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  1. Dezzy078

    FMM 20

    I would like to see more leagues from outside Europe added as there are no playable African sides or South American sides, and also (I know it won’t happen) the Gibraltan league
  2. Dezzy078


    I use to do this, just keep trying to find a save that you can properly get into and keep going. I’ve never gone past the year 2025
  3. I was thinking about doing this for a while, so here it is. In this career I made my own team (Gibraltar FC) where every player was 16 years old, half star ability, 5 star potential, and they’re all from Gibraltar. The aim of this is to make Gibraltar a decent team club and internationally with this golden generation. the rules of this are, no buying players not from Gibraltar. players who come through the academy and are not gibraltan will be sold or kept in the reserves. so here I go... I set the capacity at 34,250 which is a close as I could get to Gibraltar’s population
  4. Dezzy078

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    At the start of each season I look through the leagues to see if there are any teams far from where they usually are and I found Rotherham had dropped down ... a lot
  5. Dezzy078

    Fun Save

    You should give Barnsley a go as they are league one so will take a bit of work getting them into Europe but they have a great batch of young players none of them older than 26 and they’re all capable of doing well in the prem
  6. Dezzy078

    Successful tactic 4-3-2-1 (EME)

    I know that I started with it mid seasom but so far so good, on the left hand side I changed my winger into an inside forward (this was after the first West Ham game). Apart from losing to Zoyra, there were no shock negative results so this tactic works well in the prem.
  7. Dezzy078

    Successful tactic 4-3-2-1 (EME)

    Picture of the defensive tactics? planning on using it in the prem on my Barnsley career.
  8. Dezzy078

    Gibraltan wonder kid (regen)

    It says that his other nationality is Brazilian so... Hope that can help you find out who’s regen he is (Also how do you find out who’s regen his is)
  9. Right so I was looking through my scout reports on my Barnsley save and I found a Gibraltan player who had a value worth £15 million and was playing for Juventus so I checked him out I knew I couldn’t afford him but I’ve put in a loan offer to see if I can bring him in. Gibraltar are still near the bottom of the world rankings but I reckon this guy could change things
  10. How does the scoring work
  11. Good luck, the challenge looks fun might have a go myself
  12. So I am attempting @danovic78‘S challenge to get Elkeson to all time top scorer in the CSL so....... here we go
  13. Dezzy078

    FMM 20

    Would love to see even lower leagues in the game eg teirs 6-10 in England or highland and lowland league in Scotland as I would love to have a go at managing fort William