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  1. 4foxsake

    What will you do first in FMH14?

    Shame, that would of created a challenge. I mean imagine trying to take a club like Torquay or Doncaster etc to the top whilst having to keep within FFP ?
  2. 4foxsake

    FMH2014 - Large database option

    That is great news about a large database , I'm so going to scout,scout,scout for that bargain young wonder kid :-)
  3. 4foxsake

    What will you do first in FMH14?

    I will take the hot seat at Leicester. And then scout, scout, scout, for that bargain young striker and maybe try the 1k challenge. Hopefully the budget at Leicester will be similar to FMH 2013 , where it was around about a healthy 4 million , we'll healthy for the championship . Also I wonder if FFP is implemented somehow in the game ?
  4. Now we all love and at times loath football manager :-) for the highs and lows it has given us over the years, and the clasic players we manage to unearth. So it got me thinking about if there was a Championship/Football Manager hall of fame who would you put in it? Here are a few that would make it in for me . Tonton Zola Moukoko : Derby County AM/FM. 2000/01 A player that took on mythical proportions in champ manager but sadly not in his real life career Serge Makofo : Wimbledon AM/FM 2004 Wimbledon were in financial trouble back then and had quite a few good youngsters that could be poached, but Makofo was the best of them. Mark Kerr : Falkirk 2000/01 MF. Was one of the best midfielders ever in the manger series in my opinion and a cult clasic Freddy Adu : D.C.United (i think) AMC 203/04 was touted as the next pele in real life, and lived up to it, at least on champ manager . Apologies if a topic like this has already been posted. And more apologies if most of you on here have never heard of them. They where in the Manger series before you where probably a twinkl in you dads eye lol. Thanks and up the foxes Darren : aka: 4foxsake
  5. 4foxsake

    FMH14 Wishlist

    Agree with all of the ideas that people have posted on there wish lists. If had any it would be to improve the staff that's already in fmh13, your assistant manager, and scouts. like more in depth scouting report, as at the moment there seems to be little or no point re-scouting a player as the reports come back the same. And if the assistant is going to recommend players at least make them better than you already have lol
  6. 4foxsake

    Weirdest things on FMH2013

    The weirdest thing I've had on fmh13, is in my second season with Leicester CIty, a youth player age 17 announce he is to old to continue playing football so is retiring at the end of the season, not because of injury ? Just decided he is to old lol. He had already retired from international football when I move him to the first team even though he had never played a single game
  7. 4foxsake

    Is Fmh your only love?

    Decided that Fm on PC is a bit like pulling the the fit fake girl on a night out, you know fake tan, fake t**ts, 7inch heals , the one you think would be great to try but when you do you soon realise its far to much high maintenance to be any fun
  8. 4foxsake

    Is Fmh your only love?

    Played Championship manager on the pc and FM on the PC up to fm 2008, downloaded fm 2013 demo to my laptop, my good forgot how detailed and time consuming it can be, got about 5hours in and still had not got to my first friendly match lol. Like the extra detail in the tactics and transfer centre but made me realise how much time I don't have to play fm PC, so FMH for now and loving it . By the way on a different note anyone else remember the Championship manager magazine? Anyone? No, I'll get my coat.
  9. 4foxsake

    Intensive Training *Revamped*

    With fmh13 being my first fmh game I can't comment on using IT on earlier versions. And before the transfer update, I just toyed around with trying my own training to varying degrees. So I have just started a new career at Leicester with the TWU and thought I would try IT and see what results I get. So far at one month into the new season, I have seen improvements over all of my squad, mostly modest improvements and a small few have made huge jumps in a short period . Will monitor the training every 2months or so to see if I get consistent improvements with IT or if it's a sharp peak which will level out over the season.
  10. 4foxsake

    Off Topic New midlander

    Hi everyone Been playing football manager ,from when it was champ manager 03/04 , but tailed of after fm2008 due to lack of spare time. Fmh2013 on iPad is the first handheld manager I've played, and enjoying it so far, nice to have a fm that doesn't eat up the spare time I have . Big Foxes fan and season ticket holder .Will try to be a active member and post,interact when I can. Cheers Darren