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  1. The Jimmy McGrory Challenge Jimmy McGrory was a Scottish International football player who played for Celtic as a forward. But most importantly for this challenge, he is the all-time leading goalscorer in top-flight British football with a total of 485 goals (408 Scottish League/77 Scottish Cup) in 408 games, he also scored 53 goals in secondary cup competitions and 6 goals for the Scotland national side. So you can already see where this challenge is going...... The Challenge: Manage Celtic and sign an 18 year old Scottish striker who will be your new McGrory Beat McGrory's record of 408 Scottish League, 77 Scottish Cup goals, and 53 goals in other club competitions Side Quest: Become manager of Scotland, call-up your McGrory and beat his record of 6 goals in the Scottish national team. Point System: 1 League Goal=1 point, 1 Cup Goal=2 points, 1 other cup competition goal=3 points 75 points for breaking his league goal record, 75 for the cup record, and 20 for the secondary cup record 100 points if all three records broken within 408 games for Celtic. 10 points if you break the Scottish NT goal record, 30 points per competition if you are to win one. Rules: Leaderboard:
  2. Will be looking at the reviews on here before i download
  3. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/44090-the-time-of-fmm-released/?tab=comments#comment-393243
  4. The 2-2-6 Challenge: In 1872, the 1-2-7 was the most used, and perhaps the only, football formation. In the same year, England fought Scotland in the worlds first ever international football match. But the Scots (in blue above) came out with a formation which then, revolutionized the game of football and held their far superior English opponents to a nil-all draw. The 2-2-6. The Challenge: Take control of Queens Park in the Scottish Ladbrokes League 2, the club which every player in that Scottish side played for, for one season. Sell all non-Scottish players (if there are any) Only sign Scottish players And most importantly, use the 2-2-6 (But since this is not possible, you may use any formation as long as the player positions are similar to the positions in the above photo (2-2-1-2-3, 2-2-3-3 etc.) ) Point System: 10 points per clean sheet 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw 2 points per goal, 1 point per assist 20 points for a league win, 19 points for second, 18 points for 3rd, 17 points for 4th, and so on. Rules: I tried this with the actual Scotland national team and did well (Got to the quarters in the Euros) so it isn't a guaranteed failure. Leaderboard:
  5. Wasnt he the the one @smoggy90 used for his 1kc?
  6. That 11-2 win against Dortmund is the best thing I've seen in my existence in this world.
  7. Dragowski was an absolute beast should get an in form or something
  8. My device can only hold so much leagues in a save before it just collapses so usually I just go 1.PL, Championship 2. 3. Liga<
  9. Didn't notice but I remember seeing someone sign Podolski in one of my saves which led me to the conclusion that there were J-League players in game
  10. Can't you pretty much already do that in this year's version?
  11. FMM 20 is fast approaching and I want to hear what the community would like to see on the next version of Football Manager. Personally, I would like caretaker managers and team talks
  12. So I said I would update you after the games against Cayman Isles and Grenada but those games were boring so I have updated you midway through the NAtions League. Which we have made significant progress in. 0 Losses! Nahki Wells is also becoming a monster for us with more goals than games for country. He also is second top goalscorer in the NAtions League. And more progress! +A decent regen playing in Europe I won't be setting a certain event for the next update but I can almost guarantee you It will be at the end of the NAtions League.