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  1. Dezzy078

    Gibraltan wonder kid (regen)

    It says that his other nationality is Brazilian so... Hope that can help you find out who’s regen he is (Also how do you find out who’s regen his is)
  2. Right so I was looking through my scout reports on my Barnsley save and I found a Gibraltan player who had a value worth £15 million and was playing for Juventus so I checked him out I knew I couldn’t afford him but I’ve put in a loan offer to see if I can bring him in. Gibraltar are still near the bottom of the world rankings but I reckon this guy could change things
  3. How does the scoring work
  4. Good luck, the challenge looks fun might have a go myself
  5. So I am attempting @danovic78‘S challenge to get Elkeson to all time top scorer in the CSL so....... here we go
  6. Dezzy078

    FMM 20

    Would love to see even lower leagues in the game eg teirs 6-10 in England or highland and lowland league in Scotland as I would love to have a go at managing fort William
  7. Dezzy078

    Putting myself in the game

    Wow, how do you do this
  8. Dezzy078

    The relegation challenge

    Thanks, and good luck
  9. For season two, can we sign strikers from Man U as they have a pink kit in real life but not in the game
  10. Dezzy078

    Older players

    I agree with this but stats such as pace, stamina, and strength should decrease and also older players should be a bit more injury prone
  11. Dezzy078

    Dezzy078, Augusta golf challenge

    Yes hopefully, I was thinking between Celtic and PSG and thought that Celtic would be more relaxed with signing certain players
  12. So for some reason I thought that it would be a good decision to start the Augusta golf challenge set by @samhardy which looks like a hell of a challenge which I will struggle to complete but anyway. I choose Celtic as the team I will play with Hole one- Double Bogey Hole two- Double Bogey little add on, Scotland’s league coefficient has gone from orange to blue which means we’ve got an extra champions league spot. Right so, after a very poor run of form getting knocked out of cups and low in the league I have managed to get sacked so the challenge is over
  13. Couple of questions before I start, for season one, do Australian keepers count as Asian (thought this as Australia qualify to the World Cup via Asian qualifications and also compete in the AFC Asia cup)and can they be a ‘second nationality’ for season 2, does it count if the pink kit is the away kit/third kit?
  14. Why not? I’m going to give this a go but probably won’t end up finishing it.