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  1. A couple of possible ideas if you’re interested (though I haven’t tested them recently myself): - do you get better ratings and/or team performances if you shift to a 4231? ... so he moves from the DMC position to MC. I switch between the two formations based on who I’m playing. - or have you tried changing the player role from BWM to either DM or DLP? ... I was getting poor performances from my BWM because he was leaving his position to chase down the ball, so now am happy with a more static / reliable DM role. - have you tried tweaking the other MC’s roles? I notice you have a DLP together with your BWM, and I don’t do that myself as they position themselves too closely together. Perhaps you can change the DLP to a CM role, and watch the extended highlights to see how they position & pass between themselves. - also I don’t think you posted your team instructions or his preferred player moves? Is possible there is an issue there, but maybe unlikely - also do you have a couple of screenshots of his performance stats - e.g. if you picked 3 games where he got a 5 rating, then posted screenshots of the teams game stats (e.g. each players passes, tackles, shots etc) - am wondering if he’s making too few passes, tackles & interceptions compared to his teammates. just some thoughts & questions for you. Hope it is a little useful
  2. Wow. Parrott’s technical & physical stars are so much better under you, compared to my game where he’s stuck as a bit-part squad player for Spurs. Seriousky, he is a much much better player in your save. Great progress so far - though 10 seasons at his peak @70 goals a season, how confident do you feel about this? Any way you see for him to score more? Is he missing a lot of chances; or is he scoring with every shot - may give an insight into any tactical tweaks which may be needed?! Am following your progress with interest!
  3. Wow that’s great attribute development and a lot more goals than I’d expect for year 1 - great start! Massive transfer business as well, any thoughts or surprises on that?
  4. Minor ‘Spoiler’ alert! Troy Parrott becomes a fairly good squad player in my save, while developing at Tottenham. Scores decently (from memory), develops decent aerial & physical attributes also (14-15 ish?). I’m in summer 2024 (finished season 6 with Sunderland) and have been managing the Ireland team for 3-4 years - so Parrott is in my national squad every time, and plays about half the games, is my 2nd choice ST or AMC after a 5* Irish regen. Youll probably do better training & playing him yourself - so good luck & I’ll be following your save!
  5. Is it possible to run a (multi-player) chairman game in FMM19? And is anyone interested in joining / running it?! I’ve been reading the awesome chairman threads on the full FM19 version (e.g. where 15 people each ‘own’ an English Championship team), and I’m jealous. Would love to join something similar on FMM19. A search on the forums shows one on FMH15, but that’s all I found. is it possible? Who would like to join? Who would be willing to run / host it for us?! Cheers, Dan
  6. DanM


    Huh. Thanks for posting them. Your wage structure is surprisingly fascinating. 2 players over 50k/wk - so Van Dijk really is a one-off, such a great signing for you right? Only 20 players in your squad - that’s really small (from my perspective) - guess you don’t rotate much? Europe - Are you planning for more depth to cope with the extra games? I found them to be an excellent way to develop youth / youngsters. Of the 20, 6 players are <3k/wk, suggesting they are young & developing (?). That means really you have 15 core players plus some youth - super small squad - how are you coping with it?! Nice work <thumbs up>
  7. A tip to anyone else who wants to do this challenge... ... don’t switch off “budgets in first window”! Why! It’s be super difficult to sell players, and no budget to bring in new players. Therefore very tough to sell your squad & bring in a new team. Stupid error
  8. DanM


    To be fair, you are making really good progress. And what a signing! (as I mutter ‘not jealous, not jealous, nor jealous’). Massive wages though, can you share a screenshot of your squad page / highest earners? Would love to see how you structured it. How happy are you with that tactic? 56 scored + 50 conceded. How useful is the midfield diamond for you? How well do the 2 inside forwards work for you? And 2 BPD - wow ambitious, is that working out ok? Am interested as have a similar save with Sunderland, but you’ve done it in a different way which I like.
  9. Yep. I can confirm this challenge is painful. Very painful. Trying to quickly sell players is hard. Then bringing in good enough new players (on a reduced budget because I can’t sell many players) is hard. Now is a case of ‘morale manager’, ‘rotation manager’ and ‘how-can-I-further-tweak-my-tactic manager’. Argh. Damn you @Ashez - this is harder than most of the other challenges. Surprisingly especially with Sunderland.
  10. DanM


    That’s pretty impressive! How are you finding your first season in the premier league? You seem to have a mean defense but problems scoring in the top league - though we don’t know who your first 5 games were against - is that right? & where do you think you’ll finish?
  11. Huh. This challenge taught me something new. In that first transfer window it seems much harder to sell players on the January update (yes the official one) than on the original November release. Really struggling to offload players to fund any new arrivals. Is anyone else up for doing this challenge?
  12. Great answers, thanks! This could be INCREDIBLY painful. Have tried: “no” coaching badges, “unknown” reputation attribute masking “on” The result? I’m seen as an “interim manager”, expected to be replaced, and won’t be given any funds! Too difficult? Am wondering how long we all could stay in this job ... ! Dan
  13. Great challenge - I might give this a go! 3 x QUESTIONS FOR YOU: “No loans or player trades / exchanges” => can I loan players out? E.g. my youth player loaned to a lower league club? “Whoever has won the most trophies will top the leaderboard.” => if I chose an English League 2 side, won the league 2 title and the checkatrade trophy - would that count as two trophies? Do you care if we use the Nov-2018 database or Jan-2019 update? Would appreciate your feedback before I start a new wave for this? thanks! Dan
  14. DanM

    No Takers for Loan Offers

    @RPA - that's good advice, thanks. Yes I remember the old days where you're loaned out player wouldn't play if there's no fixtures, but good to hear that's changed. In my specific case all my players (except two) only had loan offers from Scottish sides. The two exceptions were a GK loan to an English L1 side, and foreign offers for one midfielder which I kept rejecting as I decided to keep him in my available squad. however will keep your advice in future - that's useful info, thanks. Any more suggestions / ideas for the original post's question?
  15. DanM

    No Takers for Loan Offers

    PS. That was bad advice. Loading the Scottish league helped me loan out many players - but after 2 months of in game play these loaned out players have not played one match yet for their loaned clubs. Am not sure why. Most of my loaned-out players should be part of the Scottish teams' best 11, in terms of value, stars and attributes. However many (all?) of them are yet to play a game, by end-March after being loaned out in the Jan transfer window. Damn.