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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe he is not in the football Manager database as Football manager does not have the licensing for Czech Republic league that Hlozek is in.
  2. I didn’t get why you were so upset with that.It would be quite interesting to have a player that we as the community have not seen before.I think Rob was just saying that it would have been interesting cause 1kc/2kcs have huge potential to also show hidden gems that can produce unbelievable in game stats without being in the wonderkids list.But it’s obvious that there is nothing wrong with using a player in the wonderkids list,just would have been more exciting to use players that we have never seen before! I’m not sure how Elia Petrelli would turn out so it would be really exciting to see him develop.Whether the career was cheat or no cheat,in the end,only the person doing the career will know.If you have a view that everyone cheats then your perspective would be fixed.However,I would love to just keep things simple and believe and trust that everyone follows the rule,even if they don’t,as Long as they have fun! Have a good one mate
  3. He is indeed an amazing lad.However,I wouldn’t quite much say he is like Messi in game wise at least as he lacks the finishing touch Messi has(I mean... no one can compare to Messi cause he goat so).But he improves and his dribbling always turns out amazing!
  4. Yeah I played my second team two times in a row(without him) as I was saving the first team for champions league match then this happened.It hurts my ocd whenever I see the blue exclamation mark and I’ve nothing I can do to fix it.
  5. Rip I got it now haha the bizarre thing is I didn’t even agree on any deal with Roma! He also has a contract all the way till 2024 so it’s not possible for it to be a precontract
  6. I might just try this out later in my Dortmund save(tho they are a big club so it’s not gonna be that accurate).Will come back and update if it works!
  7. All the best mate.Can’t wait to see your 1k player
  8. Hi,I’m just wondering if it is possible to “update” new face photos without having to reinstall the app everytime? I have a huge ocd when a player doesn’t have a face(weird I know).I am using an iOS device if this detail is needed.
  9. It will come as a in game notification until the end of the transfer window,it would then say the deal is “cancelled”.Unfortunately it is a bug that I believe multiple has faced.
  10. Yeah unfortunately the UCL matches are always on midweek,this results in oko-flex being extremely drained.Tho I could actually rest him for the match before,it would make more sense to play him in easier matches for higher chance of goals,realistically.Unfortuately I have yet to see “need to play at higher level” yet or maybe never will 😕 .
  11. What an interesting storyline haha! I’m assuming your goal is to achieve champions league glory with this team? Imagine having a tactic in the shape of a Viking helmet or horn and win the champions league.Bizarre.All the best regardless!
  12. I’ve just seen the two goals and the first goal,when mane was in the air,he was already so sure he was going to score.he immediately bounced away with celebration.Well,salah’s strike was simply amazing.Almost Top Left corner and from outside the box? Amazing.Thou should Emerson have pressured Salah abit more,I doubt Salah would have scored imo.
  13. Season 3 Transfers: Transfers Outs: Also i placed a sell on clause on previous season's Vitinho,i cant remember exactly how many percent but 20 million is a nice sum. Transfer Ins: Team Performance: We once again excelled in the main league,not much need to say We however lost the Croky Cup,massive surprise even for me :o We too lost the Super Cup by penalties :c We advanced pretty far into the champions league,only to get knocked out on away goal rule.Really gutted... Our Main Man: Grew in a few stats,most notably in the fitness aspect. Well,this season we could not produce the same form we had in the previous season despite playing the same amount of games.The tactic i was using was not that clinical this season.And possibly some squad mates around Oko-flex were changed.Hoping for improvement next season definitely. He did suffer a 10 injury and missed about 2 games. Other notable features: Despite the huge differences in goals this season,he still attained the Top Goalscorer in the JPL,9 ahead of second placed Jelle Vossen. He too achieved best average rating despite it being a drastic 'de-provement" from last season's. Our Team had 4/11 of our players in the TOTY so thats still nice. Season 2 end: 922 - 34= 888 goals to go! I really hope that 50 goals is a consistent thing soon. I'll also be posting a full season by season now,instead of half season.This will help to not clog up the feed. ps,If anyone is nice enough,can anyone dm me as i may need some tips to further improve my tactic.
  14. If I made y’all a tactic,it will probably help y’all achieve a 5-0 loss every game.Im awful in making tactics.Most of the time I just choose a tactic in this site and see if I could improve based on the players I have.