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  1. I would say that this is probably a tactic for good teams in the highest tiers of football
  2. I might attempt this! Seems like a cool idea,
  3. Tigahz

    Player Rater + Predictor?

    This has age, PA, as for future attributes, more down to training and game time than anything else
  4. Tigahz

    Player Rater + Predictor?

    Are you talking about this?
  5. Tigahz

    Footbe Logos Megapack

    Hope this will be updated for FMM20
  6. I was going to download them for next year, but oh well Kinda gets on my nerves that about 2 clubs per league have the badges and the rest don't Though I gotta say, the Footbe logos look better than the irl ones
  7. Tigahz

    The Big Six 1KC

    Interesting idea, might try it in FMM20, after I attempt to do a 1kc
  8. Tigahz


    I think Emery will be sacked first, never plays full-strength lineups when he can, and they have Jose Mourinho on hand if stuff goes back
  9. Tigahz

    English football

    No one talking about Leicester?
  10. That’s a good start, very promising. Those attributes went up very well
  11. Tigahz

    What to train player as?

    I’ll have a go at these, thanks for replying
  12. Tigahz

    What to train player as?

    Ah okay, Greenwood's at 9 so definitely going to do that. Should I use TM, or change to a P or CF - currently on AF
  13. Seeing as FMM 20 is relatively close to being released, I thought I'd have a go at starting a 1kc with Mason Greenwood on 19. Everywhere I've gone I've seen: train aerial, train aerial, train aerial. I've trained Greenwood to 20 aerial, and was wondering: what should I train now? Stamina? Shooting? Stamina, so he can play more games, shooting to score more goals?
  14. Still, an amazing record, especially as you're over 1000 games in