's tactical changes working well I decided to see what would happen with some more attacking tweaks. Needless to say the team scored more (and i conceded a few more), but the boys up top didn't get half as much service as the other players now had an eye for goal. Good to experiment but it definitely cost me goals with Scarlett starting his season like this: Not great. So we went back to the old way and there was quite the turnaround: Here's how they did at the end of a season of two halfs: 88 goals between them (44 each of course - these boys like to split the work evenly!) but i know we could have got more. No complaints though as it was still a great season. Took the league by storm and the important silverware was ours. Who wants the Scottish Cup anyway? Team performance was what we've come to expect with my wingers and playmaker bagging the assists. They also scored too many goals when i went experimental at the start of the season but i managed to slow them up later on and get them to focus on assists again. Transfers were mostly youngsters again apart from when i needed a back up right winger and the only guy who fit the bill cost me £110m! Still, with my Saudi money burning a hole in my pocket i got him anyway. Sheffield Utd must have hired Daniel Levy... All in all, another great season but i know they have more to give if i just let them play how they like to play. Goals: Musiala: 222 Scarlett: 220 Total: 442
  7. Doing well mate, you'll have this done in no time. Maybe even go for 1500 or 2k goals at this rate? The Chinese league is the place to go for goals!
  8. Season 5 A great season from the lads here. Formation tweak looks to have made a difference and with them maturing a bit they're really getting into their stride now getting 95 goals between them. A big season. Frustratingly the CL eluded me again, going out on away goals in the semis, but we did pick up everything else including dropping only 4 points in the league all season and finishing with over 100 GD. Picked up Onana even though i didnt really need him (but he did make my defence even better) and Todibo and Upamecano who also helped tighten my defence after Barca came in for Benkovic and Pavard got upset warming the bench. I really dont know why i signed Morata as a back up striker. Aside from that, its a few youngsters with good potential to see if they can be the next generation or not... The team all chipped on with assists. More goals all round as i'm a bit more attacking now but more for the front two and thats the main thing. Lainez is doing a good job for me but i'm pretty sure Chavarria is Messi's regen and he's making the left wing his own, even at 17. I'll pop him on corner duty too soon once Pavon starts declining. A big season and we need a few more of these. Ideally breaking the 100 goal mark but they're still young so lets see. Goals: Musiala: 178 Scarlett: 176 Total: 354 Talk about consistency!
  9. Season 4 Another solid season. The boys are working well together but Musaila picks up his usual couple of injuries missing a few games. Scarlett seems pretty robust which helped them get to 75 goals between them. I made a small tweak to my formation at the end of the season which looked to make a difference so will be good to see how next season goes once i fine tune it. Couldn't get the CL this year but a good show everywhere else. I decided to keep hold of Tonali as a billionaire businessman came along and bought the club - how kind - so money hopefully should be a lot easier to come by now. But then in January Leipzig came along with a silly offer so i had to take it. Replacing him with Merino who has been far better. The major signing for me was Aouar who i managed to pick up for free. I've been needing a good AP for a while now and he delivered. It feels like the team are starting to click as the boys mature, and i'm hoping we're about to move into the high scoring seasons now... Goals: Musiala: 128 Scarlett: 131 Total: 259
  10. Lobbing the keeper from kick off - a ballsy move.
  11. Man, this was a tough challenge. Well played to everyone. It certainly wasn’t easy!
  12. Maybe try work into box if they’re having a lot of wasted shots. These could be shots from distance from players that shouldn’t be shooting from distance. You’ve also got expressive creative freedom and attacking mentality so your players are pretty gung ho and goal minded maybe when they should leaving that to your attackers. Try disciplined creative freedom. Even a more defensive mentality. You can have an attacking formation with defensive mentality and it just means your players will do their jobs better and not try to do everything. Defensive doesn’t mean fewer goals scored if you have good players, it means more organised and not as risk taking generally.
  13. Ha - yeah i saw your save, he was a beast! Never got a look in for me i'm afraid...
  14. Season 3 Started off really nicely and then in the January transfer window PSG bid for about 5 of my players and unsettled them so i was stuck with the blue ! against half my squad for the rest of the season so it was a bit up and down. Still happy though, I just have some work to do to get my team back in order. I may have to sell a big name as money is tight still so can't throw contracts at people to win them back. Still, we got 58 goals from the boys which is fine at this stage. Scarlett had a great season, Masiala missed a couple of months through injury and never really settled back, but considering most of the team was unhappy this season i'm happy with how they performed. And they're still very young. Most importantly, they're both happy to stay at the club and are tied down on long contracts. Assists coming from all over again. I signed Brescianini as cover for my midfielders and he did a great job chipping in with 7 assists from CM as a squad player. Most of the goals are still going through the front two which is great to see. I don't want any goal hungry midfielders in my team (Pipi, I'm looking at you...). We won everything this year so that'll help attract bigger names to the club and keep the boys happy for longer. I won't bother listing player awards anymore, just assume they're winning them all! Transfers: No particularly big signings here as budgets are quite tight still (40m) and everyone is currently indispensable. This season was mostly about adding to squad depth so we signed a couple more CD and CM to help rotate and rest key players. After the January transfer window closed, I got a 96m bid for Tonali which i have preliminarily accepted as that money would give me a big budget for next season and allow me to strengthen where needed (namely, AM). But he's a key player and i'd rather keep him - let's see how pre-season goes and how much the board want to give me this time around. Goals: Musiala: 94 Scarlett: 90 Total: 184