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  1. Hello once again, Today I will be sharing about FC Barcelona’s recent signing,Jean-Clair Todibo in FMM2019 and how his stats progresses(and peaks!) and how he performed for me.So little info about him if you haven’t already researched about him upon FC Barcelona’s announcement of signing him: Name:Jean-Clair Todibo Age:19 (30 December 1999) Main position: Centre Back & Defensive Midfielder Other Positions: Centre Midfielder Team:Toulouse Best Attributes include:Aerial Ability(16!),Strength(14),Creativity(13) Cost:Of course just like in real life,He could be signed on a pre-contract deal like I did.Otherwise I’m sorry I don’t really know how much he would have costed. About a season(and a few months)later(as he joined on 1 July)... Some visible improvements can be noted: Aerial: +1 Crossing: +2 Dribbling: +3 Passing: +2 Shooting: +2 Tackling: +3 Technique: -Nil- Aggression: -Nil- Creativity: +2 Decisions: +2 Leadership: -Nil- Movement: +4 Positioning: +4 Teamwork: +1 Pace: +2 Stamina: +4 Strength: +2 And apparently he has peaked(?) About his form you May ask: Alright so he played a minimal role in my club due to the fact that I had better starters than him hence games wise,he may not have played a lot,which may also have hindered his growth so apologies for that. In the 2018/20 Season, He Played 38 Games(with some games played in central midfield and some in centre back) and managed to score one goal and 6 assists:Only to get one yellow as well.This gives him an average of 7.02 player rating which I thought wasn’t bad. Here is also what my coaches thinks about him: However afterwards,Since He was labelled as unlikely to improve further,I had to let him go. of which he joined a relatively perculiar choice of club in Red Bull Salzburg(I don’t deny them being a good club as they won Dortmund but...) As you could see he still improved a little further in: Tackling(+1),Positioning(+1),Strength(+1) And he still had quite a season with them,Playing 18 Games,Scoring 4 goals and Laying 2 assists while getting only another yellow. Verdict: Amazing.He plays in central midfield with just minimal training,Lays assists and bangs a couple of goals in,I think even for a relatively big club should pick him up on a pre contract signing.His versatility of midfield down to defence is a huge feature I adore about this player and he undoubtedly may increase more since he is just 21(Going 22 in year 2021). However,If his irl potential was same as he has in this current database,I don’t think he will succeed in barcelona,potentially playing as little as Denis Suarez or Andre Gomes in FC Barcelona. Hopefully this hella Long article wasn’t a waste of time for you and gives “potential” insights on whom Barcelona has just signed and how much he can improve to. I Guess I can provide some updates since I have progressed a little further in to see his performances: No progress in stats Performance wise,he ended that particular season above with an additional 4 assists which makes me believe that Salzburg too plays him in midfield.
  2. Hello guys, Today I will be sharing about this player I have been intrigued since his announcement for signing for Borussia Dortmund from Nantes last year. Name:Kamal Bafounta Ortega Age: 16 Height:1.93m Without Further ado,here we go! Here is his base stats at start of season 1 His strongest stats include Aerial Ability(14,undoubtedly),Strength(12),Agression(12) Looks nothing alike to Pogba’s stats... 2 Seasons on, His stats still look nothing like Pogba’s but there are a few greens.His value has risen significantly from £325k to £6.5m! Performance wise,I personally felt he plays pretty well for a young player.He was really solid for all the 41 games he played for me in that 41 games.Probably my favourite aspect about him was the price you could get,though I may not be sure if he is superb for that price.I signed him on £500k at the start of first season and by the end of the second season,I sold him for £15M.The profit may be minimal for a big team but for a smaller team in perhaps championship or lower,That money may come crucial Verdict: He is in no way close to Pogba standards however I feel he would a great bargain player if you are doing a lower division career mode.Hopefully,We will see this man achieve his potential of being the next “Pogba” Small little updates as I progress through my save: He has some small improvements such as Passing(+1),Stamina(+3),Strength(+2) Form: I would say not too bad however I expected slightly more from him due to the fact that he is playing in the championship but I’m not going to go too hot on him as he was really just a 500k signing and I don’t expect him to go full ham Pogba in just a few Seasons.
  3. ManlikeReus


    Can we take a look at the "Shape","Defense" and "Attack"? Do you also change your shape to counter opponent's tactics during match?Cause apparently i heard and noticed that opponent teams do change their team shape during match and if you use attacking the better managers could go counter towards you etc.
  4. ManlikeReus

    Help Contract Issue?

