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  1. He has refused to sign new contract with salary of 1 million monthly so I allowed him to leave.
  2. added 0 minutes later
  3. This dude was my home grown player - I developed his attributes and taught him to play as striker and central midfielder. I have a rule - I don't pay more than 1 million euro monthly to any of the players. Milan offered 210 millions euro for him so I've accepted it. I think he's the best player in the game but I don't care. I win everything with my 5-3-2 tactic.
  4. Chris1428

    FMM is a joke - player roles

    I don't. He isn't even in my team.
  5. Chris1428

    FMM is a joke - player roles

    How about Inverted Wing Back who can't play as WB?
  6. I've noticed that both libero and central defender are playing and moving same - I also discovered that defensive full back and wing back are moving same as well. What's wrong with this game? How can I lose 2 goals in 13 matches with 2 libero?
  7. Chris1428

    FMM19 Bug List

    I had many seasons with only disallowed goals then later some were allowed. I can only agree with you that there are much more disallowed than allowed.
  8. That's amazing bro. Even I'm surprised how good the results can be for the team with predicted relegation.
  9. Thanks for testing mate. I'm glad it worked for you. I created 3 tactics, and I think this one is the best of them. You can check also another one that nobody posted the results to
  10. League won, champions league won, cup won, 0 matches lost, few draws - probably because of young players in the team and random draws that are always happening. I also use 2 x 11. I swap them every match to keep the team happy. I have also 7 regular substitute players in case of injuries or cards, so my team has 29 players and everyone plays. Even 16 years old players.
  11. They actually got better average rate than defenders and midfielders. Inside Forwards because they are scoring in almost every match, Inverted Wing Backs because of many good passes and tackling.
  12. Just to prevent my team from the early crosses. IWB doesn't care about it. I want more passes, no crosses. I actually want 0 crosses that's why I done it. There are no players on the wings when I attack. Only sometimes Inside Forwards are running to the center from the wings but they usually are in the center.
  13. Hello lads! This is my best tactic ever. I like it more than 2 previous tactics I shared with you here. Why do I like it more? When the team is attacking - it looks like 3-2-3-2 with 10 players in the center. When the team is defending - there are 2 walls 5-5 players in each. I'm happy because I have all players attacking and all players defending. Nobody is useless. Everyone is participating in the game. Just look at the roles - 10 Passing, 8 Tackling, 2 Shooting types of players. Isn't it epic? I won champions league with 3 U19 players in the squad. I don't like using the best players available in the game - just look at my finances. Only one player is earning more than 1 million - only because I let my assistant renew the contract. Test the tactic and let me know how much do you like it? It is the last of my tactics I share with you here. I consider my adventure with FMM 2019 as finished, because my 3 tactics allowed me to achieve everything I wanted, and I don't really want to continue this journey anymore. Have fun & try to create something by yourself folks!