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Everything posted by Rus7M

  1. I did not find. Perhaps this does not work in the new version of the game (Salary). Who will create a manual for working through HEX for the new version 2019?
  2. Rus7M

    Off Topic FMT 2019

    Hello friends. Who has a game of Fooball Manager Touch 2019 on the Android? I would like to ask advice whether it is worth her money, whether to buy it, what are the advantages of the game and what are the disadvantages. Thanks.
  3. What currency should I watch? For example, Luke Shaw salary £53k. What value should I look for? I searched 35 but did not find.
  4. How can I edit salary players?
  5. Rus7M

    Changes.txt Help

    Is there a way to add new leagues to England? Thanks.
  6. Wow! You are a genius! Thank you very much! Which database file should be edited to add an id Arsenal Reserves? I managed to do with the save, but I want to change in the database. Thanks. I opened the club.dat file but did not find Arseal Reserves there.
  7. Rus7M

    Changes.txt Help

    Hello. Why do I not have new leagues in England? I downloaded the license update of the changes.txt file, it says that they added two lower leagues of England, but they are not in the game! How to open them? Please. Thanks.
  8. Thank you very much, I tried for a long time and made an Arsenal Reserve. I corrected all reserves teams in France, now they have a common logo with the first team. Thanks. But I'm trying to make a logo for Arsenal Reserve. How to register him ID? Thanks. P.s. Sorry for my english i use translator.
  9. Wow! But how to do it? Sorry for a lot of questions. But I would like to rename Arsenal Reserves => Arsenal U-23. Is this possible?
  10. Thank you very much you are a very kind person.
  11. Sorry, but I can not. How to find the id number and translate it into the correct format to change the logo? Monaco Reserves and Arsenal Reserves please. Show me an example on these two clubs, and then I will try to do it myself. I want add logo for Arsenal Reserves. And replace logo all reserves clubs in France. Monaco Reserves has not its logo! Club Prangins Sports from Switzerland. PSG too. And all the other clubs in France.
  12. I'm a newbie. Can I add a face to myself as a coach? For example ID number Pep Guardiola 1120 (sortitoutsi), if you know your ID number, you can change the face? How to find it in this format so that you can change your face? FMM19. Thanks.
  13. Hello. I have this question. How to find id number of clubs in hex? I know there is a Sortitoutsi-net site, but how can I find an id in another way? I want to change the logo of the club Monaco Reserves, on the website of the sortitoutsi its ID does not work! In the game he has another ID from the club of Switzerland. How to find id Monaco Reserves? (Or PSG Reserves).
  14. Rus7M

    SS'Kits Megapack

    Thank you very much.