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  1. Ebusko

    Joao Felix Double 1k

    Wow... 1000 goals 1000 assist.. No no no no u cracked d wrong game😲😲😲😲
  2. Just caught up with this and its mad....
  3. Ebusko

    Northern Ireland Upset

    Northern Ireland Upset - Season 3 So the players, management and board are looking forward to the new season, the once little Queens University are now playing in the Danske Premiership and the board are satisfied, they won't push us. So it is fight hard against relegation but my players arent having any of it, they want international recognition not to be thumping boys. Transfers Missed the transfer page as i was so exicted about something that happened. Will get to that later. League So after my meetings with premiership sides in cups, I noticed that there isn't much difference between them and championship, so I after a few free transfers, I started believing that a top 3 was achievable. Season started, 10 matches it was 9 wins and a draw, Top of the log. Kept the form through out the season with few losses here and there and by matched day 32 we clinched a top 3 spot and on match days 33 we were comfirmed champions But just as last season we still wanted that 100 goal season, so we strived for it and got it Cups Won't be going much into our cup runs as they are the next thing to useless, just gonna post a picture of cup winners this season Awards So for what i was talking about i got this Sugar Daddy Unlocked But I didn't see the 42 million😥😥 And board finally agrees to to upgrade youth and i been able to upgrade youth to GOOD and Stadium to 5000 capacity.
  4. Lol... Sell suarez continho and splash that 500million pounds on Ronald🤣🤣🤣 with a salary of 700k pounds per week... He will be coming on the next plane
  5. Try this.. And always look at how the opponent is playing in the match. If they are attacking wide then control the match. If they are defending now then attack them wide . if they are balancing or controlling then Overload them. Always Counter the opponents formation
  6. Ebusko

    Northern Ireland Upset

    But It's best to build a tactics from the scratch base on the abilities of your players. There are thoudands of crazy base tactics here on fmmvibe which you could use and tweak to suit your players ability
  7. 🤣🤣 give me 150m great players like messi and future star like dembele ... I won't lose the league for the next 20 years
  8. Just sign Ronaldo and play Messi as SS .. Then you don't need to tweak formations again 😂
  9. Ebusko

    Northern Ireland Upset

    SEASON 2 So after last season success our youthful inexperienced team find themselves playing in the Bluefin Championship and being lead by an Unknown Manager. Boards Season Objective is a Mid Table place finish but i believed my team could do better but i am not going to bulb to objectives so our objective for this new season is mid table Transfers In Out League Target is to finish mid table but my players wanted to prove themselves, players who have dreams of playing for N.Ireland one day so they were ready to storm the championship. So from the first match it was a smooth sail harmmering teams here and there and making the PIL look tougher than the championship, by match day 27 we sealed a playoffs spot and on after a home win trashing of H&W Welders on match day 28 we were annouced champions of Bluefin Championship But it wasn't over there, we have something sweet to complete, we have scored 88 goals in 28 matches so we need 12 goals in 4 matches to score 100 league goals and the players were ready for it. So a 5-0 win over Carrick meant we need 7 goals in 3 matches, then a 4-2 win over Cliftonville meant we need 3 goals in 2 matches. Then a 4-1 lost to Lerne meant we needed 2 goals in the last match of the season. Going into the match it was whether you win or you lose just score 2 goal, and the players responded with a 3-0 win over Knockbreda. That means we have score 100 goals in 32 matches in a Nothern Irish league. And Next Season we will be Playing in the Danske Premiership and least i forget, surprisingly at the begining i checked the club info and we are now a PROFESSIONAL side while most Danske and Championship aren't. I think the N.Irish league now have 6 professional team and we are one of them. Cups Tenants Irish Cup After last years Over acheiving of getting to the final, we would be happy with anything in N.Irish biggest cup. So it was a 2-1 loss to Balleyman Utd in the sixth round Steel and Son Cup This was it, from the second round to the third round to the fourth round to the Quarter final to the Semi Final, then a win 2-1 win over Loughall sets up a final against Coleraine, and it was a 2-1 trashing of Coleraine in the Final to win the Steel and Sons Cup. The Board couldn't believe it, The Fans were singing praises of me and the world then notice me and my reputation bumped to Obscure . McLean League Cup So a steel and sons cup in the bag but there was something more . A 2-1 extratime win over Dunganon sets up a final against a Championship Ballinamallard, so the cup was already in the bag before it was played. So it was a 2-0 win to clinch the McLean Cup. So a super success it was 2 league cups and a promotion to the premiership. Matches Manager So I am still obscure but look at those greens 😍. A 20 in transfer.. So the Teams report at the end of the season A SNEAK AT SEASON 3. So we are now a premiership side and things will no longer be cake and icing and the teams report says it all And after all my success i requested for the board to improve our POOR youth facilities and were like seems we are going to be stuck on poor youth until i am Regional or maybe even National. Stay tuned for season 3 by tomorrow
  10. Ebusko

    Northern Ireland Upset

    Lol am finally on Obscure .. Then requested for the board to upgrade the youth facilities and the board said THEY DON'T HAVE ANY INTENTION OF UPGRADING THE YOUTH FACILITY AND I SHOULD STOP WASTING MY TIME..... Gosh is there a possibility of a Billioniare take over here in the N.Irish league at all @Nucleus Season two completed will be posted soon
  11. Ebusko

    Northern Ireland Upset

  12. Ebusko

    Northern Ireland Upset

    Getting gutted for starting with as an unknown manager, after everything in first season and a few good torches this season am still UNKNOWN. And the damn board won't let me upgrade youth because i am an inexperience @Nucleus
  13. Ebusko

    Who has managed Bayern Munich?

    I also had the same issue
  14. Ebusko

    Northern Ireland Upset

    @Nucleus First Season was a success
  15. Ebusko

    Northern Ireland Upset

    Season 1 After being warmly welcomed by the staffs and players of the club, I decided to take a walk round the club and Wow they got a Gigantic IMPRESSIVE training facility but the youth facility was POOR. So after an overview of my new club facilities and setting up my formation, tactic, training regime and ofcourse signing few new players either free or loan though. Friendlies So first match was a friendly against Danske Premiership Side Glenavon Going into the match all plans were to contain and try and minimize the loss but the players had other plan and draw against championship side Two wins against premiership side, a draw against championship side and surprisngly lossing out to Bluefin PIL side. Transfers Tranfers in Transfer Out Star Players Dont be like wow though cos dey are shit So all its set its time for us to take Bluefin PIL by storm. League Board Expectation was the Challenge seriously for the League. Almost like saying win us the league no other option Started well but wasn't up to par with win, draws and losses here and there, went down to eight on the log by match day 9 and the board was losing patience so a tweak of formation to the traditional 442diamond and boom the players were happy again ready to tear the league apart and we went on beating up team like we were supposed to, by match day 22 we clinched a play-off space and by match day 23 despite losing we were annouced champions The rest matches were no longer important but we had to Complete them Cups Had some great runs in the cups but all ended biterly Bet McLean Cup Lost 5-4 to Dunganon in the Second round after leading 4-2 Steel and Sons Cup Won 6-4 against Gletoran in the second round Won Crulim Star 4-1 then Carrick 4-3 to qualify for the quarter final, the players were happy, it was a joyful team then boom Ards. We got completely destroyed 7-3 bringing us back to earth The Tenant's Irish Cup O my my we had a run here From fourth round to fifth round to sixth round to quarter final to Semi Finals and eventually to my first final as Queens University Coach but unfortunately we wouldn't win it losing 3-1 to Linfield h Team Report So next season we would be a Championship side, I know it will be hard but i trust in my players