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  1. That 11-2 win against Dortmund is the best thing I've seen in my existence in this world.
  2. Gerechtigaids

    2019 Vibe Premier League

  3. Gerechtigaids

    Typical bleeding FMM result...

    Dragowski was an absolute beast should get an in form or something
  4. Gerechtigaids

    What leagues do you activate?

    My device can only hold so much leagues in a save before it just collapses so usually I just go 1.PL, Championship 2. 3. Liga<
  5. Gerechtigaids

    What would you like to see in FMM20?

    Didn't notice but I remember seeing someone sign Podolski in one of my saves which led me to the conclusion that there were J-League players in game
  6. Gerechtigaids

    What would you like to see in FMM20?

    Can't you pretty much already do that in this year's version?
  7. FMM 20 is fast approaching and I want to hear what the community would like to see on the next version of Football Manager. Personally, I would like caretaker managers and team talks
  8. Gerechtigaids

    Employed and Unknown but Employer is Unknown

    So I said I would update you after the games against Cayman Isles and Grenada but those games were boring so I have updated you midway through the NAtions League. Which we have made significant progress in. 0 Losses! Nahki Wells is also becoming a monster for us with more goals than games for country. He also is second top goalscorer in the NAtions League. And more progress! +A decent regen playing in Europe I won't be setting a certain event for the next update but I can almost guarantee you It will be at the end of the NAtions League.
  9. Gerechtigaids

    Can't sell player

    If you want to play them just play them.
  10. Gerechtigaids

    English football

    Would hate it if Cardiff goes down, having followed Cardiff for a decent amount of time. Most people have written them off but I have a feeling something will happen at the end of the season.
  11. Gerechtigaids

    Most challenging team?

    Can I just do Cardiff/Swansea then?
  12. Gerechtigaids

    I need a tactic for developing players

  13. Gerechtigaids

    FMM19 Bug List

    Have also experienced this, quite annoying.
  14. Gerechtigaids

    Employed and Unknown but Employer is Unknown

    SEASON 1.5 But before I start, I have a sad announcement to make And we are in 18th place in the NAtions League Qualifiers (Above the virgins xdxdxd 69) And progress! Once again there isn't much to see as this is an international career so I will see you after the games against the Cayman Islands and Grenada. Very big yay, I'm pretty sure your league and other leagues in the ASEAN area (especially Malaysia and The Philippines) will become better in quality. Didn't Jermaine Pennant play for a Singaporean team as well?