    Hey guys, This player has requested for a new contract however,They believe the club doesn’t have enough resources however I have a good amount of finances.Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
  5. ManlikeReus

    I-Scout - Lovro Majer

    Wow looks great.How much did you pick him up for?
  6. ManlikeReus

    Regens too expensive?

    You can go to the settings(In save game),Scrapbook is there,second from the bottom.There you can view scrapbooked players.Happy Tracking!
  7. ManlikeReus

    How to move club ??

    Whoops my bad eh.Didnt think of that possibility
  8. ManlikeReus

    Regens too expensive?

    Ahh I see.Thanks for your answer! Regarding first question,Yes! You can use the shortlist button or save to scrapbook to store the “player” so as to Be able to refer later.However personally I just use screenshot.To find the retiring player I just search 30+,Expiring contracts and they are normally the ones retiring at the end of your current season.Just have to find them.Theres no certain age as In my save,CR7 is retiring at 37/39(can’t remember) while Messi has already retired at 32. Regarding question 2,Nope.Its no necessarily true that your own ex player will resplendent from your youth academy as he can spawn somewhere else.But ofc there’s a very very Low chance,based on fluke, that it could happen and your regen player is your ex player.
  9. ManlikeReus

    Teams to Manage

    Parma looking like a interesting side to try this season.With the likes of Gervinho and Biabiany in the side now.Not to mention to bring them to their formal glory! Regardless,All the best!
  10. ManlikeReus

    How to move club ??

    I don't really think its possible.Since 1,That team in unplayable as they are not in the "playable" database and could just be seen in game.2,I don't think you can transfer a team into another league or division unless with the use of changes.txt.
  11. ManlikeReus

    Regens too expensive?

    Ahh.Thats true..Can't get everyone Also do you know roughly how long does a player have to be retired until their regen would their respawn? Maybe 6 months or 1 year? Maybe More? Generally,I use nationality,Position(Obviously!),foot and sometimes with certain stats like communication etc. I'm not too sure what other stats doesn't change from the original to the regen but yeah certain stats works.Try filter them up. Good Luck!!
  12. ManlikeReus

    Regens too expensive?

    Yeah but “respawned” at psg and he did not move from any club as seen from above screenshots so I Guess there was nothing I could do about it
  13. ManlikeReus

    Regens too expensive?

    Oh thanks for letting me know.Maybe thats why i couldnt find a zlatan regen last year,probably cause i was always looking at U21s. As for the weird nationality regens,i got 2 irish players and 1 spainish players from my academy at the start of my second season which was quite weird cause i thought academy players were supposed to be from the same nationality as the league they graduated from.Its weirder as there are purely irish and spainish respectively and does not have german as second nationality. Well,I was checking the player search quite often during the transfer window as i knew thats when new players normally just graduate but i guess i was a little late since he played 5 games which may? have increased his value. Thanks for your inputs guys btw
  14. Hello Guys, I have an enquiry.So I am into the 3rd season of my Borussia Dortmund save and I wanted to sign Modric as he has retired the end of last season.Im not sure but I always thought regens won’t exceed 21 years old,However from the screen shots below,It seems like it’s possible.Also when I try to sign him,He required roughly about 54 million pounds with 15% sell on clause.Is this some sort of glitch or is it something new that’s was imparted into fmm19? Database:England,Germany,Italy,Spain(All until lowest possible league) Im not sure but apologise if wrong tag was used as it’s my first post. Thanks in advance