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  1. Mexrel

    how to make tactics

    Ach iedereen zn eigen ding, ik ben ook begonnen met touch op ipad everyone his own thing, I started playing with touch on the iPad so that’s why
  2. Mexrel

    how to make tactics

    I tought that But a lot of features are missing in this one, it’s still fun but different
  3. Mexrel

    how to make tactics

    Thanks, I’m really good at fm 19 on the switch but I can’t play this game
  4. I’ve played FMM 17 till 19 and I’ve never been able to make a good tactic by myself. Everything else always works but I can’t make one. I’ve searched many guides but those always seem for more experienced players. I’ve watched the “tactics” topics on this site and I don’t know how they all make their own. I’ve used tactics from other people but they don’t work on the teams I use. I just want to be able to make my own and not having to search for tactics. Could you guys “simply” explain it? What do I have to look at? What do all the tactics mean, like “look for overlap”? What formation do I have to use? Etc.