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  1. Gerechtigaids

    FMM19 Bug List

    On my East Fife save Michael Reiziger and Erik ten Hag were on the same team (joint managers?) Can't give pictures rn because my device is charging Never mind Reiziger got sacked
  2. Gerechtigaids

    (EME) 4-2-2-2 Beast Tactic, Beast TM

    Reminds me of Cardiff this season those results
  3. Gerechtigaids

    West German in East Fife-A Random Career

    Halfway through Season 1 I had told the board at the start of the season i expected a playoff push, lets see how we got on then. I said playoff not winners lads! We had quite an eventful half a season in the transfer window with half of the signings coming from Mr. Tree's Albion Rovers career. Transfers In Transfers Out We were very unlucky to have been knocked out of both the Betfred and IRN-BRU cups early on. Well, at least i have a team of Simone Zaza's which would be world cla-oh sorry forgot we weren't in the Bostik Leagues I also may have uncovered a gem in Anton Dowds and grey player Dan Cleland Dowds is also the top scorer in the league But somehow barely contributed in a 6-2 win over Stenhousemuir Fixtures That will be it for now, next update at end of season
  4. Can confirm to be true
  5. Oopsie, mistook his record with Luiz Gustavo's
  6. The West German in East Fife "Who?" That was my reaction when an unknown number asked me if i was interested in taking the management job at East Fife. I had no credentials as a manager, or a player either (I had made 48 appearances for Lok Leipzig and 41 for TeBe Berlin). I had rejected Kleve and Grimsby when they came asking me to be the big man as well, but this seemed different. It was like my brain had suddenly decided against my instinct (Which for me seldom happens), so i said the magic word and booked myself a flight for Edinburgh. See that above? Thats Bayview Stadium, it's no Ibrox, it's no Pittodrie. But it will do (for now). The agenda was to hire former professionals as staff so they could pass on their experience. So The Bus Drivers former right hand man, a Premier League legend, and a former Arsenal benchwarmer is good for a start. But being a team with a Semi Pro rep, 1 star reduces that reputation to a farce. But the kit is decent After a cruel 1-2 loss to Ross County in a friendly. The Betfred Cup was my first ever competition as the gaffer at The Fife, and Montrose proved the first opposition. So how did it go? Good result for a start. The Experience stat gains also surpassed my expectations. That will be it for now, next update will be halfway through the season
  7. Dennis Diekmeier could do a good job under the management of Roy Keane definitely.
  8. Gerechtigaids

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    There was one time i lost 1-2 and have 2 goals called for offside, one of them was clearly on side. I think i have a photo. Wait here it is
  9. I am afraid it is not possible to manage the Pakistan National Team, but i think with changes.txt you can(?).
  10. Selling Ward could prove costly
  11. Gerechtigaids

    Transfer Achievement

    Did you save on like any Google Play account?
  12. Gerechtigaids

    Brazilian League

  13. Release Allardice before he spills all the secrets of the club in an interview with a rich Portugese agent imo.
  14. Gerechtigaids

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Once i had Igor Tudor appointed by Croatia 5 times on the trot, until Niko Ko-I mean Max Mustermann was appointed by them ending his wonderful spell.
  15. Just a question that came to my mind