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  1. 20 is here now and it's exciting but we still have the usual problem, the right tactic to use. Have you guys discovered any awesome ones yet?
  2. Yooooooo bro, that Shadow Striker thing works!! I was reluctant to use it because it wasn't his recommended role but I was like "gosh darn it" and things have greatly improved. added 0 minutes later I already have one. Thanks
  3. Thanks, that's exactly what I'll do
  4. I have, still the same issues
  5. I'm sorry lol. It's just so annoying
  6. Guys. please help me cos I am boiling frustrated right now. I've been playing football manager since 2010. It has always been easy (not usually at first but when I do a few changes after multiple sackings, I usually get things fine). The only I missed since 2010 was the 2018 edition, now I'm back on 2019. But guys, it is so annoying, I got the first few usual sacks and I was like "I'll be alright" but it's only gotten worse!! There's absolutely nothing like taking your team to glory in this. I'm an Arsenal fan so it goes without saying that they'll be my team of choice. Leno is the worst, Lacazette is shit, don't even bother using Guendozi, it's like he doesn't know what football is. I keep losing to shitty team in the EPL but the crazy part is I do so well in Europa and winning it got me my very first successful season. (finishing 7th and winning the Europa). The board weren't so patient with me so they sacked me again by the November of the following season. I've tried every tactic, used these players in their natural positions and best roles, but nah, still keep losing. I thought it was Arsenal only till my friend who's a Chelsea fan came to tell me how Chelsea has to be the worst team he's ever seen in this game. I thought maybe Sega was trying to make me use Enhanced engine which I don't like (I use original) but my friend uses enhanced and still got the same problem. So I thought they wanted to buy Sugar daddy rather than earn it but I wasn't falling for that so I joined PSG (cash money + Neymar and facing only one good team which is Monaco = easy). Life at PSG was awesome, winning trebles like it nothing and boom - I earned the Sugar daddy which was my aim at first. I left and restarted the whole game with Arsenal (sugar daddy allowed this time). I bought every great player you can think of just like I did in PSG, I spent over £2.5bn in my first season. I bought 2 players for each position like Donnarumma and Neuer, Hazard and Ousmane Dembele, you know why I did this? It's because a player can't play 5 matches without getting injured, don't even get me started on the injury crisis. I don't just have the World XI, I have the World 22 but guess what guys, I'm still drawing like slime :'(, losing to shitty teams. Looking at the scouting agency section, I own like 80% of the top 10. I am so tired of this beloved game. I'll admit that I got my defense fixed, I usually don't concede more than 2 in a match but help me on the strikers, I need ruthless motherfuckers, guy who score goals for launch. I'll attach screenshots of my team, I have Alaba in my team btw, but he's injured so you can't see him. I also once had Messi and Salah but had to let them go since they weren't delivering. I just don't know what else to do, the training facilties are the best, the coaching team are gold certified.