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  1. DrTrippy

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Anyone know if coaching style makes a difference ?
  2. DrTrippy

    Chat FMM19 Bug List

    What I’ve always done since when they messed up transfers with the update, is start my saves with IGE activated, and forcibly move them to the club after they randomly snub them because of the glitch. After that I add the money I had agreed to sell them for to my balance.
  3. DrTrippy

    Index DJ Woody’s Record Store

    Yh ty. In the first season conceded 19 but was tweaking the tactic here and there. In the second season, I sold Oblak and got De Gea, sold Godin and got Davinson Sanchez which made a big difference because of Godins pace decline.
  4. DrTrippy

    Index DJ Woody’s Record Store

    What’s the difference between the least goals conceded (11) and the best defensive record (6)? I just completed a season with Atlético Madrid and conceded only 6 in the league... so have I beat the 11 one or did I draw with the 6?
  5. DrTrippy

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Ok ty. Just thought I couldn’t see the button or something.
  6. DrTrippy

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Anyway we can get an option to delete comments on this site? Or is there a reason we can’t?
  7. DrTrippy

    Chat Inter Triplete

  8. DrTrippy

    Tactics A Dutch Demolition job. 2-2-3-1-2.

    Looks good 👍🏾
  9. DrTrippy

    Tactics Wow try and see

  10. DrTrippy

    Tactics Wow try and see

    Why don’t you ever show player stats? Or the players tab? Please take a ss of the first team player tab, and post it. (Hopefully I don’t get slated for this post 🙄)
  11. DrTrippy

    Tactics Wow try and see

    False. The edit doesn’t show in tactics screen. Being warned and what not is cool, website can still be accessed without having an account.
  12. DrTrippy

    Tactics Wow try and see

    Tried it, didn’t work. I think IGE has been used, just like your last tactic. Just my opinion.
  13. DrTrippy

    Tactics Official fmm19 tactic

    Was IGE used? You have Ronaldo... in 2020... in Aston Villa.. Hope you didn’t edit player attributes to get those scores?..
  14. DrTrippy

    Tactics Arsenal 4-2-1-3

    Weird. Seeing a trend of unfinished tactics and people being asked to go and test it them selves. Why not finish the season, then post the whole stats?