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  1. Still, an amazing record, especially as you're over 1000 games in
  2. Woah. Amazing how you've only lost 8 times
  3. Tigahz

    The Ipswich Challenge

    Good Luck! You should post a career thread
  4. Youth Facilities are newgens/regens - the people you choose at the start of the season Coaching Facilities are training - improvement of stats etc
  5. Thanks Thanks, its really tested my patience on multiple occasions I've already found the 4-2-4 fits in more with my style, however I do concede more goals which is a bummer
  6. Ipswich Town F.C. were once FA Cup winners, Divison One Champions and UEFA Cup winners. How far they have fallen.. As of writing, they are 24th in the Championship and supporters are getting ready for League 1. The challenge is simple: win the league, FA Cup and Champions League with Ipswich. Rules Take charge of Ipswich Town You have 8 seasons to complete the challenge You must win the league, FA Cup and the Champions League, they don't all have to be in the same season No use of any unlockables No cheating
  7. What is the rest of your squad's stats like?
  8. Australia formation done! Definitely won't return to this formation ever again. I got 22 1-0 wins, and lost against big clubs. Manager Profile: Team/Transfers: League: Winner FA Cup: Lost 2-0 to Liverpool in the Semi-Final Carabao Cup: Winner on penalties against Liverpool Champions League: Lost 5-2 to Real Madrid in the Semi-Finals on aggregate. Points: League + 87 Goal Difference (GD) + 34 Winning the League + 50 Carabao Cup Won + 20 SEASON 1 TOTAL: 208 SEASON 2 TOTAL: 191
  9. I seem to get a lot of 1-0 wins in the 3-6-1. Never coming back to it
  10. How do you get a single player to score so many goals?
  11. Okay, Ajax formation finished. Won the Premier League + FA Cup, so it was a good season overall. Manager: Unfortunately, I lost Mangala on a free. Transfers: Unfortunately, Sane was injured for 12 months with an injured knee ligament. League: Winner FA Cup: Win over Arsenal 2-2 on penalties Carabao Cup: Knocked out 1-0 to Southampton in the Quarter Final Champions League: Knocked out in the Round of 16 4-2 to Napoli on aggregate Points League Points + 91 Goal Difference (GD) + 47 Winning the league + 50 FA Cup won + 20 SEASON 1 TOTAL: 208 Onto Season 2 - Australia. My wingers are going to love this season