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  1. Well if he bangs in 50+ a season I don't mind him being a little chubby around the edges... By the way guys, I'll be taking a short break from Vibe and FMM in general cuz I'm really busy with upcoming exams and all, so this career will be on hold for a while. Really sorry if you've been waiting for the next update, but I promise I'll get back into it once my exams are over Don't leave me just yet HAHA and thanks for all the support so far!
  2. Dude quick question do you play on Android? If so you should make a backup save about every half season or so, or whenever you decide to switch saves while playing. That's what I do to make sure I never overwrite saves. Either that, or you focus on one save at a time and don't go into other careers especially if your main one is a long term one like a TT.
  3. By the way, in case anyone is confused at the player faces, I've downloaded the hexagonal facepack from Vibe's download page in an attempt to give Lassina Traore a face. He doesn't have a face in the original mega facepack that I was originally using, so I was hoping another facepack may have his face. Unfortunately it did not work, and his face is still a shadow. So I went to sortitoutsi and found this picture of his face. Does anyone have any idea how to put a player face like this into the game itself?
  4. Oh yes that beautiful man he is absolutely insane Good job so far, Ligue 1 is super easy tbh so I think you have a really good chance if the guys develop well
  5. Season 6: 2023/24 After winning the CL again, Lyon go into their 6th season under their absolute donkey of a manager. (literally) Important Transfers Lyon's extremely huge transfer kitty sees Donkey make some questionable decisions in the transfer market. Such as throwing $100m at yet another aging French defender who will retire in 3 years. Donkey was quoted as saying, "Well he has a funny name so I couldn't pass up the opportunity" when asked about his transfer policy. At this point Gerard Baticle looked like he wanted to kill himself. Trophies Trophee Des Champions, Coupe de France, Coupe de la Ligue, Uefa Super Cup, Club World Cup, Ligue 1 Lyon are kind of expected to do the domestic quadruple every year now, so yeah they do just that. They also pick up a few more international trophies. Chelsea almost had a chance at the Super Cup though, until the Burkinabe tsunami arrived and banished them back to London. Too easy. Another one of those games with 19389282 bajillion shots but only 1 goal. Meanwhile, the league is now permanently Lyon property. They go another season unbeaten, scoring 127 goals in the process. Captain Anthony Lopes has lifted the trophy so many times that his arms are now bigger than The Rock's. The balded ninja turtle tries to go for Lassina's record 39 goals, but just falls short. Meanwhile the man himself fails to repeat his insane tally from last year, but instead combines with his Burkina brothers for a total of 72 league goals this season. Mendy gets a record 20 assists while his partner Tete finishes second with 15. Palacios, who left Lyon in the summer transfer window for Monaco, also provides 15. In other news, Lyon seem to only win the CL on odd years. A completely embarrassing performance in the semifinal second leg sees Lyon thrashed by Barca despite Bande's best efforts. Lyon, being the inconsistent jokers they are, concede as many goals against Barcelona in one night, as they have against Ligue 1 teams for the entire first half of the season. A salty Donkey then goes back home and proceeds to post a picture on Instagram of his trophy cabinet, containing 2 CL trophies, 6 league titles among other small cups, with the caption, "Sometimes you just gotta deal with bad refereeing and VAR." The Burkina Babes Bertrand Traore The man was on course to hit 35+ goals, but an unfortunate case of Bande syndrome saw him out for almost half the season. Nevertheless, he recovered to score 24 in 32 games. Thankfully, the other two had productive seasons. Lassina Traore Star man Lassina just misses his previous season's record, but once again finishes as Lyon's top scorer with 51 in 51. Sadly, he still does not have a face. Hassane Bande Finally, he regains his 2020/21 season form, plonking in 29 goals. Pity that Big Bert got injured when he did. It seemed to be a season where all three were firing on all cylinders, but some clown had to break Bertrand's ankles for 4 months. Good progress nonetheless, Donkey is satisfied. Trophy Count: Season 1 - 3 Season 2 - 4 Season 3 - 5 Season 4 - 5 Season 5 - 4 Season 6 - 7 Total - 28  Goal Count: Season 1 - 23+23+17 = 63 Season 2 - 30+27+14 = 71 Season 3 - 24+33+29 = 86 Season 4 - 34+37+22 = 93 Season 5 - 31+56+19 = 106 Season 6 - 24+51+29 = 104 Total - 523/1500 1/3 of the way there, just gotta do this for uhhh 10 more seasons! 😅 (I hope not because Bert will be 38 by then)
  6. The day is 27 June 2023. Donkey stumbles into his office, laughing his head off. He trips over a potted plant on the floor (don't know how it ended up there) and almost falls flat onto his face, somehow still laughing. Assman Gerard Baticle notices this guy laughing like an idiot. Gerard: "Monsieur Donkey, why are you laughing? What is so funny?" Donkey just stares at him and goes: "Dude, have you seen the name of that new kid we just got from the academy?" "HIS NAME'S ****ING BRASSIER!" "Uhhh ok", says Gerard, seemingly not sharing any of Donkey's humour. "So you want to buy him one or something?"
