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  1. Good luck chaps. Sorry I couldn’t take part this time but I’ll be following closely.
  2. Not sure this is a bug exactly. Just a bit weird. Player is in £350k/week with 4 years left to run. Comes asking for new contract. Seems he wants £195k/week for 5 years. I get he’s got an extra year but that’s a big wage cut. I think what’s actually happened here is he had a big injury which knocked him down in ability level so I guess the game works out salary based on ability as opposed to what they’re actually on now. Im happy with his new deal anyway!
  3. Congrats @Ian. Well played. Massive thanks to @samhardyand @Foxy for managing the whole thing and bad luck to everyone else who didn’t get to the final 😜
  4. He’s in the latest update just gone up. They just have added him back 😂
  5. Cheers chaps. Would be nice to average 110-120 a season for a few years. Have a bit of a transition season coming up soon as certain players get older but I’m hopefully to have this tucked away ASAP.
  6. Season 7 Big season. Went back to my formation from 2 seasons ago and squeezed a few more goals out the boys again. It’s not hugely different. Just balls out attacking. 124 goals and 53 assists between them. Juve: Me: End of Season 7: Rieti: 231 Torregrosso: 253 Ursini: 188 Total: 673/1500 To go: 828 I work out that I’ve got 9 seasons (?) left in the game before the big 30. Should be plenty . Just want to get this wrapped up now. It’s been a long double career!
  7. It might be something as simple as your reserve players not being good enough for someone else to want to loan them.
  8. Damn that went close! Well done both.
  9. Have you tried offering them to clubs?
  10. It happens in real life too. Look at Christian Eriksen. They no doubt want to secure him in Jan window and not risk him going somewhere else in the summer.
  11. Season 6 Very similar to last season in getting just over 100 goals between them. Would be nice to keep this up for a few more seasons at least. They’re all young so shouldn’t be a problem hopefully. Talk about sharing the spoils... Couple of losses as my tactic is the most attacking I’ve ever played but it’s the goals that count here. Fixtures also pile up at the start of each calendar year so that takes its toll but only two minor injuries this year gave a good return. End of Season 6: Rieti: 188 Torregrosso: 204 Ursini: 156 Total: 548/1500 To go: 952 Making a dent each season now so need to keep this up as think I’ve only got 9 seasons left in game, maybe 8...
  12. Can’t post as it was for a challenge but I wouldn’t recommend using it normally. Only for Double Trouble.
  13. Damn good effort there mate. Amazing to hit those numbers with those players.
  14. Nice. Might be something I experiment with when I do a low league career. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Yeah he just needs to get older before he'll start improving again. He's plateaued, not peaked.
  16. Really interesting set up, how did the DFs perform? I used that role one in a front three and was actually pleasantly surprised by it but not like this.
  17. Yeah, not picking holes or anything, I was just pointing out that that's a totally different formation. As @Schwantz34 says, they're very different shapes, particularly with the ball. Not to mention the different roles too. A CM replacing an AP makes a big difference for how solid your midfield is. My point at the start was the formation may have issues with lesser players having two APs and a DLP as none are really positional players but the DLP moving up and becoming a CM changes that. One of your APs becoming a T is a huge change too tactically. As is AF becoming a Poacher. I'm not having a go, i'm merely pointing out that they are not the same formation. Anyway... lets not argue on here. It's a friendly forum where we share advice, no need for getting defensive.
  18. A lot of these can be trained now, especially through mentoring. FMM19 i think it as much harder to change these. I've seen technique, leadership, creativity etc boost a lot now with right person and training. Teamwork can increase too. It was a nice addition this year.
  19. Popping this here from other thread...
  20. That’s a totally different formation.
  21. Hmm odd, i just started a save to check this and it seems Gilmour isn't in the Chelsea team at all, or reserves. Pedro may have just left as his contract is up at end of first season but Gilmour is odd. He's in the November database if you load that one, but seems to be left out of the Feb update.
  22. It’s mostly an assumption in my behalf but the December update made mention of fixing aerial and agility progression so I think agility had the same bug, we just didn’t know about it...
  23. Do you have the latest version of FMM20 or the original before all updates? I believe there was an agility bug like there was an aerial bug for target men meaning focussing training on it would give massive boost.
  24. Part exchange. Genius. Congrats all. And well played. Looking at that score I’m pretty sure you’d have beaten me easily, @Ian, a well deserved final place for you.