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  1. Seems like this 'better' period might last a bit...
  2. From my perspective, the regens would be interesting if there was a way to integrate a bit of their history prior to your using them into the narrative. Particularly any that might have started out in one of your clubs back in the save a bit. I also totally understand if that is not interesting for you to do. I'd definitely keep following, though, since this has been a very interesting save.
  3. this is a really interesting concept for this challenge. Looking forward to it.
  4. Of course... Awoniyi makes more sense, though I was looking forward to seeing you coax goals out of an aging DLP
  5. I'm going with Marko Grujic for the player. I want the team to be red star, but I'm doubting it...
  6. Yeah, if by, all of the sudden, you mean 25 years ago in my case
  7. Shouldn't that be "Manchester United. I'm Sorry." ?
  8. Well, the left wing looks nailed down But seriously, this is an interesting start. I'm curious about your rationale for the leagues you chose; why them and not others? Not a criticism, more out of curiosity.
  9. Union Berlin—busting the Bundesliga on a budget...
  10. As a fellow American and Minnesota United fan (and season ticket holder that walks six blocks to the stadium from home!), I thank you, and really SKC, for the kind donation of Ike Opara to help reform our tragic defense into a sturdy unit. Cheers, Gup!
  11. really excellent read of a career, Smog. A shame the game can't recognize that these two would have had a combined testimonial celebration which would have been a carnival of joyous fandom, but there are other things to concern the devs with, in all fairness.
  12. interesting that his real world form has crossed over into the digital realm. shame that.
  13. If you are going for 1k days lost to injury, that sounds quite feasible.