  7. Haha let's hope Hassane picks up the slack, the guy is slowly becoming the meme of this career
  8. Season Five: 2022/23 As revealed in the previous update, manager Donkey replaces Mendy with Mendy, what a stroke of genius. Even after this, Lyon are still as rich (if not richer) than PSG Qatar Sports Investments company. They could buy like 3 and a half Mbappe's at this point. Important Transfers In the January window, Lyon receive an insane offer. Which of course Donkey accepts. 4 times his valuation! This is the perfect time to throw some of that money to the ailing PSG, who haven't won a title in years... $25m??? For a guy with 20 pace, 20 tackling, more greens than the grass and who can play all the way into midfield, while also weakening PSG's defence??? Donkey would gladly pay $50m more for this guy. Donkey also makes a 293m offer for Mbappe just to unsettle him a little bit. But of course Lyon have no need for the balded ninja turtle anyway. Trophies Trophees Des Champions Apologies as I forgot to take a screenshot, but Lyon ended up losing it to PSG. Coupe de la Ligue Gouiri and Buon (some kid stolen from the Metz academy) give Lyon the lead, while a Bruno Fernandes pen seals the deal. Coupe de France Lyon destroy Bordeaux with goals from Havertz, Lassina, Bertrand and a Bruno brace. Ligue 1 Waaay too easy at this point. A little disappointing that Lyon did not go unbeaten this season. 121 goals though, and 104 goal difference, with the Burkina babes responsible for more than half of them. PSG's players should just retire at this point. New signing Mendy slots into the team like a charm, giving 12 assists from left-back. It's almost like Mendy never left. Lyon's wingbacks overall had an insane season, with first-choice pairing Mendy and Tete combining for 24 total assists, while backup pair Sessegnon and Barovero provide 19. Although 99.99% of the reason why they got so many assists was probably because they all landed on the beautiful forehead of Lassina Traore. In other news, our favourite glass-legged Burkina boy was spotted in April doing what he does best... To piss Donkey off even more, he decides to only do this when all of Lyon's substitutes are used up. He's definitely missing the UCL Final haha. Champions League After somehow losing it to Dortmund last year, will Lyon reclaim their title this year? Let's take you to our star football commentator and journalist Ree Porter yet again for the match coverage. The Burkina Babes Big Bert Not much improvement anymore in terms of attributes. The guy's 27 already, time's running out for him and for the actual challenge. He gets 31 in 43 games, slightly disappointing but that's probably as good as it gets. Lassina Traore Retraining him to play at AMC somehow made his shooting and movement go up by 1 each. His attributes aren't that world-class, but he's insane in all the right areas. He's fast, has good stamina, moves into good positions and finishes with both his head and feet well. He's also selfish, which is awesome as he knocks in 56 goals in the same number of games. Probably the best season for him as he finally edges out the balded ninja turtle with 39 goals to his 28. How in the world did N'Jie get 17 though??? Although this was because of a lucky injury Mbappe suffered that took him out for 4 months. Bande must've swapped legs with him or something. You might also notice Donkey putting in bids for random wonderkids in the other parts of this screenshot. Lassina gets into the team of the season, which should really be renamed the "Lyon and Friends" team at this point. Hassane Bande aka Injury Man Probably reached his peak too. That 29-goal season was more of a fluke than the norm, and he goes back to scoring only 19. Wish he didn't give so many assists though. The guy is 24 and not getting any better. Trophy Count: Season 1 - 3 Season 2 - 4 Season 3 - 5 Season 4 - 5 Season 5 - 4 Total - 21 Goal Count: Season 1 - 23+23+17 = 63 Season 2 - 30+27+14 = 71 Season 3 - 24+33+29 = 86 Season 4 - 34+37+22 = 93 Season 5 - 31+56+19 = 106 Total - 419/1500 So the 100-goal mark has been breached. Let's hope this continues, and Big Bert doesn't decline too much, and Bande stops getting injured and starts scoring. Thanks for reading!
  9. Yeah there's a problem with the display, the animations move faster than the text so it looks like the players are moving into position before it says the ref has made a decision, kinda breaks the immersion actually when you see the players moving to take a penalty before the ref says so
  10. BREAKING NEWS: STAR WINGBACK FERLAND MENDY HAS LEFT LYON IN A SHOCK $55M MOVE Here's your favourite reporter Ree Porter with the latest scoop. Lyon favourite Ferland Mendy has made the move from Lyon to Valencia for a whopping $55m, amidst reports of a falling-out with his manager Donkey Dele. Upon being interviewed, Donkey was reported to have said, "Well he was asking for $375k a week, so I threw my shoe at him and asked him to get out". . . . Donkey Dele is sitting with his assman Gerard Baticle in his top-secret manager discussion conference room place. Donkey: "How are we going to replace Mendy?" To which his assman Gerard replies: "Dude just sign the other one..." . . . BENJAMIN MENDY MOVES TO LYON "I mean they're kind of the same person anyway", says Donkey at the unveiling.
