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  1. can it edit a player's attribute? It worked for me in 19 but i guess the format to editing player changed in 20? or does SI just went full bethesda mode and allow only the premium IGE to edit the players?
  2. Ive tried my best to use changes txt to change a player Attribute, but to no avail, however, it does change leagues and clubs name. did the format in 2020 changed?? or does it has something to do with the file directory? If anybody got it working please let me know.
  3. As far as i remember, nope, i was playing with airplane mode on. Relogged the save, nope, its still there, and i have access to new staff slots.
  4. idk if its a glitch or some sort of cheat code but i got bored then decided to tap around the screen and my training/youth facility just got upgraded to the max!