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  1. Yeah his technique attribute, with a little pace and strength thrown in, is why I though he might have some potential. Let’s see how much. I don’t know if “managers’ sons” have the same potential or if it’s random each time.
  2. Season 14 And the end is near... Another massive season from Troy here beating the last! If only I'd made these formation tweaks earlier in the season. Here he is now: Won the lot aside from the Euro Super Cup. Drew quite a lot of games weirdly over the course of a few weeks but still took the league. In order to help speed to the finish line of Troy's 1k challenge I took the Ireland job again as it was available. Took them to the Euros but he only managed to bag 6 goals as Sweden knocked us out in the 2nd round. Still, every little helps. I'll keep this until the England job comes up for reasons you'll see later on... Team stats: Goals all coming from the big man, assists coming from all over my midfield and wingers (and RB who takes corners). New left winger hit the ground running with 17 assists so very happy there. Both wingers have the "prefer to pass than shoot" trait which seems to really help keep their goals down. This leaves us with only 57 goals to go to pass the 1000 mark so this must be the season. B2B 1K Well my lad has come on a long way getting plenty of short sub appearances but I wouldn't exactly call him prolific. He's developing well though... Start of season: End of season: Perhaps there's some potential after all. Let's do this... I still need to finish Troy's 1k but that gives me 15 seasons for this lad too. Could be tight but let's have a crack. He turns 19 half way through this season too which means he'll be 20 before he becomes the main man up front. Time is against me. 996 goals to go.
  3. Usually when they have good potential isn’t it? If they’re cr@p now but have good basic technique means they just need some good coaching. It gets me when they always have red for teamwork...
  4. Season 13 A massive season for Troy banging in 84 goals for Bayern in his biggest club haul yet. Won everything going: (Forgot to take other screengrab but won the German supercup, cup and the CL) Team stats: Solid performances all round. All that leaves us with... Would be nice to get this wrapped up in 2 more seasons but that's a big ask, 3 is more likely but you never know. B2B 1K - Extra Challenge (tbc) I'm also pencilling in an extra challenge. Back to back 1k challenges. Mainly because my lad Jaden (what was the wife thinking with that one?!) has just come through the Bayern Academy. He looks genuinely terrible but the coaches reckon he could have something. He's now my back up striker so I'll see how he develops and if he can pick up any goals while I still focus on Troy. His stats don't like overly promising but lets see what happens. Haven't unlocked a son previously so might fancy this, just have to try it before i'm forced to retire...
  5. Season 12 A few injuries for the big man this season meant he missed quite a few games. Still got a decent return for the games he did play so I'm happy with the outcome. Just hope this isn't the start of fitness problems. A couple of his stats declined but I think that's just down to missing 3 months of the season. He got a nice £550k p/w contract to keep him happy too. CL escaped me again this season which is frustrating as those World Club Championship games always bring goals but hoping to get back on track winning everything for last few seasons. Team playing well together. Asensio is now 34 so is declining but I've got some nice creative players who are laying on the assists like there's no tomorrow - 75 assists from top 4 players. International has been hard, Ireland really have no talent coming through and their current squad was ageing rapidly so we hit a big run of bad form and I was sacked. Not disappointed tbh as I won the World Cup with them in my time there so I'm sure there's a statue of me somewhere in Dublin. I'll just miss the extra goals for Troy but I'm sure i can get this wrapped up in the 4 or 5 good seasons he has left in him.
  6. MikeF

    Last Man Standing

    Cool. Looks like we have a few people so let’s do this. I’ll set up a proper post confirming everything shortly.
  7. MikeF

    Last Man Standing

    Yeah. It’s never happened in 5 years but you never know.
  8. MikeF

    Last Man Standing

    You can only pick each team once so you have to pick the rubbish teams at some point. It never gets to week 20. Anything can happen of course but usually it goes much less.
  9. MikeF

    Last Man Standing

    Yeah. Basically I played with 83 people at work (at £10 a pop!) and it got to week 14 or something. Previous year went to week 11 but could be much sooner before you lose all lives.
  10. Season 11 Not a great season to be honest but keeps me on track to finish the challenge. I had a few unhappy fringe players so i decided to get rid of them to keep the dressing room happy and replaced them with younger players so didn't have a strong a squad this season. Started off really strongly but when the fixtures list got busy I struggled to be honest. Troy: 1st screengrab is later due to confederations cup finishing in July (well that's when i crashed out of it anyway...) and I wanted all his international goals for this season. A big plus point is that he likes me again and is happy so glad he's chilled out there. Struggled due to squad depth but still a good season, board are happy still so all good there. Team stats: Happy with this performance, everyone chipping in with assists. A few too many goals coming from Gomez but he's my AP so he does go for goal a lot, he also set up 15 so can't complain. On another note, Ireland are pretty terrible now. No new players coming through and the current squad is old and bang average. Losing most of their games and the national board are unhappy but still haven't sacked me. I can't see me hanging on a whole lot longer if we don't pick up. I'm trying to develop any decent looking young Irish players at Bayern (my little side project) but i've only found 1 or 2 that have potential really.
  11. MikeF

    Off Topic Last Man Standing

    I know there’s a Fantasy Footie thread already but thought I’d gauge interest in something a little different too. Last Man Standing The rules are simple: - Every player starts with 3 lives - Each week a player selects a team from the Premier League they think will win their fixture - If that team draws or loses, you lose a life - You can only pick each team once - Last Man Standing wins Post below if you’d be interested in giving it a go. We do it at work and it’s a good laugh. We do it where everyone chucks in a tenner and the winner takes all (£850 last year!) but obviously we’ll do it for no prize here other than pride as I’m sure no one wants to send money to someone they don’t know! I’m happy to run the book etc but let’s gauge interest first.
  12. MikeF

    Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    'Two Goals, One Cup' have joined the league...
  13. This guy likes to get in your face and covers the pitch well...
  14. MikeF

    1k With Willem Geubbels - S6

    Great progress disputes the injuries. Nice work. He’s due a massive season soon. Wise not to overplay him too. Keep it up mate
  15. Haha. Wish he’d do that for me! He scores in most games but hasn’t scored more than 4 for me and there only been a couple of times. Can’t complain though.