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  1. I want to be optimistic, but I see 59 from this lot. At least the first two will be on the field once in a while. The kid could blossom in some senses, but with that 20 agg, is probably just going to be a low-rent Morelos-style red card magnet. Fun!
  2. The midfielder has to wait until the defender reaches targets, or is that supposed to be midfielder reaches targets? Asking for a few friends...
  3. Just a clarification: you'd want to say "Then, all the current players not from your chosen continent must be sold, and you may sign only players from the chosen continent." by leaving the 'foreign players' part of the sentence, it implies (though you hint at correcting it later in the explanation) that players from the country of the team you are controlling would be allowed. Which they aren't, right? Sorry to be pedantic, but this sentence threw me for a bit.
  4. I've had similar problems with Arezo in a save I'm running. So much hand holding. Having to shed folks he's not down with... exhausting.
  5. Loads of that height are taken up by the spire sitting atop the top floor, from the looks of it.
  6. I'm definitely going to miss these updates. What an entertaining career! Congratulations on this epic!
  7. Nashville SC and Inter Miami are the new entrants to the MLS, though that is expansion rather than promotion.
  8. You gotta love digital Levy daring to be different... 170m on Griezmann and 54m on Rakitic. No wonder they never finished the cheese room. psyched to see how this save plays out.
  9. not gonna lie, I like goals—the Ghanaian and the Portuguese would be my picks. Besides, "I Would Walk 500" Miles Thomas will still be around after them
  10. Hopefully he left you his Small Axe to make further amateur cuts. Really entertaining career, Bati!
  11. Seems like this 'better' period might last a bit...
  12. From my perspective, the regens would be interesting if there was a way to integrate a bit of their history prior to your using them into the narrative. Particularly any that might have started out in one of your clubs back in the save a bit. I also totally understand if that is not interesting for you to do. I'd definitely keep following, though, since this has been a very interesting save.
  13. this is a really interesting concept for this challenge. Looking forward to it.