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  1. Antonio Marin (Dinamo Zagreb) Emmanuel Dennis (Club Brugge) Can I confirm if they are still in the game? I loaded a save with England,Spain,Germany,Italy
  2. ManlikeReus

    Standard Cut-Out Faces Megapack

    Just wondering if there will be an update for winter transfer update soon?
  3. All the best with this,would like to see your player picks and transfers for this first window
  4. ManlikeReus

    Training problem

    There’s two ways Method 1: Go Training Click on a position in the “focus position” column Method 2: Go to your player and press the button at bottom right-Then go ahead and press retrain position(pos.) Outcomes would be the same for both: do try to train positions reasonable or better(avoid poor and below)
  5. Sorry I don’t get that
  6. I basically just always buy youth players and sell older players(and by older,most of the time it means 25+YO players;by normal means isn’t old at all).Its practically an addiction by now like my squad is almost full.I just can’t afford to let the regens go to other clubs.Is this normal or common? Is there something I should do?
  7. ManlikeReus

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    This happened quite a number of times to me as well.I normally think in my mind,if you don’t want Low and medium intensity,then intensive is yours!
  8. ManlikeReus

    Neil Farrugia & Anthony McDonald

    Looks pretty good if you’re managing a small team!
  9. ManlikeReus

    Future transfer bug?

    They are probably joining in the winter window,assuming your deal was made in September and not during the summer window
  10. ManlikeReus

    Messi regen

    Yep that’s Messi’s regen.Similar to mine in the wings and footedness
  11. ManlikeReus

    Fmm 2019 player regens

    Regens are basically “replacement” players of those that have retired.So let’s say Ronaldo has retired(at no fixed year).Try filtering out by footedness(exactly the same).You should also filter it out by his strongest/main position.Nationality is also a no brainer.However,things like stats would indefinitely be different,so you cannot filter it by stats.Personally,Let’s say you have loaded England,France,Holland,Germany.Imagine you wanted Ngolo Kante’s regen,and imagine it’s 2025, July that he retired.Since his nation is in your loaded database(French Ligue 1),He would have to be gotten from the youth academy from France.This May result in you having to wait until start of 2026 season to get Ngolo Kante’s regen.I hope this makes sense.
  12. ManlikeReus

    About player search

    Well if you’re looking for a regen that does not have a nation in filter,try searching by foot(never changes) and his strongest/most comfortable position
  13. How the progress on this?
  14. ManlikeReus


    https://sortitoutsi.net/search/database You can use this website above to find their code.This is for pc but their code should be same.
  15. ManlikeReus

    Problem in selling players

    Did you try Not touching their value and offering them to other clubs(While adding them to the transfer list at the same time).It works for me sometimes.I managed to sell Aouar for £85M that way. Perhaps you can try lower their price until you see a possible club interested in your player.If by the next day you don’t recieve a offer,try lowering it Edited: So I’ve tried it again on my save to show how it works.Its not really a 100% thing so mind that.Im also unable to confirm if the player may sell using such methods if they were older as my whole squad Is 25 and below and can’t test it on anyone above that age. But here it is: So I tried it on my highest valued player:Sandro Tonali Since his value was £125M,I offered £125M and transfer listed him in the process... Unfortunately it failed. Tried on Marin,Same Method. It failed So I tried on this guy(Idk who is he a regen of,somebody please enlighten me!) and it finally worked! For a player worth under £45M pounds but you believe he can be sold for £45M,do so below: (Enlighten me on who he is a regen of too if anyone knows ) (Note no transfer list) it worked! Both “possible deals” got the deal the next day. Hopefully this helped! side note,there was a game on the day I offered them to other teams so I had to play it and fortunately won this big team