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  1. I used different tactics in earlier seasons. I found this the most effective at this stage.
  2. Works well with Bilbao which I consider as the hardest team to lead because you're limited to Basque players only.
  3. Just look at that I have 5 coaches because one player which I placed in reserve team became a playing coach and right now I can't even promote him to the first team.
  4. Can you remind me which attributes are impossible to train in individual training? Technique? Aggression? Creativity Leadership? Teamwork? I'm back to the game and I don't remember.
  5. I'm glad it still works. I'm back to the game. Just started playing FMM20 with Bilbao because it's more interesting to be forced to use Basque players only
  6. I'm back! What did you change? ", only two changes" I can't see your photos ;(
  7. Another dude left my team because I didn't want to pay more than 1 million. He got 8.0 overall one season.
  8. Sure, but some of them have amazing stats and let them go if they won't agree to earn no more than 1 million.
  9. He has refused to sign new contract with salary of 1 million monthly so I allowed him to leave.
  10. This dude was my home grown player - I developed his attributes and taught him to play as striker and central midfielder. I have a rule - I don't pay more than 1 million euro monthly to any of the players. Milan offered 210 millions euro for him so I've accepted it. I think he's the best player in the game but I don't care. I win everything with my 5-3-2 tactic.
  11. How about Inverted Wing Back who can't play as WB?
  12. I've noticed that both libero and central defender are playing and moving same - I also discovered that defensive full back and wing back are moving same as well. What's wrong with this game? How can I lose 2 goals in 13 matches with 2 libero?