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  1. Hello. If you have Resource Archiver 2019 can you open the .obb file from FMM2020? I need one file, which is located in the "languages" folder and is called "english.ltc"! It weighs about 2MB, but I really need it. Please.
  2. Can anyone give the english.ltc file from FMM20?
  3. Guys, there is an easy way to find your manager ID, we discussed it in FMM19, the same in FMM20. 1. We need to find a club by name (strings), in my example - this is Crewe Alexandra. And below you will find your ID number, after it will ALWAYS go the value 28 00. Focus on this. 2. In my example, before 28 00 there is a value of 49 24 00 00 - this is my number. 3. To go to your profile, you need to enter in the search 49 24 00 00 + ff ff ff ff (by the way, this value can be changed to take a photo for you). On the screen you can see the code 37 01 - this is the ID number of my Crewe club. Guys, did anyone find a way to open a * .obb file? I want to pull out and edit the database. Tell me please.
  4. Hello. The game lives its own life)))) I did this in FMM19, the future transfer should be sought where the player’s contract is, or where the loan is prescribed. The player’s contract can be found by the combination: 01 + SID player. Loan values can be found: Player SID + Club ID.
  5. Hello. Has anyone found a way to edit the database in FM 2020? In this version of FM20, the database is stored in * .obb format, how to open this file? I wanted to change the name of Juventus through the database, and make other changes.
  6. Wow, this is very interesting. Great job. When do you expect to release the first version of the tool?
  7. There are several ways to find ID Regen. 1. By date of birth (+ his club will be visible there); 2. Find the club for which he plays, where all the SID of the players are contained. If this is your regen, it can be moved to the reserve, thus facilitating the search; 3. My personal way: you can add a player to the list of transfer targets, then save the shortlist and open it in HEX. There after the name will be the player ID.
  8. Thank you, man. I think this will help a lot here. I also see that you have changed your potential abilities to your player. For others to understand this, current and potential abilities come after the left and right legs (yellow and red circle). 8f = 143 (CA), c8 = 200 (PA).
  9. I'm glad that this helped you man. About the budget. I also do not buy expensive players, I am not interested, I like to buy young and not famous players. But I'm a big fan of football and I can't see how Aubameyang moves to Tottenham, Kane goes to Arsenal, Pogba to Manchester City and so on. It is unrealistic and painful to see it. And in general, I would like the clubs to keep their line-ups so that they are realistic, so I wanted to change the budgets of the TOP clubs so that they don’t buy big players. This is my whim
  10. Yes, no problem, I can share this find, so that for others it takes less time. We will look for a contract player. So, in order: 1. To change a player’s contract, you need to find the player’s ID, transfer the values to HEX, then transfer them back, find this code in the save and have 4 values in front of it - this is the code that is used for contracts. NguyenDucAnh called it SID. To it you need to add "01" and search. 2. On the screen you can see that "c1 1e 00 00" this is the SID (blue color). 3. Red on the screen - salary (in my example, the salary of the entire "c8" = 200 pounds, because I play for a small club :)). 4. Next, light green - the date of the contract (07 eb = 2027 year; and "b4" = 180, now we need to find this value in the calendar + add 1 unit and it will turn out on June 30, thanks to NguyenDucAnh for this find). 5. Blue is the player's happiness (00 = happy to stay at the club, 01 - wants to go to the bigger club, 02 - wants a new contract, and so on ...). 6. Dark green - the date of the conclusion of the last contract. 7. Blue - status in the team (01 - Key Player, 02 - First Team, 03 - Rotation, 04 - Backup, 05 - Hot Prospect, 06 - Youngster). 8. Orange - the amount of redemption (clausula). 9. Pink - the amount of redemption for lower clubs. 10. Yellow - the amount of buy back fee (the club will be added automatically, the one in which it previously played). Thank you NguyenDucAnh for help. --------------- I would like to ask for help. I want to find how to change the transfer budget of the club. I make all the changes on the smartphone, so I cannot use the two saves for comparison. NguyenDucAnh explained how to find finances using the two save.dat comparison. But is there another way to find a budget?
  11. Of course this can be changed through HEX, only this requires a complex search. I did not try to look for it, but I have to try when there is free time. Some time ago I was looking for something similar when my player had the status: "move to bigger club", and I found it, now he has the status: "happy to stay". It is located next to the player’s contract, where his salary and the duration of the contract. But I think what you are looking for is in a different place. It must be sought.
  12. Excellent result. Yes, now I see that the level of “big matches” has changed in the team. You can share this find here, so that it will help other people and they will not spend their time searching.
  13. Hello. Thank you very much for sharing your findings, I think it will be useful for many. I have already found all this, but editing some hidden attributes like injuries and big matches is something new for me. Did you check it in the game? Difficulties of translation, so I want to clarify. What status of a player do you mean? Key player, first team, rotation...? If yes, then this topic has already been discussed.
  14. Yes it will help. Just find the player's SID (NguyenDucAnh lesson), then find his contract and there will be a player's buyback amount. Just replace it with ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff or put a large buy back fee :))
  15. To change a player's buyback, you need to find his contract. On the example of Guendouzi you can see. You must find the club ID + player SID + 01. Then below the player status (red on the screen) at 16 values will be a place (of 8 values) where the redemption amount is written. It can be removed, modified or added. To remove, you need to replace the price on ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff. To add for example the amount of 1 million, you must enter 40 42 0f 00 00 00 00 00. The club will be added automatically (in which the player was previously located). I hope clearly explained. For example second screen Cristiano Ronaldo. P.S. Before the player’s buyback amount, there is a buyout amount (clausula) for other clubs.