  11. Thanks everyone, I really hope they will continue to improve (hopefully drastically) because we are only 1/5 of the way there, and already 4 seasons in so there's not much time left haha But thanks for the support anyway! :)
  12. Yeah absolutely, he really can't seem to break that 30 goal mark What's worse is that he's actually an "unconvincing penalty taker" according to my assman in the training screen. Which kinda makes sense when you think of all those penalties he skied into the stands
  13. Damn this is going to be absolutely amazing world-class backroom staff there 😂 Don't worry about it, you've got the welsh xavi Joe Allen after all
  14. Season Four: 2021/22 After Lyon's unexpected Champions League win against Liverpool last season, Donkey goes into the next season with renewed confidence. However, Hassane's form of last year seems to have died down over the course of this next season. However, Lassina thankfully kicks off the season on a high with a win against PSG in the Trophee Des Champions. They also somehow squeeze through a UEFA Super Cup victory against Inter, courtesy of Skriniar fumbling over his legs in the 2nd minute, and Ndombele's stoppage-time header to seal the deal. Important Transfers A pretty quiet season in terms of transfers for Lyon. Without any notable departures from the squad, Donkey sees no need to really spend big, and chooses to snag a few youngsters (regens) for cover and future potential starters in the coming years, before sending them all out on loan, Chelsea style. Most notably, he brings in Maximiliano Barovero for $5.75m from Huracan, (regen) an Argentinian fullback who can play across the defence and in midfield as cover for the existing defence. He also throws $27.5m at Ajax for Ryan Gravenberch, only to send him out on loan to some Portuguese club for the season. To be fair, he's not going to get much game time with people like Kai Havertz and Bruno Fernandes ahead of him in the pecking order. Trophies Coupe de la Ligue Sadly, Lyon's three-year dominance of the league cup is undone by a solo Neymar goal in the 19th minute. Furthermore, Cornet's equaliser in the 22nd minute is ruled offside by VAR, causing Donkey to shout at the ref and get sent to the stands for the rest of the game. Coupe de France Happy days as Lyon retain their Coupe de France with goals from both Traores and Amine Gouiri, who is fast becoming the new backup for the ever-jaded Hassane Bande. Club World Cup Easy win for Lyon against Sao Paulo. With the Burkina trio all injured or tired, Donkey puts out a second-string team including 18-year-old Jimmy Deher, poached from the Bordeaux youth academy for $6m, who goes on to score in the 5th minute. Argentinian centre-back Montiel, who has been with the side for 4 years now, scores too, while captain Bruno puts away a penalty. Ligue 1 Lyon steamroll the league once again. Nothing else to say. At this point, Donkey literally owns the league. 34 wins and 119 goals scored with a whopping 103 goal differences sees Lyon destroy the league, 20 points ahead of PSG who are in turn 10 points ahead of Monaco. It's gonna be a while before anyone can take the title from Lyon at this point. This was not without the efforts of the Burkina trio, who finish 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the goalscoring charts, all with respectable goal tallies. Lassina just misses Pellegri by 1 goal, while his brother finishes close behind with 20. Hassane also almost reaches his tally of 20 from last season. Meanwhile, Mbappe's just Mbappe-ing at this point. 35 goals as predicted. Champions League Once again, Lyon make it to another UCL final. Will Donkey's Burkina babes repeat their feat from last year? Here we go again, with the live match coverage by world-famous European-and-everywhere-else match commentator, football journalist etc. etc. guy, Ree Porter. (yes it is indeed a one-man show here) Now, moving on... The Burkina Babes Big Bert Better goalscoring return, his highest so far. Doesn't seem to be improving any more though. Lassina Traore A huge 37 goals to finish as Lyon's top scorer. The youngest of the trio, but still the best. Hassane Bande Yeah, go on and score 22 goals in the season, but miss a penalty in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL. He can score screamers from outside the box for fun, but when it comes to penalties from 12 yards out, he skies them all the way back to Africa and it's his manager who'll be screaming instead. Trophy Count: Season 1 - 3 Season 2 - 4 Season 3 - 5 Season 4 - 5 Total - 17 Goal Count: Season 1 - 23+23+17 = 63 Season 2 - 30+27+14 = 71 Season 3 - 24+33+29 = 86 Season 4 - 34+37+22 = 93 Total - 313/1500 Thanks for reading, all comments/responses are appreciated
  15. By the way it looks like you didn't even need Bangoura, because Jun Se-Jin completed the DT challenge all by himself 😂